OnePlus Bullet Wireless 2 – Wireless Over Neck Earphones – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

what is going on team gyms review room I know I'm not wearing my traditional button-up shirt they've been wearing for years now I literally just spilled something on it at lunch so I'm wearing this for now but

Anyways today we're reviewing an item that you guys have requested for the one-plus bullets Wireless to around the neck earphones these are priced at $99 at the time of this video as always being transparent I did send an email to

One plus and they were awesome to send over a review unit for me to test I'll be going over both pros and cons I'll leave my affiliate links that in that video description below click on those links for the most updated prices in

Real time you never know when these things might go on sale if anything the bullet Wireless one I believe it's close to 50% off at the moment again links down in that video description I'm Jimmy with James reverb

And I'm here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to the video all right so going over the physical features first I've been reviewing a lot

Of truly wireless earphones and they've been great but jumping back to something like this despite having the wire I can still really appreciate the difference so in general the Bullitt wireless 2 are very comfortable in ear that hadn't

Jamming in there the ergonomics are OnPoint providing a very stable hold around the house while walking around and although this is not marketed as spork earphones running with these they've been very stable let's

Your reiterate here they're not sport earphones so they don't have water or sweat resistant so just be mindful of that but everything else physically about them they've done a great job to further illustrate many around the neck

Earphones like these have two major issues one when you walk sometimes the weight of either side here is not censored it basically leans over or pulls over eventually now I love my Bose earphones but in the video here you can

See they start pulling to one side same thing with the beats X when I tested them my Sennheiser HD one around the neck earphones didn't do that which is awesome but with the one plus they're super lightweight and I've never had

That issue and NeverWet lopsided on me now the second issue typically these wires going into your ears are thinner and with a light breeze throughout the day you could actually hear wooden toys transfer up and into the earphones which

Is annoying as heck if you're new to over the neck earphones watch out for that with the Bullitt wireless – it's very very minimal now getting a closer look considering these are only $100 retail the materials and build quality

Took me by surprise as much as I love these Sennheiser HD ones I've always wished that they were metal especially at the ear buds they're not but on the oneplus they actually are it feels really good in the hands by being super

Smooth here it feels solid and the opposite of plastic they don't feel hollow so even the rubber or silicone that's around the neck here that they're using the texture feels good – and it simply doesn't feel cheap now let's get

Into the future's here right after that then we get into the audio now first up these are magnetized and it is strong to turn on your earphones basically just pull them apart place them back together in the

Turn off for you and there you go the controller is lightweight it's on the left earphone and it doesn't tug at the ear the features include pause play and volume up and down tapping on the pause and play button twice or three

Times in a row does go back or skip your song respectively now I do wish the buns were a little bit more raised just by a smidge here to help identify them a little bit easier but give these about 24 hours or so and you eventually get

Used to it but initial impressions it kind of threw me off a little bit moving down USBC is offered if you're somewhat new to electronics this will be the next universal port that will replace the micro USB port hopefully

That is that you guys are mostly familiar with currently if you're buying new stuff try to get us PC this is a huge feature here 10 minutes on the charger gives you back a crazy 10 hours of battery life back now oneplus is

Claiming this has 14 hours worth of performance I tested this at 50% bottom from full to dead and got 12 hours and 22 minutes worth of performance moving on to Bluetooth this has Bluetooth 5.0 which is the latest Bluetooth technology

Available not to mention this also has apt X HD which means the wireless signal sense can support up to high-definition audio I'm not a big specs knob if it sounds good sounds good you know but it's still

Worth mentioning considering these are only at $99 it's a little bit more on the price friendly side and those who do purchase their own music or purposely spends their money on high resolution audio files the boat Wireless to at

Least supports that now with the shortcut button you have the ability to connect and switch between two connected devices with my testing and showing you in real time how this works it's been great I tested this between my Android

And iPhone in the video here but using my phone and then switching to let's say my laptop once I get to my desk that's highly convenient now testing this with distance I was able to achieve 98% of my 1,100 square foot apartment here there

Was maybe about three or so maybe four feet until my head touch the wall but the single going through several walls here and using this again with my pixel 3 a it's been impressive testing this with video YouTube a net

Played flawlessly on Android with iPhone YouTube did have a minimal and a minut delay Netflix was perfectly fine for me alright folks let's get into the audio related stuff first up let's test out this microphone and see how it does with

Phone calls pay attention let's see if we can hear any kind of rustling on the shirt when I walk about walking out and about what this year alright here goes alright folks let's test out this microphone so as you guys notice it's

Bright and sunny out here in beautiful California but I'm wearing this dark black jacket what I want to test is if the microphones actually pick up any kind of noise coming from the wire and also where the battery and antenna is

Located I don't see if there's any kind of rubbing noise being transferred from the wire and into the microphone also trying to walk by some vehicles driving by here to see how it separates a background noise and my voice here as

Well slight breeze that's why I'm walking it trying to speak while I move and hold this camera and trying to see if if it catches it a little bit of a breeze and kind of windows and such anyways hopefully sounds good to you

Guys let me know down in the comments section below alright alright welcome back here now touching base on sound leaking which is the amount of music that others around you can hear when you're listening to

These it's been very minimal and even when I put this up too loud volumes sound isolation meaning how much of the outside world is actually blocked off when you wear these oddly there matters isolating as I would

Have hoped or even have expected I like a lot of passive noise isolation I have more direct and clear audio experiences from that and second I don't want to hear what's going around me either with the Bullitt wireless – it's not a

Bad thing just a matter of preference to be fair but this does allow for a lot of the noises around you to be let in it's not high on passive noise isolation alright so how does it sound here vine wise these do get loud at 50% Vaughn

Displays a very respectable satisfying level if I want casual background music even 30% is good enough the overall audio signature is on the neutral side and very well-balanced basis on the fast and Slade punchy side but not

Deep and resonating it's a very clean experience that does it flutter it doesn't spill over to the other frequency ranges those looking for a clean and refined experience these are it those looking for a slightly bass

Your experience might feel of these would not be enough the mid-range performs very well with distinct vocal work and a very solid amount of audio separation I didn't sense the mid-range being too bright but it is indeed afford

To have singers to be in the forefront either or the sound is still very neutral or natural that is yet has a good amount of clarity the high frequencies were never tending your ear piercing some of the esses hurt in

Vocals can sometimes sound a little too drawn-out at high vibes not harsh but it's quite bright up there at times I felt if there was any more than it basically it would be a little too much there be a little bit of listening

Fatigue experience the Bullitt wireless tube is still within a reasonable level despite pushing its limits now the only thing that I felt was missing was soundstage and direction of audio it's not spacious and I can't tell too much

If audio is coming from the front right of me or slightly behind me and to the side here that would have been the icing and the audio signature that would have blown my mind I just didn't get that but in the end here a lot of finesse in the

Audio signature and I think many will indeed like this especially if you fall into that $100 price range instruments more specifically string instruments guitar riffs – synthesized beats sounds really good on the bullet wireless – not

Only for the $99 price range but for in-ear earphones in general overall these are simple they function well the performance is good across the board here it's rare man I can see why many were asking for me to review these I put

My recommendation condom I feel like these had tons of value so folks hopefully this quick video helped you in some way please be sure to comment down below shoot some fire Mochis to help support my work here and I will catch

You guys on the next one and oh be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter I'll leave the social media handles in the video description alright folks bye

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