OnePlus 8 + 8 Pro Review: EXPENSIVE!… but worth it?

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

This video is sponsored by proton VPN with every new generation of phones Wampler seems to reinvent itself a little from the original cheap cheerful powerful flagships to the more recent focus on luxurious designs and slick

Fast displays and with these changes price tags have crept up accordingly it'd be unfair though to dismiss the newly launched one plus a pro as just another expensive Android flagship while it is the priciest main like oneplus

Phone to date your 900 bucks gets you more phone than ever before plus if that's too rich for your blood there's also the standard one plus eight smaller less specky but starting it to $6.99 in the u.s. these phones do a great job of

Conveying just how much Wampus has grown since 2014 so let's dive in and see what they're all about I'm Alex rounder at Central and this is a review of the one plus 8 and one plus a pro

so the vanilla one plus eight is just slightly smaller than last year's seven pro while the eight pro is just a smidge larger both are more boxy than last year's Wampus phones but equally it's

Clear that one pluses riffing on a style the pro here as opposed to resurrecting the vanilla one plus seven or seventy design if you held a 7 pro 70 pro you'll be very much at home with a brush aluminium and matte glass here and if

You're a 1 plus veteran you'll appreciate many of the design traits including the iconic alert slider they see a signature colorful one plus is called glacial green which looks phenomenal

It's a bolder color than the blue hues of last year and it really makes these phones stand out if you want something even more ostentatious though there's also the interstellar glow model which well you can see exactly what's going on

Here let's get the core specs out of the way before we go any further these phones are both every bit as trailblazing as you would expect from one plus the latest snapdragon 865 processor up to 256 gigs of storage and

12 gigabytes of RAM 5g in both models big expansive screens with just a slight blemish for that front-facing selfie camera both have bigger batteries than last year along with warped charged 30t over that trademark already USB cable

And both have the same reliable fast in screen fingerprint sensor and face unlock features but while the meat and potatoes of both phones are fundamentally the same the difference with the pro model this year is the

Gravy there are plenty of extras here that look to justify the extra $200 jumping from the oneplus 8 to the a pro the pro is kitted out with Wampus as slicking you 120 Hertz display whereas the small model has to make do with 90

Hertz at a lower resolution the eight also doesn't have an IP rating for water resistance compared to the shiny new IP 68 badge of the a pro that means you can use it more confidently around rain or whatever other liquids you might find

Yourself in or around the 8 Pro is also the only model to get one plus is fancy new 30 watt Wireless warp charge technology so you get the same quick charging speeds whether you go wired or wireless however for all these Hardware

Feature upgrades there isn't really much difference in the day-to-day experience of using these two phones besides the fact that one of them fits in the hand a little easier one plus is oxygen OS software is back and hasn't changed a

Whole lot since we last saw it in the 1 + 7 t the biggest user facing changes include the retirement of the widget shelf on the home screen you've now got the Google feed over on the left most home screen panel plus there are a few

More high-end features like the new turbocharged Network mode the less you speed up your downloads for combining Wi-Fi with your 4G or 5g cellular connection oh and there are some sweet new live wallpapers pre-loaded too

Because of course there are but overall this is the same fast clean and not experience that's one one plus so much praise over the years it's performant attractive and of course oneplus has an excellent track record when it comes to

Android platform updates right now one plus the software doesn't really need anything more than a few minor tweaks from year to year and so that's exactly what we see here what's more with the debut of that glorious new 120 Hertz

Display oxygen OS can now upscale video content shot at a lower frame rate to that higher number of FPS while also upscaling HDR for added picture dev it's also worth mentioning just how fantastic these screens look in person in addition

To racking up near-perfect benchmark scores one plus is 120 Hertz panel is vibrant smooth and bright and the added benefit of a fast refresh rate goes hand in hand with a quicker touch response of 240 Hertz making everything feels so

Much faster on the standard one per se you'll get most of those benefits just as a slightly lower 90 Hertz and really 90 is just fine here you'd have a hard time telling these refresh rates apart even with both phones side-by-side and

Yes you do have to deal with that hole-punch cut out which will be an eyesore for some people especially compared to the blemishless front face of the oneplus 7 pro but oneplus says this new design makes it easier to

Implement ip68 water resistance while also freeing up space inside for a larger battery speak in which you would expect battery life to take a pretty big hit when you're pushing up to 120 frames per second on a regular basis but in

Both cases the 8 and a pro hold up pretty well even the pro with around a forty five hundred million power battery won't be a multi-day phone for people like me but I've still been able to get a full day

Of sixteen to seventeen hours per charge with around five hours of screen on time it's a decent number though that's mainly been on Wi-Fi for obvious quarantine related reasons the baby one plus eight with its forty three hundred

Million power cell also ranches a solid day of use under similar conditions thanks to the low of full HD plus resolution and slightly lower refresh rate and as well as larger batteries oneplus actually has a couple of neat

Software tricks to help you preserve the battery capacity throughout the life of the phone smart charging learns how you use your device throughout the course of the day so it knows what time you normally get up in the morning and it

Can anticipate what time you'll need the phone to be fully charged that in turn means you don't need to charge it as quickly overnight so you don't need to use the very fastest charging speeds available which can contribute to

Battery aging this works whether you're charging wirelessly or over a cable that would squirt remembering that in the case of the oneplus a pro you'll only get those 30 watt wireless charging speeds to begin with if you use oneplus

As first party charging pad let's be honest oneplus phones have really excelled when it comes to camera formats out of the box usually they're decent to begin with and there is some

Improvement with successive software updates the oneplus cameras have never really challenged the very best out there and look the vanilla one plus eight is not going to change that this is a $700 phone in a world where $1200

Phones also exist so instead the one plus eight includes last year's main camera from the seventh row along with a 16 megapixel f/2 point to set up for the ultra wide camera this is pretty much unknown quantity and performs reasonably

Well especially when combined with a nightscape mode for extra low light fidelity most of the Wampus 8 camera experience is comparable then with valiber 7 pro with one major exception there's no telephoto zoom here and in

Its place you'll find something that's fairly useless a dedicated macro camera which seems to be there just to make up the numbers it is a little battling so you'll get decent digital zoom results from the oneplus age but anything beyond

3x is a bit of a struggle also unsurprising here is solid selfie quality with a 16 megapixel sensor small pixels on the lens and fixed focus it is a fine job in good lighting that it can struggle in low-light and in close-ups

Unlike the selfie camera of for example the Google pixel for you can't use the nightscape software mode to eke out more detail in nighttime shots which is a little unfortunate for the new heartless in terms of camera hardware can be found

In the oneplus 8 Pro there's an upgraded main camera module behind it f 1.7 lens paired with a new ultra wide setup and a 3 x telephoto just like the oneplus 7 pro so you're looking at a big improvement in a lot of the places that

Matter most in a phone camera the oneplus 8 pro has excellent color reproduction and improved dynamic range compared to last year's model and when it hits portrait mode shots look incredible and low-light shots even

Without the nice game mode come out looking really great though unfortunately you still can't use nightscape with that telephoto lens in fact the telephoto is a little bit of a dud all round it's not exactly bad but

It hasn't improved markedly from the 1 plus 7 Pro and it lacks the telephoto range of competitors like the Oppo find X 2 and YY p40 Pro shadows can become crushed easily and as you'd expect low light

From this camera just isn't great in general then there's the somewhat confusing color filter camera the fourth main shooter in the 1 + 8 Pro which is a dedicated 5 megapixel set up specifically to help apply filters to

Your photo and not convinced this gives noticeably better results than the software filters in every other phone out there but hey it's there and it lets oneplus say they have 4 cameras well then it picks around this camera setup

Are exactly that fairly minor complaints sometimes faces get smooth a little bit more than rival flagships a sees Daniel beta noticed one or two instances have skipped frames when shooting 4k videos on his units other than that though it's

Hard to fault these cameras um look I'm not going to sit here and tell you the oneplus 8 Pro has the best phone camera out there it clearly doesn't but the vast majority of people I think will be very happy with its photographic

Capabilities whatever you're doing with your new 1+8 you'll want a fast secure internet connection so to help protect your connection against snooping and censorship wherever you are check out

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1 + 8 + 8 Pro cometa last year's 7 Pro there's really not much in it in terms of size so instead of size the choice between these two mainly comes down to budget and what you want out of a phone for my money the regular 1 + 8 is the

Less well defined of the two it's priorities just seems slightly askew it has the latest Snapdragon processor and for some battling reason 5g as well but also an underwhelming camera setup and a significant price hike compared to the

Equivalent phone in 2019 especially when you consider the 1 + 7 Pro remains on sale and discounted in many places in essence it's a 100 dollar premium over last year for more of the same depending on your

Priorities that may be perfectly fine but as a C's Andrew martynuk argues an editorial published today a cheaper snapdragon 765 chip and a more fully featured camera setup will probably make more sense by comparison

I think the oneplus 8 pro is much more well rounded as an overall product with its $8.99 starting price in the US it's clearly going after the samsung galaxy s 20 plus and doing so with a very competitive design and compelling

Feature set with the exception of the anemic telephoto lens the cameras here can go head-to-head with Samsung and for a lot of folks the software experience performance and wireless charging speeds will be wins for oneplus so one plus is

Taking the heat of Samsung and many others but this isn't quite oneplus becoming just another big corporate II phone company with yet another expensive Android phone the a pro in particular is a sign of whomp losses maturity and

Competitiveness and it's well worth your time if you're shopping around any of the big Android flagships but if you're looking for the best in the mid-tier space I'd suggest taking a look at last year's 7th row before settling for the

Vanilla oneplus AIDS that's it for now be sure to check out our written review on android and subscribe here on youtube for all of our future videos thanks for watching and I'll see you next time

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