One Week with the OnePlus 5 Review!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

this is the new 1+5 the successor to the
1 plus 3t and starting at $479 this is a
solid choice if you don't feel like
spending $750 on the Galaxy S 8 or more
expensive flagship phones Plus this is
the first phone that I've ever used with
8 gigabytes of RAM yep it kind of looks
like an iPhone and it's scary close to
the opal r11 but if you can get past
that there's a really solid smartphone
here after spending more than a week
with it it's not a groundbreaking update
but the experience has been very solid
so far so let's start with the all-metal
design it's more rounded more refined
it's got a nice curvature on the back
and I think it feels nice it's really
smooth though and if you don't use one
of these cases it can feel pretty
slippery I really like the new cases
that protect the entire body the slim
cases are still available too but I
really like this carbon fiber one I
can't deny that this does look like the
iPhone 7 plus especially in black the
dual camera is in the exact same
location and the antenna bands and
everything but I personally think it
feels better than the iPhone in the hand
there is a 16 megapixel front facing
camera and a notification light up top
and on the bottom you get the
fingerprint sensor which is ridiculously
fast I never complained it all about the
oneplus three T's fingerprint sensor but
this is pretty crazy you get the volume
rocker on the left side and also one of
the most underrated and slept on things
about oneplus devices is this alert
slider I love how easy it is just to
control your notifications on the bottom
you get this very loud single speaker a
USB type-c port with dash charging the
microphone and a 3.5 millimeter
headphone jack the display is pretty
much the same as the 3t it's a 1080p
AMOLED display and I'm surprised that we
didn't get a quad HD panel this time but
the screen is very high quality 1080p
and it looks fantastic it's nice and
bright vibrant colors with great
contrast and what I love is the
customization on the settings for the
display you have your accurate colors
with the srgb mode but you also have the
DCI p3 color mode which I like the best
so far now there are a few new modes
where it takes the information from the
ambient light sensor to make your
reading experience better giving it that
eReader type feel and adding some
sharpness and
auto night mode where the display
temperature changes based on your
environment similar to true tone on the
iPhone so even though I would loved a
quad HD display here I'm not
disappointed with it there's only a
single speaker and I would love a dual
speaker option and the good thing is
here that the speaker is pretty loud and
at full volume it can sound pretty tinny
and harsh so I would turn it down a
couple of notches to get the best sound
and multimedia experience the headphone
output once again it's super respectable
very similar to the 1 + 3 + 3 T and I
know the future is Wireless but it's
nice to have that 3.5 millimeter
headphone jack so if you want to go
wireless Bluetooth 5.0 is here and
theoretically you could hook up two
headphones at the same time and get
playback at the same time we saw this
happen on the Galaxy s8 but for some
reason I could not get that to work on
the oneplus 5 they would both connect
but they wouldn't playback audio so I'm
not sure if we need a software update
here but it would be really nice to see
on the 1 + 5 the hardware is good and
everything but in my opinion what makes
this phone stand out is the software the
performance of this phone is super fast
with the snapdragon 835 paired with the
8 gigabytes of ddr4 X Ram it's very
fluid with Android 7.1.1 onboard and
oxygen OS has always been one of my
favorites because it's basically stock
Android with a ton of customization
features and tweaks baked in I don't
find any reason to really change
launchers or anything during my use and
I know a lot of you are probably
wondering about the touch sensitivity or
lag on the UI and I have seen no
problems with it so far it looks like
they fix this everything feels fast and
fluid even just switching from the
galaxy s 8 I've noticed a speed
difference right away I love how you can
customize the functions of the home
button you can have a camera shortcut on
the power button here the dark theme I
mean this is nothing new if you've
already used the oneplus before but the
clean software experience definitely
makes this phone
of course gaming is also buttery smooth
on here really nice frame rates
everything I threw at it played
beautifully so I'm sure the very
powerful chipset paired with this lower
resolution 1080p display helps a lot
battery life has also been solid on this
phone I've been getting about 5 to 6
hours of screen on time with heavy use
and some days when I'm just catching up
on a lot of videos and browsing the web
and just doing Twitter
primarily I got about eight hours screen
on time it's not typical of everyday use
but you should not have a problem
getting through a full day and if you
need to top-up
– charging is here you can plug it in
for about 30 minutes and you'll be ready
to go so let's get to what everybody is
interested in and that is the new dual
camera system the main camera is a 16
megapixel Sony IMX 398 sensor with F 1.7
aperture and the second camera is a 20
megapixel Sony IMX 350 telephoto lens
with F 2.6 aperture very similar to the
setup that's on the iPhone 7 plus but
technically this is the highest
resolution dual camera setup out right
now and it shows when you use it there's
a lot of detail you get two times
optical zoom and you get very good
results especially in good lighting now
if you get into some poor lighting or in
low-light it can be a mix up the
software looks also scary familiar to
the iPhone 7 plus with the button to
change in between the two lenses and
there is also a portrait mode with depth
effect – yeah I made a separate video on
the 1 plus 5s camera so check that out
if you want to see a ton of sample
pictures low-light performance and 4k
video but I wanted to mention a few
things that I didn't mention in that
so overall the general photos are very
nice really amazing highlight detail and
the colors are very accurate and usually
the white balance is just spot-on most
of you will be very happy with this
camera and if you like to dial in for
the perfect shot
manual mode is pretty awesome too with
raw capture this new histogram is very
handy and of course full manual control
in a nice easy interface there is no pro
mode in video though I'm a little bit
disappointed by this so hopefully they
push this out in a future software
update they claim super fast autofocus
speeds and to me it is quick but I
personally think the s8 is faster and
the biggest thing that I think hurts
some of the pictures is the lack of
optical image stabilization it was on 3t
so I'm not sure why we're missing it
here so some of the images can come off
a little soft on certain parts of the
frame and this hurts especially in
low-light unless you have some super
steady hands it also hurts pretty bad
during 4k recording because there is
zero stabilization in 4k but there is
electronic stabilization for 1080p so
you might want to use that instead I
have gotten some stunning photos from
day one plus five it punches way above
this price point so make sure you check
out my videos see a more detailed look
at this camera it is not better than the
Galaxy s8 or the iPhone 7 or a Google
pixel but it kind of puts it into the
same class the pictures are pretty
comparable and when you consider the
price point I think this is a good look
for oneplus so overall I still think
that oneplus delivers on that mantra of
giving you a flagship experience or a
fraction of the price now is it that
same groundbreaking release as something
like the oneplus one no we still have
some compromises here like no water
resistance no quad HD display and no
wireless charging so you have to ask
yourself are those features worth almost
$300 more if they are then you need to
go for something like the galaxy s 8 but
if you want 8 gigabytes of RAM a speedy
stock like and or an experience with
great customization and a powerful
processor a full metal black or grey
build and a high resolution dual camera
experience then the oneplus 5 could be
an excellent choice it all depends on
how much you want to spend for more
coverage of the oneplus 5 hit that
subscribe button and also that little
bell icon so you don't miss anything and
let me know what phones you want me to
compare to the 1 plus 5 in future videos
and I will see you guys in the next one

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