by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Hey how's it going guys Jack and Matt here with the toaster Dresden today we're gonna be turning this old office PC into a 350 dollar gaming PC it's gonna be a little bit of modding involved but don't worry we'll walk you through each step of the way to making a

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Legends for sponsoring today's video now let's get into the actual video shall we so before we talk about what exactly we're going to be doing to this lovely PC right here we're just a little bit about it you can get one of these off of

Ebay for a brown $100 this is a dell inspiron 3847 it has an Intel 4460 in it which is an i5 is just a quad core processor nothing too crazy but it does pair with the Rison 1200 if you want a real new world

You know comparison and it also has 8 gigs of ram that come with it you have your motherboard this is a fully working computer that you really could just use this case and you know use the upgrades that we're going to do but instead we're

Going to make it look really baller with what Matt's going to talk about now we'll talk about more of the specs with this computer in just a moment but basically this is a computer we use for our minecraft server video if you

Haven't seen that hit the on the top right corner we base we took it apart we're using the same power supply in the same case and mayor's were doing that is because the power supply is really cheap and the

Case is really budget friendly and councillor party to be fans so we were going to turn this into a really nice-looking gaming PC because we all know you can upgrade a prebuilt in a graphics card to have it be a

Gaming PC but we want to look the part too so how about we go ahead and talk about the upgrades are gonna make so the biggest part of the upgrade that we're gonna be doing is adding this geforce gtx 1650 this is the excel or eight

Version it's kind of a oddball one from PNY that we've never used before but it's a really small card so that might be important for people wanting to throw it straight into this case but it also doesn't require external power 1650 and

One of the best cards you can get that doesn't require external power which this power supply that we got happens to not have that which we didn't know the power supplies in a PV of 400 watt power supply has no actual external power for

This graphics card no 8 pin no 6 pin it just has your basic 24 pin and the CPU and then molex so you can buy adapters if you want to we wanted to make this as clean as simple as possible a data 2 for 2 gig SSD it about $35 right now with

SSDs and hard drives and everything made a little bit more expensive at the moment and it's all going inside of this raid max neon RGB gaming case which is right around $60 right now which is also a really good deal for a case that comes

With three RGB fans that are fully programmable in the front and ready to go there's also a quick mod that we're going to run you guys through real quick it's really easy it's not super hard to do you could use a soldering iron if you

Want to be professional or you can do it without a soldering iron as well if you want to do the easy way so we're gonna show you how to do that once we get into this build

So as you guys can see this is the front panel connector and it has some weird doodads on it so we actually have these two black wires that are basically being jumped as you can see it goes you know pin one and then all the way to pin four

And the reason that they do this is we could not tell you for some reason though the computer does not work without it and we can't tell you why it's just maybe as one of the things where they don't want you putting it

Another case or it was some type of thing where they needed to work around for this om motherboard to work long story short that we found out it does not work without having these pins jumped so you can find certain ways to

Jump these pins on the motherboard yourself if you really wanted to it's actually this connection right here you could even connect everything as you normally would and then jump the pins yourself with some custom connectors

That look like these just the standard ones that come with the case which we may end up doing that or the other option that we did the last time we had one of these is we basically we only need the brown and we need the blue

That's the power switch but you need to have these connections still jumped so what we ended up doing was actually deepening each one of these you just take us really really small flathead and you press the little plastic tabs down

And these pull out and then you take your new case and you take the pins from that and put them in its place so and it's just like a standard layout pretty much you still have you have a power switch you have a power LED and you have

A hard drive LED that's what every single these wires isn't that's it there's no resetting like that so it's not hard to do but if you don't have to do any soldering there's some other workarounds for it which if we can think

Of anything we'll let you guys know all right well we're going to go ahead do that mod real quick we'll go back to our time-lapse and put together this nice little gaming office PC

All right guys so as you can see we have deep end each one needs connections and look at that it's on the raid max case now we actually have everything wired up to the power switch the power LED and hard durability all that is now hooked

Up to our OEM Dell front panel connector so as long as we do all this right this should work as you can see we have everything jumped the same obviously these connections don't have colors so make sure that you take a picture of

This when you take it off see that you know which pin goes to where but it's really easy just to look right down here if you can get that camera angle you can see the brown and the blue or the purple and blue is the power switch the two

Below it the red and white is the power LED and then the black and the yellow is the hard drive LED and in that exact order so as long as you take a patient remember which connection goes to what this is actually a really easy process

You don't have to solder it you could use hot glue you could use super glue and you could also just use tape these connections don't carry electrical currents with them so really it's not like a super vital thing just make sure

That you don't straight have bare wire hanging around the case because this just never looks good but other than that though this should be ready to throw into this case

alright ladies and gentlemen now that we have this office PC turned into a gaming PC let's talk about those benchmarks real quick now we did only test a couple of titles those games being CS go for

Night and overwatch these are three games that we think this PC is going to thrive on and we don't want to exclude the fact that this system is probably not ideal for higher-end new triple-a titles because you are going to be

Running at probably 1080p low settings with that i5 being a slight bottleneck in some of those games so do keep that in mind but if you are gonna be playing primarily eSports titles like csgo for a night and overwatch or even valor –nt

Which is a game we're gonna be adding to our benchmark rotation once it officially comes out of beta so let us know down below if you're interested in seeing a dedicated video on that we'd be happy to do so you're gonna see really

Awesome results with these types of games first up with everyone's favorite csgo we are getting well over a hundred FPS not dipping below 60 most the time playing a deathmatch game on dust2 csgo is a very easy game to run let's be

Honest here but it does show that you can get really awesome pro setting level performance with this little office PC that probably would ended up in a recycling plant and not used for any other purpose so if you can ever get

Your hands on anything like these dellons bronze or dell optiplex azure any of these other dell machines that come with second or third gen intel processors definitely definitely if you can't repurpose them for somebody

Because there's somebody out there who would want a really cheap computer and you can make a really nice little gaming rig for somebody's first gaming pc out of these pre-built hours we do it all the time whenever we get our hands on

Them we always like to either upgrade it with a graphics card or swap it into a new case and help somebody out in need who really wants to get a gaming pc on a tight budget the same goes for games like fortnight on

Pro settings which is basically epic view distance and everything else on low we were getting well over 60 FPS before and I did pretty well overall one thing you could do is lock the framerate to 60 FPS to limit stutters but that's just

Something to consider unless you want to play on a high refresh rate monitor for some reason with this budget PC you should probably do that in the first place because you're probably playing on a 1080p 60 Hertz monitor the budget PC

Anyways in the last game we tested was overwatch on medium settings we had absolutely no issues running this game at well over 60 FPS as well again another popular eSports title that has no problems running on this PC we highly

Suggest considering this configuration we've noticed that there are a lot of these dellons runs on eBay and they're a lot cheaper than most of the other options that are out there on the market like other dell optiplex –is so if you

Are somebody who's been looking to get a prebuilt system to upgrade keep an eye out for these guys paying around $100 for one is a pretty good market value and if you are willing to tinker a little bit and do the modding required

To get the front panel connector to work then you might have yourself a really awesome value for money gaming PC for whatever your needs might be so now that we have the benchmarking out of the way how about we go ahead and bring Jackson

Back in here to wrap this video up real quick ok guys so you just saw us benchmarking this PC and for three hundred and fifty dollars easy honest you really can't do much better than this the case swap was not too difficult

You did have to do a little bit of modding with that front panel connector Dell just being Dell you know not wanting you to case swap but I think this actually ended up pretty well though this case is really nice for the

Money yeah it's a little bit cheaper build quality but it comes with that RGB that you want I mean it's pretty easy to build in so highly suggest this case and power supply combo if you are doing a case whap it's pretty much a no-brainer

For the amount of value you're getting out of it and if you're somebody who likes to take old systems like this and keep them out of recycling and actually put them to get used for people who need gaming pcs this is a big thumbs up we

Highly recommend it and we hope you check the links down below if you want to do something like this and purchase stuff from us using our affiliate links cuz yeah helps us another thing to keep in mind too is remember that doing the K

Swap is really unnecessary I mean we did get some better airflow out of this we got way better look of it and it honestly looks like a fully functional gaming PC but you can still get the 1650 you can still get the SSD

And honestly just keep it in this case because you don't need external power or anything so this power supply is actually enough to power the system with the 1650 and this case does have the expansion room for it with the pci

Brackets in the back so if you wanted to save you know almost a hundred ish dollars then you could just not upgrade the power supply and not upgrade the case and to keep everything in this bad boy but you know what we like RGB so

That's the main reason why we did this tutorial and we hope you guys enjoyed how this thing turned out we're pretty impressed with it and we look forward to doing more of these in the future because we got a lot of computers you

Might do this too soon so if you guys want to ask any questions about doing the specific thing or maybe bug Matt and I a thousand times on how to change that little front panel connector you can follow us over on slash toasty

Brews right down there and just tune into our streams to see some really awesome stuff and even computer builds live which is pretty freakin cool as some behind the scenes stuff right there thanks again to Rachael legends for

Sponsoring today's video don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and we will see you guys in the next one peace go bye adios

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