OnePlus 8 Pro REVIEW: finally playing with the big boys

by birtanpublished on August 18, 2020

Oh it's no secret that Android smartphones come in all different sizes shaped and prices but if you're looking for a flagship device the recipe is typically pretty straightforward in 2020 that means a qualcomm snapdragon 865

Chipset 5g connectivity a massive battery and a camera that the manufacturer claims can compete with a DSLR the new oneplus a pro seems to check all the right boxes for a flagship device this year but it also has a few

Features that we've been wanting to see for a very long time let's start things off with the basics eight gigabytes of RAM with a hundred and twenty eight gigabytes of storage check a more expensive model with twelve gigabytes of

RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage check a six point seven eight inch quad HD plus display with a hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate check quad camera with a color sensor check four thousand five hundred and ten milliamp hour battery

With 30 watt fast charging check 30 watt Wireless fast charging and reverse wireless charging check an official ip68 dust and water resistance rating check while those last few features have been included on flagship devices from other

Manufacturers for about a half decade or so they're features that have been sorely missed on previous one plus devices giving the competition the upper hand when all other specs have been the same or even better on oneplus devices

So does this mean that oneplus is finally able to compete on a level playing field where the oneplus a pro can truly be measured up in every category against the best smartphones of 2020 let's find out I have to say that

This is one of the first times that I haven't been disappointed that a manufacturer hasnt traumatically changed the design of its phone holding the oneplus 7 pro and the new 8 pro side-by-side there aren't really that

Many changes to set them apart the new phone is slightly taller but besides that and the fact that they've swapped out to pop up selfie camera for a hole-punch one there's really not much else that's changed the buttons are all

In the same spot and you still get a centered camera module and the phone's fit and finish feels as good as it ever did the new glacier green hero color is more then the name implies but it's

Absolutely gorgeous and really shows why Samsung dropped the ball with its color options this year and to put it all into context we need to start things off with the phones price the oneplus 8 pro sells for eight hundred and ninety nine

Dollars for the base model or 999 if you simply can't live without 12 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage placing this phone squarely in the same flagship territory as Samsung's Galaxy S 20 lineup of course oneplus didn't

Simply just bump up the price and call it a day so what are the features that have been added in to justify the steep price increase the first is wireless charging something that oneplus fans have been begging for since the original

Oneplus phone hit the market but the company didn't just slap in a regular Qi charging coil like any other manufacturer would in true oneplus fashion the company developed a proprietary fast charging system which

Delivers a 30 watt charge to ensure that the phone's battery doesn't undergo too much stress the phone also includes two charging pumps which step-down the charge current from 20 volts at 1.5 amps to 5 volts at

6 amps by the time it gets to the battery of course this also means that in order to take full advantage of the phone's maximum wireless charging speed you will need to shell out an additional $70 for the official oneplus wireless

Charger the good news is though that the phone still works with any old Qi charger that you might have lying around the other hardware upgrade that finally lets the oneplus a pro compete with other flagship devices is its official

Ip68 dust and water resistance rating it's also one of the reasons why the pop up camera from last year's 7 Pro didn't make a comeback other than that the oneplus a pro has the usual upgrades that the company's been focusing on for

The last couple years like any other flagship smartphone this year this device comes with 5g connectivity thanks to the new snapdragon 865 processor Verizon customers you get low-band and millimeter wave support but 5g is

Limited to low-band on ATT and t-mobile as for performance of the chipset itself it's honestly pretty spectacular especially since one plus has gone the extra mile by including lpddr4 AM and you

FASS 3.0 storage to ensure that there's no bottlenecks along the way the model I have only has 8 gigabytes of RAM but that's more than enough to keep nearly a dozen apps in memory and if you want to make sure that your favorite apps are

Always loaded up and ready to go you can also lock them into memory as well but the only major upgrade that you can actually see is the phone's six point seven eight inch quad HD plus display on its own the AMOLED panel is absolutely

Gorgeous with incredible viewing angles and a peak brightness of 1440 for Nets making it the brightest display that I've ever tested on a smart phone on top of that you also get ten bit color reproduction and HDR 10 plus support

Which gives it incredible color accuracy and dynamic range but to give you the best experience possible they've also upgraded the refresh rate to a hundred and twenty Hertz with a 240 Hertz touch sampling rate now we've seen this before

On Samsung's the latest devices but the difference here is that this amazing refresh rate can be done at the full resolution rather than stepping things down to full HD the only real drawback to the display is its curved edges while

They give the phone a sleek and modern look the curved glass makes using the phone more difficult than it should be since one plus is palm rejection algorithms aren't nearly as good as Samsung's typing can be frustrating at

Times and tapping icons or buttons close to the edge of the screen can be infuriating on top of that you also get excess glare from the curved glass when watching videos in landscape if you're new to oneplus devices you need to know

That the custom oxygen OS skin on top of Android 10 is probably the best software experience that you're going to find it's simple clean customizable and most importantly extremely fast personally I could easily trade Google's pixel build

Of Android and for oxygen OS any day of the week especially this year since one plus has finally ditch it's the custom shelf to the left of the main home screen and replaced it with the Google feed like most other Chinese

Manufacturers there are plenty of customization options in the software but oxygen OS doesn't go overboard with its own walled off themed store but instead uses the hundreds of icon packs that are already available to the Google

Play Store when it comes to its cameras oneplus has always been a step or two behind the competition this year the a pro delivers the best camera experience that we've ever seen from the company with a quad camera

Setup on the back highlighted by 248 megapixel sensors for its standard and ultra wide cameras but you also get an 8 megapixel hybrid zoom camera and a unique color filter camera one Plus went all out this year with a top-of-the-line

Imaging sensor from Sony for its main camera well you can set it to capture images at 48 megapixels the main settings switches things over to 12 megapixels since it allows more light to be captured by the sensor the resulting

Images are fairly impressive sharp and quite colorful one plus takes a couple of pages though out of Samsung's playbook delivering a touch more saturation and sharpness than what you would typically expect but it's not

Over-the-top the only thing that may need a little bit of tweaking with a future update is the white balance which tends to err on the warm side it's not really that noticeable unless you match things up with shots captured with other

Devices but once you see it it's hard to miss the same goes for the ultra wide camera but the sensor and lens at one Plus is using here deliver much sharper images than what we've seen on competing devices the only disappointment though

Is that the 18 millimeter lens isn't anywhere close to the field of view that you get from Samsung's a 13 millimeter lenses on its new s20 lineup for its telephoto camera oneplus has moved over completely to a hybrid zoom system which

Is simply a fancy way of saying that they're doing some algorithmic enhancements on top of digital zoom while there's no dedicated optics that will get you in closer to the subject the resulting images are actually fairly

Good even in low-light conditions a periscope camera of course with a 5x telephoto lens would have been preferable but that would have only bumped up the price of the phone even further for video capture the a pro

Delivers 4k video clips at 60 frames per second oneplus has focused on better low-light performance and improved stabilization which now uses optical and electronic image stabilization at the same time for incredibly smooth video

The only real disappointing camera feature is the phone's 16 megapixels selfie camera not only is it limited to 1080p 30fps video capture but the lens isn't quite as white as what the competition has to offer this forces you

To squeeze in tighter with your friends or family while taking selfies together or simply it cuts out the background a lot more than it should on top of that the images simply aren't nearly as good as

What we've seen from other competing flagship devices this year and that brings us to the color filter camera but honestly there's really not much to say here the camera allows for a unique monochrome color filter which makes the

Images look like they were captured in a post-apocalyptic wasteland the results are definitely intriguing but it's not something that you're going to use more than a few dozen times over the lifetime of the film it seems like they added it

In just so that they could say they had a quad camera just like the competition but I think they would have done better if they simply excluded it and drop the price of the phone by 20 bucks and that brings us to the last item on the list

The phone's forty five hundred and ten milliamp hour battery now I'm gonna keep this simple even with the phones a hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate turned on for its display and running on a t-mobile 5g connection I was never

Once able to kill the phone off in a single day while even averaging between six to eight hours of screen on time well the oneplus a pro is by far the best smartphone that the company has ever built is also the least compelling

Device that we've seen from them in a very long time there's nothing fundamentally wrong with the phone itself it's a flagship device with specs and pricing to match what the competition

Has to offer but the company has lost sight of the fact that many people have flocked to the brand simply because they weren't willing to pay the premiums that other brands were charging and adding insult to injury is the recent

Revelation that the phone is a hundred to a hundred and fifty dollars cheaper in markets like India and China but the question is should you actually buy this phone choosing between the oneplus a pro and the Galaxy S 20 lineup is a hard

Choice but the a pro in my opinion does come out ahead thanks to its refined software and overall experience that being said personally I'd actually go with the one plus eight and save $200 there's no real reason why you shouldn't

Buy the oneplus a pro for $8.99 or $9.99 but if you're still holding true to one pluses core value of offering incredible value with its flagship smartphones this device here simply isn't for you and the oneplus 8

He's a better option

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