OnePlus 7 Pro 5G on EE: Is 5G worth it in 2019?

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

at a superficial level the 1 plus 7 Pro
5g is a very simple product take one of
the best Android phones at the moment
and slap in a 5g modem for even faster
connectivity but there's actually a lot
of nuance to this device and the network
on which it runs like any first
generation technology there are
trade-offs that aren't always obvious at
first glance so do you need a 5g phone
in 2019 and if you do is this the one to
get let's dive in

so first some backgrounds I've been
using the 1 + 7 Pro 5 chief the past few
weeks on E's nascent 5g network in the
UK is very proud of being the first in
the UK with 5g and while this is a huge
achievement early networks are prone to
growing pains which we'll get into a
little bit later the phone itself well
it's a 1 + 7 Pro same great knighthood
screen same bezels display same triple
rear cameras in a meeting with oneplus
ahead of the phone's launch they told us
that CEO Pete Lau is insistent that
unlike other 5g phones Daum + 7 Pro 5g
would be the same size shape everything
as the 4G model which perhaps explains
why that version of the phone is also a
bit of a chunky monkey
anyway literally the only visible
differences between the 40 m 5g version
are the 5g branding down below and the
lack of a 48 megapixel label on the
camera module like the global 4G models
have not sure why that's the case it's
also single sim not dual SIM which is a
bit disappointing for travellers but not
unexpected for a carry exclusive you
also limited to a single SKU with 8 gigs
of RAM and 256 gigs of storage
there's no vanity spec option to go all
the way up to 12 gigs at the same time
you can expect a slightly slower rollout
of software updates since he needs to
sign off on that stuff – I'm currently
on oxygen OS 9 point 5 point 4 on this
thing and that update roll that around 3
weeks later than it did for the 4G model
not a huge deal and certainly a lot
faster than a lot of carrier branded
phones but it might be a source of
frustration once the 4G model gets
updated to Android q the unlocked for g1
+ 7 Pro is still gonna be first in line
for software updates then the other big
downside you might have heard about
early 5g phones is that they'll have bad
battery life in my experience that
really hasn't been the case of the 1 + 7
pro 5g though the first firmware update
out of the smart 5 G switching feature
Bourne plus wasn't able to give me any
clear detail on exactly how this is
smarter than your standard 4G 5g
switching in any case I've been
pleasantly surprised by the battery life
of this phone bizarrely it's actually
seemed to be a little better for me than
the 4G version was perhaps that's just
because the firmware has moved on a
little bit since I reviewed that phone
whatever the reason using 5g certainly
hasn't given me any major battery
anxiety so what about ease network
itself the operator is lit at 5g in 6
cities so far
London Cardiff Edinburgh Belfast
Birmingham and Manchester I've been
using 5g primarily
Manchester and London and I found that
way to be solid though with a fair few
caveats in the right locations you can
absolutely see seriously impressive
download speeds my test maxed out about
600 megabits per second those are rare
cases but speeds of around 300 were
readily available in London with around
100 to 200 being pretty common even in
areas without blanket 5g coverage
because of the wayy and most of the 5g
networks have implemented the technology
for G and 5g work hand in hand caused a
handle over 40 still and 14 and 5g are
aggregated when you're downloading that
means when you're on 5g some of the
download bandwidth is provided over 4G
with 5g giving you that extra high-speed
gravy on top for the moment though
there's no 5g upload and as someone who
uploads a lot of video content that is a
little disappointing to me personally
but from ease perspective it's way
easier to show off an early 5g network
that lets you download an episode of
your favorite Netflix show in seconds as
opposed to minutes
5g uploads will come later and when they
do I'll be pretty excited ease network
runs on sub 6 gigahertz frequencies
currently around three and a half
gigahertz that's as opposed to the
millimeter wave frequencies used by
horizon in the US millimeter wave gives
much more impressive speed test results
when you're close to a cell site but sub
6 is easier to build out over a large
physical area which is why it's
dominated most the global 5g rollout so
far the other side of the interplay
between 40 and 5g is you might see a 5g
log on your status bar when the 5g part
of that connection isn't contributing
all that much to your download speed I
notice there's a few times in areas like
some Pancras and London Bridge where it
seems like the 5 T reception wasn't
great but the 4G network was also pretty
congested which led to me seeing 5g in
the status bar yet with data speeds that
were only in the tens of megabytes so a
great experience but as the 5g network
grows these are the kinds of early
teething issues that we can expect to
become less common I didn't run into
situations like this every day
but they were easy enough to reproduce
around the edges of ease coverage area
at the same time in Manchester I come
across the highly ironic situation where
Piccadilly station and the on delsanto
are blanketed in eve 5g advertising yet
these parts of the city aren't in ease
current 5g service area so if you've got
a shiny 5g phone you'll see ads
proclaiming that 5g is here only to see
a 4G icon in your status bar in fact in
Manchester there's a pretty big
the city center that is outside the
initial 5g coverage area data speeds in
manchester city center generally lagged
behind what I saw in London outside of a
few areas where downloads spiked past
300 megabits all these things are to be
expected with an early 5g network and
the things that I experienced seven
years ago in II first launched 4G LTE
but still it is worth pointing out
whichever city hours using 5g in however
the major thing I benefited from was
more consistent high speeds than on LTE
sure there are times when I can pull
over a hundred megabits on 4G and that
makes for an impressive social post but
when you're getting that in the middle
of a crowded city reliably speed test
after speed test
that's undeniably impressive and that's
the promise that 5g is eventually gonna
fulfill big question though is how well
all this scales as more people buy 5g
phones or start using up that bandwidth
for its part ease committed to staying
ahead of the curve and defending its
hard-fought 5g advantage I'm not going
to say that 5g is revolutionized the way
I use a phone the fact remains the data
caps are pretty much the same as 4G the
super high speeds aren't Universal yet
and the phones and plans are expensive
you can't get those magic multi hundred
megabits speeds everywhere just yes
early 5g is like early anything in tech
all the parts aren't quite there yet
even though it's clear there is a ton of
potential here if there's a reason to
buy two 5g now it's for an early taste
of the super fast speeds of the next
decade if therefore early adopters with
a bunch of strings attached but if you
decide that you just have to try the
future today
don't +7 Pro 5g and ease new network are
a pretty good way to do so that's it for
now you should just prescribe for more
5g phone reviews and check out our
review of the regular one plus 7 pro for
more on what else is going on with this
phone thanks for watching and I'll see
you next time

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