NY Republicans Defend Roosevelt Statue

published on July 2, 2020

I'm here in New York City right across

the street from Central Park what we're

seeing is the aftermath of a group of

young Republicans who are supporting the

Teddy Roosevelt statue staying in place

so right now we're seeing some

controversy brewing one group over here

is saying they want to support and keep

the teddy roosevelt statue while the

other group over here is saying we need

to tear it down and I'm willing to hear

a middle ground proposal the problem is

it's been zero transparency the Young

Republicans who opposed the statues

removal pointed to New York City Mayor

Bill de Blasio's statement that he

supports taking it down he said that the

statue depicts a racial hierarchy mayor

de Blasio handed the responsibility to

his wife who heads the racial Truth and

Reconciliation Commission protesters who

seek to remove the statue say it

reflects white supremacy and systemic

racism in America but some

african-americans attending the rally

said otherwise black in this country can

be anything you want there's no nothing

holding you back if you work hard enough

you can get it I didn't grow up I'm 36

years old I didn't go up in this country

ever and my life thinking I can't do

this I can't do that because I'm black I

said if I want to do it let me just work

hard I can do it some people told us

they feel destroying the statue would

represent much more than a call for

equality we're seeing the same thing

with black lives matter which is a part

but these are just branches on a tree

and the root is communism they want to

just push out every single foundation

America has had that has made us the

strongest country in the world and what

they want to do is bring us bring us

down to our knees so desperate so where

we racially can't get along people are

terrorizing us there's no there's no

justice system if we did if we deny God

and we deny righteousness and truth we

in trouble but destroying like like the

Taliban did like the Isis that the

Communists maol destroying what was

there in our culture

it scares me because I've seen it before

they don't care about the statue they

care about culturally resetting the

country destroying or covering statues

has become a common approach in recent

weeks but some say there may be another


I'm all for voting on it not tearing it

down and if we do vote on taking this

down I think it should be put in a

private gallery or a museum so that we

understand our history he pointed to

Germany's handling of the Holocaust

where concentration camps are left open

not to idolize the Holocaust but to

educate people about the horrors of that

period of time Gabriel also noted the

moral implications and what this period

of time means for future generations

they'll open up their text book and say

what was 2020 like and if we don't

actually correct a narrative now or the

actual story they will use a narrative

to then say that this was the time when

we fought for equality by looting

burning and they'll think that that's

the way you get a message no our moral

values are on the decline we are not

holding people responsible as of now the

Theodore Roosevelt statue is still

standing outside the museum although

both the mayor and governor say it

should be removed it's unclear if when

or how that might happen reporting from

New York Melina why scub NTD news

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