OnePlus 8 Pro Review – The Better S20

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

There was this comment that one of you guys posted in one of my earlier videos where someone was like you either die a flagship killer or he lived long enough to become the flagship and at the time I thought was a pretty funny joke but that phrase is a remarkably accurate

Depiction of what we have today the one plus a pro is a full-blown flagship like we're talking IP certified water resistance wireless charging a very flagship camera we'll get into that little bit but this is it's a flagship a

Really good one but it's also equipped with flagship pricing this is now a $900 smartphone the base price for the one plus a pro is 900 bucks and I mean there's a lot to be discussed here but okay I'm gonna start this video off with

Let's do it like this I think anyone who's interested in a one plus a pro is probably interested in a Galaxy S 20 or an S 20 plus because they have a lot of things in common between them the big one for me are the displays they both

Have these fantastic 120 Hertz panels the oneplus 8 pro has a 1440p panel it's super bright super color accurate it's a top-tier display visually I'd put it on par with the s20 plus it really is that good it's honestly strange to me that

Oneplus is able to get these displays like a smaller coupling like this is able to get displays that is better than like the vast majority of smartphones out there but it really is like a kick-ass 120 Hertz panel now I can

Personally tell the difference between the 120 Hertz panel and the 90 Hertz panel from last year's one plus seven Pro but I have to look for it now I'm maybe I'm sensitive to it like I play a lot of games at high refresh rates like

I I go for that stuff but I have to look for it right it doesn't like jump out immediately as being better like the 120 over the 90 there is a big difference being 60 and 90 but if you are someone who's fortunate enough to have a device

That does have a 90 Hertz panel don't let that 120 Hertz jump be the main reason why purchasing this like it it is noticeable if you look for it the other thing is like its refresh rate on a phone right this isn't like

Pettit of Reddit browsing you don't need that tactical advantage of 120 hurt screen it's nice it's slightly easier on the eyes but if for the people that just haven't experienced it ever it's not the most important feature in the world it's

Just nice to have the performance is amazing as you would expect from a snapdragon 865 with UEFA's 3 storage and the lp ddr5 X memory it really is a crazy fast phone there is a chip inside the 1 plus a pro from a company called

Pixel works which helps to amp up the visual experience so it does stuff like color calibration and upscaling contents to HDR quality content but it's got this neat feature called motion smoothing which can reduce any kind of motion blur

Or visual judders in certain types of videos now at the front of this camera does not have the pop-up camera like the 1 plus 7 Pro it's got a whole bunch of camera and I don't mind it like I thought I would care because I spent an

Entire year on a phone with no front anything no not no bezel no camera and this hole punched I thought would just be like an eyesore I don't mind it at all now I don't think this is like the end stage of front-facing cameras I do

Think that the under display cameras will be appearing soon like we've seen rumors of that tech appearing like the note 20 from Samsung later this year so I wouldn't be surprised if one Plus picks up that Tech in the next year

Maybe even less but in its current state it already looks fine to me it's got super fast face unlock super fast fingerprint unlock it still has a curved edge I've talked about this plenty of my videos but the s20 series this year they

Kind of reduced the curvature on their edge so it's not as easy to get miss clicks and accidental swipes but the oneplus 8 Pro still has a pretty big curve on that edge now one of the easiest ways to combat this is to have

Case they include a clear one with one plus a pro it's got never settle kind of like frosted in the back so you can show off that never settling if you can see that while you rock it but it does help with with accidental clicks on this

Device now they like I normally don't cover cases on this channel but I got it on this one in the media kit these things came in like look at the color I'm gonna you think this channel is gonna get these cases and not talk about

Them I mean come on dude these are like the most 2d cases I've ever seen like the color is perfectly teal it's got the oneplus sandstone texture to it so if you want that kind of textured grip it has that it also is slightly different

In terms of design from the previous sandstone cases on oneplus phones so I mean this is just from long-term usage but these cases tend to crack over time like just on the edges because they don't have a full bottom it's kind of

Cut out because these are built in a way to I mean they're just fully it's a full case around the edge so I think these will last longer without cracking like previous sandstone cases have but there's also I'm going to so much detail

About these cases but they're teal they deserve it um it's got these lines in the design and even after only a couple weeks of using these they've become quite dirty so I think that over time these lines might become dark from use

But that's just the case okay enough about these damn things um the phone itself so this has a blue ultramarine color and it is a very blue color it comes in a green also in the same kind of satin finish I much prefer the visual

Appearance of that green over the blue this is just super loud it's just not my thing but it's a very nice texture it's got this smooth finish and they've also matched the edges of the phone to have that same kind of smooth finish there's

Another color variant that I have here this is not an 8 pro but an 8 notice had to wipe it to get rid of the fingerprints but this is called interstellar glow and it's similar ish to the Samsung's aura glow in the sense

That it's like a reflective polished finish it's a different process though this is more of like pearlescent mirrored effect where the Samsung material looks almost prismatic there's 30 watt wireless charging on this which

Is super fast and I was able to get the advertised 50% in 30 minutes I do find it a little bit warm to the touch warmer than I'd like even warp charge just the regular 30 watt warp charge does make these devices

Warm but it feels slightly warmer on the wireless charger which could the battery durability over time battery life is great on this device so this is getting a comfortable seven hours of screen on

Time that's with 120 Hertz 1440p like that's just right you if you drop the resolution or drop the refresh rate you just get longer from there but seven hours of screen on time with everything turned up that's a huge win in my books

Okay speakers so there are stereo speakers they sound really good but when I try to compare to the s20 I think that music sounds better on the 1+8 Pro I think movies sound better on the s20 I can't explain it I feel like maybe they

Handle sound like punchy sounds a little bit better on the s20 and it's not just like bass or any kind of mid-tones or anything it's just music sounds better on this in my opinion movies and shows sound better on the s20 take that for

Whatever you will the haptics on this device are also improved it feels more pingy now instead of like thumpy and buzzy this like the 1 + 7 Pro already had pretty good haptics I just like this better it just feels sharper and more

Precise now the S 20 this year they also have improved haptics I would say that the s 20 vibration motor or haptic motor feels more robust like you can do more stuff with whatever mechanism they have in here like they've created sensations

That when you take pictures it feels like something's like rolling around in there really quickly you don't get that with this this is just more of like a cleaner precise ping which I personally like but they're both good now I need to

Talk about the cameras because I think the camera on the 1 + 8 Pro is probably the most important feature first of all it is huge like the camera bump on this thing sticks out like if I'm eyeballing like 3 millimeters it's very large it's

Like BAM you're looking for this a ramp because I got a ramp for you it's a very very big camera bump especially you don't have a case on it now I'm ok with the bump the size of the bump because this year for the first time ever in

One-plus history they have an excellent camera like a truly excellent camera that can sit on the shelf with any of the top-tier flagships because before this every phone that has ever come out from oneplus its but the review is

Always the same like the camera system this year is good it's really good for the price but it can't compete with the top-tier flagships that's like the oneplus story it's what you guys been hearing for

Years it was what I've been saying for years and it's probably what oneplus has been hearing for years in their reviews and they got sick of it quite frankly this is an excellent camera it's really good in daylight it's sharp great color

Fast like super fast shutter the ultra white is on point there's some color shift between the lenses but it's better this year than last year the 3x telephoto I would say is where these two cameras differ the

Most because the regular lens and the ultra wide they're both really good on the s20 and the one plus a pro but the 3x zoom they both look great I do prefer the images from the s20 though it just has better contrast to me

And the whole image looks a little bit cleaner and when you crank that up to a 30x digital zoom they also have some differences the samsung looks cleaner it's just way less noisy but that software is potentially a little too

Aggressive because now you're losing detail that the oneplus kept it is noisier but you can always denoise in post but i'm not sure if you can regain the loss of detail but let's be real we're talking about

30x digital zooms here I don't know if people can be using it that often but if that's super important to you well now you know the differences between them the nighttime photos are also really good all three lenses

Perform really well now I do feel like oneplus phones have a bit of an advantage for the type of low-light shooting that I like to do if you follow my channel I shoot a lot of like nighttime landscapes and the thing is

The low-light feature in this phone is called nightscape so maybe the software is really good at just picking out architectural details and and amplifying that stuff in low-light but they just they look so good on the oneplus a pro

They did an incredible job this year I like the camera for the first time ever I can be like this is it's an amazing camera and it also has that super macro feature so you can zoom in on things and see details that are both gross and

Really interesting at the same time and the video function is also really good well stabilized good autofocus you're gonna like it I'm gonna talk about the biggest difference between these phones which is

Their software now I'm someone that values the kind of clean nature of oxygen OS like I'm someone that doesn't even like like I don't like text in my apps you can you can tell that I'm gonna prefer something like this I just like

Stuff as clean as possible one UI is excellent like 2.0 looks so much better than it has in the past but it still has redundant apps like the moment you have a Samsung browser and like Samsung pay that's baked into the

Phone it you know it's it's not as clean as oxygen OS but they're both good it's just that if you value like the most minimal cleanness software experience possible oxygen OS on the oneplus is gonna win okay

Now let's talk about pricing and that's I think where I'd like to close off this video this is a $900 phone which is so much more expensive than this was when it launched this was a six hundred and seventy dollar phone I think when I

Launched the oneplus 7 pro this is nine hundred bucks which is two hundred and thirty dollars more yeah two hundred $30 more um my math isn't that great right now but this is a huge jump up in price now someone that

Pricing comes from the IP certification and some of that price comes from like the wireless charging I'm sure but I think the biggest portion of that jump up in price is the camera like when you want to compete in the big leagues and

You want to have cameras that can compete with iPhones and Samsung's and pixels you need to the best lenses the best sensors and that stuff is crazy expensive it's what we have we have a really good overall package I in my

Opinion this is the best flagship on the market right now for Android users but the price tag is weird for one plus now I think those last year I made a video entitled I think was called like the oneplus we knew is dead or something

Like that and basically was just the story of how one plus had shifted very very quickly over the years from a company that was very budget minded to a more premium device right now we're seeing extremely expensive flagship this

Stuff is its flagship territory now if you didn't I think one of the problems that reviewers have when it comes to products like this and it's not a problem it's just something that we inherently look

Though it's the way we look at devices we look at track record we look at history we have expectations of a products will be and what they should be right so imagine you didn't know anything about these phones like these –

Let's say you had the s20 in the oneplus a pro they didn't have any branding there was no kind of association of history or expectations with these products I think most people just blind reviewers out there would be like this

Is the better phone empirically objectively speaking this is the better phone all round because it's it's faster it's cheaper it's everything about this is a better film but because this is a Samsung branded phone we have

Expectations and because this is a 1 plus branded phone we also have expectations we want this to be cheaper because at one point in time this was really cheap and at one point in time this was the best camera system on

Android phones so that is the problem when it comes to reviewing stuff like this because part of me wants to review this stuff completely objectively without any bias without any kind of any any agenda but I think it's gone to the

Point where we see oneplus has shifted to a completely different space we can no longer look at this brand as a hey I wish they were cheap hey I wish they were you know $600 phones at the top and it's it's not gonna be that way anymore

What they have made is in my opinion the best flagship it's expensive and it is what it is now in this video I did not talk about this phone the 1+8 I actually think this is the more important phone of the – I think there's a way more

Important and interesting discussion to be had with this phone but I didn't include it because it's gonna be in a separate video I'll probably drop it in two or three days but stay tuned for that I just feel like the 1+8

It's the best flagship in Android right now in my opinion okay hope you guys enjoy this video thumbs if you liked it subs if you loved it I'll see you guys next time

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