Note 10 vs S10 (18 DIFFERENCES) – Which Samsung series is the best of 2019?

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Hey guys welcome back to the channel I'm Michael Bryan and in this video I want to show you guys the differences between the samsung galaxy s 10 series and the samsung galaxy note tensors so these two series both came out from samsung this year and they're both very very

Impressive super phones there's a lot going on with both of them but there are some subtle differences that can definitely make you love or hate one phone in comparison to the other so in this video like I said I'm going to dive

In and show you guys all of the differences between these phones to help you decide where you want to spend your money in which phone is the right one for you so starting off I want to mention that each one is a series of

Phones so there's the note 10 the note 10 plus and a 5g version and likewise on the S 10 there's the S 10 es10 plus S 10 regular and then also a 5g phone as well so in this video I actually have the S 10 regular right here and I have the

Note 10 plus but I'm comparing the series in general pointing out the major differences between them and then I'll also mention some differences between the different models so starting off on the back of these phones you'll see that

The note 10 series has the cameras rearranged in comparison to how they were on the S 10 series so no longer are they the big Cyclops looking things sideways instead they're stacked a little more vertically a little bit more

Like the iPhones were before and I think this is actually a better orientation for these because it leaves a smaller gap in a phone case which means these lenses are less likely to get scratched when something is when your phone is in

Your pocket anything else is in your pocket with that so I would say that's definitely a plus one for the note 10 series right there but on the flip side the S 10 as you notice on the side right there they

Do have the heart rate sensor so the note 10 series does not have a heart rate sensor I don't know if people use the heart rate sensor that much I think I used it a little bit when I first got the samsung galaxy s 10 it was fun to

Use but now the only real drawback that I see with that is when you open up the Samsung health app it's a little bit harder to find the heart rate if you have heart rate data coming in from like a watch for example

So that's just one drawback and I would say that is definitely one point for the samsung galaxy s 10 series now other differences here on the front you'll see they did move the camera on the note 10 I can't really say which one is better I

Want to hear it from you guys actually comment down below if you like the camera in the middle better or on the top right better I think if I really had to choose I'm just so used to it being on the top right I've been using the S

10 for so long now that I think I might like it a little bit better on the top right just because when you're watching videos and you have it turned sideways and you don't have a big black dot in the middle of the side

Of your video it's kind of more in the corner where you don't tend to really look at that much anyway I will say the note n does have a slightly smaller cut out for the camera so the whole punch is a little bit less intrusive on the note

N that's a small win for the note n right there but I don't know which one actually gets the win for the front-facing camera another important difference to note is the storage of these so the note n has significantly

More storage on it the lowest model is 256 gigabytes which is an insane amount of memory for a phone and then the S 10 series has a lowest of 128 which is still a lot still probably more than a lot of people will need on the phone so

I don't know if that's really a drawback for you that this has less but both of them can go up and you can have larger storage on either of them depending on which one you buy now the S 10 series does have expandable storage on there

Whereas the note 10 only has expandable storage on the note 10 plus so that means if you get the note 10 regular you cannot get a micro SD card in there I think a very obvious difference in these two phones it's the screen so as you can

See right there the note obviously has these square corners that's classic of the note look right there so the screen extends farther into the corners and also has a slightly smaller bezel on the top and the bottom both of

Them obviously have the round edges on the side for the Infinity Oh display so the screen is massive compared to the body and both of these but the note is slightly bigger of the screen you know in comparison to the body itself looking

At the side of the phones you will see that the s10 does have the Bigsby key right there and I think the Bixby key for some people is a win some people they don't like it I like it because they allow you to reprogram it on this

Phone right here so what you can do is have it you know I press it once and I open up snapchat I can double press it and open up Bixby I never double press it because nobody cares about big for you really and then you also have the

Power button on the other side that you can double press and open up the camera on the note 10 plus here you have the choice where you only have the on button right there the power button and you can either double press that to open up an

App or you can open up a camera or you can open up a big speed you can also press and hold that to open up either the power menu or to summon Bixby again and if you choose to not have the power menu there the only way to actually turn

Your phone off is to go up into settings and select the off button right there so the note 10 just like all the notes of course is the only place you can get the s-pen so strangely enough the s-pen does not come with the

S-series it only comes with the note series but the s-pen is new and improved on the note 10 right here so you have some really cool Bluetooth gestures you can do right there so you can actually swipe up and down and move around and

Swirl to zoom and do a lot more with the pen right here you can also write on your screen when your phone is off to take quick notes and then it'll save it automatically when you put your pen back in your phone so having the s-pen is a

Cool plus on the note 10 right here so I would definitely say that's something that if the if you can have an S Pen and if it would work on the S 10 series I think that would be kind of cool to have but having it on the note 10 is

Definitely a plus if you're somebody that likes to draw or somebody that likes to do presentations from your phone and you want to have a remote right there it's pretty cool to do it with this of course if you're really

Worried about using a remote for taking pictures or for presenting you could probably use like a Galaxy watch for example or some other remote device to connect to your phone to do that if you go with the s10 one that I should have

Mentioned earlier but I didn't and this is a huge difference I think this might be a deal-breaker for a lot of people is the headphone jack so the S 10 series does have a headphone jack Lee note 10 series does not they finally got rid of

The headphone jack on that one which is a little bit unfortunate if you're somebody that likes to use non bluetooth headphones and they plug in right there you are going to have to get a dongle where it goes in and plugs in USB see on

The bottom not a huge deal to get that little dongle honestly you probably have dongles all over the place anyway it's 2019 everyone loves to have dongles plugging into USB see every laptop has a million of them apparently definitely a

Huge drawback in my opinion of the note 10 I really do like having the headphone jack on the s10 so if you're in a car you can plug in the aux cord there you can plug in your headphones to this you can plug in a lot more than you can with

The note 10 unless you get that dongle so the actual software on these phones of course they're both running one UI but there are a couple features that are specific to the note 10 right here so one of them is the windows integration

And so what you can do is actually swipe down to your quick settings up top and it's actually really nice how there is a link to windows option in Windows you can actually open up photos you can send messages from your laptop and you can

Also access the entire phone interface and use it from your laptop so just a cool thing you can do right there integrating with Windows it's kind of what Apple has been doing for a long time with their ecosystem I guess

Windows and Google are kind of getting along a little better now and trying to make that integration so that more people from Android side can actually use it a little more a little more seamlessly another thing

That is really cool with both of these phones is Samsung decks now they like I said they do both have them and you can plug in just an adapter on the bottom you don't need the deck stand or anything from Samsung you literally just

Need a USBC to an HDMI adapter but what's cool about the Samsung Note 10 here is it actually works a little bit better on Windows and Mac so as soon as you plug it in USB C into your laptop it'll automatically open up exactly what

You think it will add X interface right there which is a little bit weird I don't know why you want a different UI on your laptop so I don't really see that as a huge useful feature for me but it could be useful for you what I think

The decks is really useful for and this is where it's a tie for both phones it's just plugging into a different TV and actually I made a different video on decks altogether if you want to see that check it out right there decks is really

Really cool and these phones because they're so powerful and they're actually very expensive as well they might be able to actually replace your laptop that's how I justify the price I kind of say yes this is $1000 but it's the phone

And a laptop so if you can get rid of two things combine them into one it's like $500 for each then and it kind of makes sense that maybe you can justify that in your budget to buy one of these two phones when you swipe down

Into your quick settings another thing that you'll notice is the media and devices control immediately right there in the quick settings it's a little bit easier on the note 10 to do that maybe that's something that will show up on

The one UI on the s10 eventually with updates but it's not there right now so that's definitely another plus if you have other devices other Bluetooth devices or smart TVs in your home and you want to connect them and control

Them from your note 10 it's a little bit easier to access that right there now the batteries on these are both very similar I would say the note 10 has a slightly larger battery about 200 extra milliamp hours for every model as you

Move up and I'll post the specs on the screen right there but you know obviously the screen is a little bit larger in the corner so you can't really relate battery life too much to the battery size on these I would say that

It's almost essentially a tie for these two they last about the same amount of time of course it depends on a lot of different factors some cool features like I said with the s-pen before you actually have some AR features on this

As well that are kind of new and specific to the S 10 or the note 10 series right here and that is one of them is a doodle which is pretty cool you're able to you know doodle things in air and

It'll look fun I don't know I don't really use that that much but you'll also have the AR measure app on here which is just another cool app that you can kind of play around and get a general idea of how big things are if

You need a quick measurement of something it's not perfectly accurate but it's pretty close some other built-in software on the note 10 plus here you do have a McAfee integrations for some security on here or a VPN if

You want to do that I don't find that to be a huge deal I downloaded Nord VPN on my s10 anyway that's what I use it works really well and it integrates pretty well anyway so I don't really need McAfee right there but you also have an

Onboard screen recorder on the note 10 that's a big plus so if you go down to quick settings again this is very finding some of the really cool features on the note 10 there's a built in screen recorder similar to what Apple has been

Doing for a while so no longer do you need that extra app to record your screen if you're making videos so the cameras of course have very similar specs like I said before but the actual software onboard is a

Little bit different so one thing that the note 10 has that the S 10 does not is the live focused video so you can actually take videos and I'll show you a sample right now so guys this is the live focus video right here I'm doing

The black and white one so you can really tell what the background is compared to me you would see little you know weird color points if it didn't detect it perfectly and so here you're seeing it definitely is doing a really

Good job of that in my previous video where I reviewed this phone alone I had a kind of brownish background and it was a little bit weird with that guy's you also have some other really cool background so you can do with live focus

Video so this one right here is I don't even know how to explain this this is a really cool-looking one though there's just the classic blurry one right here where the whole background just blurred out this is probably like the portrait

Mode as you're thinking of and it still looks pretty good so one big camera difference you'll notice is that the s10 is a lot more zoomed out than the no.10 and part of that is for the stabilization so you see right there it

Is a little more stable if you're using the note 10 now if I'm gonna flip it around and use the wide-angle lens and run and see how that looks so the s10 series is a little bit cheaper right now if we're talking about

Price for the s10 II you can find on Amazon for somewhere around $600 you can find a brand new s10 right here just a regular s10 for around nine hundred dollars it's a lot cheaper if you get one that's refurbished and then of

Course the s10 plus is about nine hundred fifty dollars and you can get it cheaper somewhere around $650 if you get one of those refurbished honestly refurbished might not be a bad option for you

Obviously they no 10 because it's so new there are no refurbished ones out there yet and the note 10 is about $1,000 the no 10 plus is about $1,100 so the price difference is definitely a very big point right there between the two so

Guys those are essentially all the differences I found between these two different devices I think that for me the s10 might be the better phone just because I really liked a headphone jack I really like the size and the rounded

Corners on this it fits in my pocket really well and I kind of do like the camera a little bit better in the corner the note tent is an amazing phone it has a lot more power and some cool features right there if you're trying to use this

As a laptop or do presentations off of it having the s-pen is also really cool and I really like having that built into the phone there's some cool gestures with that but which phone is actually the best one for you guys comment down

Below and let me know what you think of these two phones which one is better and why thanks for watching guys I'll see you in the next one

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