One Fortunate Kitten | The Unbelievable Dr. Pol

published on July 3, 2020

[music playing]

[kitten meowing]

I was on my way
home, a car hit it

It was doing circles,
and did a flip

The kitten was laying there,
and I just picked it up,

and it looked at me, so
I just rushed it over

The driver never stopped

I hate to see anything
that gets injured

So this is a kitten–
is this your kitten?

Or just a stray kitten?

No, I was coming home and it–

a car hit it

It was doing circles, and
did a flip, and laid there

And I thought it was dead


Easy, baby

So I just picked it up,
and rushed it over here


So it's about a
pound and a half

All right

I'm going to sit you down
here for just a minute

Lay down

That all looks good

He's probably not
going to like this

There's a little bit
of peroxide on here


Let's just see if we
can't get it cleaned up

so I can see what's going on


There's a little scrape
on the end of his nose,

and on his right-hand side,
the upper lip's a little bit

bruised or swollen

Mmm hmm

Eyes and its ears and
it's mouth all look good

He doesn't appear to
have any brain issues

at this point from injury

But he is super,
super lucky, because I

don't see anything broken


Mentally he seems fully aware

And physically he seems
to be able to, you know,

run like the wind



There you go

You're doing all right, kitty

I don't see any
long-lasting side effects

from his car experience today

I expect what's going
on with the upper lip

to go down over time

ANNOUNCER: A miraculous escape

He's definitely spent
one of his nine lives

Are you going
to take him home?

I'll take him over here
to that animal shelter


See if they can
find a home for him

Yep, sounds like a plan

I'll give him to you

All righty

All right

That way I know he'll be safe

Sounds good

Kits doing good, so just
bruised up and stunned

We'll take it to the
no-kill animal shelter

here in Mount Pleasant,
and let them adopt him out

There you go

Get in there

And I think when
I get over there,

I'm going to tell
them to call it Lucky

You'll be able to
find him a home


I'm feeling good

You know, it's nice to be
able to save something that's,

you know, that small, innocent

[music playing]

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