published on August 3, 2020

Right so no surprises here we continue to see that rally move higher we did end up peaking up at 11 700 which is exactly that first target that i was telling you i wanted to see bitcoin hit uh the

Reason for that for those of you who don't remember is there was the cme gap on this chart from way back last year right at about over here we did come up to fill this gap so again that doesn't come as a surprise

But unfortunately if we look very very closely we still haven't filmed the whole gap our price still hasn't come up to fill this entire gap which to me to everyone still means that this gap isn't filled

The gap just got smaller now first of all it makes perfect sense that this is the target we came up to um and that we are starting to see some difficulty you can see here on the cme chart

We did end up getting rejected and we ended up falling as low as eleven thousand five hundred dollars what an amazing problem to have i know and since that point we have started to try and make our move our way

Back upwards starting to move back upwards and i think that this is gonna stay uh if we move back over to that coinbase chart now where it's easier to carry out analysis

I think it's very safe to say that this price is just going to come right back up to 11 700 and fill that gap what happens from there though uh is is kind of a little bit

More up in the air um if we look at momentum if we look at the general trend and what's been happening it is really good it's really really good in fact i think one of the best examples we

Have of a healthy bullish trend is on ethereum we have no surprises here with ethereum right now this is exactly the trade that i was outlining to vip members that i would be making i

Actually did make this trade and unfortunately got stopped out like i mentioned um that was after i booked a 100 profit over here but nonetheless i did tell vips i was still interested

In making this trade we actually have a member who did the same thing and uh on his own accord and he's mentioned that he's made the fee back uh which is just absolutely

Amazing this person took up a yearly plan with us a couple months ago and he has been doing really really well healthy sustainable account growth he he knew nothing about trading he was very

Very new to the game jumped into our advanced academy which he got for free that's 2700 of value and he's now made back the fee take a look at these games five ethereum on this trade

And then 17 btc on this trade some really really nice games over here definitely something to be proud of running strong uh this guy just uh just having a really really good time trading the breakout on

Ethereum and what's really nice about ethereum in terms of the bullish market is that it went up and then it came back down to test this old level of resistance as

A new level of support and we didn't come as low as i would have wanted us to but the fact that we dropped down at all is a really really good sign and everything here is showing me that this

Whole market still has the potential to be rising very very high because of these signs it is still showing me that we're moving in very very healthy ways

We have you know all the signs that we would be wanting to see we have uh you know for example on the daily chart this entire rally started from touching the ichimoku cloud right here and if we

Zoom in let's see how it's looking on the uh on the one hour uh yeah right there we wicked into the cloud we touch the cloud and then we're carrying on trading higher i mean we are getting

Some really really nice signs that the momentum within this market could be uh you know here to stay but there is a big but and it's an ugly one this gap is going to be filled and you

Know one of the things i want you to bear in mind as a trader and as an analyst someone who doesn't have emotions when you're in this game you know we don't care about that we're just here

To make money whether bitcoin goes up or whether it goes down we just want to make money right and so with that perspective in mind actually it might not be so clear as a follow-through all the way to 20k and

Then 100k and 400k and different things like that once the gap is filled you know it's not like there is an obligation to fill these gaps but given that the markets are now being

Controlled by the kind of money that's in the cme trading environment that might mean it's time to just drop right back down and i'm not saying it is going to happen

Uh in terms of assigning likelihoods it's very hard put it this way i'm not going short over here i'm definitely not going short but i'm also not going to be going long right here as well

Because there is such a real risk right now that you know guys bear in mind there is a gap down at nine thousand dollars right where is that the gap is way down over here the gap is down over here on the cme chart

And we've obvi i mean you know it's no coincidence don't don't tell me i mean i know i hate gaps be i hate this whole premise of gaps being filled as much as you do trust me i think it's stupid but it's

Happening and it would be even more stupid to ignore it you know it's not a coincidence that we talked out right at this gap you can't tell me that's a coincidence

I mean everyone's looking at it if anything it's just a self-fulfilling prophecy and that is good enough reason to pay attention to it and so we we have evidence right in front of us the pump stops at a crucial point of

Control for institutional traders they you know will be we'll be looking to fill um uh price action in these kinds of areas and so what would be better than rising up to fill this gap maybe even a week to

Twelve thousand dollars something like that and then coming right back down to fill the gap at nine thousand dollars from there absolutely continuing the uptrend is

Very much on the cards i think it absolutely could and should happen once this gap is filled but until that happens just you know i mean we've done what we came up here for as far as i'm concerned

We came up here for a very specific reason uh you know coming up here so quickly and that was to fill up the gap and we've we've nearly done it so falling down to this nine thousand

Dollar now uh nine thousand six hundred dollar level now this would make a lot of sense to me it would be exactly the kind of pain that would make sense in this market

And another reason that i think this is so likely is if we look at things like the fear and greed index which unfortunately i can't show you um on this chart um we do have a reading

Of 75 and just very quickly for those of you who uh we have something similar over here down here um for those of you who don't know the fear and greed index

Is uh it's basically an arbitrary index it's taking a bunch of done if arbitrary was the right word there it's taking a bunch of different data points and inputs uh to tell you um basically it

Is the market fearful or is the market greedy and when the market is fearful you know typically the idea is you're going to start seeing some buying opportunities and if the market gets

Greedy if the mainstream gets greedy that's where you do start to see fireworks and people losing money and getting very upset and the market starting to crash we know this uh you guys remember the

Mania around tesla when it hits 1700 you've got the mainstream kids who are you know my age making a shitload of money obviously it doesn't happen every day and then really you know letting it get to their head and

Becoming cocky about it and stuff like that bitcoin's obviously at that stage right now and so the fear and greed index right now is showing us a reading of 75 which is very very high this is

This is market peak kind of high this is very very high as a reading in this market and then again we couple that with the fact that we are now trading pretty much right at this gap we're

Ready to fill it maybe even today um you know is this a coincidence to me hell though absolutely not this is not a coincidence to me and so actually what i want to do is everyone right now is looking for

Reasons to be bullish on the market i want to look for reasons to tell me actually it might not be safe to go along on this market anymore and so one of the things i have been doing is i've been looking at you know i wanted to see

Is there is there a bearish divergence on this chart right now um i know that these aren't reliable indicators compared to other things that i use but and this is a crucial but it is

A first early warning sign of a market crashing and so let's take a look at this right from about over here uh we're looking at a bearish divergence where the rsi is trading

Lower and the price is trading higher once again for those of you who don't know what this is showing us is that the price is trading higher while the relative strength of the market is trending lower that's telling me the

Market isn't strong anymore it's losing strength in other words it's getting weaker while the price is right it is rising higher what that means is this is an unsustainable bit of price action and so

Eventually it does have to reverse obviously this is a super uh early indicator it misfires all the time all the time i mean there was a bearish divergence just over here

Uh i mean you can probably pick out a lot more uh just in in recent times so this this misfires all the time but it's about applying it with you know what other kind of fundamental

Bits of information and data do we have is there any particular um piece of data that i know other people will be ignoring because it doesn't fit their bias like this gap for example like the gap

At nine thousand six hundred dollars are there any particular data points that people will be ignoring which i can exploit and essentially at the very least be aware of so that if it does actually go

South i'm not surprised by it and more importantly than that it doesn't matter how i feel it's more about do i lose money from it do i get stopped out of a trade because of it because losing money is

Always the biggest problem as a trader you know as soon as you lose money you are playing on defense you're on your back heels and and you're just trying to make money back and and i know a lot of people have

These problems um and it is very very hard to recover from you know even the best traders when when they are losing money in in ways like that they get tilted and

They start revenge trading and different things like that and these are very very important things to avoid i mean this is one of the things that this member in vip has been able to learn

So well i mean take a look at this paying off his yearly fee now doing really really well he by the way he could have paid off his yearly fee way earlier i know that for the fact but it's not even about

Paying off the fee it's about how now this guy through i mean just a couple of months not a long time has been able to really craft a beautiful healthy

Safe sustainable trading plan for life i mean you know this guy has done it he's there he's gone from not really knowing how to trade to picking up the advanced four flights

Trading course it is a real investment ladies and gentlemen that is 10 hours plus of video content where i'm teaching you everything i know everything i know about training about psychology of

Training different things like that any suggestions you have by the way just dm me and i'm going to add them into the course um you know he's gone through that he's been analyzing how we

Operate in the vip group you know what i'm telling members exactly what i'm trading when i'm trading how i'm making 100 profits on ethereum like i did over here i mean ethereum's done really really well but i've still

Beat out ethereum's games overall i mean it had something very special to say this rally started from this point over here we're now up by 55 and in one trade i closed part of my position at a higher

At double this which is i mean absolutely amazing overall i think it did average to about a 50 profit so uh you know absolutely beautiful stuff over here i'm showing

Vip members how i'm able to pull those kinds of gains you know exactly what numbers i'm using how i'm entering different things like that so you can you know watch how i do it and and kind

Of learn from it in that sense uh mirror neurons firing off are firing off and kind of learning how to train in a healthy way that's what vip is all about so if you are ready to jump in we do have the

Website which now will be linked in the description um and if you do want to jump in very very simply you're going to be on the home page click on vip then click on join for

Flies vip super super simple for you as you know we already have a bunch of other testimonials uh these others will get added very very soon this one just came in today um you know we have a lot more

That you can look through to help you make your decision just an absolutely fiery market right now it is absolutely beautiful and if we move back to the technicals to show us why that is we do have more science that this is

Going to continue if we take a look at the one hour right now uh you know we do have ichimoku cloud support very very close to us if we reach kind of tomorrow evening maybe uh the day after tomorrow evening um we

Are going to see this cloud right up here at 11 700 which is i think going to enable us to bounce if we do end up trading sideways for that long even if we drop we have a lot of support below us and everything shows

That to us we have our moving averages as support which have helped us already on the one hour on the four hour they are relatively close as well the daily are still very far away though so i think some sort of

Potentially you know longer consolidation maybe just for three four five days maybe a week or two maybe not two weeks but about a week week and a half max um i think would uh would be very

Sensible at a time like this before we do have a chance to carry on higher i really think that it's setting us up for success in this case and so like i said my only concern is this gap um these

Concerns they do start to go out of the window if bitcoin trades above twelve thousand dollars bitcoin trades kind of above 12 000 if we get a daily candle close above 12

000 that's going to look really strong to me because it means that we haven't actually decided to flip as soon as we filled that gap in order to come down and fill the gap

Over here that to me would be a very very strong sign and what i'd be looking at then is jumping back into my long positions to ride this up to fourteen thousand dollars fourteen thousand dollars is now apart

From 12 my next and only target after that once we hit 14 000 if we do 20k is on the cards there's nothing in between 14 and 20k apart from 17 right here 17 to me isn't

An important level we might just you know briefly get rejected there but uh it absolutely wouldn't worry me this really it could be ready to shoot for the stars at the moment but my god yeah i gotta tell you you

Know you guys know i keep it real with you all the time i don't care if you don't want to hear it or not everyone's greedy right now everyone's getting big headed everyone's made money everyone's made money

Everyone's looking for reasons this market is bullish and right now i want to be acutely aware of the dangers because there are quite a few big dangers right now

Uh the main one for me is just the gap uh you know another one is because this rally has gone so fast we don't actually have a lot of support on indicators like the ichimoku cloud on the four hour time

Frame i mean the four hour is very short term but we're only gonna meet support around the ten thousand eight hundred dollar level in about five days so that's gonna take

A very very long time uh sticking with the bearish side just for a little bit ten thousand eight hundred dollars has become a very crucial support level for bitcoin

If we end up dropping below this level i mean it's an instant drop down to this gap as far as i'm concerned um if we can find uh managed to find support over here

Um you know if we do get a job this would be very very bullish for me i would really really like that um right now i don't think drops are necessary to carry on the long term to

Carry on the uptrend i think that we can just carry on the uptrend as it is at the moment because there's so much bullish momentum right now uh but essentially 108 as my last line of defense put it this way if i was

Going to be entering long positions right now my stop-loss would be right below 108 because i know i have a very strong feeling that if we did drop below 108 we would

Drop way lower at least a thousand dollars lower um so right now like i said it's very very clear to me it looks super bullish i mean we're trying to peak right now

Uh potentially just trading sideways for more hours maybe by the time you're watching this video maybe tomorrow morning whatever we've already broken out none of these things would surprise me um

It really does look like this is one of the key possibilities in the market at the moment all right i hope you have enjoyed this i think what has been a quicker video um once again this guy

Really making me very happy is making good use of his yearly membership and if you want to take that up if you want to find out what this guy has access to then you already know how to join the group

We are actually going to be reopening this 50 discount because the price is so high so obviously it's just it's not sustainable to be charging those kind of prices so uh for a little bit we are going to

Be reopening this 50 off discount i'm not going to tell you when it ends yet because we haven't decided um but it is open right now so you can just reach out this interview as soon as

You've watched this video and ask me about what you get in this yearly plan uh it is amazing value it's only the price of five regular months so that is a massive

That's like a 60 discount i don't know that's a big big discount already um on top of the 50 discount we're already giving you so uh very very good value and they're

Especially considering you get our advanced trading academy course as well it is just extremely comprehensive i'm very very proud of it uh over 10 hours of content and i will

Still be adding content in there alright i hope you have enjoyed this video you know what to do like subscribe bell all that stuff and i will see you in the next one bye

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