Noah Centineo & Lana Condor Take a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

published on July 2, 2020

– [Interviewer] So


– Yeah?

– [Interviewer] Noah

– What?

– [Interviewer] We brought you here today

to take a lie detector test

One of you will be
hooked up to the machine

while the other ask questions,

and then you'll switch

Who wants to be in the hot seat first?

– Lana will go

[Noah laughs]

– I'm gonna get you!

Okay I'll go

[machine sounds]

– [Noah] You get ready

– I'm shaking

My heart, I feel my heart
like pounding in my chest

– Is it true that you
feel your heart pounding

in your chest?

– Yes

– Is your name Lana Condor?

– Yes

– Are you 22 years old?

– I am

– And were you born in Vietnam?

– Yes

– She telling the truth?

– What if it was–

– [Barry] Absolutely

– All right, then let's get started

So you lived on a farm
island in Washington,

that's correct, yes?

– Yes

– Okay

You grew up around a lot of animals?

– [Lana] Mm-hm

– Would you say that horse girl

is an appropriate phrase
to describe yourself?

Horse girl

– Yes

– Is it true that you gained
millions of Instagram followers

in a short period of time
following the release of our film?

– Yes

– Was there a little bit of
pressure that came with that?

– [Lana] Yes

– And you like all of
my posts on Instagram?

– No

– That's true

– It's fair

[Lana laughs]

– Did you see my photos
that I've posted of Africa?

– Yes

– That's questionable

– I didn't post any pictures–


– [Lana] I'm a great liar!

– [Noah] Questionable

That's good

– Okay

– Holy shit


Did you study ballet before acting?

– Yes

– [Noah] Do you still dance?

– No

– When you're alone do you
ever dance in the mirror?

– Yes

– And do you ever think
it's probably a good thing

that I don't still dance?

– Yes

– That's true

– Do you think you're a
better dancer than I am?

– No

– Lie

[Noah screams]


– You also did some improv

Were you any good?

– No

– That too is a lie

– So it's safe to say
you think you're good

You're good at improv

– Okay


– Okay, that's good

Do you think I would make a
good improv scene partner?

– I think it depends the improv

– [Noah] Okay

– Like, character improv–

– Yeah, no we're just really looking

for yes or no questions here


– Yeah, I do

Was that truth?

– That's true


– I do!

I was speaking the
truth but I got nervous!


– I think you'd be a great one too

– [Lana] We improv together, though

– Yeah, yeah we do that

– [Lana] Yeah

– Would you say that I'm your
best friend in the world?

– No

– She's lying

Come on

– It was true

[Noah laughs]

– So okay, let's move
on to a separate topic

since I'm not your best friend

Okay, you play Jubilee
in "X-Men: Apocalypse"

– [Lana] Yes

– I like that film

Did you–

I haven't seen it

– [Barry] That was a lie

– [Noah] I haven't seen it

– That was a lie–

Yes, that was a lie!

– However, do you think I
would make a good X-Men?

– Yes

– Would you mind asking them

if I could be in the next X-Men movie?

– Oh, do you want me to ask them?

– [Noah] Yeah, could you ask them for me?

– No

– But you said I'd be a good X-Men

– Yeah

But like

[Noah laughs]

I don't have that like,

you know, hey!

– I don't either

– I mean I could like throw
it out there but you know,

you feel me

– Yeah yeah yeah

Do you think I'd make a great Jubilee?

– Yes

– Your answers are just off the charts

So you're a big fan of this man


– Yes

– Big fan, right?

So if they were to recast To All The Boys,

with The Rock as Peter Kavinsky,

would you agree to do it?

– Yes

– Even if it meant I was fired?

– No

[Barry laughs]

– Do you believe in the law of attraction?

– Yes

– Do you believe that
you manifested your role

in "To All the Boys I've Loved Before"?

– Yes

– Is there anything else
that you've manifested

into existence besides that?

– I'm sure there is

– We'll leave it at that

What do you think about
telling your crushes

that you like them?

Do you think that you
should always let them know

that you like them?

– No

– Why not?

– 'Cause, you know,

sometimes it's just like not
the right timing to do so

– Like if you were to date–

If they were dating someone
else you wouldn't wanna like

– No

Not trying to be a homewrecker

– That's good

Do you think playing hard to get works?

– Yes

– [Noah] If somebody that
you knew had a crush on me

– That I knew

– That you knew like if somebody
you knew had a crush on me

would you tell me they had a crush on me?

– No

– Lie


– [Noah] I'm gonna ask you a question now

– Okay

– [Noah] And it's the last question

– Okay

– Did you lie at any point
during this lie detector test

and we didn't catch you?

– No

– [Barry] That's true

– [Noah] Yeah, you're pretty honest

– Take it off!


Take it off!

– [Barry] Well, you're fucked now brother

– I know

You were concerned but
like you have nothing

to be concerned about

I'm not too concerned it's
gonna ruin my career probably

– Noah, to calibrate the machine–

– I didn't do it first of all

[Lana laughs]

Just wanna let you know

– To calibrate the machine

I'm gonna ask you some
straightforward questions

and please answer honestly

Is your name Noah Centineo?

– Yes

– Are you 23 years old?

– Yes

– And are you nervous?

– Yeah

– Barry, are we ready?

– We are ready

– [Lana] Okay, you were
born in Miami, Florida

Do you like LA better?

– Yeah

– Would you say you've
adopted the LA lifestyle

since moving here?

– Yes

– Do you do yoga more than once a week?

– No

– Have you had pressed
juice in the past 24 hours?

– No

– Do you prefer flip flops or sneakers?

– Sneakers

– Would you consider
yourself a heartthrob?

– Yeah

– A lie

– I don't consider myself a heartthrob,

but I mean I guess I kind
of have to accept it

– [Lana] Yep

There you go

Would you consider yourself a
heartthrob more than this man?

– No

– No reading that was too close

It was a gray area,

you were

We can ask it again or move on

– Would you consider
yourself more of a heartthrob

than Mark Ruffalo?

– No

– True

That's true

– Do you think you've broken
more hearts than this man?

George Clooney

– No

– [Barry] True

– Okay

I really wanna know this one

You've been in several
teen rom-coms on Netflix

Was ours your favorite one?

– Yes

– [Barry] True

– Oh, thank God!




So is it safe to assume you
have a pretty good relationship

with important people at Netflix?

– Yes

– Could you ask them
to bring Friends back?

– Yeah, is Friends not on Netflix?

– [Lana] Well, to bring it back

– Yeah, I would ask

– Have you ever posted a thirst trap

on Instagram to get into the algorithm?

– No

– True

– I didn't even know that was a thing

– Do you spend more than three
hours a day on Instagram?

– No

– Do you ever go back
and read your old tweets?

– Yes

[Lana laughs]

[Noah laughs]

What is that laugh?

– On January 21, 2018–

– Okay

– You tweeted that you were
binge watching your camera roll

Do you think that you're a narcissist?

– Yes

Is that real?

– True

– Okay

– On July 12th, 2018,

you tweeted, "I miss the 70's"

Were you alive in the 70s?

[Noah laughs]

– Yeah

No no no I wasn't alive but,

just the era

– [Lana] Yeah

– And the culture

– On April 27th, 2018,

you tweeted, "What is the
definition of "smitten"?

"Me, right now, in this airport,
dreaming about a stranger"

– I remember that

– [Lana] Did you ever tell
that stranger how you felt?

– No

– Is it true you tore your ACL?

– Yeah

– And is it true that
you rented out an Airbnb

for six days to recover?

– Yeah

In Malibu

– [Lana] Well why–

– 'Cause I'm boujee like that

– [Lana] 'Cause you're boujee like that!

– Come on

– You couldn't have
recovered in your own home?

– [Noah] I could've

– [Lana] Do you think anyone
you've worked with would say

you're a diva?

Oh my God, I feel so bad


– No?

– That's true

You believe it

– Yeah

– [Lana] Do you have any tattoos?

– No

– Would you ever get a tattoo with me?

– Yeah

– [Lana] Do you know what we'd get?

– When we're 60


– What would we get?

– We'd get

I don't know what we'd get

– [Lana] I don't know either

– But you thought I told
the truth on that one, huh?

– You!


Did you lie at any point
during this lie detector test

and we didn't catch you?

– Yeah

– [Lana] Barry, is that true?

– That is true

– What did you lie about?

– A couple of things

– Couple of things

The tattoo

He lied about–

Did you lie about the tattoo?

Did you lie about


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