OnePlus 8 Pro: Top 5 COMPLAINTS

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Thoughts continue on the 1+8 Pro and after I talked about my favorite features about the phone it's time for us all to partake in our favorite pastime complaining it's Joshua for Gaara what's going on everybody here in my top five complaints when it

Comes to the 1 plus 8 Pro ok as usual with videos like this I have to give you my standard disclaimer that of course these are my opinions but I tried to think them out very carefully and connect them to what I think users might

Actually experience when it comes to using this new flagship device by 1 plus and if you think I'm just spouting negativity in this video well I did talk about my favorite parts of this phone in my top 5 features video that link is

Appearing in the card above and it's found in the description below so calm down everybody I started off my top 5 features with the design but there are some parts about it that I need to talk about we'll start off with something

That's a little bit more smartphone existential and that has to do with this hole punch design now this is something that we're pretty much used to by now but with oneplus finally doing it with their latest smartphones it kind of hits

The final nail in the coffin on all of those weird pop up camera designs that we had from last year 20:19 was the year of weird smartphone designs and it was actually a very exciting and fun year as a result even the oneplus 7 pro had a

Pop up camera of its own and even if I wasn't the biggest fan of it much less the quality of the camera itself it was still a sign that we were going into different creative realms in order to achieve the full screen display now I

Know that having a notch or a cut out in this particular case means that the phone will have a better chance of being water and dust resistant which is clearly the case with the oneplus 8 pro but I just keep thinking back to a

Blissful short amount of time in 2019 when we were moving away from a time when smartphones were starting to get boring and they were getting weird again and now in 2020 we're starting to move into another realm that is very similar

Because phones themselves are starting to look more and more alike now without getting too heady about all of this from a practical perspective the thin profile of this phone is surprising like I said but it also lends to a couple of weird

Handling quirks the curve on the display actually kind of exacerbates the fact that palm rejection technology I hear needs to be tuned a bit better any haphazard touch of those curves on the sides will usually lead to something

Being swiped away or something getting pressed but now we are going to talk about that front facing camera which is course in that cutout I'm gonna talk more about what is kind of missing in its feature set the front-facing camera

Does yield some pretty good selfies and of course the portrait mode is available there to get a nice soft background but there are some features missing here that you can find on plenty of other flagships mainly high resolution or even

High frame rate recording it was what the LGV sexy thank you that I got a lot of compliments on one particular IG story because it was recorded at 4k at 60 frames per second which made it look amazing and IG stories now you're not

Gonna get that here on the oneplus 8 Pro on top of all of that even if you did just want to take selfies the beauty modes are weirdly just stripped down you just have level 1 2 & 3 without any customization now granted I'm not the

Kind of person that actually goes into those beauty modes very often and tweets all the different settings but I know people who do and then the last thing that's missing here is a night mode so that your selfies can get a little bit

Of a boost with some long exposure multi frame capture the last thing is that the front-facing camera has a field of view that's still a bit too narrow for my taste especially for video for photos you can maybe squeeze in one or two

People but when you're doing video it's still pretty narrow and it's something that I even noticed during a podcast on IG live with Nick Gray of Phandroid one thing that might have been a little bit weird but pleasantly different is if

That color filter lens that's on the back of this one was actually on the front after all filters are mostly used when during selfies but that leads me to my next little complain about this and it's just that the color filter lens

Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me so the lens is there so that the filter is being done on the hardware level that way software processing power is dedicated to just the pictures themselves and you still get all of the

Different filters that you would normally get in the camera app the thing is here if you don't ever use those filters in the built-in camera app anyway then the color filter lens is just taking up space actually it might

Have been cool if oneplus was working with the likes of Instagram snapchat tik-tok so that all of the filters that are used incessantly on those applications actually take advantage of the color filter lens now that might be

A false equivalency but I'm just sort of thinking out loud here the saving grace here is that the phone doesn't use the color filter lens to justify an exorbitant price point I just want to know what else this will be used for

Because I don't know many people who use the filters in the camera app and thus this lens will dust my next thing is about expandable storage of which the 1+8 Pro does not have which is not that big of a deal

Again because while oneplus historically has never had this feature I can see that not every user is like me where I'm constantly downloading games that are like 2 3 4 gigabytes big on to my phones because I just like playing many

Different games all at the same time which is also the reason why I never finished them so that's kind of a problem too but a lot of space does get taken up and then with all the 4k recording I do I've already gotten the

100 gigabytes that were available in here down to even like 60 I pretty much find myself in the same boat as a lot of you out there who have wanted oneplus to adopt certain features like wireless charging and IP certifications of which

You do get on the oneplus 8 Pro the difference here is though that like the headphone jack expandable storage probably will never come on any one plus device in the future so this is just one of those pills that I have to swallow

And by that I mean I'm probably just gonna have to dump out my data from time to time in order to free up space and now the final complaint that I have is more or less echoing what a lot of you were saying in the live chat once the

Price was announced and that was like people saying F in the chat abunch rip rip rip or I PRI PRI P just saying that oneplus has lost their way and there's no reason to even consider the phone if it's not at a price point that you

Really want well that's the thing a lot of warm Plus diehards really want oneplus to remain that one plus one one plus two manufacturer and I get it I echo your sentiments because I was there when the oneplus one was first announced

In Beijing it was literally just me and one other correspondent there from America and we were very privileged to be there to see what would be a historic company planting the roots into the smartphone market and watching this

Company with its guerrilla marketing like strategies of like invites and low price points despite having high-end specifications basically undercutting what every other manufacturer was doing it was nice to see the journey from that

Oneplus up until where they are now where oneplus is trying to not only live up to the standard of flagship killer but they want their phones to also be considered flagships but that is the perspective through which we should look

At the other side of the coin not even as a way of defending oneplus and that price point but just as a thought experiment because now the oneplus 8 pro does right next to a bunch of other flagships

On carriers and across many different markets so what does oneplus bring to the table that our selling points an exceptionally smooth screen and superfast wireless charging offer a price of up to 999 dollars then you have

LG which put a big battery in there LG v60 along with the ability to bundle in a dual screen case at eight hundred and ninety nine dollars and then of course you have Samsung coming in with the galaxy s 20 ultra which basically tried

To set the bar for 2020 and this is where you start to ask the question of what exactly weighs into what you can consider an exorbitant price but you do get certain extras in the Samsung camp-like DAGs 100 x space zoom 120

Hertz refresh rate at 1080p just to name a few and then there are other things that quintessentially make up the galaxy experience but do all of Samsung's additions actually equate to a $400 premium for you or are you able to

Narrow down your needs to what the oneplus a pro uniquely provides and I think when you look at it that way the package over all of the oneplus 8 pro still manages to justify its price point because even if there are some things

That are missing like I said in this top five complaints video there's still plenty more about this that is pretty damn great and unique in the market making it so that even if this phone's not $500 it still undercut some of the

Other flagships and manages to provide things that are practical and still very high-end well look at that even in this top five complaints video I managed to end it on a positive note that's how you know that I'm not just bashing on a

Device we're trying to think through all of the things that you might find that our little peeves or just little nuances of a device that you're putting your money down for I want to hear what you all have to think how do you feel about

The 1+8 pearl we will talk about the oneplus 8 in a future video as a lot of you were saying that you want to see content on that phone but for now again to the comment sections and let me know what you think about oneplus as latest

Flagship device from there I'm gonna go ahead and call it on this one thank you so much for watching subscribe to my channel for continued coverage on the one plus 8 and the one plus eight Pro and from there I will just remind you to

Enjoy your tea everybody

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