OnePlus 7T review

by birtanpublished on September 16, 2020

Back in May 1 + introduced the 7 Pro introducing a whole new look for the brand then a few months later oneplus announced the refreshed 70 and 70 Pro models and giving the timing of the launches the 7 & 7 Pro are still relevant today so why did oneplus

Announce a phone so identical to the 70 Pro let's find out I'm Ricky with GSM Arina and this is our review of the oneplus 70 the 70 has a refined glass and metal design I like the contrast of the polished metal frame against the

Matte glass not to mention this matte finish feels really nice in my hand and I feel like I have a better grip with it I just I really enjoy soft things okay this is the glacier blue oneplus 70 and it's got brighter shades of blue

Compared to the finish of the 7 pros in nebula blue though I do prefer the more mysterious one the 70 doesn't have a pop-up camera instead the selfie camera is housed in a notch which I got used to right away the screen isn't curved and I

Think I prefer this over the 70 pro's curved display but it really depends on what your preference is I will say the curved screen does make it easier to do the back gesture but I don't like how a phone with a curved display can

Sometimes distort the edges of the video or a website that you're looking at anyway going back to the design there's a bunch of talk about this round camera ring and a lot of you guys don't seem to like it but is it really any different

Than a square one okay so I kind of get why some people are turned off by it but it really is just an aesthetic after all there has to be a way for one plus a differentiate the refreshed models from the other

Models we just wonder if oneplus will go with the same circular design next year or go with I don't know a triangle or something when using it on a table the ring does raise the 70 up quite a bit so if you'd rather protect the camera ring

From surfaces you can try one of one pluses cases I really like the red silicone case and the sandstone black is a classic oneplus material otherwise being clearcase is not bad and protects the

Corners pretty well this is one of the best displays that oneplus has ever used on a device and on paper it's the brightest and most color accurate we've ever tested from oneplus I like how oneplus makes it easy to understand

Which color profile you should choose when first setting up the 70 you can choose something accurate semi vibrant or if you're into something more obnoxiously saturated hey we won't judge the display is a six point five five

Inch fluid AMOLED screen with a slightly longer 20 by 9 aspect ratio and full HD resolution viewing the screen in direct sunlight is never an issue and I didn't notice any problems with polarized sunglasses either moving forward oneplus

Is using the 90 Hertz fluid AMOLED screen for all its phones and I appreciate that even though the phone is cheaper than most flagships the display is somewhere that oneplus decided to spend a little more on and it helps the

Phone stand out so for those asking is the 90 Hertz display really necessary absolutely not but it does elevate the user experience not to mention it's a better experience if you play games as long as those games support the higher

Frame rates and not gonna lie Pokemon Go is pretty awesome in 90 FPS the oneplus 70 comes with Android 10 out of the box laid over with a customized oxygen OS the Android 10 update brings more ways to customize the UI you can

Change the accent color you can change the shape of the icons either the launcher or the quick toggles and you can apply system-wide dark mode which also comes on with supported apps there's also the customizable shelf

Which lets you configure short cuts and add widgets and I like the parking feature that remembers where you parked and for how long the in display fingerprint scanner is among the quickest I've tested these days it's

Accurate and reliable and you barely even see the animation when unlocking the phone you can choose between the standard nav bar or Android tens gesture controls the new Android 10 gestures are more intuitive

There's smoother action and you can switch apps in one move to gesture back you swipe in from either edge of the screen but the one plus gestures weren't like that before you had to swipe up from the bottom and I

Kind of didn't like that it's worth noting that both the 70 and 70 Pro no longer used the old one plus gestures but I'm also glad that Google's two button nav bar is long gone that was terrible just it was it was just a mess

Oxygen OS is so smooth and so fast and the food AMOLED display really amplifies that feeling I have to say I'm really happy with the software on this guy powering the 70 is a thirty eight hundred million amp hour battery it uses

The same warp charged 30 adapter from before but the 17 now supports warp charged 30 T an update was made to the batteries hardware to accept the adapters max output for longer in our endurance tests we saw a 90 hour

Endurance score we tested the phone with the 90 Hertz feature turned off and while it did help the score by a few hours it wasn't a drastic difference besides if he turned it off you're depriving yourself of the intended user

Experience there is just one downside to warp charge and instead it requires the factory cable and charger in order for it to work we tested the oneplus 70 with a USB power delivery charger as well and it got 42% in 30 minutes which is not

Bad but with the warped charge 30 T charger we got to 72% in the same amount of time thankfully there is a oneplus car charger available but it's a little steep at 50 bucks it can be really convenient though on my 12 minute drive

To the gym while also navigating with Google Maps the 70 recharged from 18 to 38 percent not bad and I made it through my workout the camera is where oneplus made some changes by adding a third sensor that wasn't present on the 1 plus

7 the setup is made up of a 48 megapixel main camera a 12 megapixel telephoto with 2 times optical zoom and a 16 megapixel ultra wide camera with autofocus and a macro mode which we'll get to later picture quality is mostly

Identical to the 7 and 70 pro since they all use the same 48 megapixels sensor images generally look great with above-average dynamic range details aren't the best but you'll only really notice this upon very close inspection

With the telephoto camera we noticed a minor issue when zooming in up close it seems that one plus is slightly up sampling these images as it has done in the past and this isn't a problem it just means that details aren't as sharp

As they could be aside from that the telephoto camera takes pretty nice shots with great dynamic range and vibrant colors though they don't always match the main cameras the ultra wide camera captures nice colors and an emic range

And while this isn't the best ultra wide on the market it does take very nice photos there is a somewhat strong distortion that can sometimes cause chromatic aberrations and that happens towards the edges of the frame and this

Means you can kind of see the primary color separating again this is only really visible at the edges of the frame the 70 can take nightscape photos and the image stacking works pretty well to combine exposures the downside is that

Many details are lost in the process now you can also take Medscape photos with the ultra wide-angle camera and this comes in handy since the ultra wide lens isn't as bright as the main cameras F 1.6 aperture there is a 16 megapixel

Selfie camera on a 70 and it's identical to the 7 pro's pop-up camera selfies are generally a bit softer than other flagships but the details are still good enough skin tones are mostly accurate and HDR helps keep the backgrounds well

Exposed you can also take portraits with the front camera and subject separation isn't bad on the 70 there's a new macro shooting mode and it lets the ultra wide-angle camera get really up-close on smaller objects and services there are

Three zoom levels in macro mode but they're all cropped from the same sensor portrait shots use the telephoto camera and subject separation is quite good you can also shoot portraits using the main 48 megapixel camera so you don't have to

Step back as far from your subject with oxygen OS 10 there are a few new video modes available but only two of them we were able to use at the time of this review there's 4k video recording with the

Ultra wide camera and there's a new super stable video mode 9 60fps slow-mo is also coming in a future update there are some times when you'll want to shoot video with the ultra wide camera but keep in mind that the dimmer lens will

Potentially result in noisy video indoors sadly that noise is actually present in super stable video even in bright light the lens on the ultra wide isn't amazing to begin with and there's no optical image stabilization so we

Recommend you throw the phone onto a DJI Osmo if you want to shoot cinematic footage vii he fills a gap left between the 7 and the 7 pro with faster charging the addition of a third camera and the 90 Hertz fluid AMOLED display it also

Fills gaps in markets like the US where the 1 + 7 didn't launch and we imagine that it would do the vice versa with the 70 Pro in markets where the 7 Pro didn't launch so the question is should you buy the 1 + 70 if you don't care for the 70

Pro's larger higher res display with dual curves the 70 Pro is a more compact design and you still get the 90 Hertz display starting at 599 the 1 + 70 can do everything that a black ship can do albeit without a polished camera

Experience but it's up to you to decide whether wireless charging and an official water-resistant IP rating are really worth hundreds more so that's it thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and leave a comment

Down below and tell me your thoughts on the oneplus 70 and let me know what you think of this round camera design with that i'm ricki signing off for jism arena and i'll see you guys next time

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