OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition UNBOXING

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's up guys Safi on super-safe TV and
this is the one plus sixty McLaren
edition seems to be a bit of a trend
these days smartphone manufacturers
partnering with car brands to bring
limited-edition devices we've had up or
partner with Lamborghini while we
partner with Porsche and now oneplus has
teamed up with McLaren so taking a look
at the box initially it is in this
bright orange color with the text salute
to speed speed of course being the theme
of this device and partnership once we
remove the outer sleeve there is a slick
looking black box which has a
carbon-fiber print and inside this we
are initially presented with the text
fast and smooth and there is a booklet
with the same salute to speed text we
had on the outer box now this booklet
has some info under some hidden AR
triggers which we'll take a look at in a
short while then we have some info
around the McLaren mcl 33 which the
design of the special edition 60 is
based on and also the info and specs of
this device now couple of the key things
to note here is that you've got a
whopping 10 gigabytes of RAM I've walked
charge of 30 giving you 30 watts of
charging to top-up 50 percent of the
device in just 20 minutes finally we
have the 16 McLaren Edition inside this
booklet box and we'll have a closer look
at this after we've seen what else is
inside the box so initially there is a
carbon-fiber design case with the 1 plus
and McLaren logos on the back from what
I can see this is very similar to the
already available carbon-fiber style
case that you can pick up from the
oneplus website we then have a glass
plaque to show that this is a limited
edition device a braided orange and
black USB a 2 USB type-c cable which I
do think looks really nice even the
inside of the connectors have orange
accents and then there's the warp charge
30 power brick which once again follows
the black and orange theme as does the
USB type-c to 3.5 mm dongle because this
60 like other editions does not have a
3.5 mm jack finally there is some
paperwork and a SIM card ejector tool
the main leaflet has a quote as well as
a blueprint of the six
with QuickStart details and there's also
a note from a Pete the CEO of one-plus
right now let's take a closer look at
the device removing the sticker at the
back reveals the design and from a
distance it may look like a variant of
the mirror-black 60 which already exists
but if you look closer you'll notice the
McLaren logo towards the bottom and this
papaya Orange for the gradient it's an
interesting look and reflects quite
nicely depending on the angle of the
light hits it and there is a subtle
carbon-fiber design behind the back
glass here is a side-by-side with the
midnight black 60 and you'll see that
the layout of everything is the same up
front the 16 McLaren Edition looks
pretty much the same as any other 60
with a 6 point 4 1 inch optic AMOLED
display the water drop knotch but we do
have a McLaren theme which gives you the
black and orange colors throughout the
UI now remember the booklet earlier well
if you start the device you get a salute
to speed screen that you can use to
point your camera at parts of the
booklet and you'll get some videos
playing in the placeholders all of the
booklet apartment that the device is
pretty much the same as a regular 1 plus
60 the same dual cameras the bag the
same other slider the same single bottom
speaker the same in display fingerprint
scanner along with the Qualcomm
Snapdragon 845 but with 10 gigabytes of
RAM this time as mentioned earlier not
sure how much of an actual effect that
will have on speed as the regular 60 is
already one of the fastest Android
devices out there I haven't been given
any pricing info as yet well be sure to
drop that in at the description as soon
as I have it but this will of course be
more expensive compared to the regular
60 and for that you're getting the
limited edition McLaren inspired design
and include the accessories walk charge
30 and of course the 10 gigabytes of rap
in my opinion it's a good looking device
especially if you're on McLaren fan but
I do think it looks too much like the
mirror-black 60 personally I'd like to
have seen something more striking maybe
an orange carbon fiber look or something
like that but that's just me what do you
guys think of the McLaren Bishan 1 plus
16 Daphne drop me a comment below and
let me know your thoughts I hope you
enjoyed this video and found it useful
if you did then do hit that thumbs up
and for me and if you want to see more
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videos thanks for watching this is sac
on super safe TV I'll see you next time

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