OnePlus 5 Dual Camera Review // How GOOD is it?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

this is the brand-new 1+5 and a lot of
people are excited about the brand-new
dual camera system which is made up of a
primary 16 megapixel camera with f 1.7
aperture and a secondary telephoto lens
that is 20 megapixels with an F 2.6
aperture and this gives you two times
optical zoom I've been having a lot of
fun testing out the 16 megapixel
front-facing camera and using this as my
primary mobile camera for the last week
or so taking tons of 4k video and photo
samples so I'm sure you want to know if
the cameras are any good well let me
share my experience so far
with the 1 plus 5 cameras you can shoot
in a few different aspect ratios and
modes I mostly shot in Auto HDR but you
can force it into HDR which gives you a
totally different shot or you can shoot
in 16 by 9 which is also nice but I
stuck to the 4 by 3 throughout the time
of my testing in day time photos you get
some really impressive images the colors
are very accurate
I appreciated the accurate white balance
and the highlights are handled very well
some of the best I've seen actually and
you get just enough saturation adequate
contrast plenty of detail and
importantly great dynamic range so after
reviewing about 200 or so photos I was
really impressed when it comes to the
macro focusing distance I was also
pleasantly surprised creating some
really nice shots vibrant with nice
depth of field and if you use the
secondary telephoto lens you can get
some really respectable macro shots the
telephoto lens giving you a 2 X optical
zoom is very detailed and I love this
for flexibility and now I can get this
feature on the Android side and I love
it the consistency of the colors and
highlights are what really caught my eye
with the 1 plus 5s camera these are
flagship level camera results and the
images prove it there is also a portrait
mode that is very similar to how these
set up on the iPhone 7 plus is and a
software depth effect is very nice it's
instant unlike the galaxy s 8 and the
results are very impressive all around
giving you that DSLR like look
it's not perfect though sometimes it
doesn't work right and some of the
outlines just don't come out perfectly
but when it hits it's awesome even in
indoor or lower lighting conditions
where the iPhone 7 plus will tell you
that more light is required the same
conditions the 1 plus 5 candidate like a
champ and the noise reduction
despite the aperture change is
impressive even when the lighting
conditions start getting worse the 1
plus 5s primary camera keeps up the
saturation gets bumped up but the
details and contracts are on point while
maintaining sharpness but naturally it
will get more noise in a telephoto shots
food and indoor shots are also good but
when you get to more extreme low light
conditions the auto mode does a decent
job but heavy noise can be introduced
because the auto mode tends to crank up
the ISO but if you have the time I will
kick it into manual mode even just
adjusting is in to a lower ISO can make
a world of difference you can get a much
cleaner shot the 1 plus 5 is capable of
taking some nice low-light shots but
just like any other mobile camera
extreme low light can be a challenge
when it comes to the 4k video it's very
detailed full of dynamic range and once
again I love the way it handles the
highlight detail very realistic colors
this is totally untouched direct from
the camera the only problem is if you're
doing a handheld video like most of you
will be doing there is no stabilization
at all in 4k so you'll see how shaky the
video is and if you're walking you will
sure get nauseous when playing back the
video but if you flip it into 1080p its
ultra smooth because it uses the
electronic stabilization it kicks in so
if you don't care about 4k you should
probably record in 1080p the 4k video in
lower light conditions is pretty good
also it does end up favoring the higher
saturation just like the photos but I
actually don't – look and while it might
not be color accurate that's a really
pleasant look
even in harsh or low light conditions
the 1+5 does a good job of reducing
noise even though if you punch in there
is noise there but the video is usable
if you reduce the exposure you can get
some very nice looking video but I wish
there was optical image stabilization on
both of these lenses that would have
made a huge difference on hand-held 4k
video maybe next time
and I wish there was a pro mode for
video as well if you care about the
front-facing camera this is a 16
megapixel F 2.0 sensor here are some
samples from it let me know what you
guys think alright so here's what you
can expect from the 16 megapixel
front-facing camera and you can see it
takes 1080p video you can get an idea of
what the audio sounds like and here's
what the stabilization will look like if
you're walking in low-light it can get
pretty noisy and the details can be lost
but if you use the flash mode you will
get much better colors and exposure so
if you're a nighttime selfie taker
definitely use this mode so what do you
guys think of the one plus 5s new dual
camera system I mean are you impressed
or you're underwhelmed let me know in
the comment section below
during this time I did do comparison
shots with these Galaxy s8 and the
iPhone 7 plus so let me know if you want
to see that video by hitting that like
button after using this camera I'm
impressed and while it's not perfect I
would say this is worthy of calling it a
flagship camera since this phone costs
almost three hundred dollars less than
in galaxy s 8 I would say we're looking
at the new best for bankbook camera on a
mobile device right now thanks for
watching guys make sure you subscribe
for more 1+5 content and hit that like
button for this dude with the outfit
enjoy that dance and I'll see you guys
in the next

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