OnePlus 7 Pro Launch Event in under 4 minutes

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

I think for us in one-plus today is this
launch is different we believe what
you're seeing today is the best display
that's ever been put forward in a
smartphone the seventh row is the
world's first device to have a 90 Hertz
quad HD panel that's a hamlet display
and so again once you have a chance to
experience this we honestly believe
it'll be very very tough to go back to
anything else every single motion that
you're going to see you know every tap
gesture everything is gonna seem very
very real responsive and more direct and
it's something that when you actually
use the device you'll you'll notice and
is gonna be very very very clear for the
first time we're introducing a brand new
triple camera system as the most
complete and capable camera will be ever
delivered take you from ultra wide to
normal and to up-close all without
losing image quality it's an entire
camera back that's fits in your pocket
in this the DISA play is a 16 megapixel
front-facing camera and when you need it
it slides out in just half a second yes
we're really tired of 49 pounds weight
to our front camera if we can survive
that it can certainly survive your
pocket the 1 plus 7 pro is grid on the
latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile
platform it has an octa-core cryo
superior processor running out of the
new seven nanometer cheese set
overall is 45% faster and consumed 20%
less power in the previous generation
CPU and when it comes to RAM you cannot
equip the 7 pro with up to 12 gigabytes
of RAM in fact you can run up to 64 apps
simultaneously with Rambo's far more
than other flagship smartphones with
oxygen OS we want to provide you with
that in seneschal software experience
that focus on the most important things
like a user interface that's intuitive
and simple to use or reduce the loading
times for your favorite apps I'll be
transparent what do you guys think
all right I heard I heard between 750
and a thousand around the room right all
right so one plus seven throw will start
at retail price of 660 not all right and
again this is the best smartphone you're
gonna see in 2019 okay
also important to note t-mobile will be
offering a special zero down 0%
financing it's the only place to get it
so a really great special launch offer
on in addition of course you can also
get it in one plus calm this variety of
Tam it 10 a.m. as well for everybody
across the u.s. on Canada as well and
also bullets wireless as we available on
Friday as well no I'll have the 1 plus T
MOA thanks to mobile team and also thank
the t-mobile team members that are here
today because we could not have done it
without you

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