None More Fast: The Story of Extratone

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

all naturally cool human beings are

predisposed to love speed we worship

cheetahs and microwave burritos and in

feta means but even a cool guy like me

the speed metal loving righteous dude

that I am was not prepared for the


horrifying speed of extra town

there have been a lot of requests in the

history of this exists you ghouls have

asked for everything from episodes about

experimental music that demands that the

audience be bulldozed and episodes about

audio drugs and episodes about hillbilly

beatboxing but nothing in my life has

been demanded more consistently than

this an episode about the least

listenable music I have ever heard on

the Internet extra time you freaks I

love you


for those of you looking for a quick

definition so you can jump right to the

comments and call me a shitty Oh for not

posting for several months I will save

you minutes of gesturing speechifying in

the occasional interruption from a

borderline irrelevant but deeply

satisfying Starship Troopers case

welcome to the Roughnecks Rico's

roughneck or whatever Justin does this

week and let you know that extra tone is

a form of electronic music where the BPM

or beats per minute exceeds 1000 and the

kick drum becomes so fast then you can't

really hear any separation and it

becomes an extra cone

here's why this is wild and worthy of an

episode in 2010 to Rutgers grad students

analyzed over 4000 top-ten singles from

the Billboard Hot 100 and they

determined that the optimal tempo for a

chart-topping hit was 119 point 8 BP n

so the BPM of call me maybe and Teenage

Dream and save a horse ride a cowboy ah

you know the three greatest songs of all

time the pop music sweet spot of 118 to

122 BPM covers just about every song

you've ever heard on the radio

it's the BPM hits them for everyone from

the Beatles to Adele Prince – Bon Jovi

it feels good to work out – it feels

good to sing along – it feels good to

dance – with your pals 1000 BPM does not

feel good to dance to with your pals

extra tone is the fastest music in the

world but it didn't just appear on the

internet one day for us to gawk at and

you to needle me about in the comments


released in 1993 Moby's thousand named

for its ppm is sometimes credited as the

first extra tone track it's also

sometimes credited as holding the

Guinness world record for fastest song

ever according to a lot of articles that

are unsourced and unverified and one

Washington Post article that I found

from 1993 so sure

I met Moby once he was extremely chill

you have gone there really yeah how are

you have it I see let's get high five no

that was shot in Austin Texas on st

Patrick's Day so people were stoked

perhaps if they were on their way to

hear some speed pork would have stoked

them out even more than just high-fiving



in 1993 the same year the movie released

thousand producer Oliver Kira was also

experimenting with amped-up bpms most

notably on the tracks summer which was a

part of the seasonally influenced EP

that he released under the name sorcerer

wall tracks like winter and spring were

a little more standard-issue hardcore

techno q spring it was summer it really

keyed people up hinting at the

possibility of psychotically elevated

BPMS if you ask a head they might say

that sorcerer invented speed cord which

usually clocks in around 250 bpm

if you ask another head they might tell

you that New York's disciples of

annihilation invented speedcore well

their first single wasn't released until

a year later in 1994 DOA were supremely

dedicated solely to speed core they

literally named their 1997 album New

York City speed core


Roxanna speak

I'm biased because do I sound way more

metal and they share name with the

legendary Canadian punk band but I think

they deserve credit for going all in on

a new genre when others were just

futzing around and making novelty

signals not building their whole

identity around this new sin let's face

it one or two tracks does not a new

genre make but disciples of annihilation

were speedcore full stop

there is another stepping stone that

gets us from normy techno to extra toe

gap when techno migrated from Detroit to

Europe in the late 1980s it found a

welcome home in the Netherlands where

hardcore techno was formed and while

Amsterdam nurtured a nascent hardcore

rave scene Rotterdam wanted it weird

they bumped the BPM up closer to 200

pioneered a series of astonishingly sick

dance moves and called a gap

unlike speedcore which was decidedly

underground Gabbar was legit mainstream

Dutch culture in the 90s there were TV

documentaries and major festivals and

crossover pop hits


my boy

yes that guy does look like a British

skinhead and that is because the Gabbar

style combines old school hip-hop bobs

with a shaved head and Fred Perry gear

you asked me is an extremely decent look

I totally get the appeal the most

popular video on this channel is all

about music that wouldn't sound out of

place at a gabber party and when I was a

teenager and I worked at band camp I

once made this weird mix CD of all pop

songs sped up twice as fast I did this


for no reason I also legitimately listen

to this casually so I am not judging you

double time last resort you're looking

at about 180 bpm a slow gathering but

people aren't happy with how things are

in Gabbar and speedcore eventually gave

way to splitter chorus tops out around

700 BPM and before you know it you're

above a thousand BPM revisiting our old

friend from the start of this video the

reason we're all here extra time

there are no extra tone parties it

exists because it can the outer limits

of what computers aren't capable of what

humans can hear what humans can dance to

that might be the one practical use for

extra gel still I am always happy to

note this stuff is out there it is it

that exists just to make a point like

napalm deaths one minute thirty six

second magic you suffer or rebel XD the

last person to hold the Guinness world

record for fastest rapper come on I

gotta take the rapper burger I wouldn't

be come to take him taken off unless I

wasn't gonna be taking about were to be

seated my command had more magenta

little radical to settle myself coming

back a llama to making around the

company get him bring him up and hop on

the antenna credit but there compared to

be able to come you never double double

double start about Donovan town or

making a vitamin never get him another

side oh I'm hanging about with him

coming about on me that'd be double

defect gotta be speaker does that

they've actually paired him with the

world's fastest stenographer for that

demonstration and I don't want to

actually listen to it but I think it's

amazing that it's something that he can

do I'm fascinated by the limits of the

human body it's like mouth extra time I

can't understand a goddamn thing that

he's saying but I know that speed is

cool and extra tone is extremely speed

and if a equals B and B equals C then a

also equals C so this is extremely cool

even if it's just meaningless noise


what do you think are you and your pals

kicking back on Friday night with extra

tone remixes of your favorite Gabbar

hits do you think there's a difference

between scenes that evolved in real life

like Gabbar and those that only evolved

with technology the internet like

extra-time what is your favorite fastest

song let me know in the comments and be

sure to subscribe for new episodes of

this exists I know it has been a while

and I wanna say thank you to everyone

who reached out to me on Twitter at a

bar at the x2 wonder when another

episode was coming I did not intend for

the break to be this long but it meant a

lot to me to know that people wondered

where it was so here's an episode

they're not going to be weekly anymore

but I'm gonna keep making them with

stuff like this really fascinates me now

if you want to keep up with the show you

should go and like it on Facebook will

be a link in the description I want to

do a live Q&A thing to sort of explain

what's happening give you guys an

opportunity to give me a bunch of grief

and you know we then we can hug at the

end like family that hasn't talked in

too long it'll be nice thanks so much

for waiting around for me be excellent

to each other

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