OnePlus 6 vs OnePlus 5T: Worth The Upgrade?

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Hey guys fuckin nose my Stu here with Andrew police what's the release of the one plus six you're probably wondering if it's worth buying over the 1 + 5 t how much better is it and if you have the 5 t is it worth upgrading all these questions and more will be answered

Within this comparison so without further ado let's jump right in let's start with the overall design the 1 + 6 has similar characteristics when compared to the 1 plus 5t they both have buttons that are very tactile and have

Perfect placement a headphone jack dual rear cameras but with the 1 plus 6 having in the center instead of the far left corner a fingerprint sensor with the 5 T's being a circle instead of a rectangle and an alert slider but now

It's on the right side instead of the left side for the 1 plus 6 now even though they have a similar form factor I'm personally more attracted to the 1 plus 6 I do have the mirror black edition so I can only speak on that

Model but something about a glass casing with the aluminum accents makes a phone look really beautiful it reminds me a lot of the galaxy s 9 combine that with a massive almost bezel as display and I'm already sold on which device looks

Better however that's not to say that the 1 + 5 t is a horrible looking device the back side is all aluminum making it durable and it's just as comfortable to hold as the 1 plus 6 thanks to the curved edges on the back on top of that

It's not as slippery or fragile as the mirror Black Edition the 1 + 6 just has a much more modern look thinks that notch display and has a wider selection of models to choose from but no matter how great a phone gets every phone is

Still vulnerable to both damage and fingerprints especially if it has a glass build like the 1 + 6 me or black edition so I recommend you pick up a skin from deep brand to give the device a bit more grip and make the phone a bit

More personal I'll leave a link right below the like button if you want to check them out the most significant change on the oneplus 6 though is the knotch screen even though some people don't like notches it's not that big it

Only takes up a third of the displays with and since it provided me with a few more pixels I didn't mind it too much plus if you can't stand notches then you can go into the phone settings display and under knotch display you can hide

The notch area and even if you hide it you still have a bit more screen real estate than 1 + 5 t since the status bar with all of your notifications stays in that dark area at the very top if we compare the displace both phones have a

1080p AMOLED panel with a pixel density of around 400 so the pretty much the same screen the only notable difference is the size the 1 + 6 has a more prominent display a 6.3 Chiz has a better screen to body ratio

By 84% you won't regret getting one over the other as both phones have accurate colors decent viewing angles giant screens just the one plus six is Panos a bit bigger and they both get decently bright still if I had to choose between

One or the other I would go with the one plus six because it's the same display but with a bit more screen real estate moving on to the software both phones are running oxygen OS on the latest version of Android or EO however you can

Already choose to update the one plus six to entered P by flashing a developer preview recently released by 1 plus so already the one plus 6 has the advantage as there's no word yet that the 1 + 5 t will get this update we'll have to wait

And see still the stable version of oxygen OS on both devices are great for everyday use the interface is light efficient and very similar stock Andrew with a few extra oneplus features of course the oneplus 6 has a few

Differences to make way for that notch at the top for example the time is now on the left you can modify the aspect ratio for certain apps just in case if an app is not compatible with the knotch and you can choose to hide the knotch it

Also has new toast messages that pop up when I changed modes using the alert slider which I appreciate those are the only exclusive software features that come with the oneplus 6 though everything else the 1 + 5 t also has so

If you have the 5 t don't worry you're not missing out on any crazy exclusive features the only advantage that the oneplus 6 has in this category is that it will most likely receive a few more software updates than the 5 t in the

Future looking at the performance both phones are stellar while the oneplus 6 does have a newer chipset with higher CPU speeds you're not going to see a massive difference in performance since the 1 + 5 t was

Already a really fast device however the 6 does come with speedier LTE speeds a supported goodbye LTE and I did notice a bump in speed when trying to load heavy web pages on the go other than that both devices load apps

Quickly animations and transitions are smooth and snappy apps can't remain in the memory for ages thanks to the 6 take you bytes of RAM both face unlock in the fingerprint sensor on each phone unlock the device in under a second and I never

Experienced any type of lag on either device performance is pretty much tie since you won't notice a huge difference when it comes to data to use for the camera both devices feature dual rear sensors with similar specs the other

Setups are slightly different for example both devices have a 16 megapixel 1.7 made sensor any 20 megapixel F 1.7 secondary sensor the oneplus six just has oh is now for the primary lens so now you can get some stabilized 4k

Footage and non blurry pictures at night when taking photos on both phones I didn't see too much of a difference since they do have a similar main rear sensor each phone post in a lot of detail with good exposure and accurate

Colors there may be a few times the camera over sharpens the edges and when you zoom in to a busy photo you have a painted effect but overall most photos taking on these two devices will come out looking solid they're not going to

Impress you and devices such as the pixel 2 or Galaxy S 9 will provide you with better results in more difficult lighting situations the big difference though is the purpose for the secondary lens for each device the 1 + 5 t

Secondary camera is used for low-light shooting while the 1 plus 6 is secondary lens supports the primary sensor in portrait mode by improving the depth information in my own opinion I didn't find much use for either of those

Cameras the low-light shooter on the 5 T doesn't have a huge improvement on shots taken at night and he only activates when you're in the darkest of situations the 1 plus 6 is portrait mode does work well but I feel like most people don't

Use portrait mode that often so a secondary camera just for that feature seems like a waste plus I thought proto mode was fine on the 1 + 5 t so I feel like oneplus could have chosen a better purpose for these extra cameras such as

A white lens or sticking with a telephoto lens like the one found the 1 plus 5 as for the battery both phones have the same capacity at 3300 milliamp hours but I am getting slightly better results from the 1 plus 6 on a usual day

I'll have Bluetooth GPS and Wi-Fi or cellular data enabled at all times with the brightness cranked almost to the max on the 1 + 5 t I saw the screen on time of around 5 hours while on the 1 plus 6 I usually got

Around 5 hours and a half to 6 hours the better battery life on the 1 plus 6 is probably thanks to the newer and more efficient ARM chips and Android optimizations so even though there isn't a massive difference in battery life

It's still noticeable also both phones still had the same fast charging mechanism which was once called – charge but they can't use the name anymore due to copyright issues so I guess we'll have to wait and see if they

Come up with a new killer name still this charger will fully juice up your phone in and around an hour for both devices and is still the fastest charger I've ever used lastly there are some additional features that I enjoyed

Having on both phones including Bluetooth 5.0 NFC and extremely fast and reliable fingerprint sensor large amounts of storage space but with the oneplus 6 having better options the headphone jack and a very

Active community for routing or rom support but there's also a couple missing features on both phones such as official IP rating for water resistance wireless charging dual stereo speakers like on the Galaxy S 9 expandable

Storage and support for Sprint and Verizon that being said these two devices are neck-and-neck in most categories even though the oneplus X made a couple of improvements and changes in its hardware it's hard to see

The difference since the one plus 5t was already such a great device the oneplus 6 just feels like a modernized version of the 1 + 5 t it even has the same form factor as of right now an unlocked 1 + 5 t will cost you around $500 for the

Cheapest model on Amazon while the oneplus 6 has a starting price of 530 dollars so for an extra $30 you're getting a bigger display table reliance specs more OTA updates in the future and all the features that 1 + 5 t

Already has so here are my final thoughts if you're in the market for a new device and you're coming from a one to two year old phone then the one plus 6 is the better option since the price difference isn't so drastic

However if you have the 1 + 5 t I would stick with that device for now as you'll have a similar experience to the 1 plus 6 the changes aren't too crazy to immediately jump from one oneplus flagship to the next anyways that's the

Comparison of the 1 plus 6 and the 1 + 5 t let me know in the comments which smartphone you would enjoy more make sure to give this video a huge thumbs up if you enjoyed it check out Andrew please calm for some

Great Android news and I'll see you guys in the next one peace

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