Nuraphone ANC Headphone – Pros and Cons – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on September 17, 2020

Hey everyone welcome back so members of Team Jim's we thank you guys very much for bringing this up to my attention folks were asking me to review the newer phones and nearly every one of my videos for the past two months and a lot of you guys love them too so I reached out to

Them and they were awesome to send a review unit as always being transparent I'm going to go over both pros and cons here this is not a sponsor to review my assessments was not altered in any way I'll leave my affiliate links

Down in that video description below click on my links for the most updated prices in real time you've never know when these things might go on sale I'm Jimmy with Jim's review room and I'm here to help you make that purchase

Decision welcome everyone to another review so going over the physical features first this must be the most unique looking headphones I've ever seen not only are they headphones but these little nubs that sticks out and probes

Your ears they're just like earphones the design is all for the experience the nerve phones have super-sensitive microphones inside so once you download the app you go through about a minute of audio samples so the app can obtain your

Hear to profile now when these futuristic tones goes through your ear your eardrum vibrates in the same those signals to your brain so you can interpret sound but the eardrum also sends sound back out through the ears

Well those very faint sounds that obviously we can't hear ourselves are actually picked up by these super sensitive microphones built into the headphones and then your own personal audio profile is created through the

Neuro phone app the expectation your phone shapes the audio to your listening style based on different levels of sensitivity within your ear so before I get too in-depth about the audio let's go over the basics real quick I'm

Already getting hyped up here about these things but we got to go over the physical features first now the neuro phone the headband is completely metal here with a little bit of plastic up top and a silicone band

Underneath build quality wise these things are not going to break considering it's one-piece construction there's no hinges there's no rotating arms and such these things are fixed but because

Don't fold flat or fold into themselves it's a large footprint not to mention a large carrying case but real quick here the case itself is story it comes with a magnetic latch and lid and on the inside there's also

Another magnetized holder for your included wire and your tips like so it works it's big but it's functional but getting back to the headphones here there are sliding adjustments which I do love let me put these on real quick very

Similar to those and these Sennheiser HD one headphones as for comfort I've never had pinching or sharp way down at the top of my head and they clamping force here is comfortable the only negative and it's very minor I

Do feel a little weight coming at 329 grams which is heavy for headphones you feel it around the ears if I'm moving out and about I'm perfectly fine with the neuro phones if I'm sitting for long periods of times at the office here for

Example I do notice an ever so slight amount of neck fatigue it subjective but compared with the competition most I've tested are technically lighter now my biggest critique though I'd notice if I ever bend down to like tie my shoes here

Or if I go to pick up something or moments I have my foot on my desk I look down like this I've noticed that the headphones do slide a little bit forward here and especially when I lean back and notice it pulls back as well it's a

Little bit slippery now looking at the inside of these ear cups here here are those ear tips no I know it looks funky but it's pretty cool think of these like wearing earphones and then putting headphones over them every one that I

Tested this with at first says whoa that's weird but I felt comfortable no one ever said that it was weird and then refused to continue wearing them if anything after a while it felt pretty damn good but a house here isn't this

The ear tips do not jam into the ear canal like the most traditional in your earphones if anything these super soft ear tips here rests and seals the outside of your ear canal last there's a good bit of breathability and comfort

With no sweat issues the ear cup simply don't heat up my ears alright getting into features here neuro phone went with a no button design that's there's not even an on and off switch which is pretty cool though to

Turn them on you place them on your head give it about a second or two here and then you'll hear them fire up and then a voice prompting indicating a your battery life basically

Now with the no button design it's good and not so good at the same time with my testing they're highly responsive touch sensitive areas on either side of the ear cup and I do love this idea they're customizable through the app as well but

The maximum amount of commands you can give are basically for a single tap on either side or a double tap on either areas the not-so-good side though there's simply just not enough areas of contact if I sign vine up and down and

Then skipping and then going back on a song those four commands or actions are taken up what if I want to add a bun to pause and play I have to pick and choose also if I want to adjust vine I just can't hold down the touch sensitive area

Instead I have to keep tapping the side of the headphones to make it go up or down last I noticed what I have music playing if I need to adjust the headset and granted you use these touch sensitive areas to push them up or down

You're most likely going to trigger whatever you have set that was a nuisance and I am hearing the volume going up and down right now but let's take a look closer look at these ear cups here near phones do come with a USB

A port and offers one cable to connect these via USB if you want any other connections such as three half millimeter or a cable that connects directly to lightning USBC and so forth they do cost an extra twenty dollars

Retail somewhat of an extra accessory which sucks but these are one of the few headphones that actually lets you connect to a variety of devices more specifically to those devices that don't have 3.5 millimeter ports now the same

Port is used to charge the headphones folks at neuro sound are climbing up to 20 hours a battery life on these things I did test myself at 50% vine with active noise canceling on the results or on your screen but before getting into

The audio test I want to touch base on the internal features and experiences I tested signal strength and was able to get about 50 linear feet here with one wall at the office before I heard a slight crackle in the audio compared to

The competitors this is actually on the lower end if you're planning on walking around the house and have the signal go through walls this might be of a concern if you're standing close by with your phone

Not gonna be a big deal as a sidenote you're able to pair with more than one device which is a huge plus in my book and also testing this with video such as Netflix and YouTube on my Android phone no leg whatsoever another plus their

Phone call wise it wasn't the clearest experience noise just within my arm's length right here if I'm moving to stuff around you play sorry about that but we're picked up by the headset but distances or basically sound in another

Room the headphones did suppress that quite well when in quiet environments obviously that's where it work best but still my voice was not crystal clear you can say I've heard better sound leaking is kept to a minimum matter of fact this

Is possibly the least amount of sound leaking of any pair of headphones I've tested blasting is quite loud I can barely hear these thing leaked that's because of the earphones offering direct audio into your ear canal and a second

Layer of passive noise isolation which are the ear cups themselves touching based on active noise-cancelling I unfortunately don't have a sample I went to my first location to do the recording got some video here for you guys and

Because of the design of these headphones they don't create the perfect seal over my equipments so I couldn't give you the most accurate representation please trust me those who have been with me for years they know

Jim's room are always there for the consumer reliable reviews with my assessment the nerve phones did exceptionally well I also did bring along my Sony 1000 excellent threes which are the king of anc right now and

The newer phones it blacked out almost as much as the best there with neuro phones you can tell most of the noise cancelling actually comes from the dual layers physically blocking out the outside world the active part of the

Noise cancelling does assist and when both are combined is truly something worth mentioning and praising here compared to the 1000x m3s you can tell there's much more frequency cancelling rather than relying on the physical

Isolation aspect they're both headphones are very much neck-and-neck just both of them each one of them provides a different experience so folks let's get into the audio test here please put on your own headphones or earphones as I'll

Be using my binaural microphones keep in mind this is my listening profile so we'll be quite subjective but I think there's going to be quite a few care through risks might make out that I think are worth experiencing last folks

Be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe if you haven't already everything helps support my work and be sure to follow me on Instagram as well alright here we go all right get ready folks about a probe your ears give me a

Second here

and there you have it folks like I said

Before the audio experience will be different for everyone because of the unique sound profile for me personally it's rare to have a memorable pair of headphones like a really memorable pair that has characteristics that just

Stands out from the rest the near phone's is one of them everything is very very well balanced that not one frequency range stands out too far and there's not one that's too underwhelming either my interpretation from my profile

Everything is clean detailed if anything highly accurate but that's not even the highlight this is the biggest most noticeable trait on these newer phones it's the sound stage there's large amounts of depth to my audio from

Vocalist and the forefront and instruments in the background at the same time here maybe hearing one synthesized beat on one channel while the other channel plays a different note nearly every instrument every beat is

Separate and identifiable my experience was simply high resolution and a wide soundstage giving you the feeling of something bigger around you it's impressive and again well the best for sure but the

Headphones do get loud there for me yet I've never experienced any listening fatigue listening at moderate volumes a little bit lower I can wear these for hours and still have them very still have a very immersive experience but

Still know your numbness or exhaustion since I'm somewhat known for an C headphone reviews I tested this and I can safely say these are similar in character that is to the boast QC 35 2's that's where it's a little bit more

Accurate a little bit more neutral but the details and the resolution is better on these compared to these Sony's the Sony's does great for certain genres because it has a little bit more bass but the audio fidelity compared to newer

Phones and bose qc25 the sony was a little bit lacking here so the air is that I would really critique through the listen experience was the immersion feature within the the concept is very similar through the

Skull candy crusher 360s that I recently reviewed if you're into that feeling that sensation where the ear cups are vibrating here honestly skull candy did a better job although I can feel the vibrations out of newer phones but the

Audio was it's not a deep resonating subwoofer like bass but it was really to be distorted and didn't translate to that big speaker in the trunk of cars I personally at the immersion experience and the lower end which was it sounded

Great the last I wish to write on the app as well right on the screen there was a description of what my personal audio profile means what do the colours mean what does the extensions are the long end details here mean to you from

My uncovering at the 12 o'clock hand ear the signals that signals the lowest frequency basically it's your base up there and going clockwise or clockwise for me here it moves up the frequency spectrum where it sticks out is where

Your ears are the most sensitive I get a little bit more information for the average consumer which from menacingly help and I think also would further promote the unique proprietary software technology that neuro phone is using so

Folks down in the comment section below let me know what you guys think of the neuro phones themselves you guys have been requesting this hopefully this review helped you in some way again please support my work follow me on

Instagram at jimmy luke official that's my personal motivational account or if when i found all this tacky stuff here all these awesome features of products it's at gyms reveal room and of course like comment subscribe and those fire

Emojis alright guys I'll catch you guys on the next one enough of me saying guys here I am out alright bye

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