Oddly Effective Ways to Hide Things

published on July 9, 2020

When the hand sanitizer toilet paperbandit come lurking around your housewill you be prepared well you will ifwe've got something to say about ithere's ten hiding spots that thieveswill never find money and personaleffects are one thing but above all else

You've got to protect your data toproperly pack away your privateparticulars purchase a pickle jar andpull off the cap go ahead and snag aficky and place it into your pickleholder to make that drive resilient

Against the pickle juice you're gonnawant to place it in a vacuum or zipperbag airing on the side of cautionwe'll be sealing ours up once you'veclosed one side take out the bag andseal the other you should end up with a

Small plastic pouch but try and fold itdown as much as possible now take aknife and cut the pickle lengthwiseyou're gonna want to carve out a nicecrevice and try not to slice all the waythrough while you're doing the important

Step quickly give the pickle eyes andpinch it from the ends to make it happyor don'tnext just slide the card into the mouthand press down firmlyonce sufficiently concealed it'll

Definitely be tough to spot beforeputting it back give the pickle a tickleto make sure it's ready then put itstraight into the center of the jar asan added measure to make sure no onetakes a bite out of your memories

Quickly brush some superglue around thetop of your jar make sure to get all theway around and put the lid on as tightlyas you possibly can with a littlerearranging the pickle jar is hidden inplain sight and only you know the secret

Of this salty stash even if a hungryguest should appear and try to swipe asnack this lid is on there for theforeseeable future in fact we found thatit was completely impossible to openunless someone's really hungry

For your most vital assets you've got tohave some volume in a good seal so graba couple empty paint cans and let's makethis thing happen you're gonna need alarge can some paper towels a smallercan water and of course hot glue go

Ahead and Rim the bottom of your smallercan with that delectable glue oh itdon't hold back it doesn't have to beFreddie just effective now put the smallcan inside the large one it shouldadhere almost immediately leaving you

With a magnificent dual action bucket togive it another level of security fillthat interior can with water this willkeep the can heavy and throw off anylooters who aren't helping you with yourhome renovation when it's completely

Full press the lid on firmly and closeit shut as you can see here there'splenty of space for our most importantitems just toss in things that you don'twant anyone else messing with onceyou've got it loaded up pack the

Remaining area with paper towels to keepyour goods from shifting around now justsuper slam the lid back into placedeposit your cans safe back where youfound it and only you will know the truedark secret that's buried deep inside

Your garage this one's simple head overto your curtains and pop the rod rightout of the brackets go ahead and removeone of the end caps and now the curtainscan be swiftly pushed off and discardedto the floor right where they belong and

Now we have to choose what we're gonnaput inside hey what are you gonna behiding in there yeah so carefully rollup your important documents until youhave a tightly wound scroll slide themon in and tap it all into place at the

End of the rod grab your finial andtwist that bad boy back into placeensuring that the fitment is snug andsecure now just head back to your windowand slide your curtains back on from theother side cap that end up and snap that

Rod right into placegotta hide your big money grocery storemonopoly pieces or whatever look nofurther than an xbox controller justflip it around and pop out thosebatteries oh and don't worry when we're

Done with it it's still gonna work rollup those winning pieces before coveringthem up with aluminum foil you want itkeep it pretty tight just make sure it'sabout the size of a traditional double-abattery if needed go ahead and take some

Scissors to trim it down to size andthen tap it on the tabletop to flattenit out a bit if your pho battery comesout a little shorter in stature than youplant just add a smidge of foil to theend back to the compartment go ahead and

Place a real battery into the slot we'regonna use the first slot since this isactually the first time the Xboxcontroller has ever been touchednow jam your foil battery into thesecond slot if it fits well you can

Close the compartment and fire up yourcontroller since the foil completes thecircuit your device will still functionnormally all right you're donejust stash it back where you keep allyour other controllers and get back to

Leisurely watching One Tree Hill when itcomes to sneaky hiding spots the kitchenstove is a Chamber of Secretsnow of course using the insides far toorisky that's why we're going down underpulling out the drawer at the base

Should leave you plenty of clearance toattach a small container we had thisempty dental floss box on hand and itwas pretty simple to yank out theplastic from the inside to make thisthing work right you can use some

Double-sided tacks or a strong magnetwe're going all in on the magnet to keepthis thing portable start by picking themagnet up just use a butter knife likethat lay down a fat glob of glue rightonto the container and then press the

Magnet into the glue firmly holding thatknife in place after just a few momentsthe glue will have dried and you canslide the knife right off leaving yousomething like this when the end comeswe're gonna want some fruit stripe gum

Unfortunately it doesn't fit but that'snothing a little chopping can't fixthankfully you don't have to worry aboutfruit stripe becoming stale becauseeveryone knows it's actually just multicolored cardboard anyway with everything

Set up pull that drawer back out andgive it a lift your magnetic case willsnap right onto the bottom since no onecleans there anyway you can rest assuredthat this stove stash won't bring theheat this next one requires you to have

The most disgusting pint of ice creamavailable we're using avocado here butif you ever find kale flavor send us anemailinside the pint we're gonna storethese gold circle coins that are kicking

Up space in our fanny packsto remove the cream screw in a pineappleslicer until you get a firm grip andthen pull it all out on mass a big spoonwill probably work too so you can givethat a try all right toss the coins in a

Baggie zip them up tight you want themto take up as little space as possiblegrab your cream stack and jam it backinto the tub giving it a little twistonce you've got most of the ice creaminside scrape off the excess before you

Mangle it further with a spoon mmmdelicious all right toss your coincollection back in the freezer and callit a nightthis cold hard cash is perfectlypreserved and out of harm's way

Not everything you've got can be hiddenaway in a sub-zero outlet and that'swhen it's time to tell a gigantic jar offlour to get over here we're gonna bestashing away this priceless copy ofMORTAL KOMBAT 2 for the super nintendo

System but if you don't have a giant jarof flour like we do some processed sugarkano will do as well scoop some of theflour to the side before using it tobury your wrapped piece of history oncefully submerged to the bottom shake the

Jar around and conceal your treasurelooks great now just screw the top backon and stick it back in the cabinet nowit don't worry no one's gonna be raidingthe flower pot any time soonfirst smaller important items like this

Magical skeleton keysometimes you're sneaky spot is in DavyJones locker or just a fish tank sincethis particular key unlocks the Atticwhere our dark rituals are performedit's best to keep it in a plastic bag to

Ensure its preservation once you've gotit to place wrap it tightly beforezipping up the top one ensure a reallytight seal now go ahead and carefullyimmerse your sealed sacrament into theunholy darkened water nestled it under

Your philosopher stump just make sureeverything looks normal and you're donegreat job oh right one more thing if youconstantly lose your house key a secretcompartment may already exist in yourvery own backyard

We found this finely crafted birdhouseto be an excellent storage facilityallowingto fully conceal the key of destiny ifyou're looking to stash some cold hardcash a lint roller can transform into a

Stealthy safety deposit box in a flashand of course all while remainingcompletely functional just put your irongrip on the handle and give it a firmtug come on you've had plenty ofpractice it should pop off the plastic

Roller and reveal your waiting hidingplace fold up your item and weave itinto the slots on the roller to makesure it's secure once you've got it inplace Jam that handle back onto the taperoller and clean that lint off your

Filthy shirtoh right if you don't believe in lintrollers a paint roller follows a similarpath to success and may actually be abetter alternative you see it's notoften that somebody accidentally

Stumbles upon a paint roller and decidesto use it and not to mention they'vealso got ample room for housing yourvacation funds bringing it home withthis vast stash technique is yourtypical aerosol can or is it just snag

One that no one ever uses like thisbathtub cleaner these types of capshardly ever get removed and that's whereyou come in once open load it up withthat money that you're saving for yourtaxes keeping Uncle Sam's money safely

Pressed against the interior walls nowyou can easily replace the cap in yourspray will still work even better theopaque top will conceal your investmentin the safety of your chemicalcollection under the sink well that's

All we've got for you today hey oh heydon't worry about us everything's freehere just have a look around Oh hold ona secondoh yeahthat air is so fresh and fragrant mm-hmm

Anyway if you're seeing this you are theresistance we're tired of winning it seeyou next time

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