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What's up purple gang welcome back to another episode of hack crypto where we hack our cryptocurrency education because our brand new here we do a small giveaway at the beginning of every single video and today's winner is we are awesome thanks so much for

Commenting on the previous video we are awesome I just sent you some crypto now on this special episode today nulls a project that I've covered in the past and will continue to cover because I'm obsessed with enterprise at great open

Source blockchain projects like nulls we are going to be doing a 500 nulls token giveaway for comments in the description below all you have to do is go through the simple steps in the description signing up for a light wallet on the

Website using the link like the video comment with your wallet address something about nulls and that will be in the description below guys haven't watched the previous video that I did about nulls definitely check that out

Also if you guys are asking questions about the hat that I'm wearing it's just that I have been in quarantine at the time of filming this video from coronavirus and haven't taken a shower so I figured I'd just throw this

Hawaiian hat on and we would be good to go so definitely comment something about my Hawaiian hat and I wanted to do a quick tutorial about the Knowles like wall today as well as covering some

Really really compelling news Knowles just came out this week and said that they've been partnered with Portland State University if you guys are not based in the US Portland is in Oregon in the United States and Portland State

University is a pretty massive University now the really interesting part is that they've partnered with a couple of professors there that have been developing a course called a blockchain in business lab and this

Allows students to go in and learn what blockchain can do for businesses whether it's like accounting or just keeping track of all different transactions on an open source ledger so they actually have students that have gone through

This course already that was kind of the mic drop moment for this news that just was released they said that 21 students have already completed their two course curriculum the knowles foundation has been collaborating with these professors

At the University itself working on sending students through this and the fact that they've a completed this curriculum and B have sent 21 students through the curriculum says a lot about what's been

Going on behind the scenes and how the future of developers are going to get access to blockchain development especially on something like null some of the really valuable features the developers are gonna get access to via

This course and actually after they go through the course they can get access to nulls just like everybody else they can go through the micro-service layer they can learn about smart contracts they can use this cross chain

Interoperability feature that's really excited what I want to do on this video is just a brief overview of signing up for the light wallet on null Co so you guys get a chance to see how easy it is to set up and also I'm gonna be linking

To the news do you guys can read up on what this blockchain and business lab is all about at Portland State University and what I can see happening is with this first curriculum running through 21 students I can see it expanding to

Obviously a hundred students and then copy and paste at other universities once you prove it out at one you can definitely use that to knock down the dominoes of other universities and get your foot in the door and start rolling

Out this program at universities all over the United States and all over the world pretty tall order but at the same time it Knowles has been around for a little while people really trust the project I really enjoy reading more

About it seeing everything that they're building out is quite ambitious and I love the mission of creating an open-source enterprise quality blockchain I think it's a really important thing to have in the world

Because being transparent is key and having open source for things that Enterprise are using is going to be a value proposition in the future for users I would love to see certain things that companies make publicly available

On their blockchain and the cross chain and interoperability would really build confidence in people that see alright they're using multiple different ecosystems to build out their ledger and it's such a cool concept for an

Enterprise to pretty much show the world that they are a competent in building on blockchain and B they are able to show what's going on behind the scenes and build confidence with their consumers or the customers

Whether they're businesses or consumers doesn't really matter but just seeing that as transparent as possible is a big proposition for their users so without further ado let's dive into my overview of setting up a light wallet and this

Will also help anyone that has not set that up to comment in the description for the 500 knowles giveaway and get a chance to accept some of those pretty pretty tokens so let's jump right into it so once you guys get to know Leo the

Link will be in the description below you can see open source enterprise grade adaptive blockchain platform and you can see some of the features that I mentioned before micro services smart contracts cross chain interoperability a

Lot of really great things for new developers and experienced developers so what I wanted to do now was go through the wallets when you go to this right up at the top in the nav section you can click on light wallet now it's going to

Give you the option to import a wallet you already have or you can create a new address so if you click create address you just come up with your password and confirm it you understand that you have your password secure and it will create

A brand new wallet address for you really cool things about the Noles Lite wallet is they have different options here for the account itself so for example you can see I have my balance I have my Noel's address here I

Have aliases and I can change a Pat word password I can back it up and I can log out all from this account management so in theory I could set up like a dozen of these different accounts on the Lite wallet which is super

Flexible and also set up a note so if you go to the set under account management there is a node service and this is where you could actually spin up a node on the network you press this little button that adds here and you

Could name it as something for another time I don't want to dive into that right now I want to talk about the Lite wallet specifically but once you click on transfer this is where you come to the ability to use the balance in your

Wallet to send it to somebody else so you can have a contact list you can enter in their address here and the idea here is that you know maybe in the future there's going to be different tokens that are going to be available

Not going to jump into that but the for balance allows you to transfer obviously and you can add the memo just like the majority of wallets out there now once you click on consensus you can see that you know what you're staking

I'm not taking anything right now but you can see the total number of nodes and the total amount being staked as well as the nodes in consensus and this is a list of all of them which i think is pretty sweet you can see all of the

Alias is named at the Commission's total amount that they're staking and it's pretty sweet to see it all laid out simplest simply like this so what I want to do was show you guys from the previous giveaway that we did I'm gonna

Go ahead and copy this and we're going to go over to the Explorer and once we're on null scan dot IO you can see I've put in my address and we'll search for it to see all the different transactions that I've done and these

Were all of the winners from the previous giveaway that we did you can see here people were just winning left and right it looks like that was at the end of March so you can see all the different transactions I've done 109

Right here from this one address that I have like I said before you can spin up hundreds of different addresses if you wanted to on either one well one light wallet or multiple light wallets but the point here being that once you have your

Light wallet set up and you start sending transactions the ledger is at null scanned IO so I'm gonna be linking this below to so you guys can get a chance to see you know your transactions that you're doing and everything like

That and in terms of light wallets this one is super clean because they're new to the space these types of things can be very clunky and difficult to deploy so I'm impressed at the seamless and easy way of doing this and showing this

Off in a very manageable way a lot of wallets out there are extremely extremely archaic and difficult to use so I highly recommend checking this out because it is super super easy and well designed and thought through so

Definitely be sure to sign up for the Lite wallet through the link in the description because if you don't use the link there's no way that we can match the two together so you need sign up through the link in the

Description below comment something about nulls something that you love about the community it will be coming from this wallet address so definitely feel free to verify everything on here just for the sake of the blockchain

Community you can definitely verify everything that's going on on null skin and I'll even link to this below with my wallet so you guys can see what's going on with the giveaway and everything like that that is it for my overview of

Setting up the light wallet on the Noel's Network and like I said before the links will be in the description below for the coin Telegraph article where you guys can read up more on the Portland State University partnership

Where they're going through all this amazing a blockchain curriculum and they've had 21 students go through the program already which is massive through two courses so really exciting to see this level of adoption happening at the

Ground floor on college campuses and I've heard of a lot of companies trying to do this at colleges but seeing them execute and then do some press about this says execution first getting some buzz afterwards is such a good thing to

Follow in business and I love that they're doing that that's gonna attract a lot of companies that they are executing they're not just talking about things that they're going to be doing in the future and raising money and all

That they're actually building so it's really exciting to see all of that coming together for Knowles as a quick disclaimer this video is not sponsored but I am part of the Knowles partner program as well as a couple of other

Creators out there that are just covering all the things that are nulls over the next couple of months so if you guys have any questions about that definitely leave a comment below don't forget to smash a like on this video it

Really helps the channel and helps YouTube give me a pat on the back for letting me know that we're doing a good job here at the hack crypto channel so that is it for this episode I hope you guys liked it and I will see you guys on

The next episode of crypto

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