OnePlus 8 Pro Complete Walkthrough: OnePlus’ Flagship

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

One plus just launched two new phones the one plus eight for their traditional lineup and continuing the new pro lineup that they started last year the one plus eight pro now one Plus sent me a one plus eight pro to borrow for a review and I've been using it long enough that

I think I can do a complete walkthrough run it for you guys now if you're not familiar complete walk down those channels where I try to go through every single feature I possibly can on new device so that you guys are better

Prepared should you mean the mark to actually go buy one with that said there's a lot to go through so let's get started with the hardware firstly we have an AMOLED six point seven eight inch 31 68 by 1440 resolution nineteen

Point eight by 9 aspect ratio very curved display by default the screen resolution is set to twenty three seventy six by ten eighty to conserve power but you can change that in the settings we have a hundred and twenty

Hertz refresh rate which makes the device feel smoother you can actually change this from one twenty to sixty if you want in the display settings but if you select one twenty will actually switch between the two automatically

Based on what you're doing on the screen at the time so hopefully that'll save some battery life there's a setting in here also to boost less than 120 Hertz content up to 120 Hertz to make it smoother that you can turn on called M

EMC or motion estimation motion compensation it'll only work in apps that support it though and on this device it shows the photo gallery YouTube and Netflix is the only one so far honestly I probably only want to

Turn this on if I was watching like sports or some type of action as increasing this on movies for example ends up producing what's known as the soap opera effect where things just seem too real because of the smoothness

Almost like a home video but that's up to you that screen also supports HDR 10 plus and actually as HDR boost built-in to try an upgrade SD aircon so that you watched a higher dynamic range with increasing the contrast and colors now

It's off by default but you can turn it on in the display settings now the screen also has a built in blue light filter that reduces the blue light coming from the panel underneath by about 40%

Apparently it's similar technique finding some glasses manufacturers that does this without actually changing the visible color coming from the display so it's just a nice thing to have regardless as it's supposed to reduce

Strain on your eyes inside that screen we have a 16 megapixel F 2.45 aperture sony IMX for 71 cents with one micron size pixels that aren't bent and so when you take a photo 16 megapixels is what you'll get when using

The full sensors 4 by 3 aspect ratio at least the phone itself comes in three colors onyx black glacial green and ultramarine blue which is what I have here and if you know me you know it's this or the green for me

Bright tech colors all day please and thank you the device is made out of Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and on the back and the device is ip68 rated so it can be submerged underwater for up to 30

Minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters moving around the vise we have our volume rocker on the left nothing at the top our power button and very oneplus notifications slider that can be set in three positions ring vibrate and silent

Or on the right also that slider is much more sturdy this time compared to the 1 + 7 pro thankfully so there'll be less accidental switching profiles which occasionally happen to me with that phone now on the bottom we have our dual

SIM card tray one of our two speakers that are Dolby Atmos optimized the other is in the earpiece and our USB 3.1 gen2 on type C port that port is also capable of 30 watt fast charging of the 45 10 milliamp battery that's inside using the

Included warp charge 30 T charger that can supposedly give you 50% in 23 minutes but as usual let sunal be an unscientific test and see how much charge we get also we have something else that oneplus

Users have been asking for myself included for forever wireless charging now not too long ago when pressed about why they weren't including wireless charging Pete Lau the CEO of oneplus basically said that they didn't think it

Was fast enough to include and wanted it to be on par with the wire to charging speeds well now it is the device is capable of 30 watt wireless charging it does however require a special fast wireless charger from oneplus though and

That costs an additional $70 but it will charge at the standard 5 watts if you put on any other wireless Qi charger and 10 watts if you put it on a pixel wireless stand as well which is nice and a slick addition regardless of how you

Charge it is the fact that you can use Google assistants ambient mode to basically converted into a Google home while it's charging now something interesting about the wireless fast charger by the way is the little slit

Here that actually blows air using a fan on the back of the device this is apparently one Plus's way of keeping the device cool at those higher wattages on the phone it can actually set it to turn this fan off or even automatically turn

It off during certain hours like bedtime but you'll get slower charging speeds now personally the fan isn't loud at all to me and I ended up keeping it on as sort of like a white noise while sleeping it's kind of nice really

Quickly though let's also test that charger and see how fast that works we also have reverse wireless charging to charge other Qi enabled devices on the back of the phone which I'm glad to

See becoming more of a standard on flagships personally and finally let's see how fast it discharges doing again an unscientific test of streaming a 1080p YouTube video for 10 minutes and we'll see what we

one plus actually upgraded their vibration motor as well and it is definitely stronger you can tell a lot when you're playing games the speakers are also really loud but I also think

I'm kind of hearing some distortion when played at full volume unmitigated Qualcomm Snapdragon eight-six by processor paired with either eight gigs or twelve gigs of lpddr4 am and either 128 gigs or 256

Gigs of ufs 3.0 storage for security we have an optical in display fingerprint scanner that is pretty responsive and we have the option to use facial recognition from the front camera as well

Connectivity we have Wi-Fi six Bluetooth 5.0 NFC for google pay and sub six 5g built-in on all models there's also a Verizon specific model though that will have both sub six and millimeter wave built in to that moving around the back

We have what oneplus calls a quad camera system and while that's technically right one of those cameras is a color filter sensor instead of being able to take photos with it it actually grabs color data while taking photos and can

Allow you to alter the colors easier in real time and maybe it somehow helps when you're taking normal photos but there was no mention of that that I could find the only manifestation of this that I could actually find on the

Phone seems to be these filters that you can cycle through and taking a photo or doing a video and you'll notice that the camera view jumps slightly where you imagine the color sensor would be taking the photo from itself when you switch to

The photo chrome the last one interesting as for the other cameras you'll actually use the first is our main 48 megapixel F 1.7 aperture optically stabilized camera which is the second phone now that I can think of to

Use the new Sony imx6 89 sensor the first being the Oppo find x2 and I did a video on earlier and I'll leave a link for that and it's the same situation here since oboe and oneplus are related companies now more on that in another

Video maybe as such it also by default bends the pixels to get a lower resolution but much better low-light sensitivity it takes collections of four of the one-point 12 micron sized pixels it has and combines them to get a 12

Megapixel 2.2 4 micron sized image that sensor is also one by one point four three inches in size and so this combined with those larger pixels in bin mode means much better low-light images but it also means that you get a lot

More bouquet the blurred separation between a subject and the background without using the software enabled portrait mode for those keeping score by the way that sensor and pixel size is very

Similar the new s20 ultra just slightly smaller but considering the original pixels being bend are larger than the 108 megapixel 0.8 micron ones being bend in sets of nine instead of four on the ultra I'm very curious to see how holds

Up against the ultra and I'll be posting photo comparisons of these and other phones as I usually do on my Twitter Facebook Instagram etc so you can just follow me at the unlocker with the e missing in the word on locker for that

The main camera also sports dual native ISO meaning that it is optimised to shoot at a specific high ISO and a low ISO this allows the camera to choose the lower native ISO when things are brighter but then switch to the higher

Native one when things get dark to reduce noise in the image another thing that's interesting about this sensor is that it supports all pixel PDAF instead of the more traditional dual pixel autofocus the general idea here is that

The sensor can use a hundred percent of the pixels to detect focus as well as has some changes to the sensors micro lens layout and without going too far down that rabbit hole here that means it can detect edges better and focus faster

As well as focus better in low light now in addition of the main sensor we have a 48 megapixel ultra wide camera that is a 120 degree field of view and an F 2.2 aperture the interesting thing here about this camera is the fact that

Oneplus again like Oppo put a Sony IMX 586 in here which is basically the flagship sensor most phones launched with last year as their main sensor including the oneplus 7 pro by the way it's a half age sensor with point eight

Micron sized pixels so it's nice to see the put in an already proven sensor as they're ultra wide hopefully that should mean that switching to the ultra wide won't translate to a much worse quality image as we have seen in the past with

Other devices and finally we have an 8 megapixel telephoto camera with an F 2.4 for aperture with one micron sized pixels apparently it's a three times optical zoom and it can do a digital zoom of up to 30 times which as usual on

These phones basically looks like an oil painting for video there can record in up to 4k at 60 frames a second but also has cine modes as oneplus calls them for 4k 30 and 4k 60 and this essentially just changes the aspect ratio of the

Video from sixteen by nine to a more cinematic looking 21 by nine you can also select to shoot in HD are to boost the colors & contrast but it's limited into 4k 30 or 1080p 30 also while both optically and electronically

Stabilized already you can tap the super stable button to further stabilize the video but again limited to 1080p 30 and 4k 30 I have to say though that it's nice to see that both of these modes at least allow you to shoot 4k we're on

Some phones it brings you down to 1080p and you can't go any higher than that at all for those wondering the front camera can shoot in 1080p up to 30 frames per second and this is what that looks like and with the built-in microphones sound

Like okay let's dive into the various other camera modes that oneplus has included port remote which uses software to blur the background behind a subject to create a faster aperture look from a mirrorless or DSLR camera slow-mo which

Records in either 720p at 480 frames a second or 1080p at 240 frames a second and plays the video back in slow motion Pro which allows you to control the camera settings manually like ISO shutter speed etc also worthy to note

That it allows you in this phone to actually shoot in RAW as well panoramic mode which is your standard mode that we're used to seeing now on most phones but it lets you start taking an image and then pan the camera to have it

Stitch multiple images together to capture a wider more panoramic shot time-lapse allows you to record a video and it'll automatically play it back sped up something else I appreciate they put in here is a macro

Mode which you can just tap the icon at the top and then you're able to take photos much closer up to the subject some manufacturers put in an actual macro camera for this but this is just a button you tap and it works on all of

The cameras so that's nice and finally nightscape which uses ai and multiple shots of various exposure levels including long exposure shots to create a much better low-light image you can check out my decoder episode on night

Mode and how it actually works at the link here moving out of software the one plus a pro is running android 10 with one plus as oxygen OS 10 on top because of this it'll have very similar functions to anyone Plus Android device

But for anyone not familiar with it let's just touch on a few of the more standout features that oneplus has added firstly you can tell they optimized the crap out of it oneplus has sort of always been known for having this very

Stock like Android experience but even sitting in next to a device with what we now consider stock I suppose the pixel for Excel it seems to run just as smooth if not sometimes smoother and even with 120 Hertz turned off by

The way both of those things has always made it one of my favorite manufacturer you is something else I just wanna give them credit for can I also just say that I love when you swipe to the left of the home screen here you get Google News

Like actual Google News instead of a copy of this that most OEM is try to put here we have horizon light which is similar to what other manufacturers do with their curved displays and oneplus has added it as well it's basically a

Notification light that will show when you get any incoming notifications but it's a nice touch for when the phone is laying on a table and it lights up the edges oneplus has also added a game space mode that organizes all of your

Games in one place and lets you control things like blocking notifications optimizing the performance of the chips at our network etc while using a game we have quick launch which is a feature that I think is kind of interesting it

Allows you to set up shortcuts to do specific actions in an app or just launched an app itself when you continue to keep your finger pressed down on the fingerprint sensor when you're unlocking the phone I can

Imagine this could be kind of a knee parallel apps gives you the ability to clone any messaging apps that you have more than one account on the device for that app so – what's apps – telegrams messenger accounts etc finally a blocker

This lets you encrypt specific apps and not allow you to open them without your lockscreen pin or fingerprint by the way if you want to learn more about what encryption actually is and how it works I also have a decoder episode on that

I'll link that here as well the oneplus 8 pro is available on April 29th and I've left a link below for the cheapest price that I could find on it for anyone interested now plenty of people have pointed out that oneplus

Seems to slowly be increasing their prices with every launch and it seems that that trend has not changed the oneplus 7 pro was 669 when it launched while the oneplus 8 pro is now $8.99 for the 8 gig 128 gig configuration and

$9.99 for the 12 256 model the ultramarine blue by the way only comes in the 12 256 there guys let me know what you guys think about oneplus slowly raising their prices every year we're not so slowly depending on how you look

At it curious to hear your thoughts on that if you like this video though please thumbs up it or share it's greatly appreciate it also check out the rest of the channel if you like to see there please subscribe and ding the bell

Next towards subscribe so you get notified when I do new videos also I left a link below to my email newsletter goes out once a week it has all the videos that I do here plus tips and tricks and other fun things

That I do on the website they don't necessarily make it here to video so please check that out as well as always though regardless thanks for watching

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