Nucleus Vision (NCASH) – 100X Potential!! This is about to DOMINATE the RETAIL Industry!

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

we're gonna discuss a project that I'm
really excited about this project that's
been around for a little while it was
called nooglers vision the ticker is
encash this is presented by k7 crypto
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let's get it so what is nucleus vision
nucleus vision is an internet things
based contactless identification system
that empowers retailers to identify and
better serve their customers the problem
that nucleus vision is trying to solve
is this when you're shopping online in
your own stores like or even
Google search all these programs and all
these systems are saving your
information and they're using that to
better optimize their services to you so
online they do this really really well
but in person this is not being done
well at all on a retail level so nuclear
fission wants to bring that whole aspect
of gathering your information online to
find out what your preferences are to
better serve you in person in other
words they want to leverage this data
and collect it to better optimize the
customer experience this is the solution
and this is how nucleus vision works
imagine shopping having the store know
exactly what you like on what you might
be after they approach you digitally
through your smart phone after
identifying you using nuclear vision ion
sensor and politely ask if they can help
you it is your decision to share your
data via a nucleus vision using orbit
nucleus version of blockchain
information system using nothing more
than 3G or 4G network on your smartphone
by sharing your data you can earn
Akashic up for currency based loyalty
and redemption utility token which can
be redeemed with any new clues vision
partners you can even earn more in cash
tokens by purchasing from nucleus vision
partners from a retailer perspective
this allows targeted offerings to
customers increasing return on
investment and conversion after you
press accept the store will give you
tokens for allowing them to access your
information this information can be used
by the store clerk to help serve you and
better find what you're looking for in
the store where there could be a tie or
dress shirt it doesn't matter whatever
your preferences are the store will know
because you granted them access and got
free coins to
so we went over how the device enter
actual customers nucleus vision in a
thing sensor doesn't depend on RFID
Wi-Fi Bluetooth organ future with
cognition technologies to operate it
just senses use the blockchain and in
those you're here so next we're gonna
look through the token metrics the
market cap is 110 mil we got a price of
two point seven cents you got a circling
some prior roughly four billion total
supply ten billion we got a volume over
on eight point five mil some finance
coin coin X bit B NS&I D X and it's
ranking right now is ninety of them
called coin market cap we're gonna
analyze the current state of the
products and the team so right now our
nucleus vision is in twenty five
different stores around world wide right
now so it's growing they got really
really big ambitious goals and they're
very realistic year to year so we'll go
through them near the end of the video
if we want to understand why I think
this is a hundred next coin so the team
currently consists of 40 members ten
blockchain developers five data
scientists one internet thinks platform
architect for marketers nine engineers
and eleven operations members the CEOs
name is Abhishek he dropped off from
Harvard to follows passion on nucleus
vision I don't know a problem with that
because uh Bill Gates you have Steve
Jobs in and all them they'd all dropped
out at college university to so it's not
a big deal to me
Abhishek also has experience in
management large-scale projects in which
he has less large teams developed new
technology and streamlined operational
activities resulting in significant
increases in efficiency he founded a
technology startup increase in revenue
and expanding operations in India United
States and Canada
so next we're gonna look at that
gentleman in charge of the retail
partnerships Martin Dudley so Martin has
a long history in sales marketing and
customer engagement in both retail and
technology sectors he has worked in key
marketing roles for large companies such
as Levi's Patrol jeans and Progreso
the CTO is Avinash booty avinash's
relevant development and blockchain
experience and has worked at large
corporations such as Bank of America BP
Siemens and Philips director of telecom
partnerships is Mistah she has
previously worked in senior management
and business development roles with
large scale of communication companies
and I'm sure given that contact she's
cultivated during this time and
knowledge of the industry she would
continue to form strong partnerships for
nucleus so lastly we're gonna look at
the director of business operations
he only has his nucleus vision listed in
his employment history in LinkedIn but
in this website indicates that he's been
employed at Wolff the large
pharmaceutical company and applied my
material as a global electronics
engineer company developing innovative
electronic products so nucleus visions
communities huge they got a huge social
media following it's one of the biggest
in a cryptocurrency space we got there
telegram 90k he got the Twitter 52k
reddit 60k facebook 8k and in there
github the only updated about 28 days
ago I would like to see more recent
updates from the github we're gonna do a
SWOT analysis of in cash right Frank's
weaknesses opportunities and threats
right so strengths right analysis in 25
retail stores they got a really great
plan and they plan to be in 50 retail
stores planning by the end of q1 this
year so nucleus business internet thing
sensors do not depend on RFID Wi-Fi
Bluetooth for official recognition and
technologies to operate you have a
strong team they have a solid advisory
panel proprietary technology users are
incentivized and which drives up the
demand for the tokens they have a large
computing community which already talked
about here's some more strengths they
have current partnerships with large
corporations Vodafone Reliance
Communications one of the largest ISPs
India radishes aunt Ellen idea so you
have a realistic roadmap which I
discussed they have multifaceted
business model with numerous revenue
streams and they're going after large
market 16 trillion here are the
weaknesses a large number of blockchain
technologies and companies are entering
that you know things ecosystem it's
gonna be very competitive another
weakness is that increase is chopping a
line is causing a lot of retail stores
to go down and bankrupt people aren't
going to stores no more but this is some
of the problems that nucleus vision is
looking to solve is trying to get people
to the stores and incentivize them for
going there so next the experience with
the director of business operations as
I'm playing it cannot be cooperating
that doesn't matter so much so guys
because they're already like there's
already a working product there's
ordiance stores and the story moving you
know it's already going so once this
thing catcher catches fire the things to
just blow up like a wildfire another
another weakness is that you know you'll
have people who are window shoppers –
right so people could find out where all
the stores are that people are giving
out free new clothes cash and just stand
outside the stores or just stand right
close to it and just get free tokens for
just visiting the stores and not really
buying anything so you have to think
about the plan to like stop that from
happening because there's a lot of
window shoppers out there who don't plan
to spend any money in the stores and
lastly another weakness is they have no
plan to address the volatility of in
cash tokens so next we're gonna look at
the opportunities for any cash the early
focus on adoption of strategy revolves
around the retail sector second phase of
growth nucleus will deploy smart in and
I think sensors across residential
commercial and industrial security
systems Phase three nucleus vision is
set on connecting the world through an
ecosystem or interconnected
indan of things nucleus technology team
has already begun putting together the
frameworks for nuclear so nucleus cars
nuclear self nucleus agriculture nuclear
city and nuclear air the nucleus
platform has a massive applications and
smart communication smart cities
agriculture and transportation health
care and home monitoring and it's only
on for exchanges right now so the price
will pump as you can see right now guys
this thing's so they're only good
looking at a retail sector right now but
it seems going to spread like a wildfire
think depending on how well the whole
team is able to execute the business
plan so lastly some threats that will be
coming to in cash we got a lot of
competition coming knees no ocean
protocols doing similar thing but n cash
has the first mover advantage already
has a working product and it's already
in stores and it's always been going
this has been around since 2013
another threat is that half of the
supplies and in hands of team another
threat is that the end goal is very
difficult but um realistically this
something like this is already being
done in China with WeChat and Ali pay in
China if you will buy things people buy
everything with their phones when
they're buying things in person it's
saving up all the information to all the
stores they go to and it's using that to
better optimize services for them if you
haven't heard of WeChat or Ali page
searching online on YouTube you'll see
different examples of how people live
there is pretty awesome and I think this
is what this is what end cache and
nucleus vision is trying to do what they
envision right lastly again the app
there's no solution for the price
volatility but I think that will change
once cryptocurrency is more adopted to
the mainstream so I am super bullish on
this I'll explain why I'm super bullish
on this so I'm super bullish on this is
just because of the road map and what
they got coming just the whole plan of
this whole situation I'll read some of
the things coming out this year but they
got there like three or four years ahead
in q1 oh we have 50 stores they want for
partnerships coalition loyalty programme
100k users be using it right now they
already got that locked down hard ok so
next in cubes with a 120 or 50 stores 6
partnerships dynamic pricing and 250 K
users identified so lastly in q4 they
want 5 K stores you want to scale across
Southeast Asia telecom partnerships 14
dynamic campaign platform uses to
identify four million so this is awesome
like once these they start hitting these
milestones and people keep showing them
what the company is doing like they're
showing the physical evidence of the
company actually hitting their targets
hitting their goals this thing with just
people up and up and up
cuz the more people buy and sell this
token the more scares will be so we're
going to look at the website very
quickly this is a very nice website
right here we got the companies that
nuclear fission is backed by you guys my
girl member Tim Draper he's a big a big
investment manager we got all the
information that I talked about on his
sensor they got the different phases
that they're going in different plans of
different years as he could see down
here so down here they have an example
of how the whole technology will work
and how stores will integrate it in the
system and to better serve their
customers I say just looking through
this video is very very good and this is
their roadmap here and this is their
leadership team we went through some of
this these people I suggest coming here
and doing your own research right as you
can see right here I want to show you on
this full roadmap as you can see here is
third in 2013 now and it goes all the
way down to this is our 2022 plan right
here at the very bottom they got hyper
growth on all three phases they want if
they wanted a 1 million stores of 184
telecom partnerships a neuron
application platform the only one 590
million users using this worldwide I
think this is very doable the team has
to work very hard and just grow I think
once cryptocurrencies become more widely
adopted more widely used once the prices
go parabolic it's game over you let's
get anyone anyone could be a top of this
and this is very there's an excellent
plan and an excellent team to execute
this plan backbite rep reputable
companies and on that note thank you for
your time there's presented by Kirkland
PD if you like the content hit that
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think nucleus vision is a hundred x coin
you want me to review some other points
just write them down below let me know
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like button it really helps people hear
about this channel and grow the channel
you guys have a great week we've got
more videos to come more reviews and we

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