Nokia 7.2 Complete Walkthrough: Zeiss Optics for Under $350

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

HMV just announced their latest 7-series
phone the Nokia 7.2 and I was given a
little bit time with a pre-release
device so I figured I would try to do a
complete walkthrough for you guys now if
you're not familiar couple he walked in
with channels where I try to go through
every single feature I possibly can uh
no device so you guys are better
prepared should you be in the mark to
actually go buy one and with that said
there is a lot to go through so let's
get started
with the styling firstly it looks very
much like a Nokia device the phone is
made out of a polymer composite that
Nokia claims is twice as strong as
polycarbonate and half the weight of
aluminum and it comes in three colors
charcoal ice and my favorite cyan green
which actually has this very slight
diffusion effect to it which is kind of
the device feels solid in the hand and
as I slightly curved design again very
Nokia ask in my mind on the front we
have a six point three inch F HD Plus
display that Nokia has given the pure
display moniker too as far as I can tell
pure display a trademark name that H can
be acquired from Microsoft is given to a
Nokia device when it's capable of
playing back HDR content upscaling
standard content to HDR so non HDR
things which is the most content you'll
be viewing are given more contrast
shades of color and dynamic range and
can reach a certain brightness in the
case of the Nokia 7.2 that's 500 nits
the naba display we have a teardrop
notch that houses our front-facing 20
megapixel quad pixel sensor which as far
as I can tell is their term for the
simple fact that the sensor is capable
of pixel binning or combining four
pixels into one larger one more info on
that below at the link I've left down
there to a video I did a while back if
you're curious about that but it also
has an aperture of f2 and we're using
Zeiss optics moving around the device we
have our sim card and microSD card slot
on the left side along with our
dedicated Google Assistant button that
you can use to ask your Google assistant
things also when plugged in it's capable
of Google assist in ambient mode which
means it basically turns into a Google
home and you can ask a questions using
ok Google like you can with these other
devices that you're used to on the right
we have our volume rocker and our power
button it also lights up as a
notification light it's only in white
though by the way no various colors for
different notifications let's top we
have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on
the bottom we have our speaker and our
USB type-c port that is USB 2.0
connection capable and has OTG support
which means
plug in a USB see storage device and
transfer files to and from it it's also
capable of pretty basic 5 volt 2 amp
charging speaking of charging we have a
3500 milliamp battery with a proposed
standby time of 15 days and Nokia says
it'll last you 2 days of use but I
should be getting a review unit so make
sure to subscribe and turn on
notifications we notify when my
real-world test which will test that and
other things on the phone goes live on
the back of the vise we have a triple
camera setup all tuned by Zeiss we have
a 48 megapixel 1/2 inch sensor with a F
1.79 aperture that can use pixel binning
to get a 12 megapixel image with larger
pixels and better low-light performance
we also have an 8 megapixel F 2.2 Widing
118 degree equivalent camera to squeeze
more in the frame and a 5 megapixel
depth sensor used to help with bokeh
speaking of Boquete the software now has
three boquete modes that are all meant
to mimic real world zeiss lenses and
their different bouquet in addition to
that it takes between 6 to 8 photos
automatically with every shot taken and
up to 24 low-light shots using their
specific night mode and then it combines
them to have a better exposed image but
just like with the Nokia 9 which you can
check out my videos on at the link below
as well
the Nokia 7.2 automatically records
depth info using Google's G depth
standard which reason you don't have to
select a bokeh mode and can just go into
google photos tap on edit then slide the
option and tap on the screen to change
focus and bokeh a feature that I loved
about the nokia 9 frankly here are some
sample shots I was able to grab the
device during the briefing but keep in
mind this was not final software so be
sure to check out my railroad tests
whenever that goes live and I get a
proper device for proper photos under
the hood we have a qualcomm snapdragon
660 there with four gigs of lpddr4 x ram
and a 128 gig storage option for
connectivity we have Wi-Fi 802 dot 11 AC
bluetooth 5.0 with qualcomm optics audio
streaming and LTE cat 13 for software
nokia is still using the Android one
partnership thankfully this means it's a
vanilla pixel phone like experience
completely the lack of bloatware
and even uses the pixel launcher frankly
all good things in my book and a limited
time I had it seemed pretty smooth while
using it even considering it was again
running pre-release software and it
comes with their guarantee of getting OS
for two years and so Android 10 will be
on it pretty soon after it's released
and finally the Nokia 7.2 will launch at
the end of September for 349 dollars
which is nuts
now you guys complete walkthrough hope
you guys enjoy that let me know the
comment below to thought of this phone
of this video etc always appreciate
hearing from you guys if you like this
video please thumbs up it or share it
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techniques and other things that don't
necessarily make it to video as always
though regardless thanks for watching

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