OnePlus 5 vs Galaxy S8

by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

The galaxy si is one of the best Android phones we've seen this year not just because of its top-of-the-line specs but also for its innovative design the oneplus 5 on the other hand brings some similar specs by adding much lower price tag let's compare the two and see which

Is the better option when it comes to the design the galaxy si is a hard phone to beat with an all glass and casing curved edges that aren't too excessive a seamless camera hump and a perfectly sized body for your one-handed use this

Flagship is just beautiful the oneplus 5 on the other hand is a decent looking device it has an aluminium back good button placement and curved edges but it's not very eye-catching a lot of people even claim

That it looks like an iPhone and to me there's definitely a resemblance the s8 just looks unique and is much more comfortable in the hand so if you're wondering which phone has the better design it's definitely the SI something

About the glass frame courage and deep black makes the phone look a lot more gorgeous and worth every penny I also usually rocky skin from d-brane on both devices so I don't end up damaging the back or to give both devices have been

More grip as they are a bit slippery definitely can't go wrong with a stone design or even the unique black dragon skin like I said before it provides better grip safety makes the phone a bit more personal and doesn't make the

Overall build any bigger like a case does I'll drop a link right below the like button another area where Samsung never fells is the display for starters it's still Super AMOLED quad HD but this time around the panel guru vertically it

Is now five point eight inches on the regular variant and has a better screen to body ratio thanks to that thin bezel on the front the oneplus 5 has a 5.5 inch 1080p AMOLED display and even though it's a decent panel the s8 just

Crushes it it has better viewing angles pixel density overall size color accuracy and is brighter the oneplus also has a bug known as the jelly effect where the screen seems to be stretching away while scrolling within any app it's

Not a good look for oneplus but I'm sure they have their reasons the oneplus 5 just had to cut corners to bring in that low price tag and the display was one of them here's where it starts to get interesting the fingerprint sensor on

The 1 plus 5 is way faster than the one on the s8 matter of fact it's the fastest one yet with just a light tap the sensor unlocks the phone in point 2 seconds and it recognizes it extremely well it's on the

Front so you can unlock the phone while it's why on a table and it can also act as the home button so you can save some screen space by not using their virtual keys the SI has such a tall display that

The fingerprint scanner couldn't go on the front so instead it went on the back but in a very controversial spot right next to the camera lens the placement is a bit weird and it's smaller in size so it's harder to find it also doesn't

Unlock or recognize as fast as the one Plus Samsung did provide other unlocked methods such as the iris scanner or facial recognition so you do have more choices but even then the 1+5 sensor still unlocks faster than all of those

Alternative methods as for the software the one plus five is rocking the latest of oxygen OS on Andrew 7.1.1 while the galaxy si is running Gracy X on Andrews 7.0 which is already a step behind on the idea of frequent software updates

Samsung phones have never really had a good reputation on this subject so if you do get the si just don't expect it to be one of the first phones to get Andrew oh or above still the overall interface is cleaner and more material

When compared to prior touch with updates plus it has way more features than oxygen OS such as customizable virtual navbar with a home button that is pressure sensitive like the iPhones 3d touch edge screen which allows you to

Access your favorite apps and certain functions right away snap window to let you select an area on your display to dock it at the top for a better functionality of split screen separate apps down to place down from one app on

Your Bluetooth speaker while everything else plays through your phone speaker one-handed mode and the list goes on and on but there are some things that most people didn't ask for such as big speed which even has its own hardware button

And with so many bells and whistles it just starts to get overwhelming and even slows down the phone that's why I enjoy oxygen OS / grace UX the interface is very similar to that of stock Android it has no blow where very few design tweaks

And some additional features that are useful but not over-the-top you can customize the battery icon gesture controls night mode reading mode launcher settings and more you can think of this as that popular ROM that

Everyone's flashing at it's very stable yeah includes extra features that just make stock Android better plus with the addition of frequent software updates this OS is the clear winner here both of these flagships have the latest

Qualcomm processor here in the US which is the snapdragon 835 the Galaxy S Day has 4 gigabytes of RAM with the plus having the option of up to 6 in some markets while the oneplus 5 has 6 to 80 two bytes which is more than what the

Android operating system can even handle both of these phones are fast animations are smooth application reload time is quick and navigating through out either interface is a pleasure I will say that the 1+5 makes much better use of the

Snapdragon chipset plus with a lighter UI and a smaller screen resolution this device was a bit quicker in some aspects on some occasions the s8 did drop frames especially when switching to the big speed panel so it may not be a huge

Difference but the oneplus does outperform the SI in heavier tasks the camera is a big determining factor in which phone you might buy the Galaxy s8 went with a single 12 megapixel rear camera and it works great in any

Lighting situation tons of detail contrast and a very smooth tone plus with the implementation of OIS 4k video recordings and low-light shooting benefit a lot resulting in less motion blur the oneplus 5 went with a dual

Camera setup on the back the main one being a wide-angle and the second one being a telephoto they both have solid results while shooting in daytime the only problems that I run into was would be longer focal length while in portrait

Mode portrait images had a lot of artificial processing and you can definitely tell when looking towards the edges of a subject it does not look real at all low-light shots and poor key recordings were also a struggle on the 1

+ 5 the lack of OIS definitely impacted the pictures and video recordings there wasn't even a is support when shooting at this resolution so all of my 4k videos were really shaky the secondary lens also has a smaller F 2.6 aperture

Size and since it couldn't pull in enough light while taking shots at night it automatically switched the main camera and used digital zoom instead it also won't let you use the portrait camera when there isn't enough light so

Yes the addition of a dual rear camera is nice to have but if you want a solid shooter that will produce good pictures or videos in whatever situation you may be in the Galaxy S a is the better choice switching to the battery I found

Both phones to easily last the entire day obviously your results may vary but personally I am a heavy user with tons of toggles enabled at all times such as Wi-Fi or data Bluetooth location and tons of apps and features running in the

Background plus music and video playback the Galaxy S a has a smaller capacity at 3000 milliamp hours while the oneplus 5 has 3300 for having way more pixels a heavier UI and the processor that is going

Along with it the galaxy si does bring in some pretty impressive results but battery definitely benefits with the smaller 1080p screen so I did notice a bit more battery life on the oneplus 5 but not by a lot both phones do have a

USB type-c port with some sort of quick charging method – charge is still faster than the essays quick charge 2.0 but the SA does include wireless charging so both phones have their benefits other things to know is that both phones have

A headphone jack bluetooth 5.0 NFC and heavy Gorilla Glass 5 display the SI has a bit more extra features such as water-resistant with an IP 60 rating iris scanning facial recognition expandable storage wireless charging a

Hardware monitor and supports all four major US carriers while the oneplus 5 does not work on Sprint or Verizon the oneplus 5 has the benefit of better modification such as routing and better rom support frequent software updates as

Well as a smaller price tag which brings me to my last point pricing for a starting price of 750 dollars you can get an unlock Galaxy S II which is an extra two hundred and seventy dollars from the starting price of the oneplus

Five four hundred and seventy nine dollars it is a huge difference but considering you're getting a way better design display camera and extra features such as water resistance expandable storage and more the extra cash for the

S8 does seem reasonable you one plus five did cut corners to bring in that fairly inexpensive price tag but it still did impressively well against this huge manufacturer it has the best fingerprint sensor better performance

Software battery faster charging and extra benefits such as better developer support for rooting or flashing roms and frequent software updates it's not the perfect phone but it's a really good one I've always been a fan of what oneplus

Has brought to the table especially with the one plus 3t it was my main driver in 2016 even over the Google pixel but this year with another bump in price I was expecting a little more from oneplus

Such as water resistance or even a higher resolution display you do get way better value for the price but for me the Galaxy S a is the winner here only because Samsung has brought features that most of us were expecting any 2017

Flagship and delivers way more hardware and software features on the oneplus 5 with a price tag that is not as big of a difference well that's it for this video let me know in the comments which fund you and

Doing more again make sure to check out some D brand skins in the description and also check out Andhra police comm for some great Android news I'll see you guys in the next one

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