NVIDIA Keeps Disappointing Gamers – WAN Show September 25 , 2020

by birtanpublished on October 3, 2020

It signed me out of google when i went to refresh the live page i can't tell if we're live thank you for that youtube i don't see it and welcome to the lan show ladies and gentlemen we have a fantastic show for you guys today i'll tell you all about it once my google docs signs back in there it is nvidia's bunched launch bounced latch boxed launch ampere we've got 3080 shipping without boxes we've got crashing games we've got a titan class

Disappointment in the form of the 3090. this was written by uh one of one of the writers put this put this headline this intentionally sensationalist headline we're going to talk about some of the challenges that nvidia has gone through launching their ampere graphics cards in other small and inconsequential news microsoft buys zenimax for 7.5 billion dollars yes my friends small and inconsequential the days of independent developers are

Over but that's old news now the days of large enormous conglomerate developers are also over it's it's all just going to be one developer what else we got luke i uh i also got signed out of the doc right after you did so i am working on that right now fantastic why don't i just do two more big nasty maybe faster than the rtx 3080 that's right my friends we've got more hype train news for an amd graphics card color me

Really skeptical and in other news spotify tile protonmail and basecamp join epic against apple they're calling it the coalition for app fairness or the calf the calf just hope it don't get slaughtered i feel like we weren't invited i i roll i i rolled the intro already oh nice i'm going to turn up the volume people have been complaining about the volume of the intro there you go not better you guys like that you like that intro volume okay

You good we good yeah okay you guys okay now show is brought to you today by the steel series rival 3 wireless wow i don't think we've worked with steel series in a long time that's sweet they're back everyone comes crawling back messy footwear and of course ridge wallet that's right if you drop your wallet off a ridge you want one that's gonna survive the fall

Yeah um austin and i were talking about this is this is off topic i'll try to make it quick sure austin and i were talking about highlander and i brought up how i've been like trying to brainstorm a new one for years but i've never thought of something that's like really actually cool oh no what are you pitching me right now an interesting idea and he said he would be in for it i don't know it's got some you know but an

Interesting idea could be going to death valley where it's obscenely hot the world's hottest lan party and we try to keep all the pcs running running because it gets like you could there doesn't it you could it it gets real freaking hot and you could even set it up as maybe a competition like a benchmarking competition that's a very different thing so the thing is i actually had the concept a long time ago like i probably talked to you about this way back in the day

Of doing like uh like kind of like an expose because when you when you um design a device so many many manufacturers are guilty of this when you design a device to basically ride its thermal throttling limit you are inherently introducing inconsistencies in the customer experience because if i'm someone who lives in yukon or alaska or something my experience with let's say a mobile phone for example for many months out of the year might be

One of higher performance and yet lower battery compared to someone who lives in arizona or you know somewhere along the equator and so i had actually it was just such an ambitious project that i never got around to doing it but what i had wanted to do was take like like a half a dozen phones phones were what i was really focused on at the time uh but you could do it just as easily with laptops or desktops for that matter take half a dozen devices and then like

Benchmark them in real world conditions because obviously you could just buy a thermal chamber or whatever and you know adjust the humidity on your on your chamber and you could you could simulate it that way manufacturers do that obviously but the idea of like traveling around the world and seeing you know one of the things i wanted to investigate was whether different regional versions of a sku might actually even be tuned differently because i've heard of things like that like the

The taiwanese version of some phone being more optimized to deal with high humidity for example but i've never seen like concrete proof that that's like an industry-wide thing that happens at any appreciable scale so it was i had an idea that's like sort of related to that but the idea of going down there and making it like a lan party or like a like a like a competition type thing that's pretty cool i i like i like the idea because like

If you do like if you do separate teams and each team can bring their own rig maybe it has to hit certain specifications or you have a certain budget i don't know but each team can bring their own rig and their own like counter measures you could maybe go with like a fixed case or you have to use a test bench or something and you can't do a covering so you can't get away from the sun yeah that was something austin brought up and it's a very good point that like shade would just be super imbalanced so

Yeah can allow shade and your parts have to be exposed or whatever yeah there can't be any cheating in that way but how however you decide to do your cooling blah blah blah could be really really cool and then you just brought up another thing i don't know how the competition would tie into this but you could take the same rigs in the same parts or whatever and go to alaska yeah totally totally be like all sub-zero

To you know 50 degrees above zero or whatever the temperature delta of those systems would be just obscene i know right like how how fast does an rtx 3080 go in death valley you know yeah yeah that'd be really cool and like you could you could center the trip around that but you could do other things while you're there too you could take like macbooks that notoriously thermal throttle nick lights messaging me he's like

Ltdstore.com sun hats highlander edition thanks nick that was a hundred percent worth pinging the entire thousands of people watching with a team's notification thank you for that thank you for that nick light uh crumstopher has a psa for me in the uh youtube chat 2020 linus stop calling things dank um this lower third like banner thing that you're looking at is quite literally four years old so uh that's that's why that's why hasn't been updated um super chat dude thanks for thanks for

Uh yeah thanks for calling in it wasn't a super chat actually i just uh i just thought it was i thought it was very funny i thought it was very cool it would have been more dank if it was a super chat yeah yeah come on apparently dank is still dank according to avalanche master that's a great username um all right so why don't we jump into our first topic here nvidia's bunched ampere launch you guys clicked on this you want to know you want it punched you guys want to know how nvidia has disappointed gamers

Well it sure as heck isn't with their performance and it sure as heck isn't with their pricing gamers are pretty into that right about now well on the 3080 in particular where they're disappointing people is actually getting any 3080s in the hands of these non-disappointed gamers gamers they're not crash once you get them and having them not crash so this is kind of like three news stories in one but the 3000 series launch has been fraught

With issues uh first low availability thanks to scalper bots and now so much more rtx 3080s have been reportedly shipping from newegg in what is called oem packaging so in other words the bear card wrapped in bubble wrap and then thrown into a shipping box just a loose box yeah so oem packaging is pretty common for things like um wait okay way back in the day way back in the day um when ace attack first launched the lclc

So the first closed-loop like all-in-one cooler the only way to get it brands like corsair hadn't launched their rebranded or derivative products yet so the only way to get it because i saw and i was like big water cooling nerd i was like wow we could like water cool all our pre-built systems this this would be sick it's going to be it's going to be the next big thing um so the only way to get it was to contact acetech order a container of them um

And they would all just come in well oem packaging which means it's designed for an oem and an oem in this context means someone who plans to add their own retail packaging solution their own instructions their own accessories and decals and whatever the case may be so silly me without really giving any thought to how it was actually going to get done i ordered this entire gigantic thing of these acetech lclcs realized that because no one really like knew about

Them they weren't going to just order systems with them in it and also our system volume wasn't really that high and so um i ended up actually cutting up the oem packaging which was like multiple lclcs per box with like foam i ended up cutting up a lot of the oem packaging like cutting the foam and then i sourced boxes and then i had to like put it in there and like salvage other foam and like make my own packaging for these lclcs that we ended up spending like the next very long time uh selling we did

Eventually we did get rid of them we didn't lose money but there was some sweat blood and tears of mine that went into making that a sort of successful launch and it was only sort of successful because by the time corsair launched the h50 uh they called yeah i think they called the h50 um with like the same price and you know way better instructions and stuff uh yeah it sort of looked like uh looked like a bad call looked like kind of a bad call anyway the point is um someone over at newegg is having a

Similar experience they got some oem cards up in here uh there's a there's a bubble wrapped bubble wrap can you imagine getting something like an rtx picture skip to the next picture the next one like in the dock or no in in the reddit thread there should be an arrow to the right oh well i don't even i don't even read it luke you know that i never read it did you ah the the like i o plate is bent oh that's rough there you go it should still work actually it should but

Still like that's not what you want to show up when you buy a super premium product like that 700 graphics card that's not you dropped money on that it shows up with no box no like and i cannot bet this guy is not going to read the instruction manual but like it doesn't have it so it doesn't feel like the premium experience that you just paid for and it's like literally damaged even if it does work it's literally damaged yeah just lame he might have already

Flipped his previous card in order to afford this purchase now he might have to i don't know rma this or something in order to get one that's like not partially borked jacob from evga gave an assessment on the nvidia subreddit saying that a very very small number of cards looked to have been shipped from new egg in bulk i wonder what the point of newegg having any bulk graphics cards is though like they did away with their system integrator ages ago they used to abs i

Think it was called um but they don't have one anymore like the only reason i can think of to ship cards in bulk like that is to an si who's going to essentially package it into a complete system like what are they even doing does newegg do their own builds guys let me know if i'm just totally off base on this here we go take a look i mean i i'm fairly sure that newegg abs systems i'm fairly sure that's dead abs gaming desktops hey hold on a second it doesn't look good

It doesn't have his own website anymore but it looks like abs uh is a thing still being sold through newegg yeah how about that all right well it shows you shows you what i know they tried to stop it but the abs kicked in wait no no hold on no that would just stop it faster darn it okay uh wait how can i salvage this nope i think we're done here um so anthony put a note on the dock that says i'm not sure who at the warehouse

Would have thought it was appropriate to ship a card loose like that yeah let me fill you in on a little something anthony i'm generalizing a little bit here and i there's a lot of people there's a lot of people in in this especially this climate that are probably brilliant people who care a lot and are stuck in a dead-end job in a warehouse but there's also a lot of people working in a warehouse because quite frankly they don't have either the cares or the mental fortitude to do pretty much

Anything else i remember watching someone off of at least four rungs up an a-frame ladder grab a box an entire master carton of optical drives and toss it down onto the concrete floor instead of carrying it down i saw that happen and i was like what are you doing like so when someone said in the chat minimum wage minimum effort and like yeah it's not there's also people there if you want to rise up

Yeah like i think that that type of approach is taken a lot and like having worked those types of jobs as as i think most of us have uh you definitely see a lot of it and like not my problem is another big one that's going to be pushed so like if they're told to ship this thing and it comes down the line it doesn't have a box i suspect a lot of the approach is going to be like well i got to fill my orders yep well part of the okay so i i agree with you

That in condemning minimum wage minimum effort absolutely because a lot of what we look for in people is very strong passion for what they're doing and we love rewarding that absolutely love it the problem though is that not every company has that attitude and so aside from like so so so yes 100 condemn minimum wage minimum effort but that's a systemic problem where people are basically reduced to the quota that they're supposed to fill

And essentially you know treated like like okay like you can't expect an employee to view the relationship as anything other than transactional right like you can't expect them to see anything other than the paycheck if you don't see anything other than the number of widgets they stuff in a box and kick out the door that's your problem there's no relationship so you can't be like look you need to you need to value the company and care about

The company and care about the customer i don't give a about the customer like what's the customer ever done for me the customer pays you they don't pay me so i can see where this where this attitude can come from if you are creating a culture like a work culture of only valuing output and the problem is like i see it from both sides i really do like i worked at a volume business retail organization for years and now i'm on the other side of it working as

The boss of an organization of three dozen plus people and you know from my perspective the only thing you guys got to understand this the only thing that pays our bills and pays our staffs paychecks is views that's it at the end of the day everything else is derived from views so where do views come from from videos so we have quotas like we have targets you guys ever noticed that

Linus tech tips uploads a video every day come hell or high water you ever notice techwiki uploads a video once every two to four days excuse me three to four days two videos per week come hell or high water you notice tech link goes up every monday wednesday and friday regardless of whether it's a vacation day or whatever the case may be to be clear those people do get the time off just not on that day we schedule around it but the point is that that in an accident you have to have quotas you just also

Have to make sure that people see the value of their work and the value of themselves in ways that aren't just money or it's always going to be purely transactional and you can expect to get out exactly what you put in and from the flip side you know as long as you're putting in exactly what you feel like you're being paid for me i as an employer will never give you more with that said a lot of employers will

Never give you more regardless so i can see where a lot of that jaded attitude absolutely comes from 100 percent and the funny thing is especially when you've been working that job for like an absolutely long amount of time or something because i know like from my experience what i would say is like i got a lot of opportunities and a lot of jobs and stuff very early on like especially when i was working at like best buy and stuff i'm talking like real early on yeah um by like pushing really hard to try to do

Well um i had i had customers try to hire me on the spot okay like there was like because usually people in those positions just don't care yeah so if you try to show that you do care your your fellow employees years down the line might be in a position where they need someone and they might remember you and they might want to bring you up that's not always going to be the situation you might be in a situation where there isn't a single person you

Work with that you would ever want to call you up down the line yep and etc and you might be stuck in a dead-end job forever where your boss doesn't care et cetera et cetera i've got an example of that um so the the guy who does the fulfillment for lttstore.com lttstore.com is actually one of the old warehouse guys from ncix so he broke off he started up his own thing and he just like reached out randomly was like hey bro just letting me know

Like i'm doing this got no idea if this is relevant at the time it wasn't and i was like sweet dude i remember working with you you're sweet you're awesome and then all of a sudden we we like i think we like cut it off with teespring or something like that because something made me mad or something and and um i was like hey we you know what we're just gonna take everything in-house and i don't mean in-house directly in our house but we're gonna

We're going to take control over you know how we handle our merch and we called them up and we basically figured out if we could integrate shopify with their system and we could and all of a sudden you know they are shipping thousands of packages a month for us and it's like that is not insignificant amounts of money anymore so he turned a positive impression with a former co-worker into it's a thing man a revenue stream

Yeah so never underestimate the power of networking basically is sort of one of the lessons here uh another another thing i would say as i don't know why we're on this topic for so long but another thing i would say having uh done this myself is like until you're a boss there's gonna be a lot of things that you do that you think are like clever or fine or whatever and then you end up figuring out down the line that you're just a super douche

Who are you talking about luke me i'm talking about me 100 i've done so much stuff that like oh my god i don't know how you still talk to me at all i there's things that like i'll i'll be like trying to fall asleep and i know this is like a meme but you're like trying to fall asleep and then your brain's just like hey remember that thing you did you're just like oh god there's so many of those things try to reduce those things you know for for your own sake

And whoever is your current boss because oh my god i was i was having i was having like uh i don't remember why i was like reflecting on you know my past you know my life a little while back but i there's this person in high school that i was always just mean to for no reason no reason whatsoever i was just i i think the thing that made me think of it this particular time was i read a tweet that i don't know how credible it was or whatever but i read a

Tweet from someone who claims to know someone who claims to have gone to high school with me and that i was a douche and i thought you know what there's a lot of people who wouldn't have agreed with that sentiment and there's even more people who would have been like minus who um i was not i was not popular or anything um but there was like at least a couple of people who i was like yeah i would have

Absolutely deserved that description and what i decided to do was because it was something that had come up with me um like that i had thought of a lot of times i was like it has been 15 years but i'm gonna look them up on facebook and i'm gonna be like hey sorry about that and it was actually one of the most like i realized it's like kind of selfish of me to even think about it this way to think about it in terms of like how much it helped me because obviously

It wasn't about me but i felt so much better like it was it was crazy this is someone i haven't seen in 15 years had really no relationship to speak of with them even when i did know them because like obviously we didn't hang out um but i was just like hey i don't even know if you remember me but if you do it's probably not great and i'm really sorry and they were like yeah i remember you and no it wasn't and uh but she was like it's okay you know we

Were all we were all dumb kids and uh i forgive you and i was like wow you are super cool and if you were always that cool then i feel even worse um i don't know if he was always that cool but i think i think one of the biggest things for me growing up like my my tastes haven't changed much the things i like doing for fun haven't changed much yeah all that kind of stuff i think i'm young at heart in a lot of ways but i think probably the main one

Is that i like consider the actual ramifications and the actual impact on other people of my actions more because i think i didn't do that very much in the past you're a boundary pusher which is i think why i have such a soft spot for you i i recognize it and i i have a lot of patience for it because i see my own path in it um and you know i like to think that at some point you know everyone kind of wakes up and goes hey

You know when the point of you know making a request for example hey can i expense this pack of gummy bears or whatever whatever it is the point is not whether the other person will say yes or no the point is whether i should ask in the first place yeah and like you know that can have such an impact on a relationship and you don't necessarily know a lot of the time and stuff too no and no you don't know and a lot of not knowing is just not thinking about

It yeah um and the gummy bear example i don't think was actually luke by the way that was that was someone else they know who they are um did you ever try and expense candy i i never intentionally did i think a receipt might have gone through at one point yeah uh anyway the point is like you know we we we've all we were a very small company at the time and so it was like we tried to kind of focus on essentials like i would never buy bottled water at

An airport you know like i would make sure i carry a water bottle so i can fill it at the water fountain and carry it onto the plane and lake so you know i tried i used to have a i used to have a camel pack and i would like steal water anywhere i could that i knew was like fresh and good and fill my camel pack so i wouldn't have to buy bottles anyways like at ces and stuff yeah yeah 100 um so like i tried to lead by example so for me part of it was just like

This is like it would disappoint me when people kind of didn't get it um i did see i did see a comment in the chat linus was a bully lol i never really had the kind of clout or influence to be a bully i would probably describe it more as small dog syndrome like i was always kind of underfoot and so i would lash out at people um who i wouldn't even describe them as like lower down the totem pole than me even

Like it was just i guess i would lash out at people sometimes who i didn't think would fight back like i was not always very nice and that is definitely the textbook case of a bully but i wasn't by any stretch like a like a career bully i mostly just minded my own business there were just some some mistakes that i absolutely made very very very poor poor poor judgment um and yeah it was just it was lame and i feel better now we've had some small

Talk you know she's got kids now i got kids got that common ground um you know we're not going to be besties or anything obviously but it was it was definitely it was definitely helpful yeah i just hope like you know and like as a parent i just hope my kids don't have to do that but they will they'll probably be i was gonna say i think they make mistakes a lot of it's part of just like growing up and staking out your territory and stuff

Like yeah and you can't like understand properly that that's like really not a way to treat people until you've done that if that makes sense like i i was never a bully i don't think there's a single person from my school that would call me a bully but i was also really big compared to other people and never really understood that very well so every once in a while i would like do something thinking it was like funny and then someone would get like hurt and

I'd be like holy sh i didn't mean to do that i'm sorry yeah there was only one time that you really scared me that i can think of i don't know maybe there was more than once but there was definitely one time one time you really scared the pants off me i don't forget what i did i don't forget what i did i did something to you whether it was like spraying you in the face with a water gun or something but it was in the back

Alley behind the old house that we used to work out of and i got it in my head that my my strat to get away from you because i had a pretty good head start my strat to get away was i was gonna scale the fence which i thought you'd probably have more difficulty than me getting over and then i would be able to go hide that was pretty much my thought process so i did something to you and then booked it and you caught up to me

So fast i think you pulled me down off the fence or something like that and i was like huh so if i ever actually crossed this guy he would not only take down my website delete my youtube channel he could probably also kill me pretty quickly that's good to know i think more ceos should work shoulder to shoulder with their staff who are much bigger than them it might give them less of a god complex okay yeah i'm like usually the big guy in the room and then we have a meet-up and i

Figure out that not one but two of my employees are bigger than i like james is taller than me and then jonathan is actually a giant jayden's a stick though no offense jaden i think you could take him poor jayden all right all right we should uh we should continue talking about nvidia's nvidia's disappointment here all right so if that weren't enough nvidia's store website has been found leaking personal information upon realizing this nvidia closed the store

Page in question while they tried to figure out what's going on oof then making matters worse third party rtx 3080s from the likes of msi zotac and evga have been apparently users of our own forum have been experiencing crashes no not the linustechtips.com users wow this is like a five-page thread and stuff dang okay um so the issue appears to show up in certain groups of games when the boost clock exceeds two gigahertz early observations show that once clocks reach a certain speed

The game crashes to desktop like clockwork hahaha got em there's currently no official statement from any board partner but computer base has confirmed that they are in contact with the manufacturers and have been unable to reproduce the issue themselves it's not clear why it's happening with speculation around power supplies software or driver bugs or even aggressive factory overclocks from board partners trying to compete with founders edition now

I'm actually kind of tempted where's my where the crap is my phone i'm kind of tempted to give anthony a call because he was actually having some crashing issues with our first 3080 and i think that he it was either just that game never got working or he might have actually resolved it by switching power supplies even though theoretically the power supply we had had ample capacity for the rtx 3080. let me just get him on the line while i run through

A couple more notes here so igor's lab said it's plausibly a result of power filtering design variation for the gpus die hey anthony you're on wan show uh is is that cool are you like off work right now or what i mean i'm in the car but it's okay okay he's in the car so uh all right that's good um sorry sorry i had to get that in there let me let me just turn up the v oh sorry i'm bumping the mic let me turn up the volume a little bit so after you have it quite so cool it's close to the mic

Okay so hey anthony did we ever figure out why our uh 3080 founders was crashing at first uh when you were working on the review uh i'm trying to think now it was a rough week for him yeah a rough couple of weeks i mean nvidia back to back yeah anyway um i think it was the memory speed on the cpu okay so it was causing the problem so so not probably related to the crashing to desktop that people are seeing probably not though we did have that uh

Power supply thing with 850 watt yeah where theoretically 850 watts is lots especially for a 3080 and yet here we are yeah apparently it's something to do with the transient response and the power supply over current protection tripping yada yada et cetera et cetera got it all right cool thanks anthony appreciate you later um all right so blah blah blah so monolithic conductive polymer tantalum solid capacitors are being used more often on the boards that have been

Implicated which is interesting so so far crash free are asus and nvidia's founders editions and they use groups of smaller multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors or a mix of both igor's lab indicates that nlcc's offer better filtering so users on reddit are of course compiling lists of cards with mlcc groups versus pause caps but that probably doesn't tell the whole story jay from jay's two cents he's an okay guy i guess reported that electronics engineers on reddit are

Cautioning against oversimplifying the problem here each type of capacitor has their pros and cons and the only inherent difference between the two that might be relevant at the moment is that pause caps perform worse at high frequencies and cards that use pause caps could have other filtering down the line before they get to the gpu to compensate anyway so it's a developing story if you've got one that crashes um don't like or no so if you've got one don't check your gpu and get mad you've

Got pause caps it could be fine but that's not the only third party problem either some board partners have also been accused of selling slower cards at the same price as founder's editions in order to differentiate their higher end skus that they can sell for more womp whomp won so this was posted by spiderman 64 over on the forum and one of the examples was the zotac 3080 trinity model that is uh that is pretty rough the card

Is designed to perform worse than founders edition so zotac could differentiate it from the higher end models they are planning to put out i mean funky by the way there's been some comments about this i am sure he was on a hands-free device probably a like answer call through your steering wheel thing i'm sure he wasn't holding his phone to his head oh anthony gets a ride for himself oh there you go passenger seat yeah so there's there's no way he was driving

I like actually know that for a fact you know far far too much about uh about a lot like it's funny you like i had like dinner with like pella's parents at one point like it's like weird because especially in our business of making videos that a lot of the time are about telling personal stories we end up telling the personal stories of my staff because eventually i run out of personal stories about me um so we were making a video about uh whether a tinfoil hat would

Actually like block your brain waves oh yeah and as it happens pella's mom is something of an enthusiast when it comes to that stuff so we drove over to the island and she had like all this gear for like measuring like rf like ambient rf and like all this kind of stuff and i was like wow this is crazy this is great um sorry what were you gonna say uh i've had dinner with jaden his mom see it just kind of happens right thanks smaller companies you you just kind of you become yeah you're a little bit more

Entwined i kind of miss it sometimes you know like we're at the point now where we're big enough that the only reason that i know anything about like one of our new editors nicole is because i've been desperate for a ride home a couple times and she happens to go my way and like it's the funny because like i don't have like the close relationship with her that i'd feel like i could just be like hey yo i need to ride like if it was you uh it's like 20 minutes out of your way

I'd just be like you know luke give me the ride like let's go bro um whereas that's someone that like is kind of relatively new here and i always feel like as ceo um i i need to be so careful what i ask people what i ask of people because if i ask them to do me a personal favor and they feel like their professional position working under me it makes it so they can't say no i could accidentally cause someone to like you know miss an important family

Event or something because i just like needed a ride when it honestly wasn't that urgent because i could have just borrowed the work truck i just didn't want to drive in separately the next morning so it would be nice if i could get a ride like you know what i mean like i don't want to put people in a position where they feel you know burdened but then the flip side of it is without those personal interactions just like you know

Driving in the car together you're never going to get to know the person so how do you fix that when the company gets bigger and bigger i don't know sorry this is like very off topic it's just sort of sort of related to what we were talking about earlier i have no idea i don't have the viewer like chart open right now i have no idea if people find this interesting apparently they do so there you go we're going to stay the course boys but yeah i just don't really have a solution to that like luke and i

Worked shoulder to shoulder hip to hip for wow over a long time yeah like a couple years before i was ever even his boss formally like i was like sort of his boss but also like we both worked for the man at that time so there's already this like camaraderie that that exists um whereas the bigger we get the more separated i am from everything like i don't even i don't even interview people anymore people literally start their first day at linus media group now

And i have never exchanged a word with them and so it's like kind of awkward a little bit because i'm not used to it yeah for sure i would i would be very not used to that as well and it's going to be weird like yeah i don't know like you haven't been to the office for six months it would be you wouldn't recognize me yeah yeah it would be extremely foreign like have you i'm assuming people have moved and stuff too like desk locations like oh yeah

Everyone's all over the place like yeah so it would be very weird have you even met nicole i don't think no i don't think okay do you remember hoffman from his first stint yeah okay yeah yeah all right he's uh okay yeah it doesn't matter the point is that the rtx 3090 launch reviews ended up being pretty underwhelming to many with performance high but not in line with the extra cost and there's a bunch of other notes here but can i start by saying

was anybody surprised by this like maybe maybe maybe i've just gotten jaded maybe that's why i didn't you know ream on this enough in our review because what you all what you guys see when you see a gpu review is you see anthony's testing and his script after he and i have spent in some cases as little as 20 minutes and in other cases as much as a couple of hours going through and adjusting it and analyzing and discussing and changing the flow and

And and editing it that's what you guys see and between the two of us neither of us again maybe we're just so cynical now that we're just like well yeah of course the top tier one costs some ungodly amount of money that nobody can afford maybe we're just so jaded so cynical that we just didn't even think to complain about it because what were you expecting and video was very clear that rtx 3080 is the top of the line and rtx 3090 is this because we can product like

Look at the thing it's only 20 faster and yet draws up to 500 watts at peak they are clearly absolutely pushing the limit of their engineering just because they can who was expecting it to be bang for the buck who where are you stand up so i can slap you like what did you think was going to happen luke were you expecting the 3090 to be a great value uh i was highly concerned

About the card in general i guess because i i and they they kind of did it again but i i had remembered when they were talking about performance numbers they're being very vague with them and they were actually talking about specifically the vr performance numbers but they didn't really disclose that this time around they didn't disclose that super clearly yeah and this time around they did the same thing and it was like yeah okay cool and i tried to call that out and people were

Like no dude no there's no way okay this is great this is great half empty mug says they marketed a workstation card to gamers do you remember the 690 do you remember the 690 remember okay so 690 690 is really funny because nvidia explicitly said in the keynote this is not a card for gamers and then and then do you know what they did they had banners on newegg.com okay that were like the ultimate card for gaming how dare

They you know the cold hard truth is nvidia's marketing as far as i can tell is as much about what people want them to say as it is about what's actually relevant because the fact of the matter is the kind of customer i have talked i have spoken not just spoken with i have got this is really funny i don't know if i've ever talked about this i have gone to the houses of these kinds of customers because that was i i i gave ncix

Way too much value for their money like thinking back to it i had a customer that bought one of our very very high end water cooled systems and he had some kind of problem with it and literally without the company even knowing i was doing with doing it which i'm sure is like a problem in some way or other i literally got in my car drove to his house fixed it and then like went home at the end of the day like i went in the evening and like fixed his computer

And then went home um anyway i um where was i going with this shoot right so the point is i have spoken to these customers so the kinds of people there's there's there's only one kind of person that buys a product like this there's the kind or there's two kinds of people there's the kinds that like just want the absolute best performance so someone who is really after every competitive edge where 20 different performance

Basically means 20 faster frame times sign me up i'll take it that's number one those are pretty rare those are pretty rare number two is the one is the same kind of person who shows up at the car dealership doesn't even ask what all the different packages are and is basically like i don't even want to talk about it unless it's a fully loaded model you know what i mean i want the one with all the features it doesn't it doesn't matter what those features are

I i don't know i might need it someday i don't want to have that stress in my life that maybe i missed out on some feature that i might have liked to use and i can afford to not have that stress take my money i'll pick it up and whenever i'll pick it up tomorrow because uh you'll have it ready because i just bought the fully loaded model and that's how i swagger that's the other kind and those are the kinds of people to whom you know the difference between a 700 graphics card and a 1500

Graphics card is frankly not that much because think about it this way they already bought the thread ripper whatever two thousand dollar cpu and the seven hundred dollar motherboard and the thousand dollars worth of high speed memory and the eight hundred dollar power supply they are already spending five grand on this system so let's do some real fun math here ladies and gentlemen let's do some real fun math if i'm already spending five thousand dollars what is another what is that what does that work out to

Eight hundred is that is that fifty fifteen hundred dollars for the uh for the 30 90 so 800 divided by 5 000 well 16 so when you're already spending that kind of money well 16 percent for another 15 to 20 performance uplift it's a no-brainer it's just a completely different class of system that's the thing that people are trying to wrap their brains around and not really realizing i think is that for that customer it does make

Sense and you can say it's still too expensive and that's fine which is why nvidia has more than one product go buy something else that's just the way that it is the yields on that card are definitely going to be lower the cost the r d that went into creating that card in the first place given that it's going to be a lower volume model is going to be proportionally higher on a per card basis and there's the fact that this is nvidia

If they think they can charge more for it they will what did you think was going to happen there that's my thought on it i will now look at my notes and see what i was supposed to say any thoughts luke it seems like you've been working on something over there is there is there a crisis or a little bit no there's something cool oh okay oh plain chat has pop out now oh finally it was updated and it it now works you might have to

Refresh the page oh i'm excited okay cool all right now i can use that when i'm doing my vr streams i hope if i ever get them working again um all right so let me have a look at what i was supposed to say so workstation performance was crippled thanks to nvidia locking off titan driver optimizations on the 3090 directing users to buy a titan or quadro instead despite having introduced the card as titan class that was lame and we called them out for that i didn't like that either this only compounded this is only

Compounded by the leaked 20 gig version of the rtx 3080 which in our testing and by nvidia's only own admission is only 10 to 15 percent slower than the 30 90 making that card's main advantage which is it's 24 gigs of memory much less appealing for those who can wait a little while like we're planning to upgrade our workstations we were running into problems with our previous uh 2080 supers that just running out of vram the editors are running out of video memory

And we actually had planned to go uh quadro p6000 so we were going to go because they have 24 gigs of ram which is what we found is a really good sweet spot for some of the work that we do and that was going to be a pretty significant compute performance hit that's like two generations so hold on a second we got our touring we got our pascal we got our volta we got uh yeah so we're going all oh wait no pap turing blood hill ampere turing uh volta

And then all the way to pascal so that's four generations old at this point um but yeah if we could just go rtx 3080 that would be great that'd be freaking awesome we were planning to go 3090 but we might not have to uh in fact actually oh apparently we're just pivoting to we're talking about the leaked card so galax has leaked their own 20 gig variant along with rtx 3060 as shown in a photograph of a galax company meeting in china oh this is terrific here we go here we go ladies and gentlemen

Uh 30 90 30 80 20 gig 30 80 10 gig pg 142 skew zero what is that 30 70 and 30 60. i am so jazzed for 30 70 and 30 60. like look at this a 30 60 class card they're expecting to be in line with rtx 2080 like what that's pretty fantastic yeah like that could be a like 399 like 349 even card should i should i hope for 2.99 probably not it's probably not gonna happen it's probably gonna be i feel like they're trying to move away from that but that would be very cool

I'm gonna guess i'm gonna guess 3.49 um all right and so some people are are mad because you know the high memory versions of those other cards would eat into the rtx 3090s market position for all but 8k gaming which is only possible on a few optimized titles unless you use dlss 2.0 uh i mean the thing about the whole ak gaming thing is like it's in the same it's along the same lines as something like rtx last time around where it's capable of it but yes you're

Asking for some stars to align in order to to really have that experience personally i found it absolutely exciting from from just a technological standpoint and yes do maternal is an extraordinarily extraordinarily well optimized game but that doesn't mean it's not a pretty one that gaming experience particularly do maternal was unlike anything i have ever done and i have tried basically everything at this point so

Should we look at nvidia and say you guys are bad bad boys marketing this card as 8k gaming capable when what they have done is delivered a very powerful gpu with a ton of vram or should we turn to the game developers and say hey that game looks gorgeous and runs great at 8k why doesn't yours so it's a chicken and egg thing over the next few years we might see better optimization of games because we're going to be targeting

Higher fidelity levels and higher resolutions for these next-gen consoles and we might see you know speed bumps or like a next-gen like an rtx 4000 series or whatever and eight gaming ak gaming might happen for real but for now i really don't think nvidia is actually expecting a ton of people to run out and buy the card for 8k gaming and go buy a 30 000 tv to go with it i think for them it was just a big flex because it's something no one else can do and you know dang it if i was if i was jensen and i wanted to make a

Big flex i think 8k gaming might be it i guess if you have a marble stove maybe you just got to do some stuff yeah like like i i get it i get it i get why they did it and i'm not mad about it but i can see why people are mad about it because yeah it's like a big flex but all those people who are upset that they feel misled ask yourself this was it did it matter was it in any meaningful way were you gonna buy one like i wouldn't even at my even at my peak of spending all of my disposable

Income on tech there was no way i would buy something like that the closest i ever got the closest i ever got was i bought two 7 800 gtxs because i found them on craigslist for an unbelievable deal from some guy who was like i'm kind of like sick of sli i want to like try crossfire for a bit so he was literally upgrading from 27900 gtx's to two x 1950 xtx's or something like that or cross-grading it's not even an upgrade at that point yeah

And he was getting rid of them from nothing because he just didn't feel like dealing with it you can't give it away because then you get all the losers showing up and they like they're just unreasonable flaky people whenever you like post something for free so he posted it for cheap because that's when you get a serious buyer who's going to show up when they say they're going to show up and they don't waste your time um so i show up i buy these and like i ran them for like two or three days

That was it because i was so paranoid that some new leak was gonna come out or some new product was going to come out that was going to devalue them or something maybe he knew something i didn't know and i needed to get rid of them because i had way too much money tied up in a part that was i was worried was going to depreciate so fast so yeah i uh on on like to jump back a little bit in terms of like i wouldn't buy one of these personally

I am very happy with my current 1440p monitor and feel exactly you need to upgrade exactly um and like what what is exciting about new cards is better frame rates at that resolution at better qualities uh because i find like some really high fidelity games maintaining a minimum at 144 at maximum quality is still really freaking tough yep need a little more grunt so like yeah i'll take the extra power for sure but like

I don't i don't know i'm not i don't need that that that memory buffer mar villain says yes it does matter what these companies do impacts the whole market not really this what buyers what customers buy impacts the market the reason rtx 3000 exists is because people didn't buy rtx 2000 that's why it's all about what the market will bear nothing else actually matters nvidia made a calculation that they were going to make this rtx 3090 card for millionaires

And the maximum performance at any cost crowd and you're mad because you were never the customer for it anyway and all the people who were the customer for it they do not give a sh that's all there is to it they're not mad they don't care because to them they have always marketed these cards like titans come on yeah titans were always in 8 800 ultra 8 800 ultras like 12 years ago or whatever how many years ago is that holy this whole time they've been like

It's not for gamers but also gaming performance it's not for gamers though unless you can unless you have a 30 000 tv boys yeah that 30 000 tv i'm kind of tempted to do a review of it should i do a review of it because i got a lot to say actually it's it's so ridiculous get this get this we actually did it get this you cannot wall mount it it's thirty thousand dollars and it has less features than a three 300 tv i could get at

Walmart you should just like troll them super hard and build a mount that comes over the wall but you still sit it on it oh my god i actually kind of love it hex it's like so patronizing it's not my fault you needed to explain to you i'm gonna get canceled aren't i oh my god we should totally mount it on the wall anyway the thing is so ridiculous because it's the kind of product that only exists

As like an art piece because anyone who can afford a 30 000 television clearly doesn't ask how much it costs and honestly they're not even buying it for the tv they might not even watch it they're probably too busy you know merging and taking over companies or doing whatever the crap else it is that they do and there's a lot of people with a lot of money that never do anything okay that's that's fair but but they wouldn't

Necessarily buy this one because it's like as far as i can tell it's intended to be more of an art piece like you can't you can't mount it properly like that's ridiculous you know me the the the pragmatic guy like i look that tv is sitting in our studio i actually i think we're supposed to send it back to nvidia i actually don't know i actually don't know what the plan is for that tv nick arranged the whole thing but i i didn't even ask if i could take

It home where the heck would i put it it's 88 inches and it doesn't wall mount it has to sit on the ground the stand's not even high enough to be at a comfortable viewing height like it's obviously just a flex no one's buying that for like the viewing experience like if you have if you have that kind of money and you are actually an enthusiast you're actually an enthusiast you're pulling an anon from 10 15 years ago and you are

Building like a room like a home theater room and you're either going very high-end projector or more realistically these days you're going with something like a samsung the wall like that is crazy stuff and you're spending like you know half a million million dollars on it like by the time you can spend 30 grand on a tv what's half a million dollars who cares what's the difference uh firestorm says

Linus you're not being fair to some of us answer me this if you did video production and can't afford a brand new rtx quadro 6000 would you buy the rtx 3090 or the rtx titan it's a no-brainer i would buy the 30-90. because from that perspective it's actually a great value but then why are you mad what are you even talking about it absolutely stomps all over those previous options for that particular workload now i can see people being mad about the fact that rtx 3080 with

20 gigs of ram is coming but that ain't new either there's always a new product coming that's going to be the word you have why are they oh that's why they're mad i'll ask why they're mad because they don't i don't think that's reasonable either because of what you just said there's always a new product coming there's always an early adopter tax of course that's why they launched the high-end one first that's like saying oh people who buy the rtx 3080 should be upset because there's going to

Be an rtx 3070 of course there is people who buy the rtx 3070 should be mad because there's going to be an rtx 4000 series of course there is what do you guys want a 1080 there was a 1080 ti coming down the line that's the game you don't like the game don't play the game go home take your ball like i i don't know what to tell you guys there are ways to navigate this ecosystem but you have to take it upon yourself you have to be an educated consumer that's how

As a student i was able to have a baller gaming rig because i never actually lost money on it i spent money but it was cumulative i would buy things for cheap i would sell them for more i'd build systems for people on the side i'd put that money back into my hobby and while yes i did own like a 2 000 like sick rig or whatever that was money that had like kind of cycled through multiple parts over and over and over again so i was at worst

Losing you know five percent on an upgrade from one gen to a neck to the next gen and that means you have to constantly be watching the rumors watching the news reading the reviews really knowing not just the cost of the products but the value of the products that's why you would never buy you know something that you think is going to depreciate too much because hey something new could come out and then you just got owned it's like the same thing

1080 ti versus 1080 is not comparable to 20 gigabyte model versus 10 gigabyte model you're right i was just talking about there's a new product coming down the line which was the current statement actually yeah what are you going to do about it all right let's uh should we actually talk about oh my goodness we haven't even talked about our sponsors we've talked about almost nothing yeah well yes and no that was like very extensively one topic three topics in

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Wearing them seems to indicate that they're they're pretty decent so get 25 each pair with offer code wan show at vessie.com all right what do you what other what what topic you want to do you want to do microsoft by zenimax for seven years yeah i definitely want to talk about that get me tell me about it the first thing i want to go into is the 7.5 billion number because like at a certain at a certain value

I i think people's brains just go like yeah it's a lot whatever yeah but it's like actually a gargantuan number like something that got brought up this is not original research by me i saw this on a tweet i think was when someone was looking at disney's acquisitions in comparison to this pixar in 2006 cost disney less to buy than zenimax wow picks kind of mind-blowing marvel in 2009 cost disney uh a little over half of what zenimax

Cost marvel was so pixar was 7.4 billion technically below marvel was 4 billion lucasfilm in 2012 was also four billion can you imagine if microsoft had bought lucasfilm but like at this rate they could have bought marvel and lucasfilm for like barely more than they bought zenimac like they could you'd rather own marvel and like star wars or zenimax that kind of seems like a no-brainer doesn't it right like this like

This price is huge and like i i don't know maybe there was a bidding war going on or something i have no idea but like that's a monstrous i mean it's not like these aren't hugely influential intellectual properties we're talking bethesda software sure there's your elder scrolls your fallout id software got your doom quake and rage arcane studios so that's dishonored and pray machine games wolfenstein and more and this grows the number of in-house

Xbox game development studios to 23 up from 15. it's huge like it's massive they're a massive acquisition it's just it's just like 7.5 billion is a lot of money that's just that it's like wow and like it really bought them something amazing which is there's been so and like this isn't gonna change that necessarily but there's been so much talk about like oh well the playstation has the good exclusives and yes uh the exclusives that were coming from

Zenimax to the place that is all microsoft is not messing with those agreements that is all going to be honored so definitely and ghostwire tokyo are both going to be timed exclusives for sony but microsoft is just like i don't know they're muscling up huge yeah like it's all fine and good to be able to negotiate exclusives with independent developers but if there are no independent developers left you basically have to be nintendo and at

What point does microsoft just go yup joanne can buy nintendo they probably couldn't nintendo has so many how would you even buy nintendo's bank account like how much cash does nintendo have on him yeah it's it's huge i'm also really really hoping because like when i was a younger me bethesda was my favorite developer how about now how about now not so much you know so much the state of elder scrolls they've been releasing the same damn game for like nine years which is obscene like there was decently large

Release gaps between their previous games because they made giant games in the elder scrolls series but now it's just huge and unreasonable and then fallout 76 was just absolute trash like just terrible game they literally gave it out for free because no one was buying it because it was so garbage like hopefully a new owner can light some fire under their buns i'm just and also obsidian and bethesda having the same parent company and this

Has been pointed out a million times as well but that is super cool because we could be looking for like new obsidian fallout game which is awesome because fallout new vegas was great um nintendo has over 11 billion cash on hand in case you were wondering it's actually just so amazing like that's like let's like let's just make our own theme park money you know yeah yeah yeah true yeah yeah yeah do you want us hey hey okay i know i know i say stuff

Like this sometimes and some i don't always follow through we haven't watched star wars together at all yet but i'm gonna say this now we're gonna go to nintendo land together once this lockdown crap is over all right i'm so down let's do it absolutely we're going to japan all right beautiful all right yeah japan was we were there for an extremely short period i don't know if you've gone back but no i haven't that was it yeah we were there for an

Extremely short period of time and that was one of my favorite trips i've ever done in my life it was sweet we were there for like 36 hours or so hey we made the most of it we did got that got that ramen i recently showed someone i don't even remember why but i showed someone the omron tour video and i had forgotten until i brought it up but i remembered like the state in which we filmed that ed was so drunk it was bad and none of the rest of us

Knew how to operate the camera like oh geez that was that was quite the trip it was absolutely horrible like man i the way that guy used to drink i'm glad he still you know works is alive to work here um sorry ed maybe this isn't something you would have had me talk i don't think he cares but um the state of the video but yeah well okay to be clear okay hold on a second i should clarify it wasn't like it wasn't an all the time thing it was a when we traveled thing

So he was uh yeah when it was free wow did he ever put it away like unbelievable our first ces he would pass out drunk at when we'd get back to our hotel room at like two in the morning he was always off hours and stuff too and we had actually i think we had forgotten about that video which is why we filmed it when he was in that state yeah he he would he would wake up like an hour and a half later edit for like two hours like in like a what's it called like

A fugue state and then sleep for another two hours and we'd be up at six in the morning hitting the show floor he did it the entire week i'm pretty sure that old man ed who is the current ed i'm pretty sure he would die if he tried to replicate what he did at ces 2013. i think a lot of us would to be completely fair um yeah i mean some of the stuff we used to do i i don't think i'd be physically capable of anymore like like the original the

Original uh titan launch like we made like eight videos about one card in like days yeah and the amount of yeah i did not really sleep that whole week and i just yeah like i i try every once in a while something will happen where like i need to be on it for an extremely large amount of hours in a row and they're strenuous now back then it was just like ah whatever i don't really care i'm not gonna feel it

Yeah and now like i'll wake up in the morning and i'm genuinely sick and like i'm i'm paying for it yup yeah but yeah this is this is actually i'm excited and this wouldn't normally excite me but i think the reason why i'm excited is i feel like especially bethesda which is my favorite one out of this i haven't been way too into the wolfenstein games as of late yeah dishonored was really cool last couple doom games have been pretty cool yeah that's very true the dude so doom and the bethesda games are the

Ones that i care about in that mix but um i'm i'm really hoping that bethesda gets some get some fire under them um i'm worried i'm worried that effectively what's going to happen is the same thing that amazon is doing to uh retail is you're going to you're going to lose out on the the spice of life that is the the variety that comes from uh from a healthy and diverse ecosystem and i feel like you know as much as acquiring companies claim that they they always release a

Statement like this you know uh you know we love everything about what they're doing it's it's so great that we're not going to change anything we just wanted to add them to our portfolio it never works out how'd that work out for twitch something that i would argue is that gaming has been like sick for a while now um and i think the activision blizzards of the world and the eas of the world are are showing that and like the amount of output and the amount of focus

That yeah that gets placed on the activision blizzards and the eas and the horse armor crafters um although that reference is probably so old now that you're probably one of the only people that gets it um but that is dominating the scene by a massive amount because there is so unfortunately it is consumer-driven there is so much money in making terrible games that you can spend a lot on yeah like it's it's actually a thing and people will do it and there's like there doesn't seem to be

Anything that community voice can can solve here because whales will wail no matter what people say yeah uh so like yeah junk games that you can spend a ton on very very empty soulless games that you can spend a ton on are doing really well and it's it's cool to me that the fall guys and the among us games out there have started actually kind of popping off because they're a little bit smaller studios smaller teams genuinely really fun

Focused games yeah pc gaming made so much more of that it absolutely does and something that i really really really hope turns out to be awesome but we probably won't hear anything from it for quite a few years is dreamhaven have you heard about this no no it's not in the dock um but mike morheim the he's a original co-founder and former ceo of blizzard entertainment oh wow from way back

At the beginning like i'm talking the lost vikings era like he's from back he co-founded the original i think they were called something before they were called blizzard but like he co-founded the way back then and then was clearly very unhappy with the activision stuff and then he left i think like two years ago yeah uh and then he came out of retirement to found dreamhaven um and i can i'll say i like the name if he lives up to the name then it

Sounds pretty good the name is actually the whole point as far as he's saying it and you said something very recently that was like everyone says this and like to a lot of degrees yes but i think he's actually directly addressing in here a lot of the issues that i think the gaming industry has had for a long time where they're taking these these artists and these creatives and they're bleeding them for micro transactions and trying to get them to pump out

Garbage that they can sell they're trying to shrink deadlines they're trying to do all this other kind of stuff to to make terrible things you can spend a lot of money on and they they they go into the details here i wasn't ready for this but um the opening statement is welcome to dreamhaven we love epic adventures sharing stories and creating lasting memories with family and friends so we're building a new game company based on our shared values and

Relentless passion for making meaningful player experiences and they go on later into basically talking about having the goal to not be massive financial gain but the goal to be high quality games and sustaining yourself off of that instead well if nintendo's anything to go on it you can have it it can work it can absolutely work you're right like nintendo is a great example for that and that's one of the reasons why i've been a fanboy of nintendo for a long time not of everything sometimes nintendo

Makes mistakes oh absolutely the wii u just in general i just met more than being like jerks um oh sure yeah yeah they were extremely stupid around the origination of game streaming and stuff like that they've made massive mistakes but in general they seem to strive for quality which is which is important um so they they already have two studios under the the wings of dreamhaven uh called moonshot games and secret door and i don't i don't think there's much

Details about what those studios plan to do um hopefully what they plan to do isn't exactly what's already commercially successful on the market or they're going to have another what was that mmo that lasted for like months wildstar something like that i remember going to i remember going to pax and they had like this gigantic booth and the thing launched and it was just like yeah it's like wow but bad like okay and

Then how long did amazon's uh amazon's new shooter last on uh like their their public release and they like take it back private or something stupid like that i i was following it a little while ago amazon games i didn't even yeah crucible that's right crucible so it went from like people were being paid to play it to nobody was playing it and then went back into closed beta like oops well at least they did that

To be honest at least they didn't just leave it burn like ea probably would i don't even remember what game that was but there was there was a game that came out from ea that was just actual garbage and they they just like tried to erase it from history basically i i'm sure twitch chat remembers but classified says yes classified says cd projekt red anyone well okay yes but also there are examples yes but also no cd projekt red has the luxury and this was a good

Business move and i'm not saying i'm not going to give them credit for it but they have they have the luxury of what i call valve privilege where they get to work on games for fun because they feel like working on games because they also have good old games which keeps them flush with cash so if they don't release a game for five years no one has to worry about like what they're going to eat they can just eat a cut of other people's game sales and i'm not saying that's like bad it's

It's good i love good old games love the model um yeah love all the guys over there it's just uh little games actually didn't bring in much for them yeah but it brings in consistent yes it's something you can rely on yeah and like yeah there are there are examples of companies that aren't doing that but as a whole i i think it would be fairly hard to argue that the the state of the video gaming industry is like very healthy but you don't want another nhl

Game nhl bubble edition it feels like a lot of the i would say the majority of the big players in the video gaming industry are kind of phoning it in and cashing out yep that's fair i mean that's not that's not a good or or healthy thing for for good quality within that industry so let's see if microsoft um you know does better because if there's one thing we've learned from the netflix model from the model of

Of whatever it is as a service it's that it can keep you flush with cash so that you can afford to make investments and what it can do so it provides that stability because you've got those recurring payments so that you can invest but it also incentivize investing in legitimately great experiences because you want people to keep paying their monthly fee um so you know there's no question that netflix has

Produced a ton of really great original content and sometimes about things that other more traditional production companies might not even touch like they did something on like a chinese protester or something a documentary a little while ago that you know if i was disney there's no way i would i would do that or any of the bazillion things that disney owns and that's really cool because in a sense that's almost like um it's almost like a more democratic way

Of uh of creating content because it's ultimately funded by the people for the people now netflix is a public company and you know beholden to shareholders and all that other kind of stuff so there's definitely some complication there i'm just saying it's a little bit uh it's a little bit more sustainable so if microsoft is building what is essentially like the netflix of gaming through their xbox experiences acquiring all these game developers with

The intention of like okay look guys no just make great games so that people never put down their xbox and always just keep reinvesting in the xbox ecosystem well i can see why microsoft said and this was months ago we don't even see sony as a competitor anymore because lord only knows how long they've had this in the works they could still do things better i mean did you see people were accidentally buying xbox one x's because microsoft's

Naming scheme is so utterly stupid that people don't don't know what series x is or one x or series s or like what are you doing stop it's so easy one two three four five sony can do it and like there that's it that's all i have to say about it series is a really stupid name it's so stupid and i'm sure there's some like deep meaning like we talked about this on a previous swan show actually where like

Maybe they're calling it series because it's the final xbox and they're just going to keep doing series and they're just going to run at different levels of graphical fidelity or whatever the point is it doesn't matter you have to make things clear for the consumer i blame apple it is apple's fault that we just keep calling the product macbook without clarifying which macbook which xbox is it i actually need to know these things because it affects things like

Controller intergenerational compatibility and like what games run on it and what tvs it hooks up to and interfaces it has it's stupid just the original xbox name was pretty cool i think xbox 360 was like okay and then since then i think everything has been a mistake yeah 100 the xbox one was was asinine not good because when i say xbox now i have to say original xbox which is a lot of syllables wasted how much oxygen

Has microsoft wasted from people having to say original x-box i'm sure there wasn't an intention even though it might be a benefit to a certain degree but like buying an xbox controller on craigslist is kind of hard right yeah that makes sense like it's it's annoying and it's hard because you have very inconsistent listing names because it's craigslist so it's like i don't know oh nintendo is really rough on their handhelds yeah so

Someone listed uh new nintendo 3ds xl and then i think they had new nintendo 3ds xl plus yeah or something like i i make fun of that all the time yeah like how hard is it cooper says the problem is they can't name it xbox 4 because uneducated consumers would see ps5 and go oh that's one number bigger fine but everyone knew the solution way back years ago xbox 720 then if you absolutely must like if you must have stupid irrelevant numbers that's what everyone thought it

Was going to be everyone thought it was going to be xbox 720 they came up with xbox one and we were like what connect what yeah hub of the media what are you talking about and then they ran out and bought playstations yeah so just like making simple branding is actually really easy and microsoft knows how to do it gold membership oh that's like good and shiny i'll get that one they know how to do it they just also know how to confuse people

For no reason making confusing branding is actually harder than making simple branding because all the rules already exist gold silver bronze and then oh shoot uh oh we came up with something better oh platinum throw that in there no problem no problem you know one two three four five oh there oh shoot there's one that's like kind of in between call it the five plus whatever it's it's easy it's easy making things difficult for consumers to understand the cynic in me thinks that like

You know back when uh you know and nvidia was going through a dark time in the fermi days when they were just like rebranding cards or when amd rebranded the uh what was it the 7970 like four times or however many times they did it like the cynic in me just goes like okay yeah i guess you just you have to resell the you know the same or a worse product and you need people to think it's new so that the media will cover it again and so people run out and like buy the new one or whatever it is

And i get some consumers are probably that stupid but for everyone else please just call it what it is yeah i'm not surprised at all that this happened and it's just disappointing all right but yeah i'm exhausted now big navi might be faster than the 3080. one quick thing i want to throw before we leave is there's a statement from someone at zenimax saying like the real winners today are the gamers no the real winners are

The real winners are the people that have sold their company for 7.5 billion yeah you're not fooling anyone there's some cool things for the gamers but the real winners are you yeah stuff it sorry we can continue uh big navi might be faster than 3080 according to some firmware listing something something 80 compute units i'll believe it when i see it sweet spotify tile proton mail in base camp joined epic against apple the coalition

Published a list of 10 app store principles no developer should be required to use an app store exclusively no developer should be blocked or discriminated against if they compete with the app store owner uh yeah every developer should have timely access to interoperability interfaces and technical information yep should have access to the app store as long as they meet basic standards security privacy quality digital safety developers data should not be used to compete with the developer yeah freaking obviously like these are

All such like obvious antitrust violations that absolutely apple has violated every developer should be able to communicate with users through its app uh yeah no app store should be able to engage in self-preferencing um yeah no developer should be required to pay unfair fees or be required to sell within its app anything it doesn't wish to sell and uh all apps should be transparent about their rules and policies that's a big one that's one of the

Places where apple's arguments might really fall apart where they're trying to say like it's all in the interest of the smoothness of the experience except that it isn't smooth and you are not applying the rules equally um and it's well documented that they're not uh so there's that oh oh my goodness we've got a new ltdstore.com merch item uh do you have it uh i can i can get it it was warm i left it at the office i left it on my chair i don't have it okay luke's gonna go get

It but i'm gonna show you guys look at this guy with this beard and this comfy comfy gray sweater and whoa does it have a hidden pocket is there a hidden pocket down there that can fit a note 9 you can put your hands in it too look at that we've got all kinds of different sizes and shapes of people to show you what it looks like look at this guy isn't he beautiful hey it's andy anthony more david wait a minute is this the same pictures

Over and over again look at this guy he's all like loser no he's pointing at the ltt logo so we went with really subtle branding on this one it's just meant to be like it's got like a fleecy inside um not actual fleece so it's a 100 cotton french terry and it's like really warm and like snuggly kind of like a bit of a looser fit than some of the stuff that we've done before that's more more form-fitted but we think it's going to be extremely popular

The one problem is you might want to buy two instead of just one because there is a high probability if mine and luke's experience is anything to go by that your lady will steal it from you the second you bring it home um yeah like the the one that i the prototype one that i've had for actually like months at this point we've been working on this one a long time uh yvonne has probably worn it like eight times to my one um so we we decided on what i think is very reasonable pricing on this one we're doing 39.99

Compared to the stealth hoodie and the swag kit there was just i mean it actually did end up being a ton of work because it's a totally different size chart and because there's less stretch in the material we had to do a lot of work to make sure that it'd be comfortable to put on and all that kind of stuff but it was less um less custom sewing um than something like stealth hoodie or swag kit so we were like okay well yeah hey why don't we do why don't we do 40 bucks

Let's do a 40 sweater um it's actually about the right season to be putting it on sale accidentally it was supposed to be last last winter but don't worry about it too much just head over to lttstore.com get one for yourself yeah super subtle branding we don't want our merch to be like you know hey you have to broadcast to everyone in your social circle that you really like linus tech tips but if you want to do that you can get a stealth hoodie which has like

You know the logo down the arm or whatever we definitely have stuff like that this is just more for staying comfy and cozy when you're when you're gaming hopefully you guys like it yeah so someone commented why are the arms so long so i showed like when my arm is out it is not super long yeah and you can that's one of the reasons i actually it sort of happened just by accident like people actually like doing it which is really cool like modeling merch is not in anybody's

Job descriptions but people just have stepped up and are just like yeah sure i'll do it i want to do it and so i really like that sorry to cut you off but i really like that so many people do it because you really get to see how it fits on like a really wide variety of actual humans instead of like yeah i don't know it's it's cool instead of models because we don't have any models this is all just people who work here's a bunch of people that you have you have

Probably seen a fair amount of times and they're fairly consistent throughout the store so you see them in a bunch of different stuff and you can tell kind of how it fits if you buy something and you see the pictures and it fits a certain person in a certain way and you're like wow this fits me really nicely then you see that person wearing something different in the future and it fits them nicely you can probably guess that it's going to fit you nicely again like that's

Actually super cool i don't know that's a benefit in my eyes icepeter asks who buys this trash um lots and lots of people who are like actually pretty stoked on our trash for the most part it's been it's been a very very successful uh part of the business for us because we have another business that can allow us to invest in it and not rush anything i actually killed a product yesterday that was supposed to launch on this wan show

Um it was a long sleeve with short circuit branding that i wasn't happy with the sleeve length and the fit um because the final garments that we got did not match what i had approved so basically they were going to have sleeves that were too long and kind of bunched up weird and it was a difficult decision because we've already printed hundreds of them so those are just going to get donated now but that product is not launching and

We're not taking your money for it so that's why people buy this trash because it's not trash because we don't have to push out trash we can just take our time and do it right that's why uh viewer activity let's have a look at some some trash comments from people who paid to send comments because they're crazy uh jurgen says hey when will land wancho be available as vaught on float plane yeah luke should we do that at some point we should probably do that

What are we doing sorry lan show vaude on float plane uh yeah we probably should i know you can yep i know you can you know that zooey melb says shout out to the ltt folding team now that it's cooling off in the north i can fold again sweet also video suggestion 12vo car pc build that runs directly off the car's electricity that's actually not a bad idea thomas says what's nick's twitter handle so i can bother him about possibly

Making those collared elemental shirts for ltteststore.com uh at nick lmg i think i actually don't know i'm pretty sure that's it yes it is says hey just scored an i.t job today using knowledge i learned from lmg videos thanks for sparking my interest hey that is sick that's freaking awesome uh theorica says in case you didn't mention it any takers on the shifty stealth pins 50 stealth pins shifty oh oh oh you mean the um

Hmm mine doesn't make sense but it's probably just me and everyone who asked me about it uh i think you're talking about the people who got gaming rigs from their stealth pins shirts that they bought on the store um two of them have been claimed already yes i actually don't know if the third one got claimed they might not have seen it on the lan show so hey if your stealth pin shirt has something different other than ltt spelled out in it uh go check and send a picture to the

Support team um i had another update no i can't give you guys that update yet robert mail says gigabyte 37 leaked on discord 1815 boost clock huh okay um luke says i would like a gpu with no dents when i spend 3080 money yeah a little bit um baja truck guy says i work at a machine shop and i have some minimum wage employees they don't understand they need to work above their pay to get ahead in the job yeah back to that i mean i get it i see

Both sides because if they feel like it's dead end they're not going to want to invest and if you feel like they're a dead end loser you're not going to want to invest in them and then nobody invests in anybody and the business suffers everybody suffers because when a business doesn't succeed everyone loses their job i mean except for this broken mega sort of corporation situation where everyone above yeah you get a golden parachute which i

Think is horrible like i honestly i have no problem with you know i don't agree with elon musk about everything but i have no problem with his compensation being based on performance at the job like that i can get behind you know if you are going to pay yourself you know millions of dollars a year or whatever when things are going good yeah sure fine whatever but you better get paid zero dollars a year when things are going bad because executives are ultimately supposed to be what guide the ship

So if the ship's going in the wrong direction the buck has to stop somewhere um my channel luke what color ltt bottle should i get linus won't get my jingle jingle unless you answer i my favorite one is the the white and black but the the fairly standard black and gold is very very cool i think most people like this one and i think it's with decently good reason but i like the white one my girlfriend loves the pink one surprise surprise

Josh says i got the 3090 ftw3 ultra but i'm not either of the customers you mentioned i wanted the extra vram and the 30 80 20 gig will probably be somewhere between the new cards and price i won't need to upgrade for a while now but you also don't sound mad so you you wanted the state of the art which was one of the people that i outlined by the way okay yeah sounds like getting you outlined to be completely honest uh al baker says i want to buy a new mac mini soon is there a point

Do you think to buying the maximum available storage capacity i i don't know i would would you buy a mac now knowing that the arm stuff is coming that's tough buy a mac at all well yeah but okay fine that's literally mostly just because like i would have no idea what to do once it sat in front of me i also can't see i can't see any reason in the year 2020 to buy a system with maxed out storage like the money that you have to spend on storage upgrades for some of those

Like um tier one pcs you might as well just like put together a cheap nas with spinning disks and then only keep the ones that are only keep the things you absolutely need on your machine like who has more than 256 gigs of actual applications that they need on something like a mac mini like it's not like you're loading it up with a bunch of like call of duty modern warfare like what are you putting on there yeah you should be working off of a nas so i would invest in the 10 gig

Interface and like some 10 gig gear i'd build out my my network infrastructure over time i wouldn't uh okay weiping lin says i want a dishwasher safe water bottle unfortunately all of the vacuum walled water bottles are not dishwasher safe just because your other one doesn't have a warning about it doesn't mean you should put it in the dishwasher all right that's it uh wait what merch idea long johns and long sleeve shirt made for yeah hey we gotta get out

Of here we got that among us game to get to conductive material hold on a second a bodysuit made of conductive material as taser proof underwear what are you talking about thanks for watching it would still ground into you wouldn't it the show's over goodbye yeah you'd have to earth it someone just said yeah you'd still need like a grounding you could just drive a big stake into the ground and then just like

You just can't move you're basically a dog on a leash for your whole life show's brought to you by steel series messy footwear

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