Note 10+ (Problems and Best Features after 2 Weeks of Daily Use)

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

So the Galaxy Note 10 two weeks ago and in the first two weeks there was a lot of noise surrounding these phones there were a lot of really positive reviews about the amazing specs on these phones and there was obviously a lot going on being that this is one of

The most powerful flagship phones released every single year and the note 10 is no exception but now that it's been 2 weeks it's time to put the spec sheets aside and actually look at how this phone performs under daily use so

After using this phone for two weeks I found a lot of things that weren't mentioned in the original reviews and I want to share them with you in this video so in this video like I said I'm gonna share with you all the different

Features that I found that other people did not mention that are either really annoying or really positive about this phone that could sway your opinion either way on to whether or not this is the phone for you

hey guys welcome back to the channel I'm Michael Bryan and like I said this video is a two weeks later review of the Galaxy Note 10.1 is the battery the processor maybe they test out a couple

Things with a camera but actually using it every single day for two weeks this video is going to be more of these subtle things so I'm going to assume you already know you know how big the batteries and stuff like that and I'm

Just going to talk about purely the experience of using this phone on a day to day basis so starting off with the general form of this phone it's obviously huge you know 10 plus is just massive as far as phones go but that's

Kind of expected if you're buying a note they've always been the largest phone basically and so one thing that I kind of noticed was a little bit annoying with this is because it's a glass sandwich so very very smooth glass

Around edges everywhere and it's a very large phone you're going to be dropping this phone especially if you have smaller hands and if you don't have a grippy case on here it's very likely that you'll drop this almost every time

You pick it up if you're laying down texting it's gonna fall on your face and this is a big phone it might hurt a little bit more than maybe your Nokia flip phone obviously so there's you know you might drop this phone that's one

Drawback now another one that actually is a little bit more subtle and I didn't notice it until actually just yesterday and that is actually the fact that they move the camera bump over creates a different smaller issue so I typically

Lay this phone down when I'm writing on it I don't hold it and write I lay it on a table and because the camera bump is no longer all the way across like it was on the s10 now it's this little vertical thing in the corner what you actually

Did is you create two different points that are going to touch the table so you have right there on the camera then you have a point down in the corner that's gonna touch the table and then one of the other two corners is going to touch

The table so it kind of rocks back and forth and it's a little bit wobbly when you're typing that's not something that is a huge game-changer though because you can really you know if you put a case on this phone which you probably

Kind of have to anyway then that totally resolves that problem now of course that brings the other issue of if you have a big case and it's really grippy this phone might be really hard to fit in your pockets so again I don't want to

Get too into the negatives of the form of this phone you know despite the fact that it's so big it actually is pretty comfortable in your hands once you pick it up and you know you're comfortable not dropping it it is actually you know

So rising ly comfortable given the size of this now another thing they changed with the form that maybe I'm not the biggest fan of is the movement of the on button or the power button over to the left

Side so now that's as you probably saw before it's kind of the big speed slash power button and you can kind of remap it to do other things so that's you know that's new but what I don't like about it being on the left side is actually

That taking screenshots can be a little bit more annoying now so rather than just squeezing on either side of the phone you have to get two fingers and line them up and they're so close together and you squeeze like that which

Is again just a small drawback there it's not the end of the world and of course you can also do the palm screenshots but that has another little caveat there so if you're taking a screenshot with your palm you have to

Make sure that your entire palm touches the entire phone and you swipe otherwise you end up accidentally like it registers as a finger swiping and obviously it's not taking a screenshot done so if you get good at that that's

Really cool and that's really useful but otherwise you're gonna have to have your fingers close together taking a screenshot just a small drawback there now something I really like about this phone obviously everyone's talking about

The screen the display but I think that would be kind of stupid to not mention it in this video that's something that is definitely you know a huge part of this phone quite literally and so watching any kind of movies on here

Watching videos on here it's actually really really nice really comfortable one small thing though and this is with a lot of phones not just this phone the ratio of this that I think it's a two to one ratio means that you typically have

A lot of dead space on the ends of videos so if you're watching on YouTube you can pinch and zoom in which is cool but then you cut off the top and bottom of the video so that's sort of something that is not negative particular to this

Phone that's every phone out there today but it's just something that I noticed with the sim tray on the top I do like how you can have an SD card in there that's something really cool that maybe I won't use a whole lot on this phone

But what I really don't like and I was trying to use a second sim on this phone is the fact that I don't have one that's eligible for dual SIM so I thought the way it worked was the unlocked phones were always eligible for dual SIM and

They had the slot there on the top but this one apparently doesn't even though it's an unlocked phone I wanted to put two sims in there and the second one just doesn't fit so maybe I'm doing something wrong or maybe this is just

Not the right SIM tray for that but honestly that's a little bit of a drawback and a little bit knowing that they don't make that a little more clear so something that's really cool that I kind of didn't notice

Again until very recently was that right next to the phone you have this little flashing it looks like a dead pixel when you're calling and it's actually going to be a sensor behind the screen so I really like how Samsung is moving more

And more stuff behind the screen maybe someday they'll have the camera behind the screen who knows but for now having that extra little sensor right there so it you know it's a text when it's up against your ear or not oh of course

Having the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is absolutely amazing I love signing into this phone just with my thumb just tapping the screen like that so you don't have any kind of you know wasted button or dead space in the middle is

Literally under your screen and that's a really cool feature so this phone does have really good audio on the top and bottom and I'll do a speaker test in a second for real this time but something I didn't like was that because they

Slimmed down the speaker on the top it's really really thin you actually can almost not even see it so when you're on the phone you actually have to have this like lower than you expect and then the phone being so large just kind of

Awkward it's not like a normal shape that you want to be talking on the phone with it kind of feels like you're holding a tablet or like it dude it it actually literally feels like you're holding a Kindle next to your face so

They're they're actually not that different and screen size so a quick little aside right here if you're new here and have not yet subscribed but you're interested in the latest tech make sure you get on and click the

Subscribe button and the Bell icon so you don't miss the latest videos so I did a little bit more research on getting rid of the headphone jack on the bottom and it turns out that actually 70% of flagship users so people that are

Using the note 10 or the S 10 use bluetooth headphones anyway and so Samsung figured it's probably not a big deal if they got rid of that after complaining a lot I did realize like typically I actually use my Galaxy buds

For the most part but I do have some wired headphones I just have to not use them or get a dongle now not a huge deal I kind of just adapted to only using my Galaxy buds all the time so if you're getting this phone I do recommend that

You get Galaxy buds I'll link a review right there and in the description of where I reviewed the Galaxy buds they're really easy to use with this phone and they're obviously a big workaround for not having a headphone jack so talking

About the speed the power and the temperature of this phone those are three things that kind of go together a little bit so the speed obviously this is a very powerful phone I had no problems with it slowing down even using

Samsung decks it worked really well with every kind of load I put on this so basically everything I'm using I can't possibly sell this phone down then the battery on here as everyone kind of mentioned before it is actually lasting

Easily a whole day right now I'm getting about a day and maybe four or five hours the next day if I'm really conservative I can probably get two days out of this and that's definitely a huge plus now the temperature of this phone a lot of

People are worried about that I mentioned before that it got a little bit warm and really what that is if you're doing wireless charging a lot or if you're doing something that's very intense on the phone so like a are

Doodle or a lot of the augmented reality stuff then it does tend to get a little bit warm up along the top of the phone just a little bit but it's not like hot to touch it just warm so that you kind of know the phone's working hard if you

Had a case maybe you would get a little bit hotter there but overall I don't think it's a huge concern all right now let's do a speaker test right here to see how loud this phone actually gets so as you can see like it's approximately

The same volume as my voice that's really so as you can see it's approximately the same volume as my voice it's really an impressively loud speaker obviously just a phone speaker it doesn't have a ton of base as you

Kind of don't really expect from phones but it's definitely loud enough that I'm impressed it's maybe not the best feature about this phone but it definitely gets the job done so before I complain that the s-pen wasn't working

For the zoom feature for me because I was kind of told that you like swirl it but you kind of don't actually want to do that you just want to make a c-shape and then hold it at the top or the bottom and you can zoom so you want to

Do is just kind of go like that and if you hold it it zooms out and if you go from the bottom and go up it'll just continue to zoom in so let's do that again and it just continues to zoom the only

Thing is it's kind of a set soom spate speed so if you're trying to take a video you can't slow it down or speed it up again I'm not sure what the application of that is and as far as the camera goes I haven't been using the

S-pen much typically what I'm used to at least with my s10 is you can just prop up the phone if you're trying to take a picture of a group and when you hold your hand up it recognizes your palm and they'll automatically take a picture no

S-pen needed and so honestly the s-pen in my opinion hasn't really been super useful except for taking some off-screen notes so when the screens off I really like that feature that I can just start writing on the screen with the s-pen

It'll save the notes and I can look at them later that's literally the only thing I use the s-pen for though so some other things with the camera it does have four cameras on the back really only three

Though so you have three cameras and then a depth camera now the the time of flight the depth camera there is really not super useful so it is kind of good if you're doing like a are doodle or you're trying to do like a augmented

Reality like measuring so if you want to measure like how big my camera is I showed you that in the previous video but the problem is one it's not super accurate and two it doesn't really go that far so you're not gonna measure

Things that are more than like four or five feet away which at that point I don't really understand the need for it so it would be great if you could measure something really far away and just get like a relative distance maybe

Or you know if you wanted to recognize how big something was that's cool but when something is in front of you I feel like most people are pretty good at judging you know approximately how big it is especially if it's four feet away

You can say like yeah that's about 12 inches you know you can usually tell how big things are so I don't really see an application for the AR on this phone yet I think that Samsung kind of put it in there just so they're prepared for

The future so this phone can withstand whatever they think the future of you know technology's gonna look like so the cameras in this phone obviously are really cool and I showed you before that there is like the live focus video it

Looks really cool again not super practical but then again everything on a camera is you know mostly just for fun anyway for a lot of people you know record fun things take pictures of whatever fun moments stuff like that

Something that's really cool with this is the zoom in mic so obviously you're not literally zooming in you're not like putting a mic in front of somebody but what you can do is as you zoom in it turns the audio up so it feels like

You're getting closer to the subject it just it kind of eliminates what could be a little bit weird if you're taking a video so if you zoom in and the audio stays farther away it can be a little bit weird so it's cool that they fix

That just with software on this phone so some other miscellaneous things that I noticed I really like the trash can on here when you delete a photo it goes into like a fourteen-day trash can so if you accidentally delete stuff you can go

Back and recover it kind of like the recycle bin that microsoft's been doing for like a decade but it's cool that this has that I do like that feature and then of course Dex Samsung Dex is one of the biggest features of this phone that

Everyone's getting so excited about now the fact that you can have a desktop on this phone of course you can do that one previous phones as well but I tried this out I used Dex for an entire weekend not use my laptop so I'm making a video

Next week about that if you're interested make sure you click the subscribe button I'll be putting that out and telling you guys what my experience was like using Dex for an entire week so guys to summarize with

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 you know has a lot to offer it's really cool really powerful but unfortunately I don't think it's anything like especially different from the previous the note 9 the note 8 or even from the

S10 so for me personally I think I might actually be sticking with my s10 as a daily phone because yes I actually do like the headphone jack a lot I also like the smaller form of it so I can put a case on it and it still feels pretty

Normal in my hand this is a little harder to put a case on just because it's so big so overall guys I think that this is an amazing phone maybe not the phone for me maybe it is the phone for you comment

Down below and let me know thanks for watching guys I'll see you next time

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