Nokia Lumia 2520: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on May 24, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the Detroit Borg with a look at the first Lumia tablet this is the Lumia 2520 running Windows RT 8.1 and of course Windows RT is the version of Windows designed to operate on ARM processors and the ARM processor in this is the Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.2 gigahertz again that's a quad core processor and we also have two gigs of ram and 32 gigs of internal storage standard there are no other size options now this is sold by Verizon or AT&T in the US there is no Wi-Fi only version sold in the US at this time so this will is available on contract for 399 or off contract for $4.99 now there are two

Colors available through Verizon there's the red and the black red this kind of a glossy finish black is kind of that matte textured finish you're probably familiar with that from other Lumia phones if you've seen those before so let's go ahead and pull this open and again this is a review unit that Verizon sent out to me so this has been opened but I've been using this for a week with the plastic wrapper on it just to save it for this moment so we're doing a little cheating here so let's go ahead and lift it out you can see the plastic wrapper shows us a little bit about the

Features and buttons of course we're gonna explore all of that there you go we have a very nice matte texture that Nokia is very good at so in terms of our contents we have our literature including our 4G LTE SIM card which has already been installed and up here you see your Nokia branded sim ejection tool so let me go ahead and pull that open so there we go that's our Nokia branded sim ejection tool so let's get to the rest of the contents here which include our LTE SIM card which has already been installed and then we also have our leisure packet from Verizon I'm not

Going to open that to take a look at it we also have our kind of quick welcome to windows shows you a little bit about the quick gestures nice or thing for operating windows RT 8.1 and we also have our power adapter so you can see a pretty large power adapter and the thing is it's not using a standard microUSB charging cable it's using this sort of proprietary barrel plug so if you look at this you can see very different than a lot of what other tablets are going with but you do get higher voltage out of this so does charge quicker especially with this 8000 million

Or very so you definitely want a quicker chart as you can see we have folding prawns for traveling milk your brandy and again the finish actually matches that of the black Nokia Lumia 2520 all right the first thing we want to take a look at is this wrapper which points to some of the features here including the location of the micro sim and microSD card slot our power lock button volume up and down USB 3.0 port HDMI this is a micro HDMI port keyboard dock accessory and the headset jack as well as the power charging dock right here are the charging port so let's go ahead and peel

This off and we can start taking a closer look around starting off with the back now as you can see we have this sort of textured material on the bag has a really nice silky texture again the black is different than something like the red which has a glossy finish so if you prefer the matte finish which is less prone to showing fingerprints you may want to consider that when choosing your color so on the back we have our branding of course 4G LTE Verizon Nokia branding we have our NFC label indicating the general vicinity of the NFC radio we also have the camera

This is a six point seven megapixel camera which is kind of an unusual size so a lot of cameras tend to be a lot of tablet cameras tend to be about 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels and we have Carlos Zeiss optics and just above that is our microphone now this has 1080p at 30 frames per second video recording so it's a pretty decent camera but of course you see no LED flash here now along the top you'll see your volume rocker and if you look closely here you'll see they are kind of chromed finish so a nice quality feel to it the buttons are a little shallow feeling

So they're not as tactile as I'd like the seen we also have our power on and off button now also toward the top will find the SD card slot and micro SIM tray so in order to access that you do need to use a paper clip or the sim ejection tool to get to it so let's go ahead and do that pops right out so there you go as you can see it's got a dual tray design so one for the sim and one for your micro SD card slot now somewhat confusingly along the left hand side you'll see these two circular ports one is the headset jack the one up here that's

Closer to the corner down here is the power charging port so you have to keep that in mind eventually you get it but initially it's kind of confusing now toward the bottom you'll find the connection point for the keyboard dock which is an accessory sold separately this is similar to the keyboard dock on the Microsoft Surface it uses magnets now the keyboard dock from Nokia also provides extra power so does have an internal battery to give you a little more power now on the right side you'll find a USB 3.0 port which is also compatible with micro USB 2.0 we

Also have a micro HDMI connector of course none of those are included with the tablet so you have to buy a separate accessories but because this is a Windows tablet of USB thumb drives hard drives and that sort of thing will work with this port you just have to provide the adaptor same with micro HDMI you just need the micro HDMI cable to outputting to a TV but of course this has bluetooth 4.0 and you could connect a bluetooth keyboard now you can also connect a USB keyboard or Mouse directly to it it's one of the advantages of having a Windows tablet that supports

All those accessories right out of the box alright so let's go and take a look at the front of the tablet again 10.1 inches is sort of a widescreen aspect ratio which is all more suitable for a keyboard and of course we have our home button for windows which is standard this is capacitive so it works whether the display is on or not it's not backlit unfortunately we do have our speaker's sort of hidden in the bezel so if you look really closely at the edges you'll see these little gaps here for the speakers on either side left-hand and right-hand side facing toward the

User you do get stereo sound and it's excellent these are excellent speakers and that nice elegant solution for having front firing speakers I know a lot of tablets especially iPad tend to shy away from these just because they're not very discreet looking so they've done a really nice job in Nokia's case and they sound really loud now in terms of the secondary camera this is a 2 megapixel front-facing camera good for 720p video and above that is the LED light which lets you know whether it's active now in terms of our display again 10.1 inches this has Nokia's ClearBlack

Technology LCD IPS with great off X's viewing angles but as you can see the glass is very reflective there is not great anti-reflective properties with this glass also there isn't a really good anti fingerprint layer on this like you get with some other tablets so for example Apple's iPad has an oleophobic coating over the glass which makes it easier to keep fingerprints off so you can wipe them off easily this tends to hold on to them a little bit more stubborn stubbornly so you kinda have to use a cleaner when you're cleaning this

Glass display that's different than something like the iPad air but it's a nice display does have a tendency to show some edge bleeding or light leaking toward the edges of the LCD display especially on dark backgrounds which is kind of hard to demonstrate in this camera but if you look here you may be able to see it you can kind of see that bleeding toward the edges it's not a big concern most LCD panels will bleed in some way but tends to be a little more nosed one that's possibly because the display is so bright this is one of the brighter displays I've used on the

Tablet so of course see that does come with some consequences and of course you can minimize that just by going to your settings to bring down the screen brightness now I realize many of my followers are not Windows users so they may not be terribly familiar with Windows 8 so we're going to take a quick look around Windows 8 so Windows 8 has actually two desktops it has the standard Windows 8 desktop which you can pinch in and out to see all of your tiles and apps and also scroll up to see your entire app catalog but if you press

The home button it takes you to the classic desktop viewer which is where some of these apps live some of these include Microsoft Outlook Word Excel PowerPoint and OneNote so all of these apps actually come with Windows 8 RT these are RT versions of those apps and they're pretty full future so that's one of the great benefits of buying a Windows 8 RT tablet is that it comes with the full office suite you also quickly access those just by tapping on the on these tiles from the classic Windows 8 viewer now if you swipe in from the right you get your charms bar

And as you can see your clock and your wireless status appear here as well but the trance bar includes things like search which allows you to search the contents of your device as well as Bing you also have share which is contextually based so for example if you're in an explorer you swipe in now and go to share you have several options here which includes mail your contacts or your reading list you can add this website to your reading list which is an ad that's also available from the home screen we also have devices so again I'm

In a website this is contextually based I'm in the web site so I can go to my printer from here so it allows me to launch my printer as you can see it's easy it actually doesn't see my printers on the network just yet looks like I have to go to add a printer so I can go ahead and add a device it's searching for my printers on the network so hopefully should see two of them all right so it sees my two printers on the network so I'm just going to select the one that's right next to me it's installing the drivers and it should be that simple and we can start praying

Directly to our printer now one of the great things about Windows is that it emphasizes full-screen mode so it fills up your screen with content but a lot of people that's confusing because they miss all of the controls that are used to but it's pretty easy to get to them so I have to do is swipe up from the bottom and you get your tab browsing in this case because I'm an internet explorer this changes this is completely contextual it depends on what accurate so right now I'm in IE so I get my tempt browsing options here as well you can see I get my URL bar my refresh button

Etc etc my favorites controls so for example if we go to the weather app and we swipe up we get a different interface again you have to start from the outside of the screen and swipe up so you can see here we get this interface up top for going to our home or places weather maps that sort of thing we also can switch between C or Fahrenheit there you go works pretty well actually really that's one of my favorite aspects of Windows in terms of the tablet environment now we can also get that settings by tapping this 3.2 icon just below so instead of using the swipe up

Gesture you can do that as well now if you want more options here you can see we have that three dots indicator as well so for example you can open up a private tab using that feature now if you swipe in from the left corner you can see you can actually cycle between your previously open apps now if you want to see all of your apps just swipe back and get your the list of open apps and you can tap on any one of them to get to them do the same again like that or you can use them side-by-side so for example I have to do is drop this right

Here opens up a sci-fi sign viewer and I can resize this window like so now if I want to get rid of an app I have to do is resize it until it disappears and if I want to close an app just slide down and swipe to the left now in terms of the home screen as you can see you can pinch in and out to see all of your tiles so you can add quite a few tiles and you can rearrange them just by tapping and holding on any one of them you can move them around you can also resize them and you can rename these groups so for example if you want to name this the windows group where all

The windows apps are you can do that as well now if we swipe up we can get to all of our apps in the App Store the left are optimized for Windows 8 so these are all of the newer apps from both Windows and Nokia and toward the right is all the legacy apps which open in the desktop viewer so that includes the Microsoft Office suite you also have things like your notepad paint math input panel character map the calculator app File Explorer so we do have a file browser here as well which acts just like you would expect it to act on any Windows terminal now when you do get new

Apps like this window or HP control center printer Control Center you'll get this little new icon that's because I just installed the print drivers for my printer so I can tap on that brings me to my printer controller which is Windows 8 optimized as you can see now in terms of the apps they've included we do have the standard array of Microsoft amps so we have a weather app Internet Explorer our help app we have a lot of our media apps such as our camera app which we'll explore a bit later we have Xbox music so this is where you can purchase music or access your installed

Library we also have our video library for Xbox video includes TV shows and movie rentals we also have our photo gallery so this is where you'll find your photos which also work with SkyDrive so you can access your SkyDrive photo files here as well we have our calendar app the mail app Skype of course because Skype is a Microsoft product we have lots of other apps including the maps app this is Microsoft maps not Nokia Maps so it's a really full-featured map app with directions and this does have GPS and GLONASS so you can use this as a navigation tool we

Have our reading list so if you added anything to your reading list this is where they would appear we also have our Microsoft Store which is where you can purchase lots of apps so I think there's a hundred thousand apps for the RT tablet right now so you can see things that Nokia is recommending and you can see top category so for example if we go social so there we go we have things like Facebook vibrant Twitter so for example if you want to install the Twitter app you can show you how to do that install so the app is installed and let me know so I can tap on that takes

Me right to the app and I can log in and start using Twitter now toward the far right we have all of our Nokia and Verizon apps sort of grouped together here so that includes things like Nokia storyteller which is sort of a creation tool allows you to organize your photos in sort of a gallery viewer to be shared with other people I'm not going to go through that process here we also have our camera app which is a Nokia camera app this is not the stock Windows app we have my Nokia which is sort of a help to office tells you a little bit about your Nokia tablet some of the Nokia features

We have our full user guy here as well as a full interactive user guide we also have Nokia music so this is Nokia's music app which is pretty decent but of course you also have the Xbox music app if you prefer we also have Nokia's video director which is sort of an iMovie alternative allows you to stitch your movies together that you've recorded with your camera and create a sort of movie clip they've also included a game for testing out the gaming performance of your tablet sort of a cross-promotion with the DreamWorks movie and then we also have the settings for your verizon

Account and then we also have my verizon mobile now we also have Nokia's here Maps and this is sort of AP UI navigation tool as long as you define local points of interest such as restaurants hotels entertainment dining and that sort of thing as you can see you can cycle between your POS so for example if you're nearby and just want to find a good restaurant you can tap on any one of these to take a look at it there you go so it's kind of a nice utility to have now if you want to pin any of these apps to the home screen such as OneNote I have to do is tap and

Hold on it it gets to your options panel here you can see pin to start screen so pins to the Start screen and there is now we can move it around just by tapping and holding it taking it over to let's go to the Windows panel here now you can continue editing just by tapping and holding on it and you can uninstall it you can unpin it from the taskbar again or you can resize it so for example we have several sizes we have small so if you want it to match the other icon that's what you can do as well and have to move it around if you want them all to stay together but you

Get the idea now the biggest selling point of this tablet are those four icons here word outlook PowerPoint and Excel who else have OneNote so if you tap on word takes you to the word right in the desktop view of the classic desktop viewer you can see here we have our taskbar so we can switch between all the open apps as well now the best way to input text in Word of course is a physical keyboard but we do have our on-screen keyboard as well just tap the on-screen keyboard icon and the system tray brings it right up for you now you have several options you have the

Full-size keyboard or you have your split key word or you have your handwriting keyboard so you can use handwriting recognition in here so as you can see it translates it for you and you can go ahead and insert it into your document when you're done and you can also hide your keyboard as well now we also have a floating keyboard so I have to do is press this little icon up here to detach the keyboard so now you can move the keyboard around as you prefer and if you want for example some of these other characters just tap and hold on it takes you to for example 6 or some

Of the other characters now we actually have two camera apps so we have the Microsoft camera app as well as the Nokia camera so if we go to the Microsoft camera app you can see that in order to take a photo just tap anywhere on the scene snaps the photo for you if you swipe up from the bottom you'll get your spot adjust which is toggle off by default so you can toggle that out now when you tap the screen it adjusts the scene for you and takes the photo and if you want to get to your boat just tap on it and there you go as you can see actually has this burst mode

So you can select which shot you want right here so you can say let's that's the one I want so you press the Save button and we're good now I also have our video mode so we can record video we can tap anywhere on the scene to adjust focus and exposure click stop and if we swipe from the left you can see our last record is image or video slaves automatically for you now we also have panorama mode which is pretty difficult to demonstrate in this environment here so in order to take a panorama you just tilt the camera around automatically takes the photo for you

Using the gyroscope as you can see there took one and if you're going too far it will tell you too far from last image and as you can see it's not working out too well normally works pretty well works better certainly with a phone but you get the idea here so once you're done taking your photo it will stitch it for you there we go now it's working for me so once you're done you hit the check button it stitches it together for you and if we swipe from the right we should see it and there we go this will look terribly good in this case but you get the idea now if you want to switch to

The front-facing camera again you swipe up to get to your controls click change camera and there you go so there I am we also have our timer and we have our exposure so we can adjust our exposure manually which is really nice so they did a pretty nice job with this camera app in terms of the Nokia camera app it's even more basic and a little more traditional so we can cycle between camera mode and video mode like so so in order to take a photo we can tap the focus and then press the shutter release takes the photo for us and we can go to video mode and record video by hitting

The record button and you can also tap to focus as well and if you swipe out from the bottomless pit stop if we swipe up from the bottom you get some of your controls as well for this so we have our options controls so you can change the resolution of your video so pretty basic as well now the options panel for the camera app is also pretty basic so you can switch between 4 by 3 or 16 now in terms of speakers these are really loud and clear security nucleation of the LG G pad in terms of performs this tablet actually does a pretty good job and launches amps pretty

Quickly handles multitasking pretty seamlessly I think the biggest issue ahead is Flash content which is not unusual so Flash content can still be pretty demanding on here of course this does support flash through Internet Explorer so for example I'm on verge is playing back a flash video right on the website and otherwise you can see it handles this coal website pretty quickly pretty easily and smoothly I can pinch in and out and zoom while I'm playing video and in the background right on your website now just like the Microsoft Surface using

This tablet in portrait orientation is a little awkward and it's clear they don't really intend it for it to be used this way but of course you can so it feels a little top-heavy it feels like it wants to leave your the grip of your hands all the time so it doesn't really feel very balanced so it's really not meant to be used in portrait orientation but content does scale to it just fine so for example website scale is just fine and because it's such a sharp display even the smallest text looks pretty good now just to give you an idea of the differences between this and the most

Popular full-size tablet the iPad air you can see we have a 4 by 3 screen so that 4 by 3 screen gives you a little more screen real estate in aggregate because even though it's not as wide as the Nokia this is more of a widescreen it's wider in terms of its portrait orientation so it gives you a lot more screen real estate overall this is better suited to a keyboard dock or a keyboard accessory just because it's wider and better suited to a full size keyboard so again makes it a little more cumbersome to handle in portrait orientation as opposed to the iPad air

But it's better suited to somebody who really wants to use this with a keyboard now if it wasn't for the keyboard accessory which takes advantage of this devices with I would actually like to see these bezels reduce quite a bit especially in landscape orientation that feels a little too wide so for example your thumbs don't have a lot of room to stretch over the display and interact with it so be nice if they reduce this bezel it would also make it a little less cumbersome or a little strange to handle in portrait orientation it just feels really top-heavy so if they reduce

It I think would feel a little more comfortable now we've actually seen that with some other Android tablets like Samsung tablets which have reduced the bezels in landscape orientation which feels to me a little more comfortable so it'd be nice if they could do that with this tablet in the future now even though we have these tapered corners they are still pretty pointy so they do kind of dig into your hand when you're handling it and since it's not the lightest tablet in the world it does feel a little uncomfortable handle so I actually like to see them

Around this off a bit more so in confusion I think Nokia has done a really nice job creating a Windows 8 RT tablet but of course it's up to you on whether you want a Windows RT tallent Windows RT of course is limited to the app environment that Microsoft serves but for most people if they just need to use a web browser and need a few popular apps like Twitter and Facebook and that sort of thing you pretty much are going to find it on an RT tablet without having to spend the extra to get a pro tablet or something that's running an x86 chip now Nokia's done a lot of

Interesting things here they've given us this beautiful 10.1 inch LCD IPS ClearBlack display nice deep blacks with great colors bright vivid display with great at off access viewing so they've done a really nice job with this display and we also have these really unique speakers which are almost invisible but provide very loud and great stereo sound so definitely one of the better sounding tablets and it's great that their front firing and hopefully we'll see this more from other manufacturers nokia has definitely hit upon something with these sort of hidden speakers so they've done

A really nice job here the design overall is pretty nice so we have nice material quality I really like this math texture on the bank feels really nice in the hand to use and it's pretty much it's pretty fingerprint resistant it does show some fingerprints they're more noticeable under these bright lights but certainly better than the glossy plastics from the other colors we also have an NFC technology so that's available to you and we have pretty decent cameras so definitely overall they've created a nice package here and I can definitely

Recommend this to people who want an LTE Windows RT tablet so that's going to do for me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next one

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