OnePlus 7T review: going pro on a budget

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

if you're a fan of high spec Android
smartphones you're probably very
familiar with 1 + 7 Pro which was
released earlier this year – quite a bit
of fanfare and featured one of the best
spec sheets that we've ever seen in a
smartphone but this year is the 1 + 70
the newest device from oneplus which may
actually be a better buy than the 1 + 7
pro the new one + 70 is a cross between
the 7 pro and the regular 1 + 7 pulling
in the best features of the more
expensive model and mixing those with
the budget-friendly design of the latter
the result is a well rounded device
which actually delivers incredible
performance wrapped in a body that's
just a little bit more user-friendly
than what's offered by 1 + as high-end
device compared to the 7 pro this
phone's 6 point 5 5 inch display is
smaller with a lower resolution flat
AMOLED panel which to be honest isn't as
eye-catching but it does have that same
90 Hertz refresh rate and by not having
curved edges it makes it easier to use
while also reducing glare one of the
disadvantages that this phone has though
is that 8 gigabytes is the only option
when it comes to RAM but in side-by-side
comparisons we actually didn't notice
any real difference in performance when
comparing this device to the 12 gigabyte
model of the 7 Pro this phone does have
an advantage though when it comes to
processing power since its using
Qualcomm's latest snapdragon 855 + which
offers a 5% boost in overall performance
if you're into mobile gaming this phone
here will definitely do the trick and
the processor inside of here does have
enough Headroom to deliver a smooth
gaming experience on the most demanding
titles over the next couple years on the
camera front you do get a total of 3
cameras sensors here pretty much
matching what oneplus delivered on the 7
pro with 48 megapixels standard 12
megapixel 2x telephoto and then finally
16 megapixel ultra
camera and of course there's a 16
megapixel selfie camera up front
overall the image quality is really good
matching with the 1 plus 7 pro delivers
daylight shots are nearly perfect
matching what you can get out of most
other flagship smartphones but the phone
does struggle just a little bit in
low-light conditions but overall it's
significantly better than what oneplus
delivered even just last year on the 60

if you're among those who always want
the latest version of Android then this
phone is probably the right device for
you right out of the box the 70 runs on
android 10 and even during our testing
oneplus delivered an update to improve
the camera performance and overall
stability of the operating system but
honestly we didn't notice any issues
before that with Android 10 oneplus has
kept the same look and feel to its
oxygen OS custom skin tweaking a few
things here and there to make Android
slightly more usable than what you would
get with a stock Android build this
means you also get the newest version of
the navigational gestures that are built
into Android 10 which do you take a
little bit of time to get used to
swiping in from the left or the right to
go back swiping up and holding to enter
the card view or simply swiping up on
the screen to go back to the home screen
fortunately Google is going to be
forcing all devices upgraded to Android
10 or launching with Android 10 to use
these same navigational gestures so we
should all be getting used to it in no
time when it comes to battery life the
3800 milliamp power cell isn't the
largest one out there but its
performance is actually pretty
impressive over the course of the week
the phone matched the longevity offered
by the oneplus 7 pro offering eight to
ten hours of screen on time per charge
and since warp charge thirty-plus is
even faster than before the phone spent
a lot less time on the charger roughly
about an hour to get the phone's battery
all the way back up to a hundred if
you're looking for a high-end Android
smartphone the oneplus 7 pro is
definitely one of the best options out
there especially the 12 gigabyte model
but that being said the oneplus 70 is a
much better buy considering that it's a
hundred and fifty dollars cheaper while
maintaining all the best features of the
7 Pro even though it doesn't look as
sleek and the circular camera bump on
the back looks like a hockey puck the 70
is definitely the device most people
should buy the software and performance
are incredible and at that price point
the only other device that can take
better pictures is the $400 pixel 3a and
that device is in a completely different
Gouri so what's your take on this phone
let me know what you think of the
oneplus 70 and it's $600 asking price
and if you're not familiar with the
oneplus 7 pro yet make sure you check
out our full review thank you guys so
much for watching and we'll catch you on
the next one

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