OnePlus 8 vs iPhone 11 Pro vs Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Pixel 4: camera comparison

by birtanpublished on September 8, 2020

Hey guys it's press don't be depressed so the one plus eight is out and it costs 700 buckaroos that's still affordable by 2020 flagship standards but it is flagship money I mean you can get a pixel for nowadays for this money now in the past one post has always

Launched the bargain devices great hardware some awesome features lower price okay cameras but everyone was letting that slide because they were awesome devices for awesome money well now d1 plus eight costs 700 d1 + 8 Pro

Costs $900 people are probably wondering well have they worked on improving the cameras so I snuck out the 1+8 for a few samples around the city and I thought hey why not put it against the

Pixel for xld I've only 11 Pro and even the galaxy has 20 ultra which does cast twice much but hey why not so let's jump in right this is the first scene taken with a1 plus 8 as you can see pretty great photo I mean amazing HDR you will

Get to see the true color of the sky you get to see a lot of detail and the shadows maybe a bit a little bit of over sharpening but nothing too annoying you get to see details in the building you

Know a pretty good picture I agree but then the competition check out the iPhone 11 Pro shot so again great HDR blue sky details in the shadows however you will notice that the shadows are deeper and the highlights are brighter

So the shot overall is more dramatic also take note of the nuances in the building's facade the difference in the color and the coloring of the bricks so it does show that it's an old building that has stood the test of time

So again this is the iPhone 11 Pro and then the one to say it kind of looks flat now still not a bad photo but it becomes obvious that it has missed some nuances then the galaxy s 20 ultra went on the flat side again now the sky is

Blue yes but a bit too vibrant there's some over sharpening going on around here around the domes and it looks kind of funky the nuance of the buildings bricks is lost you know detail is sharp the picture is

Beautiful but there are these small differences and then the pixel for X L a good mix so it looks a bit flatter in terms of dynamics which is not necessarily bad it looks sharp and the little nuances in the bricks here have

Been kept so pretty well done from all phones and as you can see right off the bat the 1+8 can actually compete maybe it wasn't the best photo here but it was a pretty good follow so next up we have this red theater now this is a very very

Challenging shot because we have the Sun almost blaring it into the camera from the top left here so I thought that at least one of our phones will fail and give me a very dark image well it wasn't the one plus eight though check it out

We can clearly see everything we can see the details on the building's face even the the third spot here we can see the textures and engravings some shadows are a bit too dark but that's fine it's a challenging photo and the one plus eight

Is amazing the one gripe I have with the oneplus shops here is that it's kind of orange / brownish not very natural not very close to reality check out the iPhone 11 Pro a much much thicker pinkish color here on the building which

Is more close to reality more realistic overall still did amazing with the HDR s the iPhone managed to pull out some more details from the shadows here but again the textures are visible everything is visible you know pretty good picture so

IPhone 11 1 + 8 now you see the orange cast right moving on to the Galaxy S 20 now the Galaxy S 20 altra loves to add some drama to shots always it will always deep in the shadows and keep the highlights bright without losing much

Detail so you can see some drama con going on in this shot moving in closer nothing is annoying the over sharpened which is great we can see all of the details here very very very nice picture a bit on the orangish

Side but otherwise I like this one a lot and then the pixel for Excel goes the opposite way of the galaxy s 20 culture instead of having drama it goes a bit flat on dynamics which is again not necessarily bad depends on what you're

Looking for but it did manage to pull out a lot of detail from every point of the photo here very sharp very viewable if you will overall nice job from all the phones here this is third scene this is the one

Place where the 1+8 actually failed I mean if I was looking at this photo on its own without even comparing it to others I would say that's a bad product why well let's start with a building on the right here

This is not the color that should be on this building this is way too vibrant way too amped up I have no idea what the 1+8 did here same with the flowers this is very unnatural too too too saturated then the leaves here on the left also

Very saturated now I do like how it handled the dynamics of the statue as you can see the Sun is blaring from the right then there's a shadow on the left yet the 1+8 managed to capture all of the details on the statue it looks sharp

It looks legible it's very very nice then on the iPhone 11 Pro you can actually see that the building here on the right is not supposed to be blaring red right and flowers down here are much much more natural closer to reality the

Leaves here look green and not will yellowish and the statue is again very detailed very well captured I love this the galaxy s 20 ultra again loves to add its drama so the shadows on the statue are a bit deeper but again every detail

Is visible so another nice photo let's check out the building on the right you can see again realistic color then realistic flowers realistic leaves so good job all of these probably the s20 ultra is

My favorite picture for the scene and then the pixel for exhale again goes a bit flat mostly not necessarily bad not my favorite but still pretty great photo sharp details realistic colors amazing

So just for comparison sake this is a pixel for excel now you can kind of see the colors are like all over the place not in a nice way next up we have this another very challenging shot the Sun was behind me

Shining on the building in front of me also there were buildings behind me which are casting D deep shadows on the street so immediately we can check out how the 1+8 did it did its best at trying to pull out some detail from the

Shadows without sacrificing the highlights and I'd say it did a pretty fine job you can see the details of the building you can kind of see what the store from the store point here is about the one gripe I have with this photo is

That the building's color is kind of faded and there's some new ones lost moving on to the iPhone so you can see what I'm talking about so you can see that the color of the building should be a bit more vibrant which is closer to a

Reality and also the iPhone 11 captured a lot of nuance a lot of smudges and dirt because this is a very old building so you can actually see a hole at the time it has survived and the iPhone also managed to pull out more detail from the

Shadows here still the one post 8 photo is not bad the sky color is definitely very very very very nice but then the icon 11pro picture is a bit better and the galaxy s 20 ultra again the building is more

Vibrant we can see even more details with the s20 ultra the actual strands of moss here which are fading the facade and then in the shadows not as bright as the iPhone 11 but a bit brighter than u1 plus 8 so a nice middle ground and the

Sky is a bit too vibrant to saturate it on the which I'm not a fan of and then the pixel for Excel a bit flatter dynamics kind of a cold purplish-pinkish cast over everything the facade is a bit

Faded but you can at least see the nuances of dirt and the smudges and then a lot of detail pulled from the shadows so so the pixel for itself also did a good good job with this photo so so far the 1+8 compares right next up a

Portrait now I picked this scene specifically because I wanted to take me through the phone's I knew that the metal bars on the fence on the back is going to throw them off so immediately in the 1 plus 8 shot you can see that it

Kind of struggled with where the fake Balki's should begin you know it's it doesn't look very natural over here on the top the very top bar is blurred and the one below it is not blurred so the phone was definitely confused and moving

On to the subject you can see that its way to saturate way too vibrant I have no idea what's going on with these lips here because I can guarantee that Victor was not wearing lipstick that day but overall not a great portrait only one

Plus 8 I would have retaken that shot probably a few times so the iPhone 11 Pro immediately you can see more natural colors in the face in the lips good details and in the back at the Bach is much more natural very very smooth

Coming into focus and the one place where the update icon 11pro failed was detecting that the building in the background should be blurred and I kind of knew this would happen on some phones because these metal railings are really

Throwing the rock off so the iPhone detected that the fence is on the foreground and then kind of struggled with figuring out which parts of the building in the background it should blur out you know that's for the pixel

Peepers of they're looking at the portrait like this pretty great portrait amazing so next of the s20 ultra again good colors a lot of detail lost on the skin here I have no idea what happened maybe because the Sun

Was blasting Victor's face I'm not sure but the poky looks natural very smooth transitioning here now the railings looks look okay the building in the back again sometimes blurred sometimes not so the s20 ultra also got a bit thrown off

And by our tests otherwise not a bad portrait my second favorite so far and then the pixel for Excel again the bouquet comes in nicely the fence here is all over the place that pixel had no idea which metal bars should be in the

Background and which in the foreground as you can see but otherwise the face looks very detailed very a true-to-life very honest and being nice colors so my third favorite I guess like the only one that's a major disappointment here is

The one plus eight shot which is this saturated mess sorry guys maybe a software update would fix it now time for a selfie I want to say it actually surprised me with an amazing with detailed selfie every little

Blemish every little unshaven here is visible like colors all around or nice except for the skin tone I have no idea what we want precede it with my skin here it looks a bit weird maybe I should if you're taking this

Selfie but hey that's what you get when you pull out the 1+8 from your pocket and then take a selfie not bad overall just the skin tone is something something's wrong with it moving on to the iPhone 11 Pro you can see much more

Realistic skin tone although a bit too saturated for my tastes maybe the eyelid down a bit otherwise again great detail every little unflattering blemish is visible and in the background all the colors are nice

Everything is popping like this follow and the s20 ultra also very realistic skin tone without dialing up the vibrancy so good job it kind of lost some details on the face which is a bit flattering so I'm not gon

Complain I always good good selfie from the s20 ultra and then pixel 4 XL pinkish casts you know the deal some details are lost I actually look very pretty here you know my least favorites probably enough

All four of them morning on now time for some night shots for this first sample I turned off the night mode on all of the phones now one was calls it nightscape Google calls it night short look it's night mode everything is not known so I

Turned it off checked out how our phones would do the 1+8 did not disappoint at all great great great photo despite the fact that there's a light source here blaring it into the camera it managed to pull out

Details realistic colors very very little noise very sharp I like this photo a lot the iPhone 11 Pro does not do so well when it's night mode is up this is probably the darkest picture of the bunch and the noisiest as well a bit

Softer detail still the colors are close to reality it's not a bad phone it's visible but not as good as the rest the s20 ultra bright vibrant some noise here a bit softer on the details but again a very good photo considering the

Conditions wet and then the pixel for excel and this one has to be my favorite it's a bit colder than the rest okay but so so sharpen there's much less noise than the rest it's very sharp very realistic I'm not a fan of the cold cast

But otherwise I love this photo it's sharp detailed beautiful and then for the last one I turned night mould upon on all of the phones so the 1+8 again a very very pleasant surprise check out this crown here now

This is LED lights and they're blaring into the camera still the 1+8 managed to give us every little detail about the crown and then we can see the outlines of the glowing letters here nothing is over sharpens nothing is

Weird it didn't lose some definition so check out the wall here kinda looks flat right well on the iPhone 11 Pro you can actually see that there's bricks there so they're from the 11pro kept some definition but not very sharp details

Everything looks kind of hazy kind of blurred and the crown up here we almost lost our busy help details around it so good job one plus eight let's see what the s20 do the expansion ultra again lost to have drama and photo looks a bit

Darker but the highlights are popping out and nothing is over burned the letters here look ok they're kinda over sharpened which gives them this with halo effect and the crown here is still not as good as in the 1 plus 8 we did

Keep some definition in the bricks of the wall here overall good photo with some cons as you might expect challenging scene still a good job and then the pixel for excel again on the brighter side a bit flatter in dynamics

Probably my favorite trim treatment of the glowing letters here the outlines are perfectly captured the crown though is not so funny the 1+8 did the best job with capturing the details in this glowing crown here

And the definition on the right kind of there so all of them did nice well there you have it the 1 plus 8 can actually compare with the competition yeah sometimes it fails but then again for her $700 device with such awesome specs

And awesome features you can kind of press the sure that you also get a pretty decent camera thanks for watching stay tuned for a full review of the 1 plus 8 and maybe subscribe to this channel so you don't miss it eh


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