OnePlus 7 vs 7 Pro vs 7 Pro 5G: What’s the difference? Which one should you buy?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

if you want a new one plus phone this
time around you have as many as three
options available to you as the standard
one plus seven the one plus seven pro
which we brought your avide in depth and
then you want plus seven pro 5g the
differences between them aren't super
obvious though so after a little time
with all three is the bottom line on
which one you might want to be buying to
start with the vanilla one plus seven is
the device you probably expect from
oneplus in any of the year hitting a
very competitive price point in essence
it's a one plus 60 with generational
upgrades and actually one or two
advantages over its siblings the screen
size resolution display knotch selfie
camera battery configuration and
charging speeds are all unchanged from
the oneplus 60 so it's a step down from
the seventh was ludicrous 90 Hertz
curved display the back panel is a bit
more bland but hiding inside is an
upgraded processor and RAM compared to
the 61 plus 7 runs the same just matter
I can 855 chipset as others in a series
with 6 gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage
or 8 + 256 or a little more and that
storage is the same fast ufs 3.0 memory
as the other one + 7 s also worth noting
the in screen fingerprint scanner is the
first gen sensor that was using the 60
though with some software enhancements
and so fingerprint performance is
somewhere between the 60 and the 7 pro
using the 1 + 7 is a bit of a throwback
it's obviously smaller and lighter and
easy to hold on to the pro the oxygen OS
software experience of course is super
familiar and the battery life of the
oneplus 7 has surprisingly managed to
outpace the 7 pro in our testing
although the cell is smaller you're not
pushing as many frames or consuming as
much of power on a 60 Hertz display at
1080p compared to a larger 90 Hertz
monitor higher resolution it also has
only the main camera from the oneplus 7
pro 48 megapixel f1 points 6 set up with
optical stabilization the secondary
camera is only used for depth sensing
and it's the same unit using the 64
those duties we do at least get to use
one plus as impressive Knights game mode
for nighttime shots
the oneplus 7 pro is gonna be the
default choice for a lot of wall plus
fans in the West it's bigger with a
sleek new designer logic battery
capacity the gorgeous nautilus 90 Hertz
curved fluid AMOLED display at quad HD
plus resolution it really is one of the
best phone screens out there right now
and it manages to go notch less because
the selfie camera pops up as needed from
the top of the frame pretty neat and a
feature I've grown to really appreciate
since is fast and reliable this model is
also considerably chunkier and slippery
oh not to mention the extra price
difference so you're more likely to want
to invest in a case if you pick one up
dawn +7 Pro also boasts faster charging
30 watts great for quick refills
especially considering the 1 + 7 Pro has
only middling battery life in our
testing and specs for the 1 + 7 Pro also
max out at a whopping 12 gigs of RAM
plus 256 gigs of storage another really
important upgrade however is around the
back the 7 pro augments its main sensor
with a 16 megapixel F 2.2 ultra wide
sensor and an 8 megapixel 3 x telephoto
camera so the definition of lossless
zoom versus true optical zoom has got
one plus in a bit of hot water up in
this sensor of late by the way you get
decent telephoto an ultra wide options
in the pro we've got more on both of
those in our full review thorne +7 pro
5g is almost exactly what the name
unlike other 5 G versions of current
phones at the galaxy s 10 5 G there are
no external differences between the two
along the 5 g logo around the back here
there's only one skew 1 + 7 pro 5 G
that's the 8 + 256 gig model and the 5 g
version is only available in single sim
flavor right now as opposed to the dual
sim 7 & 7 pro it's also not available in
the US where oneplus is instead focusing
on the 4G model which is running on
so same dimensions practically the same
weight as the 4G version as well for all
intents and purposes the only practical
difference is this version has 5g
connectivity thanks to core comps x50
modem in the UK where I've been testing
it it's a Carioca cluesive on e which
right now is the only place you can get
hold of one and the speeds i've seen
from this fledgling network have been
pretty impressive around 5 to 10 times
that of 4G and that's particularly
impressive when you can get these speeds
when you're walking around and not
stationary underneath the sell-side the
question of whether you need a 5g phone
like this in 2019 is one will get you
wanna fall
prescients video that one +7 pro 5g but
for now know that you'll need to pay a
little more to get the 5g version
through a carrier and deal with a single
sim version and just one ramen storage
configuration battery life also take a
small hit we're told compared to the 4G
version and in my early testing so far I
didn't notice a huge difference on the
4G model though admittedly I also wasn't
getting spectacular battery life from
that version of the phone nevertheless
if you want a small slice of the future
today this is the model you want to pick
up that's it for now check out a full
review of the oneplus 7 pro for more on
that model and show back soon for our
impressions of the 5g version as well
thanks for watching and I'll see you
next time

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