Nokia Lumia Icon (929): Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on May 20, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the Detroit Borg with a look at the Verizon exclusive nokia lumia icon also known as the Lumia 920 9 for Verizon this is their flagship Windows Phone this is running Windows 8 point is a 5 inch phone with a full 1080p display AMOLED the pixel density of 441 has pretty high-end specs as the Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.2 gigahertz 2 gigs of ram 32 gigs of internal storage which is not expandable there is no SD card slot here it's also using a nano SIM so it's got the small SIM the same one that the iPhone uses has wireless charging built in with NFC technology and has a 20 megapixel

PureView camera which is a really excellent camera which we're going to take a look at here alright so let's crack into this and take a look alright so I'm just going to pull the sleeve off I'm going to lift the lid I should say that this really isn't a pure unboxing because I have open this already it's a review unit from Verizon I haven't taken the plastic off yet but I have been using it so there is our phone this is available in white or black actually think it's a great looking phone we're going to set that aside for just a moment take a look

At what they've included so you can see we have our standard pamphlets and paperwork in different languages a user guide safety warranty information that sort of thing we have a microUSB cable there you go for charging and syncing it and then we have a wall adapter and nokia branded and you can see still got the plastic on it pull that off get a nice glossy finish there you go alright so let's get to the phone alright so take a look at the icon let's remove the plastic and as you can see the plastic xhy tells you a little bit about the buttons and ports and we're

Going to take a look at those peel off the plastic kick a little tab on the back we have another label here which will peel off now take a look at the design of the icon they've done some really interesting things you're starting off with the glass on the front so we have this kind of sham furred edge if you look at the glass you kind of see it has this nice polished edge to it so when you roll your finger across the display kind of is rounded toward the edges it's also creases kind of jeweled effect I think it's kind of nice this is using Corning Gorilla Glass 3 so it's

Pretty scratch resistant pretty durable but of course if you drop it you have a little more surface area to act and shadow potentially shared or scratch the glass so that's something to keep in mind on the back you have this polycarbonate panel which is available in black or whites but around the edges you actually have this nice metal band that's part of the antenna structure so if you look really closely here can I see it looks pretty seamless especially in the black version they creates this nice seamless design with this nice rigid cool touch of metal it's a really

Nice it looks I think it's a great design nice build quality and construction if you look even closer you can see we have our antenna brakes and actually toward the bottom here that's around the microUSB charging port you kind of see the metal edge tear for some of the information around the right side you'll find your standard Lumia or Windows controls so as you can see we have our vine rocker at the top sleep/wake button and our dedicated camera key so you can launch the camera just by tapping that button and if it's locked you just happen hold it to launch

The camera as you can see there also this polished metal which goes nice with the black up top you'll find your headphone jack which again a center mounted I'm not a big fan of this I know Nokia likes to do this but it does have those antenna breaks on the other side as well and this is your nano SIM tray which you pop off with your fingernail which unfortunately I can't do at the moment on the back you'll find your PureView 20 megapixel carl zeiss optics camera this also has a dual LED flash right next so it also has optical image stabilization so it's full optical image

Stabilization again very interesting software features in here which we're going to explore and then you can see we have one of our pinhole microphones up here another one down here this is one of them is a noise cancellation microphone but it's also for stereo pickup for video so you do get serial pickup for video recording and then we have our single loud mono speaker so up top we have our Verizon branding and our earpiece you also find this 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera which is only good for 720p video now toward the front we have our windows controls down

Here if you look really close you also see another pinhole microphone for your voice so this is the mouthpiece so we have search palm back and if you tap and hold the back button it takes you to the multitasker alright so let's go ahead and boot this up for the first time and take a look I'm going to tap and hold the power button alright so as you can see we have our Windows Phone interface and we already have some notifications popping up up here so if you tap on that takes you to whatever app push that notification alright so let's go ahead

And explore the user interface starting with a lock screen so as you can see some of your notifications will appear on your lock screen so I'll just let you know that they're there I also see some of your information toward the top such as your battery status your connectivity right now connected to LTE and then I can swipe up to unlock takes you to your home screen which you can slide through this is that live tile interface which is highly customizable you can swipe right to see all of your available apps so not all of them appear here so just the ones you want appear here and these

Are resizable so for example you can tap and hold on them so you can resize these tiles and it depends on the apps and the apps dictate exactly what size options you have and you can unpin it from that home screen and they are still here so if you go here and want to repin it I have to do is tap and hold on it and pin to the Start screen and I just have to remove it back to where it was and resize it there you go now of course we have this live tile interface if for example the weather app is showing us the current weather conditions our contacts are showing us

Our thumbnails and then we have our Photos app showing us our photo galleries so it's always active always showing you some information of course you can continue adding more and more apps and also have popular third-party apps such as Instagram which I did download from the App Store so you do have that app that that's important to you as you can see you have your interface unique to the Windows Phone experience right down here you can also tap on that to get to more information such as settings takes you directly to the app settings so here you can see we

Have our sort of unique Windows interface adapted for this app which is mostly like a tabbed view I have to do a swipe through it now to get to the multitasker tap and hold the back button you can see all the apps you've launched recently and what you can do is close them like this if you prefer or you can launch them like that and again let me show you how to close them just tap that now you can swipe them out of the way like you can with some other operating systems that have a sort of multitasker now in addition to swiping right you can also just tap the arrow right

There takes you to all your amps now let's have this little search icon so you want to search raps brings up your keyboard you can go ahead and search for specific apps instead of trying to find them through here now windows song is all about the full screen experience so they try to eliminate the extraneous information so if you want to get to it I have to do is tap on it and it bounces back into view see again you see your battery information and your connectivity now in terms of some of the basics so for example if you go to your volume rocker you can see you get the

Whole volume indicator up here if you want to set this to vibrate or ring you can also do that by tapping up here now this interface is highly customizable so if you go to settings go to theme you can see the default is Verizon red but you can change that to any number of colors so for example if you want to go to this blue color and click done go to your home screen you can see it's now this sort of blue theme go back to settings and we can do a few other things so I'll just change the backdrop we could change the backdrop to a light theme so if you prefer a white

Background you can do that as well so you can see how that looks now if you tap and hold the home button it takes you to your voice command show me the weather for tomorrow searching for show me the weather for tomorrow so it's not as sophisticated as something like Google now or Siri but it does as you can see give you pretty decent results here how tall is the Empire State Building launched Twitter so as you can see you're kind of limited in terms of what it can do but you can make calendar events you can place phone calls play certain music that's or thing

Now you have to be specific with some actions so for example if you want to set alarm you can't say wake me up at 8 a.m. searching for wake me up at 8 a.m. instead you would have to say set alarm for 8 a.m. starting alarms so again you have to be very specific with your language in order for a lot of this to work now let's take a look at our app selection so this is a mix of both Microsoft Verizon and Nokia apps so we have some standard apps such as alarms this is an app that all windows phones come with so you can create a new alarm

Now as you can see the interface is uniform across all these apps you got a nice uniform experience it's pretty simple in terms of its visual design so it's mostly text very simple graphics but still looks really sharp and clean now apps social is a Nokia app basically this helps you to discover new apps based on both your social networks that you've logged into an S or a thing we also have Bing Finance which is a very nice-looking app for financial information and as you can see as we swipe through the pages here this is a common theme in Microsoft apps you also

Have these icons down here which take you to your settings which change depending on what page you're looking at we also have big news again same story takes you to your top stories and you can move between them and as you can see you have your settings down here you get your quick badges down here but you can expand them just by tapping that little indicator and the right you can go directly to your settings without leaving the app which is nice yeah being sports as well takes you to your sports scores you can refresh your feeds you can also search and take you to your top

Sports stories again very nice good looking app being weather another nice app takes you to your weather uses your geolocation so it knows I'm in Rochester we have the calculator app again same experience you get on most windows phones get the calendar app which again is very clean and simple so we can go to our month view right here and move between different months and tap on the day to get to your expanded view now we also have the standard Microsoft camera app which is a much simpler camera app than the one that Nokia has also included which they call Nokia pro cam

So if you get on here you'll see it Nokia pro cam which we'll explore a bit later we also have creative studio which is another Nokia app this allows you to edit photos so for example let's go ahead and take this fold I just took last night so as you can see you have a variety of filters you can pick from from silver to ivory to seashell we even have one called Jade which is kind of interesting so let's go with let's go with opal here now it's like that and again we have these icons down here if you don't know what they mean just tap that reveals

Their badge name you can go to edit and you have several options here it again it's a very slick clean looking app so you can also swipe between them you can blur it so you can do colour-pop and Kailash I'm not going to go through all these you can adjust color balance brightness clarity and vibrance fix crop rotate fix redeye and it goes back to the blur which is the original island we were looking at here now what I want to do here is go to focus shift whoops there we go focus object and then what you do is basically select an area that you

Want to focus just by circling it let's go into landscape click next and so that will blur the background what I'm going to do is circle the object I don't want blurred click next so basically brings that into focus and we can click apply and save that to our photo gallery so this gives you some editing options so it's kind of similar to something you can do on Instagram but quite a bit more powerful now we also have our sharing options which include messaging Google Mail Instagram one note twitter twitter so you can see that third-party apps also appear under sharing which is also

Nice similar to Android but unfortunately iOS doesn't do that now we also have data sense which is a way of managing our cellular data usage so if you want to settle a limit you can do that this also gives you tells you exactly how much you've used to date we have games so this is just Microsoft's gains store so here you can purchase new games as you can see I've logged into my Xbox account even have my avatar right there and I can see all my Xbox friends and SR thinks all of that is manageable from here that's pretty familiar to other Windows devices Google Mail so I'm

A Google Mail app help and tips again that's pretty self-explanatory now we also have here maps and here drive plus here maps allows you to preload maps so you have to depend on network connectivity for your maps and then here drive plus is just the navigation app so you have turn-by-turn voice navigation with 3d mapping we have the Internet Explorer app of course in the central messaging music plus video so this is where you can purchase music and videos from the Microsoft Store and then we have NFL mobile my Verizon mobile we also have our messaging app

Again a nice clean interface we have our music plus videos app this allows us to download music and videos from the Xbox or a Microsoft Store now we have a really interesting app here called Nokia screen Beemer so if you select this Bay basically it directs you to go to beam Nokia comm so you can broadcast the display of this device to a web browser so let me show you how this works now the app is directing me to scan the QR code on the website basically all I have to do is hold it up automatically scans it and pairs the device to the web browser so now I'm seeing exactly what

I'm seeing on my Nokia phone now you can see it's not the smoothest framerate but you can be connected to either Wi-Fi or a cellular network for this to work it's pretty seamless and pretty painless so again you can go to your home screen you can see exactly what's on your home screen you can open up any one of these apps and see exactly what appears there so it works pretty well it's not the smoothest experience but it's a really slick solution for getting what's on your phone onto your computer now as you can see you also have portrait and landscape orientation so even if the

Device is in portrait mode just by rotating the device you do get landscape on your display so the app doesn't have to support landscape mode for that to work now the Nokia cinemagraph app is kind of a way of taking an animated photo basically when you hold the camera still it records a photo and records the action elements in that photo and then can animate those separately so it's kind of hard to demonstrate but what I did is recorded a video or a cinema graph of my dog so what you can't tell here is that when I recorded the image

Basically it identified the fact that her head was moving and so it can select only that area of the photo to animate while the rest of the photo is still now it's not necessarily useful here because her body wasn't moving anyway but for example if you're in the scene where somebody is jumping or tossing the ball or moving across the floor it can actually pick that action element out and only animate that element so it looks like the person is the only person moving in the photograph so again it's kind of an interesting effect here and of course you can publish this to share

With other people but of course you do have to use Nokia services in order to share that photo because it's a non-standard format now we also have Nokia storyteller this is an app that automatically turns your photos and videos into albums depending on the location and date they were taken so for example if you go on that vacation too why it will automatically group them together because of your location and the date they were taken and of course you can share those net aggregates both photos end video and of course we also have our office suite which includes

Word Excel and PowerPoint and they do give you some sample documents here this is mostly for viewing more than editing but this gives you control over those things and of course you can log into your Microsoft 365 account or office 365 account you have your people app for your contacts your phone dialer photos settings store and you have my Twitter app Verizon ringtones voice mail Verizon Navigator which is a paid subscription service to navigation the wallet app and the Weather Channel app which came pre-installed now under settings I have lots of options so I have system or

Applications under system I have my ring tones and sounds so here I can pick my ringtone right now Verizon cube is selected as you can see it's in Verizon red indicating which one to select the but I want to change that I have to do select it go back and change it back if I want I can also play it here so there we go and let's go back here you can see that we can also change our IM tones voicemail tones new mail reminders you can also enable key press lock and unlock camera shutter and other notification

Sounds we have internet sharing here so we can enable that just by toggling on and off we have email and accounts so you see the ones I've already added Microsoft account Google and Twitter so I can manage those here and I can add additional counts from how look up Outlook hotmail backup assistant Plus which is a Verizon product Nokia account Yahoo Mail Google IBM notes traveler Facebook LinkedIn and other accounts can also add your IMAP accounts through this or your pop accounts we have our lock screen so here we can modify certain things that appear on the lock screen so

Right now my background for the lock screen is Bing weather which I just enabled through the app now we also have other things for example you can choose what apps appear in the quick status so your limited a certain number of them so phone messaging mail and voicemail and they gave you one to modify and I added Instagram but you can also select different ones if you want so you can see Instagram beta is there as again it supports third-party access to that feature so that's nice we have Wi-Fi Bluetooth tap and sim which uses NFC technology to share files or

Other things between phones battery saver mode so here you can enable this tells you a little bit about your battery life as well keyboard language and region brightness I'm kind of skipping over things back up ease of access speech Find My Phone so Find My Phone this kinda like Find My iPhone if you go to was it Windows Phone comm you can use geolocation to find your phone again it's a nice feature to have built in now under display you'll find sunlight readability so this improves screen readability in bright sunlight conditions battery saver

Brightness reduce the screen brightness when the battery saver is active or when battery saver is active you can also change your color profile here by going to adjust and can manually adjust this if you want they give you some sample photos to test out founder audio we have our equalizer which is supplied by Dolby headphone so this is a equalizer geared toward higher quality over headphones storage check tells us about the storage right now you can see I'm using I have about 22 gigs available to me right now is checking it there you go 29 available only 6.1 of

That is used call an SMS filter so you can block certain numbers from receiving calls or messages and tough so here you can change your touch sensitivity the great thing here is if you go too high you can actually use gloves with this device now let's take a look at the camera app which you can launch from a lock state just by tapping and holding the dedicated camera key up here and also if you're unlocked it's so I have to do is hit that once and it takes you right to the camera app so it's really easy to get to the camera which is a great feature here so you can tap

Anywhere on the scene to focus it uses the led as an AF assist light which is quite nice and then you can tap your shutter release to take the photo does a pretty quick job focusing and taking that photo now you can swipe in from the right edge to get to your controls so we have our white balance which can lead to auto cloudy sunny fluorescent lighting or incandescent lighting we have our focus mode so we can select manual focus or Infinity focus and as you can this basically acts as your focus ring we also have eye soap so we can select

Our eye so it goes all the way up to 4,000 and you can leave it back to auto we have our shutter speed so this goes all the way up to four seconds or all the way down to 116 thousandth and then we have our exposure level so you can leave it to default or overexpose it or under expose it so when you're done with your settings just tap the shutter release and you're good now we also launched our video recorder just by tapping the video icon and hit record we also have pinch in and out to zoom which is pretty smooth here as you can see almost has an automated effect when

You pinch in and out just kind of neat now when you take a photo in this app you actually take two photos you take a five megapixel photo and a 20 megapixel photo so if you go to this icon up here takes you to the 20 megapixel photo which you can crop yourself so instead of zooming in on your scene you just take your photo and crop on what you want so you can go to crop and you can go ahead and save it so you're working with a lot of megapixels with a high resolution sensor and it gives you a lot more flexibility after you take your photo now in terms of camera performance

This is one of the best cameras I've used to date so again we have 20 megapixels to work with so you have excellent sharpness with very low color noise works great in low-light conditions as you can see here I use the flash and it did a pretty nice job bringing out even the smallest detail here and low-light conditions also works really well it's really stable and sharp again we have optical image stabilization so it's able to expose the scene properly so you can see it's not too blown out and not too dark with very little color noise one of the best

Cameras I've used in terms of low-light performance again lots of detail here so let's get to my good shot of my dogs it could be a faster camera tends to be a little slow but that's normal because it has to focus there you go you can see it's not too blown out even though we have really deep contrast here and really bright lights from the Sun coming through the door so a really nice camera now in terms of size comparison here we have the iPhone 5s with its four inch screen versus the 5 inch screen we here so you can see is not tremendously bigger than the iPhone five inches is

Kind of on the normal size in terms of smartphones these days unless you're the iPhone of course so five inches to me is just about perfect you don't want to go to much bigger than this because you lose one hand ability but here you can see I can wrap my hand around the device and touch my finger so I can reach around the device without being too clumsy here now find the phone to be pretty ergonomic we have these nice angular edges which doesn't take away too much of the space around the phone gives you a nice groupable edge here to hold on securely

And once on the table it's easy to pick up without problem it's kind of similar to the iPhone in that respect it's very comfortable in the corners even though we have sharper corners here but the back of the phone is angled or rounded and the corners themselves are rounded so they're pretty comfortable so it looks like an angular blocky industrial phone but it's actually really comfortable to handle now if we compare this side-by-side with an iPhone you can see both of them have angular sides which create the illusion that there are thick phones rather than thin phones of

Course the Nokia also has the bump out on the back and the front so it's actually much thicker than the iPhone but if you look slide on if you just look at the flat side you can see they look very similar but the lumia definitely is thicker so in conclusion I'm really impressed by the icon both in its design and feature steps I think this is one of the best-looking windows phones I've seen and it's not too big and not too small so on the back way this nice smooth polycarbonate texture really high-quality with that metal band around the edge gives you that nice cool

To the touch metal finish with a nice rigid finish seamless design just beautiful construction they've done a really nice job here we have that 20 megapixel PureView camera with all these software features that come with it including an optical image stabilization stereo audio pickup which is excellent for video and we have pretty decent audio on this even though it's a mono speaker again that beautiful 5 inch AMOLED display which works great outdoors and bright sunlight conditions and just look sharp and clear with deep contrast with that nice kind of jeweled

Like front display that Shann furred edge really nice to feel and handle so just a really nice phone overall in terms of its design and its ergonomics it's about the perfect size perfect weight just feels high quality with a nice camera and of course we have Windows Phone which of course is not for everybody this is an ecosystem that is still pretty much dependent on Microsoft you can't really integrate Google here so if you're dependent on Google it's probably isn't the best phone you're going to look for and of course Apple is

Pretty much locked down to iOS so you're going to have to really get fully integrated into Microsoft if you want to fully leverage this phone there's not a lot of third-party apps but most of the apps are here including the Instagram unfortunately apps like YouTube aren't here but of course you can download third-party apps that replicate YouTube the YouTube app from Google so if certain things that will not appear here and of course amps are slow to arrive on the Windows Phone platform if they arrive at all so that's something to keep in mind but most of the core apps

Are here now the windows ecosystem is very mature there's lots of services here baked into it so you're not really missing out on anything you just have to be fully invested into Windows in order to take advantage of it so that is the Lumia icon I hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you again in the next one what's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg and I'm using the front-facing camera of the Lumia icon again this is 1.2 megapixel 720p this also has stereo microphones so you should get pretty decent audio and I have to say the camera quality is pretty nice for 720 so

Definitely a great camera overall although it'd be nice if it was 1080 to met the PureView camera on the back so here we are with Zoe and Chloe in the foyer this will allow me to demonstrate the zoom feature here which takes advantage of that 20 megapixel sensor so as you can see when you zoom in and out it actually doesn't lose quality and that's because we have 20 megapixels to work with so it just crops the sensor for us so it maintains resolution and it does so in a smooth way to when you pinch in and out to zoom in on your image so it's a really nice video camera

Again we also have optical image stabilization so really nice high quality camera it's definitely one of its standout features you

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