NOTE 10 PLUS by Samsung TESTED! (Slim, Powerful, and Feature Packed) – Best Phone of 2019?

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

So Samsung just released a brand new Galaxy Note 10.1 Galaxy Note tenon the 5g version so they have a lot coming out right now right here I have the Galaxy Note 10.1 have a lot going on here so they changed the geometry a little bit I'm going to

Talk about that in this video and I really want to dive in and kind of debunk some of the claims see if they're true or false you know about different things with this phone so they made some really bold claims with their specs on

This they said that the screen was amazing the battery is amazing they moved the buttons around like I said they also said it connects to Windows the cameras are supposed to be improved there's a lot going on and I'm gonna

Dive in and explain all of it to you guys in this video so starting this off with what is in the box on the lid side of course you have the manual you have your similar evil tool all that's pretty standard then in the actual box itself

On the other half you have a USB see charging block this is 25 watts which is honestly not even the most that this phone can handle the phone can handle up to 45 watt fast charging you have to buy the 45 watt charger separately a little

Bit of a downer but 25 is still pretty fast now this is a USBC charging block which means that the cable comes with is a dual end USBC cable which is really nice to have it's 20:19 that is just one less dongle you need if you're plugging

Into a newer laptop then we also have of course this little adapter right here USB C on one end USB C or USB hey on the other end then we also have the earbuds now these earbuds are a little different from the older ones because these

Earbuds right here actually plug in with USB C so I'm actually going to test out later on in this video and really see if these work on any other devices besides just the Galaxy Note 10 of ear pieces right there so that the

Earbuds fit better in your ears you can interchange there's three different sizes and honestly these earbuds if they're anything like the s10 in ear buds they sound really good I like them although I will say the braided cable

Sometimes makes a little bit of noise if it rubs against buttons on your shirt or any other clothing you might have so right here I have the note 10 plus in black now they have four different colors you can choose from the one that

You've probably seen the most on all these different reviews and posts and blogs and everything is the absolutely crazy one that has all the different colors when you look at different angles I chose a black one just a little bit

More of my I love the type of phone I want to have I'm gonna be putting a case on it anyway and so that's why I just chose the black one so that's a quick little aside here if you're new here and have not yet

Subscribed but you're interested in the latest tech just like this please go down and click the subscribe button and the Bell icon if you don't YouTube will not notify you about the latest tech okay so looking at the phone the first

Thing that you can't miss is the obvious large screen on this so the screen is absolutely massive and they have a really good ratio on this between screen to body so you see a really tiny bezel on the bottom literally nothing on the

Sides as the screen wraps around the edges and then on the top the smallest bezel and then of course the camera cut out in the middle now the tiny bezel on the top you can't even see it right there but there is a tiny speaker going

From about there to right about there and that is where you have your speaker right there for when you're on the phone and like I said it's so small they did a really good job minimizing the bezel on this phone I really do like that so this

Is a six point eight inch screen compared to the six point three inch screen on the note 10 this is dynamic AMOLED has HD are 10 plus capabilities on there and it's the infinity Oh display by Samsung so obviously a really

Good really high quality screen it gets very bright and it has very vibrant colors I really I love this display on this phone that's probably one of the best features about this phone and one of the most attractive reasons people

Might want to be buying this phone so so besides just the screen right here you also of course have the camera on the top now they shrunk it down if we take the s10 and compare the size of that so holding them side-by-side you'll see

That the camera is slightly smaller on this one and of course they moved it to the middle as I said some people like that some people don't like that I'm kind of indifferent right now I don't know if I like having in the middle or

Not comment down below if you guys like or dislike that I want to hear from you guys whether or not you liked the relocation of the camera so besides the camera there's something else going on with the screen right here that you

Can't actually see and that is underneath the screen right there you have your fingerprint sensor this is an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor like what we saw in the s10 and so when you just tap your finger on there it's very fast

Very responsive and it's a very safe way of signing in to your phone so this is great for things like Samsung pass or if you have anything else on your phone that you want to keep in a secure folder it's nice to have it signing in with

Your fingerprint so that people don't look over your shoulder at your password or anything like that now this is also extra secure if you're using something like samsung decks and this is your only place to store information

So you don't have a laptop if you do everything on this phone it can be extra safe because you're saving everything and securing it with your fingerprint so I'll talk about Dex later on in the video but continuing on with the

Mechanical tour of this device you'll see on the top you actually have you know pretty simple you just have a speaker and a microphone up there originally people thought from the leaks this might be an IR blaster it's

Actually just a speaker up there and then you have your tray right there which is going to be your SIM and expandable storage right here you can expand it up to a terabyte of extra memory on your SD card this is only for

The plus guys you can't do that on the note 10 so looking at the bottom of the phone right there you can see that you have the S Pen over there you have speakers right there which I will test out later on in this video you have your

USB C a microphone and then if you notice what's missing right there they actually got rid of the headphone jack so guys let's have a moment of silence for our lost headphone jack Samsung has been holding on to it for a

A long time putting it in all their devices a lot of people like that but they finally jumped ship on that and they finally got rid of the headphone jack so just something that they got rid of on this one I don't know if you guys

Care about that or not comment down below I know some people might be a little upset about that some people are happy that they just have one less port on there and they can just move on and use Bluetooth earbuds anyway so flipping

Over to the back you'll notice that this is a glass sandwich phone as a lot of the new flagship phones are you have glass on the front and the back it's Gorilla Glass 6 and it's IP 68 so you should be really water resistant on this

One shouldn't have to worry about splashing or dropping this in any kind of bodies of water and it is relatively scratch proof but that does mean that this phone is going to be a fingerprint magnet your fingerprints all over this

You might want to get a skin or a case you'll also see that up on the top you have your three cameras right there now these are oriented differently from what you saw on the s10 where is a big Cyclops looking thing now it looks a

Little bit more like the iPhones I don't know if you like that or not but that's how they rearrange them and they are actually closer together here so you have your 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens you have a 12 megapixel

Wide-angle lens and then you also have a 12 megapixel telephoto lens so three lenses actually I use it more than you might think and it is actually kind of nice to have then you have your flash and right there you have your depth

Sensors now that reminds me on the front I didn't mention this but the camera right there the front-facing camera is 10 megapixels and that actually unlike the s10 plus you do not have a depth sensor on the front so the

S-pen was redesigned they do have some subtle differences with the Bluetooth connectivity here and the gestures you're able to do I'll test those out later on in the video but overall it feels like a pretty normal s-pen it's

You know pretty plasticy it flexes a little bit if you squeeze it like that but overall it feels decent to write with and it has really good resistance on the screen so something else going on behind the back cover right here this

Does have wireless charging 2.0 and reverse wireless charging so if you want to charge your devices specifically peripheral devices like the Galaxy buds or you could maybe charge someone else's phone if you want you can do that from

The back of your phone it's not the most efficient way to charge things but it's good in a pinch if you're on a subway and your earbuds are running out of juice this phone also has Snapdragon 850 5 and 12 gigabytes of RAM the 10 only

Has 8 gigabytes of RAM so one subtle difference there this also has 256 gigabytes of on-board storage and you can go up to 512 gigabytes of on-board storage just another reason that this might be able

To replace laptops that's kind of the direction samsung is moving in especially with samsung decks the battery on this one is 4300 milliamp hours where the note 10 is only 3500 milliamp hours so this is a very large

Battery it's supposed to last you like twenty-something hours after using it for a whole day you'll see that I am actually at about 50% right now and I did charge it overnight and I have not charged all day 6 p.m. right now so it

Definitely lasts a reasonable amount of time I would say most people can probably get through a day with no problems the screen on the front is 498 pixels per inch and it's 3040 by 1440 like I said very high quality screen now

What I want to do is run some tests here so starting off with the earbuds I really want to see if these work on other devices I'm gonna try them on my phone and on my laptop so starting off with my galaxy s 10 which does have a

Headphone jack plugging into the USB see right there these earbuds do work next when I plugged them into my laptop you'll see that once again they actually do work it plays music just fine so I would assume that these can plug into

Almost anything with USB C and they will be functional so honestly I'm not that upset anymore that these are USB C earbuds that these came with so the fact that they work with so many other things these actually might be the earbuds of

The future more headphones might start looking like this so the camera package on this phone is supposed to be really really impressive they changed a few things about live focus so now you have live

Focus video so we'll test that out right now and see what that looks like hey guys so this is live focus video with there's a blur in the background I think it looks kind of decent there's a little bit of a weird glow around my hair maybe

A better way to tell if this is good or not would be to do it in a black and white mode okay so here we are in the black and white mode like I said and it looks like if I wave my hand around because this is kind of skin colored

Behind me it can get a little bit confused about where the edges are but overall I would say this does a decent job considering that there really aren't many places that you can do something like this with just a phone so this is

The front-facing camera this is what it looks like and sounds like if you're filming or vlogging with this it is 4k honestly these cameras really really good I really like this it's a little bit shaky right now because there is

Like is stabilizing a little bit but not really that much so when I'll show you the stabilisation a little bit on the other cameras on the back but all four of these cameras are using 4k now if you actually take out the s-pen on this you

Are able to control the camera pretty well with the s-pen so obviously you can take pictures with it it is connected by bluetooth but some of the other things you can do there are some air gestures so you should be able to swipe back and

Forth and just go between different camera modes just by going like that you can flip the front and rear-facing cameras by swiping up like that if you press and hold or double press and you know there's a lot of other things you

Can do with this one thing that didn't really work that well for me was trying to zoom in so if you you you you press it and you swirl a little bit you should be able to zoom in and out but for some reason it's not really working that well

For me so I have to say I do kind of feel like Harry Potter if I'm like have this little wand and I'm like trying to control my camera you definitely look a little bit a little bit weird doing that in public at least so just taking a

Regular photo right here I only have one Phillips you light bulb in the entire room and it's at 10% so it's really really dark in here and the camera picks it up really really well it's actually impressively bright and it's not even

That grainy considering how how much light there is going on here so if we go back to the ultra wide-angle this is 16 megapixels it's a little bit darker and then telephoto is also not that bright but let's go

Down and check out the night mode right here wow that actually did really well it captured color well it doesn't even look that grainy that's actually really really good it's actually really pretty crisp considering

I don't think I was staying that steady I think I was moving around a little bit considering how long the shutter was open so I would say night mode actually did a really really good job here okay so testing out the stabilization I

Have the ultra wide lens on right now and if you twist it you'll see it looks a little bit weird because it's doing a warp stabilization there but if I'm like jumping up and down or moving around a lot you'll see that it actually is

Really steady so you could run around with this and not have any problems at all so this phone right here is running one UI as all the flagship phones by Samsung do these days and so if I swipe down you'll get into your settings some

Of the things I really like about this phone in particular first of all one UI is really nice that I'm able to use one thumb down in the corner and pretty much access the settings fairly easily I don't have like gigant I'm not like

Shack my hands aren't huge but I can definitely reach most of the phone if I stretch but this doesn't make me stretch this is pretty comfortable to reach everything I need to right there something new about this phone you'll

See you see right there there is linked to Windows I do like that option and I'll show you that in a second but something else that's a new one here if we go over there is a screen recorder built-in so this is now kind of like

What iPhones do where you have a built-in screen recorder no longer do you need those third-party apps to do that so something else that I like is the fact that when you take the S Pen out there are a bunch of options and one

Thing that I really am interested in especially is the AR doodle I think AR doodle is kind of fun it's not really anything that is practical or useful but what you can do is go and go everywhere and scan around the room for a second so

Then you have all these different pens on the bottom and you can sort of doodle things in 3d space and move your phone around and then as you look at it from different angles this is actually you know it's obviously 3d augmented reality

Is going on there because on the back you have these depth sensing cameras so it kind of enables something really cool they're really fun especially if you have little kids I want to play with this so I want to test out AR measure

But in order to do that I want to go and measure how high this can is so whip out the ruler on there and it tells you that it is about four point seven five inches approximately four point seven five inches so if we just set the can over

There and go back to the measuring the quick measure app that you can look at it and it pops up with a box around there like you see right there and it tells me that it's four-and-a-half inches high so that's actually

Reasonably accurate maybe off by a couple percent right there but if you're just trying to get a quick estimate of how big something is and for some reason you just can't look at that and estimate

Four and a half inches this is definitely a reasonable way to do that it doesn't work with things really far away but it does give you a general idea of how far things are so we're 13 inches away 14 inches away and you can measure

Different different parts of this object so we'll go from the corner measure over to there that's two and a half inches we can measure on the wall if we go from there over to there it's like almost two feet so some really cool things going on

With the quick measure app so even though this phone does have a vapor cooling chamber in the back and it does stay relatively cool in most situations I will say if you are doing a lot of augmented reality and you have the

Screen brightness up because the screen is so big and it's so bright your phone might get a little bit warm just up in the higher regions right there it doesn't really get hot but it might get a little bit warm but you know honestly

It's not really that bad this phone is really good at keeping itself cool considering how much is going on there's also a phone that is considered really good for gaming so if you use this for games comment down below and let me know

What you think of this I also want to test out Samsung decks on here as well as the windows integration when you plug it into a computer so the windows integration actually works really well I was pretty impressed that I could access

The entire phone and go through like that you could also go and have all your images or your pictures from your phone on the laptop immediately and you can access messages and send text from your laptop something that Windows has been

Lacking in for a while so Samsung decks and like I said before I made an entire separate video on that so I'll link that right above there but essentially you can have this entire separate interface where your phone acts like a desktop and

You can connect a mouse and a keyboard and a screen a monitor a TV or whatever to your phone so to summarize with this phone some of the pros I really like the screen obviously that's one of the most impressive things about this phone is

How big it is how small the bezel is and how bright and colourful this screen really is so I really do like that I like how small the camera is now on the top the cutaway it allows for more screen and less bezel less cut out none

Of the notches or anything like that so just having a small camera on the top is pretty nice the overall feel of the phone it does feel relatively light it's something like 195 grams or so so it's really not that heavy it feels nice to

Hold despite being as as it is and the one UI makes it very easy to use with one hand again even though it's so large so some of the cons with this phone yes is extremely powerful in the screens amazing but it

Is a really big phone so like I said it doesn't feel too bad to hold for me but if you're you know some maybe a girl with smaller hands or if you have smaller pockets this might not be an ideal phone for you to get now also I

Will say the S Pen I really do like the gestures they're a cool idea taking pictures remotely is a cool concept but zooming in and stuff like that didn't really work that well with this again I'm not really gonna hold that too much

Against this phone because I don't think it's a big deal if I'm if I have my phone somewhere I'm not gonna try to zoom in remotely I don't really see that as a huge practical application for me at least but I could see that the

Gestures side by is going sideways or vertical which did work fine they could be very useful if you're presenting a PowerPoint especially with something like Samsung decks another con is the price on this so coming in over a

Thousand dollars that is kind of hard to afford for a lot of people but you might be able to justify it in your budget if you kind of convince yourself that you don't need a laptop so this phone is very powerful and it has Samsung decks

Like I said so if you're replacing your laptop and your phone with just this then suddenly it's 500 for a laptop 500 for a phone combined into one and you get this device right here that's just my thought on that I don't know if you

Guys agree or not comment down below but that's everything I have to say about the Galaxy Note 10.1 is 10 – this phone from now on guys I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you found it helpful if you did please

Remember to Like and subscribe thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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