OnePlus 3T, 3 months later: The best smartphone value on the market?

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

On June 14th of last year 1 plus
released e 1 plus 3 in a continued
effort to kill off other more popular
more expensive flagship smartphones but
just over three and a half months later
yet three and a half months later they
released the one plus 3t it's literally
be one plus three for the spec bomb
initially this was meant to go
side-by-side with the regular three and
not replace it but with a price tag
that's only 40 dollars heavier
we all knew it'd be better to just get
this T now it's been about three months
since the three T's released should you
invest in one now or wait to get
something else with it being a new year
for new smartphones will the 3t still be
able to compete nowadays more and more
consumers want nothing short of a great
smartphone one that can do it all some
users are willing to shell out stacks
for the most popular phone while others
don't find a need to do so and are in
search of something that will be a
little lighter on their wallet so what
exactly makes a smart phone a great one
a good place to start would be the
screen right the 3t has a very
attractive display at 5.5 inches which
is the sweet spot for a lot of people
and it looks so clean at first that you
probably couldn't tell that it's only
1080p yeah seriously this is probably
the best-looking 1080p display I've seen
on a phone I guess you could say that
it's saving grace is the fact that it's
also Emma lift up colors are bright
vibrant and punchy and you get those
awesome deep dark blacks so with the
combination of 1080p and AMOLED know
that this can help save you some battery
life and trust me it does so good screen
check next up hardware now when it comes
to this phone's build worry not guys
this is a super premium solid and
well-put-together device this one has
one of the most solid builds on any
smartphone I own and I own a lot of them
it's covered in aluminum which while
it's nice to look at it's something I
personally have a hard time keeping
clean scratch free and well the phone is
pretty darn slippery so of course I went
ahead and let the deep Rancic in on mine
go ahead and check out the one I have
here in the description so great
hardware check
now what about features because that's
important too right well the 3t is the
closest you'll get to a nexus or pixel
in terms of software features as for
hardware features I find it sad that the
headphone jack is now seen as a welcome
addition as opposed to it being there
normally there's a blatant fastening
print reader which is among the fastest
I've ever tried and it has a
notification slider now this at least in
my opinion is a
pretty underrated feature and I'd kind
of like to see this on other phone it's
not a deal maker or breaker however it's
just a nice thing to have but getting
back into the software though the best
way I can explain what they're calling
oxygen OS would be stock Android with a
touch of extra yet welcome customization
options for being able to change accent
colors throughout the OS switching
between software and hardware navigation
keys depending on your preference to its
complete suite of gestures that making
the phone that much more enjoyable so
while the 3t and oxygen West may not
support as many features as you'll find
on say something like Samsung or LG skin
it still has a tad bit more to offer
than pure stock Android it's very
comparable to HTC 10's feature wise now
this also ties into user experience
where nothing much needs to be said
other than is fantastic you talked about
phones being fast like the iPhone 7 or
huawei mate 9 for example this phone is
not only fast it's flippin quick and yes
there's a difference this loan is so
snappy it's not even funny it's fly
there's pretty much no lag and
everything moves nicely in rhythm in
fact on the fact that my sweetie goddess
new get updates just a little while ago
which includes customs API support multi
window capability DoubleTap to go back
to your previously opened application
and more one of the things that can make
or break a smart phone especially
nowadays are the cameras but with the
three teams the cameras are definitely a
selling place I actually enjoy the
results that I get more than what I get
out of be more expensive while Amy's not
you'll get clean crisp shots and
impressive low-light performance for the
16 megapixel shooter which is one of the
few things that God carried over from
the regular three but what didn't get
carried over was the selfie camera this
two packs a 16 megapixel sensor for much
better looking selfies and it really
does a great job with that
these selfie takers out there will love
this one as far as video goes resolution
can go up to 4k so thumbs up for that
and it's really solid it's pretty much
what you would expect out of a camera in
a phone in this price range so good
cameras check but now that we're on the
subject of differences between the three
and the three T what exactly constitutes
the T in three T and the extra $40 cost
well for starters the three T comes in a
128 gigabyte variant it has the numeron
more efficient Snapdragon 820 one chip
over the three is 820 chip it's got that
upgraded 16 megapixel selfie camera as
we talked about before
and a slightly larger three style
400 million hours battery which by the
way provides more than enough juice to
get through a day to mute the 3 T is a
battery chipper and I love it and aside
from the slight body color difference
the phone is exactly the same this just
kind of made me scratch my head
wondering why this wasn't being regular
3 in the first place but what this is I
suppose laid out before us for $40 more
it really begs the question is it worth
it to put it plainly heck yes
it's phones like the three T's that make
you ask yourself if it's worth selling
out near two or flat-out more than
double the phone's actual cost I mean
we're talking about a phone with a more
than passable AMOLED display 6 gigabytes
of RAM great battery life fantastic
performance the latest version of
Android with a few tweaks a super solid
set of cameras a stupid FAST fingerprint
reader and an awesome build for less
than $500 so when you take a step back
and look at the 3 T it's almost as if
it's the perfect smartphone it's one
with little-to-no downfalls and with
what it's supposed to do it does nothing
short of a fantastic job there's no
doubt in my mind that this phone will
last for a very long time in this
crowded smartphone the world I have no
issues recommending this phone to
anybody it's easily worth it
so what do you guys think about the one
plus three T is it worth four hundred
and forty bucks well it last would be
other flagships coming out in 2017 let
us know by dropping a comment down below
we'd love to hear your feedback but
anyway that does it for the video I hope
you guys enjoyed it if you did feel free
to hit that like button subscribe to the
Android police channel if you haven't
already that does this for me I'll talk
to you guys in the next one and thanks
for watching

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