OnePlus 8 Pro Work from Home Camera Test

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

Hey it's Joshua Cara what's going on everybody alright so as you can see I am using the front-facing camera of the oneplus 8 Pro to film the a role for what you're watching right now which is my work from home camera test what you're seeing right now are a bunch of

Photos of basically just things are on my house and that's why this is called the work from home camera test so make sure you keep an eye out on the bottom corner that way you can see when I'm using certain cameras or certain modes

In the oneplus 8 Pro and then later in the video I actually did take out to the oneplus a pro and the smaller one +8 and I did some comparison shots with them that way you can see some of those differences as well to see what you're

Getting on the lesser version of the one plus eight as compared to the pro which obviously has some higher specifications so high resolution recording on the front-facing camera will be nice to see but as you're seeing right now this is a

1080p video at the moment and while I do have some really good lighting as you can see I have a light on right now the quality does degrade as the light leaves the scene which is why I'm ensuring that I have the best possible situation to

Make this camera look good one thing that's really dope though is that the audio is going to be quite good coming from this phone I have heard some comparisons already between the warm +8 Pro and other phones like the 1 plus 7

Pro even this is one of those improvements that I'm just really appreciative of because I can actually record this segment right now without having to rely on external audio but of course we do want to make sure that the

Production quality of videos like this remains fairly high so I am going to go to my usual voiceover for the rest of this video as my camera tests usually go I try to vlog with the phone throughout a particular day but I can't do the

Real-world camera test because it's kind of hard to actually go out into the real world right now so this is the work from home camera test it starts off with the usual thing and that is of course making my coffee and this is where you're

Seeing one of my favorite aspects of the camera right now it's that it actually has a 4k cinematic aspect ratio so you recording 4k but then there is already going to be these black bars at the top and bottom if you're watching this and

Full screen on any device right now it's because the aspect ratio is not sixteen by nine it's actually a little bit more narrow than that this is a cinematic aspect ratio it just makes everything look a little bit more filmic and I do

Enjoy that it is here on the phone it's one of the main options that you have when you get into the settings so you're going to be seeing a lot of video coming from the rear cameras that are all done at this 4k cine and you can

Also do that across all of the different lenses so even the wide-angle lens and even zooming in I'm able to keep this aspect ratio there are a lot of modes that you can use in the camera app everything from slow motion modes to

Video modes photo modes manual modes all of that stuff so you get pretty much everything you could expect from the camera application except for just extra features for the front-facing like I said before a lack of 4k video recording

Is still something that is a bit of a bummer one more shout out to just the color filter lens that's on there it's still a bit of a head-scratcher as to why this

Was a priority for the cameras on the 1 plus 8 Pro there is an extra filter called photo chrome that is trying to recreate a film filter by using that lens or rather that color filter sensor exclusively by the way did you know

There's a wire right here so that you can like pinch it down and it'll keep the mask or at least try to keep the mask from coming down while you're talking it's been weeks since we've been in this quarantine era and I did not

Know that it would have really hoped for the 1 to 3 times that I actually point out even with everything that's going on it's still been pretty difficult to actually get camera samples and whatnot because we're able to walk around our

Neighborhoods and whatnot as long as we socially distance and now it's a mandatory for us to be wearing masks in public so now the rain has finally ended we finally have some sunlight but you can still walk less a pro one of the

Perfect situations for it's good cameras to shine and you also get the wide-angle like I'm using right now for video and those zoom levels that give you a hybrid zoom of three times which is the default and that's a pretty good length for most

Situations like for taking pictures of California's signature palm trees and as far as the actual usage of the camera app is concerned one of my favorite parts about this phone is actually something that's a rarity in camera

Applications when you tap on your subject and you get the exposure and the focus right using that you can also click this little lock icon that is above the exposure slider and it locks the focus and exposure and while the

Focus the auto focus of the 1+8 Pro is pretty good it's definitely not giving me too many problems locking the focus is still one of those main tips I give people if you're going to make video content using a smart phone you can

Easily see over here how they've closed local park well in the very least these basketball courts that way people aren't close together playing a team stuff like that social distancing obviously is the name of the game here so they have the

Caution tape all over the place nice brisk walk up and down the hills of this neighborhood of mine yeah it's nice to be outside it's nice

To have the Sun out once again just got to make sure to have that mask and also top tip for any of you out there if you've been using masks like this remember there's that wire here it really does leave everything it really

Does keep the mask from drooping down from your nose so top tip it's a good thing especially if you're someone like me who wears glasses since it's pushed down it's not going to fog up your glasses anymore so good stuff so I did

Move over to the 1+8 in order to film this segment where it's my overhead rig and I'm literally using it with that 4k Sydney once again because it's available on the 1+8 as well to record me applying the tear down skin to the 1+8 Pro the

Tear down skin is still available obviously it's from D brand who also sponsored this video so thanks the D brand for that the tear down skin is still one of the coolest things that you can have on any of these smartphones and

It's available over at D brand you can find the link in the description so another shout out to the one plus a pro for having certain features above the regular one plus eight and we're gonna get into the camera comparison in a

Second but I did use the oneplus 8 pro as my phone or a camera for certain Instagram lives and also for some video cause obviously calling the girlfriend who is out in the Philippines so being able to have the phone on the 30 watt

Wireless charger means that I'm not going to lose any battery life whatsoever during those video calls so we can get into the camera comparisons and I took a bunch of shots using both of these phones that way you can see

What the differences might be if you're looking at the oneplus a which is available on carriers and online or the oneplus 8 Pro which is available mostly online first differences come in on the front facing cameras they're both 16

Megapixels but the aperture on the 1 + 8 is actually a little bit wider for the most part though especially in low-light situations you're not really going to see that much of a difference after all if you're going to use the portrait mode

Using the front-facing camera you're going to get the same general amount of software created blur now the rear cameras are where the thing really kind of change up because the main sensor being at 48 megapixels

They're actually using two different sensors here the one on the oneplus 8 Pro is a more recent sensor so it's going to have a little bit better processing and it's something that I did notice throughout my testing of the two

Phones you can make sure to get full 48 megapixel photos from here so you're using the full extent of the sensor instead of pixel bidding it down to the 12 megapixel general results and overall I think that the quality especially in

Pretty good lighting is about the same between the two now granted once you get into lower light situations the 48 megapixel sensor on the smaller one plus 8 is going to suffer a little bit more and that's mostly because the HDR

Processing on the smaller one plus 8 seems to not do quite as much as the one found on the oneplus 8 Pro C there are certain situations like the one you're seeing right now where the HDR already made a pretty usable photo on the

Oneplus a pro in this super dark situation and it was then that I turned on the nightscape mode and the nightscape did plenty more to help the 1+8 achieve a usable photo one compared to the one plus a pro which already did

A fairly decent job just through its HDR processing without the nightscape on that ultra white on the oneplus a pro is also a 48 megapixel sensor which is a great thing to see for do you megapixel sensor for the ultra wide lens of the

Oneplus 8 Pro also means that its level of processing is going to be above that of the 16 megapixel ultralight on the 1 + 8 you can see how in this case the night mode from the 40 a megapixel altra wide simply does a better job because it

Is better equipped for that situation and for that mode the oneplus 8 only gets a little bit of a boost using nightscape on that ultra wide lens now the final lens on the rear of the 1 + 8 is a macro lens but unfortunately

Getting really close to a subject while that's cool for a 2 megapixel photo the results are not all that great the thing is the 1 plus a pro uses its 48 megapixel ultra wide lens to pull double-time as the macro lens as well

That's a great feat that's a great thing for them to use because you get high quality macro shots by using that ultra wide and so there you have it back on the oneplus 8 pro for this final portion of the video I hope you all enjoyed not

Only this weird look into the work from home lifestyle that I have right now but also the comparison between the cameras of this and the cameras of the one plus eight so go ahead and let me know what you think in the comments down

Below did you pick up or preorder or by now you probably are actually getting your 1 plus 8 or 1 plus 8 pros so let me know what your experience has been so far get to the comment section down below let's go ahead and have some of

Those discussions go ahead and talk amongst yourselves in there and I won't jump into the comments as I can from there drop some likes on this video and then get over to that subscribe button if you haven't subscribed to my channel

Already from there I'm gonna go ahead and call it on this one thank you so much for watching and until my next video I would just remind you to enjoy your tea everybody

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