On the go 4K Video Editing?! GNARBOX Review 2017!

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Yo what's up guys it's Suraj from tech devoted and today we are reviewing something a bit interesting this is the NA box it's by the company minot and in a nutshell what it is is an on-the-go photo / video backup solution for a camera there's a 256gb SSD inside it and

You can just basically throw in all your footage by plugging in your SD card now that's just the basic idea there's so much more to it that we'll cover in a bit but first I wanna talk about the unboxing experience you guys know I'm a

Sucker for a good unboxing experience and with the gnar box that's definitely the case I love the box that it comes in just a little cardboard box with a really cool design and inside it of course you have the NA box the micro USB

Cable I would have liked to see type-c here but nevertheless it's not that big of a deal and I'm glad they at least went the micro USB route instead of opting for some proprietary connection because this way even if you lose the

Included cable where you say traveling you could just easily find a replacement but anyway getting back to the Box you of course also get the instruction manual which by the way is like a freaking Bible for this thing honestly I

Could just leave this video here the instruction manual is so well done like very short and concise and to the point all while being very attractive and this I don't get to say about a lot of the tech I review so huge props to them on

This one alright let's take a physical overview now up top you have the knob box logo and LED indicators going around there's not much apart from branding on one side and i/o on the front and as you go around the device you'll notice the

Overall build quality here is phenomenal it's extremely rugged and the thing is shock dust and water resistance so you can take it pretty much anywhere you go and it'll be just fine so on the front again we have two flaps that protect

Your eye oh and opening these will reveal all the connections so we have a full sized SD card slot if you wanna plug in your cameras SD card directly that's generally how I do it following that we have a micro SD card

Slot a USB 3 port as well as a USB 2 port in case you want to plug in an external hard drive and following that finally we have the micro USB port for charging now to get now box to work in 30

The card and turn it on at this point I must point out it takes 40 seconds to boot up which is too long in my opinion if I'm gonna be using this thing on the daily I need it to turn on instantly to save as much time as possible but once

It's on the NA Box creates a person hotspot that you have to connect your phone to using their companion app and this part is crucial then a box is useless without the phone app which it is available on both Android and iOS but

I'll be brutally honest the Android app really is not that great I'll elaborate on this in just a moment so once you connect it to the NA box and have the SD card inserted you've got to use the app to communicate with the NA Box click

Devices to see your SD card here and for some reason my card is listed as no name I have no idea why but once you open it you can see all the files on the SD card be it for K clips or RAW images now box suppose it all now I tried the new box I

Have with three different Android devices starting with my blue boo s1 and it was actually extremely laggy but given that the s1 isn't really the fastest the phones that was understandable but on top of being laggy

It had this extremely annoying issue so when I open any of the folders inside the SD card and start scrolling up or down the thumbnails of the images and videos keep refreshing and changing positions making it extremely hard for

Me to find the picture or video that I am looking for this was annoying on a whole different level so I switched to one plus three hoping that the issue would be resolved and it wasn't the app in general was definitely a lot smoother

But it still had the thumbnail refreshing issue so then I thought okay let's give it another shot and this time I took a one plus five unfortunately this time the issue was gone so I'm not really sure why the problem lies but the

App performance across different Android phones is pretty inconsistent which is weird the iOS app on the other hand is optimized much better I tried it on an iPhone 6 and it worked just fine but once you do manage to find the clips you

Want which thanks to the thumbnail refreshing issue can take extremely long you can directly copy it to the 256gb SSD inside the now box and the transfer speeds are pretty good I would say 60 megabytes a second and

Playing back one of the clips as you can see it's pretty smooth and from here you can click Edit that will allow you to trim the clip they also have an adjust options that lets you miss with things like exposure contrast highlights

Shadows you know the usual affair it's nice to include basic editing and if you want to create a quick edit we'd say like different clips with a track to go along with it you can do that but it's not the most editor friendly UI let me

Explain so to create an edit you have to select the part of the clip you want and swipe up to add it to what's called a real now the problem here is you have to go to each clip separately and trim and swipe up to send it to the reel you

Cannot directly go to the reel and add Clips I mean think of it like individually selecting files from the File Explorer of your computer and sending it to Premiere Pro one at a time as opposed to importing like all the

Clips into the project at once and arranging them from there so it's kind of a mess and if that wasn't enough they don't even have options for transitions which is kind of a letdown but hey here's the quick edit I made using a

Bunch of random clips and a dope track take a look

over so that was a quick montage I made using some clips from the YouTube creator connect event that happened a while ago

And I'll admit that wasn't a very great edit and as much as I hate to blame the app for it I think it's because of it because like it's extremely hard to edit again it balls down to the same thing I gotta individually keep trimming clips

And sending them to the real and keep guessing if it's the right length and matches the music I can't just directly do all of that in the real just like you would do with a normal editing software to put it simply it's not very editor

Friendly I mean if I wanted to I could make it perfect by sitting at it for an hour but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a portable machine like this and of course the video started and ended kind of abruptly

Thanks to the lack of transitions so I hope that can be added in the future update as well as titles but of course you can also edit pictures you can tweak stuff like exposure contrast tint saturation again you know the usual

Affair and once you're done and satisfied with your edit you can export it directly to your phone gallery or save it to the nah box now as I already said if you're on the iOS side the experience is much better but I really

Hope they work on the Android version as well especially if they target in the Asian markets most specifically the Indian market because I think there are more Android users than iOS users in India and a bad app is equal to an

Overall bad experience now during the whole process the knob box actually overheats quite a bit but they claim or they explicitly mention it's normal so nothing to worry about I guess and as for battery life if they advertise the

4000 mAh battery as a four to six hour lasting battery I'd say you can get about half of that tops so like three hours give or take if you're continuously transferring and editing footage and to charge it up it would

Take almost four I'll which is kind of funny because it doesn't even last that long so do I recommend the nah box I for one have found it very useful it's very powerful there's let surely a quad-core Intel CPU with 2gb

RAM inside so it's no joke and actually think there are a lot of use cases for this I could use it on a quick trip to like maybe a phone launch event and make a quick edit for Instagram or Twitter while I am on the show floor it

Eliminates the need to carry a laptop which I don't have one in the first place to begin with so it partially makes up for that but right now the app limits its capabilities at least on Android I think then a box is beautiful

Both a design and concept wise but the only thing that's keeping me from using it as much as out of like two is the app now as for pricing it goes for $400 for the 256 GB variant and 300 for the 128 gig variant I do I think it's a good

Price honestly I don't know like this product is the first of its kind unless I'm missing something so there isn't a set market value for a product like this so I do want you guys tell me in the comments whether you would pay that

Amount for an on-the-go backup slash editing machine now that you know what this thing does but if I were to be completely honest I do think the pricing is a bit steep like if they can make the top 256 GB variant 250 or $300 and fix

The Android app and add little things like audio and transitions and speed they'll have a true winner but that about wraps it up for this video guys now box did send this out to me but as always that did not impact my opinion if

You liked what he saw consider liking and subscribing if you didn't maybe let me know why you didn't like if it's been suraj thanks so much for watching take it easy and stay devoted

it's not much

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