One Week with the Sony XZ Premium // Unboxing and Review

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

this is the very shiny Sony XD premium
this is their flagship for 2017 and I
was lucky enough to get my hands on this
earlier in the year so if you want to
see that video I'm gonna leave it link
down below for you it's finally here
I'll be using this for about a week so
I'm ready to share my experiences with
you guys and just in case you're curious
here's what you get if you buy the sony
eggsy premium you get a pretty standard
box nothing special I ended up buying
the silver or luminous chrome model but
it's also available in black and pink in
the box you end up getting a bunch of
paperwork and warranty stuff and you
also get a USB type-c cord you get a
power break that uses quick charge 3.0
I'm not sure why they didn't use quick
charge 4.0 since it's capable doesn't
make any sense and finally you get a
pair of Sony headphones so that's nice
to see included in this phone because
it's at the top of the premium price
point it's $800 full price in the US but
it all depends on where you live this is
the dual SIM model so I can get the most
bands I could I'm using it right now
with t-mobile it works great and this
phone will support one gigabit speeds
when that's available when I first saw
this phone I was super excited because
it has flagship written all over it it
has the premium design it has the
world's first 4k HDR display with dual
front-facing speakers it's IP 68 water
and dust resistant and has on paper a
beast 19 megapixel f 2.0 camera with
tons of software features and a
dedicated camera button which I
personally love the more time that I
spent with this phone the more that my
opinion has changed about it but don't
worry I'm going to explain first let's
talk about the design a ton of people
are going to hate this 4head inch in
combo and I have to admit they are huge
when you put it up to something like the
galaxy si plus it really does look
old-school but there's something about
this device that I appreciate it looks a
lot more elegant in person and when you
hold it in your hand you know it's a
premium device it's kind of heavy
it does have some sharp corners that dig
into your hand a little bit it's all
wrapped up in Gorilla Glass 5 it's super
glossy though and a fingerprint farm but
I like it it's kind of hard to explain
until you have hands-on time with it
now I wouldn't mind if the brand made a
this because it gets slippery as hell
and if you drop this phone it's probably
done it's a big phone though so be
prepared about the same size as an
iPhone 7 plus but it makes something
like the galaxy s 8 look like a
supermodel and an older iPhone look like
a toy
I love the fingerprint scanner placement
on here because I'm right-handed it's
perfect it works great and even
left-handed I set it up with my middle
finger but I can see people not liking
this placement but I personally think is
genius I do have to admit the tray is
hideous on the left-hand side where the
SIM and the SD card slot is but overall
I like this classic design 3.5
millimeter headphone jack on the top and
USB C port on the bottom this thing has
a 5.5 inch 4k HDR panel with the crazy
807 pixels per inch this is an
absolutely beautiful IPS display the
colors are very vibrant the contrast and
black levels are awesome for an LCD and
when you playback a 4k video it looks
absolutely mind-blowing the viewing
angles are decent but they could be
you do get fading pretty quickly and
while it's not terrible I've seen better
on other flagships so I'm a little bit
disappointed with this I do like the
fact that you can change the profiles of
the display and there is an sRGB mode
that is my favorite because it is the
most color accurate to my eyes but you
can change it to have more vibrance if
you like and Sony's mode is a nice
medium I personally love front facing
speaker setups on smartphones I think
they are the best they produce the best
sound and I love when HTC introduced
this but when you start to watch content
on the XZ premium I think you're going
to be disappointed it's not that the
sound is bad but it's the volume I kept
hitting the volume rocker to make sure I
wasn't making a mistake
other dual speaker setup sound much
better and louder even the iPhone sounds
better with these bezels you think that
you'd be getting boombox type sounds but
take a listen

the good thing is that the performance
has been rock-solid so far with the
latest and greatest Snapdragon 835 and
four gigabytes of RAM even though longer
animations are all throughout the UI is
very fluid silky even and it's also
running Android 7.1.1 out of the box
which is a major win the software is
very close to stock android with sony
apps to complement the android
experience so I don't mind it at all I
haven't even changed my launcher yet
because I didn't feel the need to tons
of customizations like icon pack support
are all baked in so I really like this
Gaming is also on point like you would
imagine and even though this is a 4k
display the UI and other elements are
running in a lower resolution if you
look at the icons there for sure not as
sharp even though the screenshots show
it as a 4k image now this is purely for
battery life and performance and it
doesn't bother me at all because the
battery life has been solid throughout
the week I've been averaging 5 to 6
hours of screen on time and I have had
no problems making it through the entire
day I just wish that it had wireless
charging with a glass back and this form
factor you got to put in a wireless
charging I know not everybody uses it
but come on Sony another thing that I
was super excited about is this 19
megapixel Sony Exmor RS stack sensor
that has a feature that I'd never
thought was possible on a smartphone you
get an insane 960 frames per second
slow-motion burst and even though this
is 720p this is a really cool feature to
play with you just hit this button and
it records a very small portion of super
slow motion and even though it's limited
it's awesome that you can even do this
on a phone with Sony making some of the
best mobile sensors in the world I
really had high hopes for this one the
best way to describe it is it's good but
it's not great when it comes to imaging
the camera is good don't get me wrong
you get nice dynamic range neutral
colors and you get some very nice detail
in the shots but I've seen better on
other phones like the Samsung Galaxy S 8
and the Google pixel the processing and
sharpening seems to be a little too
heavy for my liking sometimes the white
balance is just totally off and a lot of
times it's overexposed and you can fix
that with the menu
mode but the most disappointing is the
low life performance because there is no
optical image stabilization it relies on
the digital steady shot and the noise
reduction could be much much better the
digital stabilization works well in
video though and the 4k video is nice on
the XV premium and the audio capture is
also very good take a listen

I shot a ton of footage with the XE
premium so look out for a cinematic 4k
sample coming very soon obviously I'm
still using this phone but I can't lie
I'm a little disappointed with it when
comparing to other Android phones out
there like the Galaxy s8 plus where it
has a better design a better camera and
wireless charging I wouldn't be doing my
duty as a reviewer to make you think
twice before you buy this phone so let's
say that you were to buy this phone
would you hate it I don't think so
I think it's a good phone I just think
it's missing some key components like
the output of the dual front-facing
speakers the bulky design and just ok
camera I think these things should make
you explore some other options who knows
software updates to come out and change
the output of the speakers and
processing of the camera and this is
what I'm really hoping for I have this
really soft spot for Sony phones I've
always gravitated towards them so Sony
please release some updates and give
this phone its full potential I hope you
guys enjoyed this if anything changes I
will make a follow-up video and if you
want to keep up with me then follow me
on social media and make sure you hit
that subscribe button for more cool
videos like this and hit that
notification bell and I will see you
guys in the next thanks for watching

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