OnePlus 3T vs. Google Pixel

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

Google is a very respectable company
that has made plenty of awesome devices
with the pixel being their best one yet
and here we have one plus a smaller
smartphone manufacturer that has been
gaining a lot of Attraction over the
last few years with their new release of
the one plus 3t let's see Ali holds up
to the Google pixel if we started off
with the build both devices have a solid
aluminum design with curved edges on the
back the picture takes it a step further
by adding a rounded rectangular glass
frame with a fingerprint sensor the 3t
has its scanner on the front if we come
to terms on what everyone is saying by
the design of both devices it would be
that they both look boring I'm not
jumping on the bandwagon but I can see
how these devices have that typical
smartphone look that won't be catching
anyone's attention still they're most
comfortable in the hand feel very
durable and premium I do however believe
the 3t has a better design what really
caught my attention was the old Lumina
build glossy oneplus logo and the dark
gray finish it just looks better than
the random rounded glass on the back and
the giant space taking chin on the front
to make these devices a little more
exciting I put a D brand skin on both
personally I decided to go with a marble
finish as I think it makes both devices
look very attractive they have plenty of
other skins to choose from for many
other phones so I'll drop a link right
below that like button I also find the
fingerprint sensor on the 1 + 3 T to be
much faster than the one on the pixel I
can merely slide the tip of my index
finger on the sensor and it will
immediately recognize my fingerprint
unlocking my device in milliseconds
while the one on the pixel does
recognize just fine but it unlocks your
device much slower my guess is that it's
the same scanner found on the Nexus 6p
and Google decided to just move it on
over to the pixel and not improve it
kind of a bummer especially since this
is a much more expensive device moving
on to the displays both devices have a
1080p AMOLED panel but the 1 + 3 T has a
bigger screen at 5.5 inches while the
pixel swims down to just five you have
the option of upgrading to the pixel XL
which comes packed with a 5.5 inch quad
HD AMOLED display but that will cost you
an extra $120 on top of the $650 you're
already paying as for the 3t you'll be
surprised to hear that you get a bigger
and brighter display with much more
natural-looking colors that he cheaper
price tag putting the two next to each
other lets you clearly see that the
white colors on the pixel are washed out
and have a yellow tint compared to the
colors on the oneplus I'm not saying the
pixel has a horrible display or the one
plus 3t has a way better one both
devices are met but if I were to choose
one it would have to be the 3t when it
comes to battery life both have solid
batteries that will easily last you an
entire day the 3t is a lot bigger at
3400 milliamp hours while the pixel has
2770 it's a really huge difference so
obviously you're going to see a lot more
screen on time if you're using the
oneplus maybe the bigger screen does
affect it a little but not to the point
where you're getting less than five
hours of screen on time like the Google
pixel and there's no competing with –
charge at this point because as far as I
know this is still the fastest charging
method for a device with a USB type-c
port so as far as battery goes between
either device once again I'd say stick
with the one plus 3t if you need that
extra juice software wise the Google
pixel is rocking stock Android with the
latest version of new get 7.1.1
the cool part is that some features on
this phone software are exclusive so you
won't find them anywhere else without
going into too much detail there's a new
Y navigation bar with a subtle animation
when tapping the home button Google
assistant to help you out with all of
your questions a redesign launcher with
beautiful animations and features and
enhance cool back up a support section
to call or chat with a Google
representative right from the settings
new gesture controls and so much more I
honestly love to see why because it not
only has some unique and useful features
but everything looks astonishing tapping
on a button usually has an awesome
animation and sometimes little things I
count the most if we hop on over to
oxygen OS found on the 1 + 3 T you'll
find everything to be similar to stock
Android there's no bloatware skins or
any unnecessary UI changes which is very
nice it's also getting Andrew nougat
overall just a very clean interface
it might not impress but you'll be
satisfied with the results the pixel is
my choice for software it's not just a
simple ported over UI with the skin on
top and in your face that shows a lot of
passion and hard work they obviously
didn't rush this process and made
everything look nice in my opinion it's
the best software I've seen on a
smartphone yet now with both you eyes
coming in with plenty of features
animations in the lay
Android operating system you'd probably
want a high-end processor and plenty of
brand to make everything flow smoothly
that's exactly what you get both devices
are packin Snapdragon 820 one chip with
the pixel having four gigabytes of RAM
and the three T coming in with six
gigabytes of RAM obviously both perform
really well and the difference in
performance is miniscule I did however
notice the oneplus 2 Ricci was a bit
quicker when opening applications or
navigating through them the reason being
is that even though they both have the
same processor Google's decided to under
clock the CPU to 2.15 gigahertz while
one plus o'clock their phone at two
point three five gigahertz making the
three T a bit faster for that slight
variation and a bit more RAM
availability I will have to go with
oneplus on the performance switching
over to the camera I'm sure you've heard
that the Google pixel has the best one
yet it's a really fast shooter that has
no shutter lag and focuses on your
subject instantly it also produces very
nice pictures in whatever scenario you
may be in both day and night pictures
come out looking natural detailed great
dynamic range and there's not much to
complain about here what really
astonished not just me but a lot of
other people was the electronic
stabilization for 4k video recording it
brings some of the smoothest footages
and even though it's not perfect it does
work a lot of the time the one plus 3t
on the other hand isn't that far off
from Google's masterpiece as it's still
an all-around solid camera in the right
amount of lighting pictures are crisp
good color reproduction sharp if you're
shooting in low-light you may not have
the same results you can definitely tell
the difference in dark scenarios between
both devices as the pixel produces
significantly better photos than the 3t
overall the pixel has a better camera
here and we all saw it coming
bottom line I'd be lying if I didn't say
both devices are great choices no matter
what device you get you will be
satisfied the pixel has the best camera
on a smartphone a good screen battery
life great performance and beautiful
interface that everyone wants on their
own device the oneplus 3 on the other
hand has great battery life performance
a solid screen software and camera and
you can get all of this at a starting
price of 439 dollars that's pretty cheap
still if it were up to me I'd personally
choose the goo pixel as my preferred
device because I just really enjoy pure
Android and the camera that much more
but that's my opinion
winner here according to the video
result is obviously the 1 plus 3t
definitely a phenomena phone to get well
that's it for this video let me know in
the comments which device you prefer
make sure to drop a like if you enjoyed
and don't forget to check out in
Japanese comm for your latest and
greatest news on Android I will see you
guys in the next one

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