Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2 hands-on and top features

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

everyone HMDs nokia has been releasing
some pretty experimental flagships in
recent months however their true
strength is mid rangers and now they're
releasing at the neck is 7.2 and Nokia
6.2 at Aoife in Berlin the naming isn't
the best but you know it could always be
worse hmd is focusing on blower free
phones solid build quality and frequent
security updates they're hoping that
this focus on reliability makes them
stand out in a crowd full of very flashy
adversaries I'm Angie Phrygian marina
and these are some of the key features
of the Nokia 7.2 and Nokia 6.2

these two phones are extremely similar
aside from a slightly different paint
job on the back it's hard to tell which
is which
at first glance the circular camera bump
on the back reminds me of past Motorola
phones the shiny Nokia 6.2 is a little
more slippery than its sibling but
generally both are comfortable in the
hand though one-handed use requires a
bit of a stretch
the buttons are tactile and there's even
a google assistant button on the left
the phones are also lighter than what I
expected one of the biggest selling
points of Nokia phones is their blow pre
UI they're part of the Android 1 program
and will receive regular security and
software updates the two phones feature
6.3 inch LCD displays with Full HD
now kia is calling them pure displays
because they can upscale content from
SDR to HDR and they come with high
brightness and a local contrast
enhancement it'll be interesting to see
how they do on tests for now sunlight
legibility is alright but it isn't
anything to write home about and the
color is generally look quite nice
since these phones have LCD displays and
not AMOLED which allow for under display
fingerprint readers the mid range duo
have fingerprint readers on their backs
they're fast and accurate and allow for
easier one-handed use of the phones the
phone's features Snapdragon chipsets
although these are not the most powerful
ones we've seen in the mid-range as of
late the six points to will have a
Snapdragon 636 while the seven points to
will have a snapdragon 616 they seem to
do fine with some light gaming and
general usage but it'll be interesting
to see how they compare with other
modern mid-range errs the less
power-hungry 6 3 6 on the nokia 6.2
might help with its promise to day
battery but we'll see how long it really
both phones have triple camera setups a
main camera a depth sensor and an
ultra-wide snapper however the not q7
point su has a 48 megapixel main camera
zeiss optics which should definitely
give it an advantage over the 16
megapixel main camera the nokia 6.2 at
least both have 4k video recording the
7.2 also should ship with bow key
effects that allegedly imitate the
output by zeiss lenses the units we saw
had pre-release software so we have to
see how they do once the phones are in
for testing Nakia has released a pair of
elegant and minimalist mid rangers
although they don't offer anything truly
surprising nokia is banking more on
their build quality and reliability than
flashy features once the phones are in
the office we're gonna put them through
the ringer and see whether that was the
best bet for a Nokia to make until then
leave any questions you might have in
the comments down below and subscribe so
you don't miss the full review see you
guys next time

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