Ole Doesn’t Trust Our Subs! | Stephen Howson Fancam | Crystal Palace 0-2 Manchester United

published on July 18, 2020

yes guys what's going on i'm here with mr stephen allison we're outside obviously not outside sales park no fans there but united have beaten crystal palace 2-0 it was very

Very squeaky steve it was um really happy to see marcus and tony pull out another goal move on to 22 each that's really good i think that's uh phenomenal from both of them to be on 22 goals for the season really i'm really

Happy with that really that's when both of them have been injured this season mint absolutely meant and without each other for a couple of months as well so that's really encouraging for going forward

We picked up the three points which was all that mattered so yes performance not the best don't really give a fuck it's all about the three points um we're basically looking at three

Hopefully four cup finals now um into the next week deal with chelsea as best we can on sunday and then we have to go and put three points past western or get free points off west ham

And then we just got beat leicester and i think we do our job well i don't think it i know it we do our job and we're in the fucking top four and we're in the champions league for next season

Um and we have to be in the champions league for next season we're gonna show up a shit mate we do have to be in the champions league i don't think there's any doubt about that

Um in terms of today we saw a performance that looked a little bit nervy now do you think that was because of the game that's just been the southampton game we dropped points it made this game more important

Or do you think the players had one iron that game on sunday because it's a real quick turnover it's hard to say to be honest and actually i think i said on during the watch along i think we did look tired

Today or we look reserved which could be considered tiredness the way it it portrays um it's hard to say really it's hard to say whether the

Because obviously i mean even the players themselves they'll never say it's here yeah i was thinking about sunday they'll never admit that so how can i look at someone and go

He was thinking about sunday we don't know subconsciously they always could be because there's that huge game on the horizon like you always know like it's the last game before a world cup everyone's just

Like fucking love that i'm not doing it um and i wonder if you know you can't help it fa cup semi-final massive game against chelsea a psychological one to get over and i'm

Going in for the race for for top four as well and who can blame him um obviously wanting to get into an fa cup final and then be 90 minutes away from potentially another trophy against

The team that we have beat i i certainly don't think i would put us as favorites going in against city if we do get past chelsea though does this show a big not a turnaround for the team but

We've seen in the past like one bad result can just send us on a spiral and we just we just lose ourselves but we managed to bounce back again today and i know we never lost the last game

To bounce back from what almost but we bounced back from that right i think yeah you're right it's bouncing back from disappointment because it felt like a loss a last minute equalizer feels like a loss we dropped two points that

We needed desperately so now i think it's fine to say that we have bounced back and the fact that we've bounced back from a draw with a shit performance and a win previously that might have been a loss

And we bounced back with a draw so actually we've levelled up now hopefully what you'd like to see us is have a scare in a game and get three points and then have no problem next week and

Just be it's completely over the scare coming out confident and battering someone three or four nil that would be where you would like us to be but let's be honest with ourselves we

Ain't there yet we've got so many other areas of the we've seen how thin this squad is let's start the season i think we was both in agreeance it's probably one of the worst united

Sides we've seen in 30 years that's why you've seen the results that we're getting inside 30 years you bring in a gallow you're bringing bruno and it leveled it up we also saw paul pogba come back because

Without paul pogba without bruno without rashford and marshall fucking well ordinary well ordinary team and that's been proven by the amount of goals that both of them players have scored

By the amount of goals that bruno has contributed to and by the performances of paul pogba you take them four players out of this team and we are a bang mid-table team we might even be as bad as arsenal

You know what i mean they're really bad and that's shit so like at the end of the day we we need our best players and if we have another transfer window this summer slash autumn uh autumn transforming

That's a different one in it um if we do our job in the transfer market and we bring in first choice players i think what we have next season is a squad that's closer to competing i still not stand here and say

This team's definitely capable of winning the league need a hell of a lot of luck you need things to just click you need your signings to click straight away like bruno did doesn't always happen like that some

Players take a little bit of time to settle so you know it's as long as it goes in the right direction happy days timbo started today and if i remember correctly and i've not missed

It he played the full game um i think i think um it's so bad that i don't know that but his performance today i think it was a shock that we all seen him in the starting lineup

It goes back to you saying depth we've got no depth two injuries and someone that's not played for three years comes in but were you happy to see him back and we got a clean sheet despite maybe some little bits in it

Yeah i mean for the offside goal you could probably say there was a requirement for him to have probably been finished to his mind uh closer to his man um i'd love to see timbo back honestly he is my adopted son

Everyone knows that so uh of course i'm happy we were big like i remember there was a big thing about us too and timbo and like when he'd start people would tweet it's oh my god

Timbo's starting and he just kind of disappeared under the radar but come back in today got a chance helped us get a clean sheet not too bad i was surprised to finish the game though i'm surprised to finish

The game athena's do me there um i'm surprised he finished the game to be honest and uh and maybe that's a good sign for maybe europa i don't think he features against chelsea i certainly hope he doesn't and

Uh i hope that olly give williams and shaw the opportunity to completely recover ahead of that chelsea game um this is where ollie's got to earn his coin now because he's obviously got to

Go strong against chelsea uh and then and not diminish our chances because if we gamble against chelsea and push and go for it and fucking lose then you've got to try and lift them players up again for wednesday because

We have to we've got to win every game there's literally no fucking la la draw's not the worst result bollocks we've got a win we've got a win

We've got a win and then we've got a win and then we've got to win all the games in europa literally like united need to go on a pretty fucking unbelievable streak now which i think is going to be very very

Difficult for us to do but let's talk we do it um before we go into your manager match on that um i wanted to mention we only made two subs you've spoken about the lack of depth

Two subs with two days to go to a semi-final is that show he maybe doesn't trust his bench given what we saw against southampton and when you see that one was matic should we know he loves

Um um once he's lingard and you're like well i don't think he fucking rates him and i think he's after getting him out of the club so i mean what else is that i mean yeah yeah gallo yeah definitely one of mine

Is seeing him wouldn't mind is seeing marcus maybe come off but we'll see we have to stay he's i think he's kind of maybe a little bit burnt by that southampton game although had extenuated circumstances with the

Ten minutes that plus not rich we rotated heavily for norwich and we were shit and i think ollie's looked it and gone i can't draw some players and and i don't blame him because no one

Goes well then players are shit everyone goes well he ain't up to it i see people like out of his depth out of his depth that southampton team literally beat pep guardiola no one fucking was like well

Guardiola's out of his debt fair after spending a billion no one so why is olly out of his debt for only drawing against them with a worse team and 10 men so no fuck them i'm fucking man of the

Match i don't know actually uh i don't know i don't think anybody mar rashford got a golden assist russia golden assist marshall is good again

No one stopped out for me from out of the match i don't know let me know in the comments statistically i guess you have to give it to rashford right golden assist but let us know in the comments and we'll

See in a bit

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