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published on July 17, 2020

The morgues in Arizona's largest County are nearly filled with coronavirus victims and 600 health care workers from across the country are coming in to help Arizona's overwhelmed hospitals here's what one nurse told NBC News that the patients here are just as much sick as

The ones in pen so in New York just the other day we had three patients to pass by within 10 minutes of each other and that's how quickly things can turn the majority of the patients are on ventilators

Due to being positive for kovat and so the the numbers I think are definitely rising we see that every day the majority of these patients are also on douses so they have to have that for their kidneys to function they're very

Very sick just from Doug it affects the whole body system and I think that's one thing that people don't understand especially if you're looking at somebody that has it but it's not symptomatic it's kind of hard to think we to grasp

How see this on patients really are and I felt like my experience in New York would help me deal better with what was going on here and just hopefully but I'm not only dealing with the patients and family but dealing with a staff sharing

With them on what I have seen I was on talking to some of those staff yesterday and they said that they really appreciate us coming because they were working 10 13 12 hour shifts in a row they're tired some of them had that was

It they don't have enough staff so that's where we come in and try to help and it worked right beside them you know partner the partner so without having this ability to come in and they would they would be suffering I mean you

They're human to do I'm human see NBC News reporter Vaughn Hilliard joining me now from Phoenix and Vaughn some of these traveling nurses were New York City during its coronavirus peak god bless them for the work that they're

Doing tell us more about why they're coming to Phoenix I'm glad you just played part of that interview with Patsy's site she's from Montgomery Alabama she spent two months up in New York City and is now here in

Her third week in Arizona and you heard her say that they're human and I'm human too and I think that's where this comes down to we're talking about more than numbers you know I can tell you that more than a hundred and fifty Arizonans

Have passed away in the state of Arizona over the last 48 hours we can also introduce you to people like Patsy and another gentleman who I want to introduce you to now Alison Shannan Sims you're actually from Arizona here in

This spring you went and spent the month of May in June in New York City and Brooklyn yourself you're an ICU nurse deep background in critical care Jenna can you tell us what you saw first up in New York City those two weeks two months

That you were there I saw that they had a very different approach to isolating themselves to try and quarantine themselves from this virus for example you didn't see people out and about those streets were very desolate there

Was not very much going on at all no one you saw walking around kids at playgrounds at parks things like that you didn't see people outside having barbecues or anything like that that's one of the largest contrasting things

That I see coming back home is people are still unsure of what it really means to quarantine in the hospital setting I'm still seeing people who are very choosy or when to wear the mask if we know that a patient is positive then we

Wear a mask folks out here to understand about how many folks did you see even pass away in New York back in New York at least triple digits absolutely coming home as you mentioned I've only

Been here a short period of time I just got wind yesterday that a good friend of mine and coworker we work together since 2013 he just passed away with Kovac 19 one of my good friends and also coworker is hopefully going to be

Discharged on the hospital today and she's been positive with Kovac 19 and these are local people this this isn't my exposure and experience in New York City so it's very concerning when you talk about staffing you saw what

Happened in New York and you're seeing here there's more nurses that are going to be coming here into Arizona help alleviate these pressures what is that experience like in terms of as you know the nurse we interviewed earlier said

Were human – what is that like being in these facilities right now to be honest I don't have anything negative to say about any of the facilities they're all working very diligently and as quickly as they can to try and get this thing

Right this is not like anything we've seen before right we don't have a manual or a playbook but what we can do is utilize the experiences and the exposures of those who have have experienced the the brunt of this

Continue to build that playbook and what I'd like to see people do in our community is focus on protecting one another by trying to wash your hands wearing these masks and socially distancing that means not allowing your

Kids to go to parties not setting up parties not going to the lake not going to camping grounds because you're still coming in contact with others and to be quite frank you cannot assume that everyone is doing what you're doing

Thank you so much and God bless you and thank you for your work and you know we were talking today's your first day off in more than a week and he came and joined us out here in the hundred and ten degree heat

I should put into context you know you said this is our home it's my home too and things become a lot more real Alison when you start to really understand the spread of the impact in one's own community and that is Shannon you gave

Two months of yourself in New York City and now this is back home here for you thank you for your work into your efforts here Alison I want to put into context we're standing here in front of the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's

Office and we're talking about the number of dead folks here in the state that never continues to rise and they have brought in and we should note in just the last 24 hours for backup refrigerators to be used

Potentially as morgues as the death toll continues to increase here Alison fun it's just an unbelievable situation there and I know he can't hear is if you could thank Shannon for all of us here in New York who are so grateful for the

People who came here to save lives and to help protect our city you're gonna make me cry on TV I've been doing that a lot lately I usually don't but we are so very thankful it's people like him who helped

Us get better thank you so much mm-hmm thanks Allison what passive alone 10% of the Cova 19 tests in Georgia are coming back positive but the governor won't allow mask mandates in the state NBC News correspondent Blaine Alexander

Joining me now from Atlanta and Blaine in this executive order the governor banned local localities from mandating masks why is that yeah so this is really in line with one out with what the governor has been

Saying all along during this pandemic Alison which is he does not want local leaders enforcing policies that are more restrictive than what he's put in place statewide so he said this he said that he doesn't believe it's enforceable but

What he does in this kind of 40 page executive order there's a portion in there where he says and puts into writing for the first time that local leaders cannot require people to wear masks or face coverings so what this

Really does here in Georgia though is that it intensifies this kind of battle that we've seen all along between governor Kemp and some local leaders we've seen this now for the better part of this pandemic and what you're seeing

Now from those leaders who had already put it in place places like right here in Atlanta like Savannah like you know Augusta big cities like that as you're seeing defiance you know in the past hour or so we heard from Atlanta mayor

Keisha Lance bottoms her office told me today that their order is going to remain in place and they say they're going to continue using data and science to drive how the city moves forward and makes its decisions in fact the mayor

Said that she's not at all concerned about the state possibly suing the city over this saying that she would put her policies up against any others any day of the week so certainly a lot of back and forth a lot of discord over this

What came out from the governor yesterday Blane I know you've spoken with the mayor of Savannah as well how is this order impacting that city what are you hearing about what Savannah plans to do to deal with this well the

Response is defiant you know he spoke on MSNBC earlier this morning but he also had a very strong tweet one of the strongest responses that I've seen to this essentially saying you know what we now know what the decision is quote

Governor Kemp does not give a damn about us essentially so let's play a little bit of what the Savannah mayor had to say about this take a look I've been absolutely flabbergasted by what has occurred here

In a situation where the state of Florida is the hot spot of the nation and Alabama has mandated mask our governor would not only roll it back but then also try to forbid cities and being able to carry out the mass

Mandates as we have already declared them on one end we're fighting kovat on the other hand we're putting our governor hands should be totally and unequivocally I'm working to bite this is Nelson I think it really bears

Mentioning here that governor Kemp is not saying that maths should not be worn in fact he is encouraging them to be warned that was part of the order that was issued yesterday saying that they're encouraging people to wear masks he was

Wearing a mask when he greeted President Trump on the tarmac at Atlanta's hartsfield-jackson airport yesterday and he's even kind of embarked upon this sort of statewide tour going from city to city wearing masks posting selfies to

His social media account saying things like mask up Georgia so he's encouraging people to wear masks but when it comes to that enforcement to that requirement that's where he's stopping short that's where he says that

Goes a step too far and he said that he in the past that he does not believe it's enforceable Allison Blaine is were talking here about masks what is the ICU situation in Georgia how are hospitals in the state doing well hospital numbers

Are going up hospitalizations are going up you know we've seen really kind of some of the highest numbers that we've seen since back in April or so and that's something that Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance bottom's addressed today in

Her news conference she said that one of the reasons why she is requiring mass in the city of Atlanta is in her words she's hearing from people inside of these hospitals and and she's saying that they're telling her that they're

Overrun that they're concerned about capacity they're concerned about space they're concerned about being able to treat people so she says that she is requiring mass in part because of what she's hearing from the hospitals Alison

All right Blaine Alexander in Atlanta thank you so much 156 people have died in Florida in the past 24 hours that is a state record for the highest increase in coronavirus related deaths hospitalizations they're hitting records

Too meanwhile schools in the state are getting ready to reopen in just a few weeks NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders has the latest from Miami Beach well Alison again today the numbers are going in the wrong direction the number

Of people coming back with positive tests in Florida hitting 13,000 837 that follows if you look at the numbers a little bit of a dip but we went from 15,000 to 12,000 to 9,000 to 10,000 and then back up to 13,000 and so clearly

The corona virus spread continues that one of the underlying recognitions in these numbers is really quite disturbing especially as people are talking about sending their kids back to school and that is some analysis by the Department

Of Health in Palm Beach County where they've looked at the state numbers and pretty close to one in three kids tested that's under the age of 18 is coming back with a positive test and why that is most concerning as kids are talking

About with their parents going back to school is that even if we have very few serious results from exposure to corona virus for young kids in fact in the states so far only four people have died horrible for the families but

Statistically a very low number of people 18 and under who have died from corona virus in this state but remember those kids go to school and then they come home and they see their adult parents their grandparents their aunts

And uncles so a real concern about how if these numbers bear out or get even worse how you'll be able to open schools without getting coronavirus under control Allison NBC News fans thanks for

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