OBS Studio Beginner’s Tutorial [Professional Screen Recording for YouTube]

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

welcome back to the channel I'm Michael
Bryan and in this video I'll be showing
you how to capture video on your screen
using OBS studio so this is basically
just a tutorial of how to download and
set up OBS studio for your first use so
you can capture videos which you may
later to want to edit and upload to
YouTube if you have a youtube channel so
let's hop over to my laptop now now as
you see just go to OBS project comm and
it'll bring you to open broadcaster
software it's totally free to use and a
lot of people use it for online
streaming for games or YouTube live
streams or just screen recording to
upload to YouTube so a video such as
this would be a great video to be
recording with OBS studio of course I'm
using a different software because I
actually you know you can't record with
OBS studio if I'm downloading OBS studio
right now so click on windows if you
have Windows I'll just be showing you
how to do it with Windows in this video
and we're just gonna skip ahead to when
it's actually downloaded so a quick
little site here I'm also gonna show you
how to resolve a very quick black screen
issue when you open up OBS and you just
see a black screen right away and if
you're using an HP Spectre like I'm
using that has two different GPUs you'll
definitely want to know how to do this
so you can use OBS also if you're new
here and you haven't subscribed yet
please go down and click the subscribe
button and the bell icon my brother and
I are making videos every single week on
how to improve your YouTube channel this
is based on tips from our own experience
from growing our own YouTube channels to
millions of views between the two
different channels so getting back to
the video now
so getting back to the video it totally
downloaded and when we open it up it's
just going to install it will just say
yes this part is very simple you just
click through and install it exactly
where you want okay so now o-p-s is
installed and when it opens up you'll
just see a black screen and a lot of
options here it's gonna be very
confusing unless you follow these very
simple steps now first you go down in
sources right here and you're gonna
click plus now you want to select which
source it's going to be showing on your
screen what are you capturing are you
capturing a window are you capturing a
browser or what you know so typically
what I do is I just go to display
capture right there and you have the
option to name it whatever you want so
I'm just gonna call it display capture
you say okay and this is going to be my
main window now it's capturing
everything I have on my screen it looks
weird but if I move it over there you're
gonna see that this is my display so
we'll say okay it's capturing in 4k
which is the the quality of my screen
and so as you can see on this little
tiny display right here it's capturing
everything that is shown in my screen
now let's go back to full screen here
and again I apologize that it looks so
weird when you're using this but
essentially you have your display
capture there you have a scene you can
change different scenes and add more if
you want to have transitions smoothly
through maybe like a live stream for
example but for the purposes of this
video we're just gonna keep this as a
single simple recording that you might
want to be putting on YouTube now once
you have this you can just start
recording if you want but let's go into
settings and make sure that everything
is set up properly they are capturing
the right audio and that the quality is
what it should be so starting with
language make sure that it is your
native language if you're watching this
video and understand what I'm saying I
assume English would be just fine now
your theme you can choose a dark mode
there are several other modes I
typically just stick with the dark mode
but they just look a little bit
different with all of them while that
one looks really weird let's go to
default and it's gonna be there we go
the proportions are better now actually
so you can change stuff within there
dark mode looks the best but the
proportions for some reason are changing
on my desktop here now as we scroll down
you really don't have to change anything
down here in my opinion if you want to
definitely read through everything and
decide for yourself for your own video
and for your own use what is going to be
easiest for you if you go down to stream
you have a lot of different options you
can stream to many different
websites twitch is a really popular one
of course YouTube is going to be the one
that I would be streaming the most to
and then essentially all you have to do
is insert your stream key right there
and you'll be getting that on YouTube I
can make another video if you guys are
interested in how to stream live stream
on YouTube from your desktop let me know
and I'll show you guys how to do that in
another video as we go down to output
this is what we actually do want to
change so we start with simple mode
there is also advanced if you're having
problems or you want something a little
more than just the simple stuff here but
simple should be fine for most people so
you want to change your bitrate to 3,500
that should be fine for most people you
want to make sure that the software is
x264 you want the audio bitrate honestly
you can change it however you want 160
should be sufficient for our needs and
then as we go down this is where you're
gonna change your recording path so once
it saves the video or once you end the
video it'll save to this path so I just
usually make a folder within my YouTube
folder and say OBS capture and every
single time I record it'll go there and
then I can copy it out and put it
wherever I need to just a great way to
keep track of where your files are going
so you're not stuck digging for some
file named by the date or whatever
anything like that you want to make sure
that the recording quality is high
quality and you can change the file size
again this is very strange that the
ratios look so weird on a 4k screen I
really apologize for that as we go down
you have a recording format you want mp4
and for the encoder you want just
hardware or whatever is coming on your
computer now that's essentially all you
need to know when you change the audio
settings you can change like the sample
rate and I would recommend reading
through all of this if you have other
auxilary microphones plugged in again
it's not a big deal because I generally
just record the internal audio and then
I have a video separately recording me
with my audio on my lapel mic your video
quality doesn't need to change this is
going to be your resolution again this
is a 4k screen so we're recording in 4k
so we captured all of the pixels it
makes sense you can define certain
hotkeys to do certain things when you're
streaming or recording if you want to
quickly you know start or stop streaming
or recording or anything of that sort
set up your hotkeys here it's really
convenient you can do that and then of
course you have advanced settings we're
not going to worry about that so when
done you click apply' you click ok and
you are ready to start recording now if
I just hit start recording I can close
this window and I can start looking at
anything else as you see right here and
it'll be recording my entire screen now
I mentioned before that I would tell you
how to fix a black screen issue that I
had so for example if I just close OBS
and I go to where it's saved on my
computer and I open it
it'll open up and it'll just show me a
black screen despite having a source
selected now the reason for this is
because this laptop that I bought the HP
spectre x360 has two different GPUs and
it has an internal one and it has the
NVIDIA GeForce so what I actually have
to do and what you may want to see if
you have to do this as well is you
right-click from the file source and you
say run with graphics processor and
choose integrated graphics you can also
change your default if you want to do
that but if you have a different
processor I don't recommend changing the
default so just like that it's fixed
guys that's what I have for you in this
video I hope that this helps you to make
better youtube videos to make better
screen recordings or live streams or
whatever you're looking to do remember
comment below if you have any questions
about this or if you have any
suggestions for future videos thank you
all for watching I'll see you next time

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