No Wrong Turns Podcast Episode 16: Digital David

by birtanpublished on November 27, 2020

hey friends welcome back to the no wrong turns podcast thanks for joining us I'm your host Audrey the Hitman Hunter the no wrong turns podcast talks to people about their story and their passions it aims to see how their passions have evolved and grown throughout their story friends I wanted to take this moment to check in with you all and see how you're doing since our last podcast I was able to finish watching the three Instagram lives by a toe happy Danny that I had chatted about in the last episode from those episodes those instil ABS that I

Watched I was able to chat with two different friends and have two different conversations to kind of just unpack and discuss the different ideas that we had heard about and learned about in those install Ives and in my conversations with my friends we chatted a lot about what our sphere of influences in ways that we can affect change and be advocates for black lives in our own lives in our own context another idea that came up was the idea of implicit bias meaning the attitudes and stereotypes that we have without realizing it this is an area that in

Both conversations I had we agreed that we definitely need to do some more research and investigation on how best to unlearn the implicit biases that we all may have so I wanted to chat with you and ask what are you all learning about our no wrong turns social media manager Olivia has been posting a lot of different resources for further learning and for taking action steps forward so I'd encourage you all to check that out listeners welcome to our 16th episode crazy today on the podcast with my friend David Lok on the pot David and I met in college our good old mother moody

Moody Bible Institute and David was actually on the same floor Colby 10 that Nate from episode 13 was on so some of you may have heard how Nate and I met it's a very similar story to me meeting David as well but for those who who didn't hear it essentially we were paired up our floors were broses floors where there's a guy's floor and a ladies floor that were linked up and we had mandatory hangout sessions where I play you know get to know you games and then in the cafeteria we had a table where we was just nated for us all to sit AB so I met David through the bro sis floor so

Shout out to Colby 10 I'm so glad you are a bro sis 4 and throughout my time at moody David I remember I always remember David just like tinkering with something techie from talking about drones and to creating his infamous digging dog video which you'll hear more about later on in the interview today on the episode David gets to share his story about growing up in Cincinnati and about his love for reading self health books and his love for being an icy man which I'll share more about it later on in the interview David shares a story about how when he graduated from college

He really had no idea what he was going to do and no clue direction on a career that he wanted to be really passionate about he had a lot of interests and hobbies that he enjoyed but he was still just kind of searching for a career that I come past those on today's episode David will kind of walk us through how he's able to identify his passions and how he used those passions to create his own business you're for sure gonna want to lean in and not miss hearing about her david pursued his passions and developed them into a business no matter if this is

Your story and you can relate to him or not i believe that there is something in this episode for you also a quick note David and I recorded this podcast a few months ago so you might hear us reference sometime or months in the future and a conversation that have already passed so just a quick note but still a great conversation nonetheless alright here's my conversation with David welcome to the no wrong turns podcast today on the podcast I have my friend David Lok I know him from college from good old mother Moody welcome to the show David thanks Audrey I really

Appreciate you having me awesome so can you tell our listeners a little bit about who you are where you're from maybe a fun fact or two so we can get to know you yeah yeah I'd be happy to so a little bit up myself so I currently I'm in Cincinnati Ohio this is where I grew up I had a pit stop in Chicago for four years where we met and I also had a pit stop in Nashville Tennessee for around three and a half years before moving back home to Cincinnati Ohio I have a lovely wife her name's Amy were obsessed dog parents with our dog Doug and we're

Expecting our first child in the end of April so got a lot of changes going on right now but I'm really enjoying life awesome do you think Doug is gonna be a little bit jealous of baby Lok oh yeah yeah we're definitely nervous about that – we're not sure how he's gonna respond because he doesn't necessarily like kids no but we think he'll be okay he'll get used to how to be in second-string yeah do you have any fun facts you can tell us fun facts let's see that's a great question I'm not really that fun I like it's not even fun I like to read two years ago I read 93 books in one

Calendar year do you a favorite genre yeah I love self-help self-help you know kind of like the young professor that sort of thing business entrepreneur books so do you read all of those books cover to cover or are you kind of skimming through from yourself their cover to cover most I'd say probably 80% were audiobooks that year I had a long I had a long commute and a job where I snuck in some headphones so I got to listen all day and learn and I just loved it so kind of a learning information junkie it's not super fun

Fact but it's kind of what came to mind first awesome all right so can you tell the listeners I know you said you're from Cincinnati but can you tell us a little bit more about how you grew up what kind of community grew up in and I mean growing up highlights that you want to tell us about yeah so I grew up in suburbia so just a little suburb right outside Cincinnati so I'm from a household where my father worked and my mom stayed at home to raise us so I am the baby boy of the family and I have two older sisters and we're all two years apart great childhood grown up we

Did a lot of trips and traveling as a kid so I'm really thankful for all the experiences I had go into multiple states different countries as well I got to go to Costa Rica in Puerto Rico which was really cool as a kid and just really thankful for my parents and the upbringing that I had so in a middle-class household and both my parents are believers so faith has always been something that's been a part of our family and my identity for as long as I can remember and that's just been such a great thing for my life that I've been able to have that spiritual

Influence in my life from such a young age all the way up to currently today awesome so when you were growing up did you have any things that you were like super interested in either a sports or clubs or hobbies yes or grow up as a kid I did all the typical sports I did basketball baseball I ran track in high school for one year I did track in middle school so I did a lot of the sports but I was never super passionate about one particular sport I love football I never played football I was never big enough or athletic and to excel any of any of the sports so I

Just kind of was like yeah you know somebody else is better what's the point too much work that sort of thing yeah and then regards to hobbies I never would say like as a kid I love cars and trucks I'd love to play with cars and trucks and I love trains and basically anything that was a very typical boy construction equipment whatever like I flocked or that gravitated towards it but in regards to hobbies I wouldn't say I really had any specific hobbies growing up as a kid and I think they're kind of factored into later on to which we can talk about but not knowing I

Wanted to do when I grow up grew up or what I wanted to be I can never felt like I want to be a president or doctor computer hacker you know police officer or anything else go I enjoyed a lot of everything but I never really kind of honed in on one specific thing and got really passionate about it interesting so then when you were in high school as you are kind of coming junior senior year I'm sure you're kind of thinking about what is the next thing that you're gonna do and probably your parents also trying to help guide you to figure out are you

Gonna go to college or a trade school or start working what was your mindset or your thought process when you were deciding what to do after high school that's a great question so growing up my dad was really successful in the workforce so he was a president of a company and I think I just naturally thought I would follow in his footsteps go to a school get us you know an engineering degree or maybe even something in sales marketing that sort of thing that I would just you know fall on his footstep because that's what I knew right you just kind of absorb

Things from your parents and your upbringing so I think we naturally got some of those leadership abilities and characteristics from my dad that made him so good at his job and to excel so with that being said again that kind of fit into the whole oh I didn't really have any hobbies it wasn't super passionate but you know kind of this knack of we have some leadership traits and capabilities and maybe public speaking and just all these different things from my father that I was like well just probably do that too so that was junior senior years like well I

Don't really know but this is probably the course of my life because this is what might dad did and you know what I know you're right you just kind of do and gravitate towards what you know and what you're comfortable with nobody really likes to be uncomfortable maybe or only just kind of pushed ya out of your comfort zone so that was kind of what was going on but around that time too which is how you and I end up meeting at moody is I did grow up in a Christian household my whole life but I was also wondering well what do I believe my parents believe

This you know we go to church and they say this I believe it but why what's the meaning besides my mom and dad told me to or the Bible says so I really want to know more for myself is this what I believe and why and I wanted to study that so I kind of had this ministry thing kind of going in one corner to in my life of probably gonna do business world someday out of college but in the meantime I want to learn about my faith too and my dad went to moody for a year and so he still has his friends to this day a good group four or five guys that they meet every year and grown up as a

Kid yeah yeah and growing up as a kid I always looked up to that like I want friends like that someday that I can you know go to school and have such an impact with them like my dad did that in one year that they still meet in their 40s 50s and 60s all those years later so that always kind of left a mark I mean like I got to check out Moody and see what they're all about and you know how do I get these good friends because in my life we transitioned through different churches and I wouldn't say I really had great best friends I knew a lot of people had a lot of friends but

Felt like there's this disconnect between like I went to a public school and I had those friends and I had church friends and they never really overlapped and people were kind of heading in all different directions and most of those were directions I didn't want to go in so I was kind of looking for that out to like oh you know I do a Christian school maybe I can build that community that I've always wanted that I you know been yearning for just haven't had the ability to establish so far my you know adulthood yeah so did you go to moody right after high school or did you have

A gap year yeah no so I graduated high school and then went right in the moody as a true freshman and yeah it's really fortunate to be able to get into moody because that back then at least it was harder to get into the school and my prospects weren't looking too good if it wasn't moody I'll put it that way yeah it wasn't really challenging to get in for me as well I was wait-listed and didn't get accepted into like July yeah I guessed yeah it's insane cuz I mean you were there too but it's always like well there's six people waiting to come in if you don't or

Whatever they kept kind of beating over our heads were you dating Amy at the time when you came to school yes so that's a great question Amy and I went to prom so my wife Amy and myself went to senior prom together we both went to different high schools but we were friends through church that's how we initially met in youth group at church maybe sophomore junior year so senior of high school we go to prom together as just friends for her prom at school and that summer we definitely developed into a relationship but with college coming up we were kind

Of like well this was more me than her she'll tell you she wanted to date me but I was kind of like this is kind of our last chance for a fresh start I kind of want to go into college without you know like a complete you know slate right I could clean yes wait I'm not bringing anything from my past in here and yeah so that's kind of how we end it is kinda like we'll see like at break whatever it wasn't so I could go date somebody else or anything like that it was just in my mind mentally I was like I want one clean slate again this is it you haven't a big transition

You know nothing from the past necessarily just you know really a true fresh start it's different city I didn't know anybody there so I was really looking forward to that just kind of mentally and there's like as soon as I stepped foot on campus I was like oh man I'm a complete idiot what did I do I need to call that girl up and ask her out we need to make this official and I need to lock her down so so we technically didn't start dating till that fall when I was home on fall breaks I wanted to ask her in person but yeah quickly I realized that was a really

Stupid thing to do in the gym that I had waiting for me at home so totally agree amy is really awesome yeah she is I can't say enough good things about or so I'm truly blessed to have her my life so you started at Moody and what was your major yeah and because I'm pretty sure everyone has to come in with some kind of idea but can switch once you're in there yeah that's a really good question I'm not sure I remember so I either was communication the whole time okay or I think I may have just put their local studies which is funny because we all get a biblical Studies

Degree anyway so I was I was a biblical studies biblical studies yeah coming in but I think I just did that because I was like I'm not sure I know but in my mind I knew I always wanted to do communication cuz I knew I didn't want to go into ministry as we know it today I didn't want to be a missionary a pastor or a youth pastor I felt that was my only three options there mm-hmm so communications is what I ended up landing on but I think maybe going into it it was biblical studies biblical studies a B a so to be awesome so then you somehow transfer communications or

Realize communications and did you have anything during college years that really kind of stood out to and kind of help guide your passions or develop any passions for you yeah that's a great question too honestly what stood out the college years for me was all the biblical Bible classes that I took but I guess that kind of contrast out communications I'm not trying to rag on the degree there but what I realized really early on and that that program at Moody specifically at my time there was everything I'm gonna learn honestly it's gonna come outside of the classroom on

My own time most degrees are probably like that but we didn't really get a lot of like training on how to do Photoshop how to build a website how to edit video we got some critique and feedback from the stuff that we produced in regards to the specific skills that was all me having to learn on my own so really quickly I kind of figured out what I really liked in the program cuz I could find myself spending time doing that just for fun you know on my own not getting paid not because there's a homework assignment that sort of thing where I kind of go in

The opposite direction with the biblical stuff that we all got that just was really formative to me in helping me understand my worldview in the process you know what I truly believe and kind of sort out everything into logical compartments okay well I remember you would make different videos uh-huh just funny videos like our friends or one video have to bring it out digging dog and then you told me that you posted that part two of that and you've got a ton of views right yeah yeah so we were we were laughing digging dog is the og video for me I guess it I

Think I look 2 months ago so like a thousand views and I'm convinced at Moody it had a thousand views so I don't think anybody's watched it since except with me three times I've watched since yeah yeah and then I did this is this is important for later on in the story for what I'm doing now but after digging dog I was kind of joking I did it videos I called it fishing dog and then my biggest video diving dog is my sister-in-law's dog jumping off this 12-foot dock and it's actually really impressive she's a German Shepherd she's a bruiser and then that video blew up

And it has over 14 million views to this day and that just blows my mind that I produce something this little minute and a half two minute video and 14 million people okay some people probably watched it more than once but what if we're being conservative 10 million unique individuals 50 I don't know 12 million watch a video that just is so mind-blowing me just the power of the internet and it's just it's just so wild got that that that can happen and you just put it out there and it just gets a mind of its own and just yeah it's just really amazing yeah that's so crazy it

Is because we start with digging dog and diving dogs yeah I remember this day with digging dog went from you know the 50 people I knew that watched it to a thousand views is like this is awesome this is amazing yeah everybody's watching it did you see it so when you are about to graduate from moody at the end of your time there did you have your next steps thought out or were you just gonna go home and kind of take a couple months and try to find a job or what what were you thinking next yeah I had a lot of anxiety graduating moody because how my department was of

Communications they kind of made you into something at the end so you had to do like a final capstone project and presentation and and declare what you were so people would stand up and say I'm a photographer or I'm a videographer or I'm a video editor I'm a publicist or I'm a radio host and people went on and on about all these things and I kept there going like I don't know what I want to do I haven't found it yet I don't know what I want to do I don't feel like I fit in I'm glad I got my theology my biblical studies there and you know the Canisius program is what it

Is I was just like I don't know what I want to do so I was overwhelmed leading up to that where I was trying to find a job I had one offer for a job back home that I'd worked in the summer in the past but I knew I didn't want to do that so it's just this tension of I don't know I really don't know what I want to do I haven't been able to tell anybody that since you know freshman year and high school and people ask me I always say I don't know I don't know what I want to do I don't know what I wanna be when I grow up and I've never had a good answer so I was like okay when I

Undergraduate moody I'm just so glad I don't have to go to school again yeah that was the first thing I knew I wanted to do after I graduate I'm never going to school again if I am I'm only going for something I really know I want to do okay I want to learn a trade welcome back to trade school then or I want to get a masters but I got a no masters in what and how is it gonna help me down the line I don't want to just do endless education for no reason and you know spend all this time and money and brainpower doing that so I was like I'm gonna just go home I'll apply for jobs

Just kind of take some time off and see what I want to do and while all that was going on I remember ordering this in my dorm room as a graduation gift myself but in 2013 I was hooked on these YouTube videos of people flying this white drone in the air and I was like this is so cool so fast forward to 2014 I'm about to graduate I'm like I gotta get one of these and just see maybe this is what I want to do you know when I grow up and when I graduate so it kind of combined all my passions together in that communication space so these drones

Could have you could put a camera a GoPro on them so I could do photos and videos from the air so I could create content which is what I like to do they weren't like they are today straight out of the box we could go to Best Buy and pick one up and it's you know flying with your iPad so in high school I guess one of the things I knew I was good at but necessarily didn't develop as a true hobby or thing was I've always been good for electronics repairing Xboxes Playstations all that sort of stuff and I loved repairing computers and upgrading

Computers and all that so when this drone came out came online and you had to solder stuff together on the motherboard to make the video transmission work I was like this is so cool this is the first thing that in my life can bind five or six things I liked so I was like I'm buying this I got it delivered to my house and when I graduated it was Rick waiting for me and I was eagerly you know anticipating going home and doing that so that summer I kind of built my first business which was my complete flop and failure but I got a drone company where I would shoot

Photos and videos for people but it was just too new of a technology and I didn't know how to market myself and all these other factors it's kind of like well it's worth a try but I don't know I just kind of discovered pretty early on that this wasn't the avenue to make money with a drone at least in that time so yeah that was kind of what my summer looked like in my early transition after graduating college so you got your drone you figure that out did your soldering and then what was the next step for you the drone business didn't quite work out as you thought so yeah where did that

Leave you I missed your parents working to keep supporting yeah yeah yeah I left me my parents basement being a mooch no no they're so gracious and they would never boot me out of house or anything but they definitely would have started to charge me rent and stuff which is good they sure then healthy boundaries but right around that time this was a fall and so out of the blue I just got a call from a buddy from church and like hey my company's hiring and I was like well that's awesome thanks for thinking of me I appreciate it where are they hiring Oh in Cincinnati and I was like

Well that's cool but I just decided I'm gonna move to Nashville to be closer to my future wife Amy because she graduated school down there and she stayed down there because she got a teaching job so I knew the way our relationship was progressing we're gonna get married so I wanted at least be in the same city with her now that we were not you know dating long distance so he was like uh well let me see yeah you know I'll see if they have an officer branch down there so sure enough they did and I was like he told me that but he wasn't sure if they

Were hiring and I was like well hey can you give me the branch managers number I'll give him a call I'd love the introduction so long story short but that actually is what got me down to Nashville so I got a job at a company called Graybar electric and I was in their sales training program so they're an electrical distributor so kind of like a home depot for commercial contractors so they're not residential they're all commercial okay yeah so that's a huge pivot from going to Bible College and getting a communications degree but it fit with what I kind of

Thought my life would be in regards to that was in a sales kind of the corporate world so it was kind of my foot in the door for that arena and also a little bit techie with drone and computer video kind of things that you had already done before yeah exactly because that company they distribute electrical supplies and communications equipment so I gravitated right away towards the comdata side because I knew a lot about some of that stuff just from my own geeky experience growing up mm-hmm so how long I mean I I know spoiler

Alert you don't still have this job so I last I lasted there around a year and a half and I'm really grateful and thankful for that company and the experience that it gave me I learned a ton I grew a lot and honestly because of that job I learned right away I was not cut out for the nine-to-five world that was not a life that I enjoyed at all so that kind of really made me rethink what I want to do next and oh man if I don't want to do nine-to-five how am I gonna make a living what am I gonna do you know I want I'm getting married you know kids mortgage cars whatever look all

That stuff gets really overwhelming really quick but on that note it was depressing for me to sit in my cubicle des take it okay all right I make $19 an hour whatever 42 grand a year whatever it was it's like this is depressing and they see your paycheck and then you're like wow yeah I'm never gonna do anything that I want right I want to I want a house or a vacation home or any of those things it's like how you ever gonna get there so when you're just bored in your cube and you crunch these numbers you're just kind of thinking man I gotta do something

Differently this isn't for me yeah and on that note I didn't like a lot of what I was doing day in and day out either so it just wasn't the industry I was cut out to be in so what helped you move on to the next thing or what opportunity got presented next for you yes that's a great question so it all kind of developed as I progressed through the training program they weren't really sure what to do with me they were gonna move me inside sales and I was excited about that but it wasn't happening fast enough and I was bored and honestly what I've learned at this

Company and this is probably just um not just reflecting on them but just probably corporate America as a whole a lot of people there are really stagnant and content with what they're doing and they're not growing so I don't know why at this stage of my life and I'm still in it I guess where I just love to grow and learn and I felt like I was being surrounded by people that didn't like to grow and learn and it was really bumming me out and it was just really kind of depressing to go to work and it was sad to see other people that are in their 40s and 50s feel like they're stuck here

And this is just the way life is and this is there's got to accept their law and that's that's that and they just punch in punch out and that's it I'm just like this isn't life for me so when I had all this downtime at my cube I started to read book so I was a big fan of Google in a book and finding the PDF version of it to download and read was it work so look like I was doing something but also you know not I read a book right away I don't know how I landed on it I don't remember somebody recommend it to me but it's called Rich Dad Poor Dad I don't you ever heard of

That book it changed me because it was the first book I read and I don't like to read at this time this is what started and awakening in me to be an information junkie so I learned to read at Moody in the sense of read a lot of books that was really great but now I kind of rekindled the passion for reading myself to like learn and grow so I read this book called Rich Dad Poor Dad and it's not about being a wealthy dad for support and that regards it's about being rich or poor in your thoughts and so he just kind of goes to this whole book of I mean he talks about

Finance and money and investing and passive income and all this stuff I was like this guy is literally saying everything that I think in my mind I don't know how he knows me right this is it so just my eyes were open I was like there is like there is a place for me I fit in there's other people that get it and they're doing it and they're crushing it and if that's what I want to be a part of that this is what I need to pivot my career in my life trajectory to be something different than this nine-to-five world I'm just not cut out for it

This is just not for me so anyways that started this journey of me of like I gotta get a new job so I interviewed other places but again it was companies like Dell so I got a job offer from Dell but that was just a lateral move and I was like at that point why bother right I'm just gonna get into that job and six months later be ready to go somewhere else so ya read some other books too and things but from reading Rich Dad Poor Dad it got me into real estate so I was like I'm gonna get my real estate license I have this time on my hand

While I'm at my job I'm gonna start studying and preparing to get my real estate license so that's what I did it's about a year and a half after start and Graybar got my license in the two weeks later I quit I quit I put my two weeks notice and didn't tell anybody I even had my real estate license so it was a little bit of a shock when I did resign from my job they're like real estate I was like yeah I got my license I kind of felt I was sneaking around but the company just went through some layoffs about 6 months before so I was kind of kicked my hand really close to

My chest cuz I didn't know what I wanted to do and if I you know spoke out I was nervous that I could be the first one the chopping block just because I'm not as loyal as other people also again kind of one of these things where I was think about well you know nine to five jobs when the company's lay people off you know their stocks go up right it's so backwards right they trim the fat and then the shareholders are rewarded so I just kind of felt like a pawn and I'm not bashing corporate America that's just the nature of business and I get it but I just didn't want to be a part of

That and so got my real estate license and that was like my year of grad school so I did real estate for about a year in Nashville and I was just a part of a great company and they were all about learning growing self-help self-improvement being the best version of yourself and so it was like night and day transition from my previous stagnant company kind of fixed in its ways to a new real estate start up with really like-minded people that were just passionate about you know like I said wanting to provide the best experience for their customers and to be the best

Version of themselves that's awesome yeah yeah it's a really really great company great experience so you were actually at showing houses people signing deals and stuff like that yeah yeah so they kind of just throw you to the wolves and real estate leased the company I had so it was like hit the ground running I was knocking on doors cold calling I called every for Sale By Owner person in Greater Nashville area and was like hey can I sell your house and actually was starting to get some business in the commercial side of things I was having more success there

Than residential but just as God would have it in the way things kind of shook out not much longer after that Amy started to not like her job and we kind of just got to the point where it was like okay where they're gonna commit the Nashville forever because it's been here for three and a half years we found a church a small group I just started a new job you know that takes a lot of time to build up your book of business you know we're either gonna go home right now or we're gonna stay it was kind of like if we're ever gonna leave it's now or

Never so kind of cut that real estate story short but then we decided to move back home to Cincinnati so I did real estate for a little less than a year and we moved back home hey listeners when you are not listening to the no wrong turns podcast what kind of other podcasts or podcast genres do you enjoy listening to for me one podcast genre that I've really enjoyed listening to is true crime which might surprise some of you today I wanted to introduce you all to this week's sponsor for our podcast and that is a podcast

Called true crime XS true crime XS is a true crime podcast about the aftermath of a serial killer suicide and stories as they arise an investigation into where his potential victims remains may be found so this is a lot to unpack some of the things that I enjoyed about listening to this podcast was that there are two different narrators at times who have reviewed and researched the case that they are focusing on the reason why I like that there are two hosts slash narrators sometimes conversing is that they both were able to clarify different points and pieces of the puzzle as

They're talking through the research and evidence and explaining it in the podcast to the listener and most of the true crime podcasts that I listen to my feed they usually are just on ik one episode per case kind of basis in the true crime XS podcast they break down a case into multiple podcast episodes so they are able to give a little bit more detailed look into the nuances of the case and another attribute that I enjoyed was the use of actual media soundbite clips that were used throughout the podcast episodes to help me to help give me and the listener a

Bigger such more lively picture of the case you can find this podcast on all the same platforms that you listen to the no wrong turns podcast on as well I would encourage you all to check it out and give this podcast a listen all right back to David's story so you move back to Cincinnati and did you have another real estate job lined up or what were you guys thinking yeah so from that move my wife's a teacher so she it was easy for her to transition for a job so that was kinda our green light if she got a teaching job at Cincinnati we'd move back so she got one right away so

We moved back I had the luxury then figure out what I wanted to do again because my real estate license didn't transfer oh I'd have to do classes and spend a couple more grand again to get my license and I was just kind of like you know I don't really know if I want to do that again cuz I just poured my heart and soul out for nine months and then we ripped it out to go to back Cincinnati and I learned to start over again building that book of business maybe would have been easier because I knew people here and all that but I was kind of like I'm just not sure if I'm

Gonna pour all my time and energy into something again I'm not sure that's what I want to do right now so we bought a house ourselves and it would needed some work so the first thing I didn't we came back is she worked and I fixed up the house so once the house got to a point where it was not taking up much of my time I decided just to apply in Amazon locally tap a couple of hours here and there just kind of make some money back to kind of pay for the expenses of the renovations and you know contribute some to so that's what I did right away while

My wife was teaching wow I didn't realize you're a home DIY er but that makes sense I could I just like to I just like to tinker with stuff so I'm always eager to learn and try something new so I wouldn't say I'm an expert by any means but I kind of enjoy the challenge I always have awesome so you are at Amazon kind of part-time sorting Center how long were you there for and were you doing anything else at the same time yeah so I was at Amazon part-time for right around two years which is hard to believe it's a long time yeah so it was great for what it was in that season

Of my life and at this time when digital David started so I have a YouTube business which is what I currently do right now where I unbox and review products online and that is my primary job right now and I started that when I was working part time in Amazon and had more time on my hands because I wasn't fixing up her house with the rest of my week in my schedule do you remember the first product you reviewed for digital David yeah so I got to take you back to 2015 though so currently this is 2017 right now in life but my very first

Digital David review started in 2015 but it wasn't called digital David or anything like that but this is how I got into it and then when I was working at Amazon I had time to really pursue that passion you know with half of my work schedule so 2015 to make it quick my wife and I went to Hawaii for a honeymoon and I love all things snow cones shave ice and ice ease so people can describe themselves as coffee people or beer people or wine people I'm an icy guy so if there ever was a label that's that's me I just love them and in the Big Island in Hawaii I had the best

Hawaiian shave ice I ever had and I was like oh my goodness I gotta have this again back in Ohio how am I gonna do this and I saw the machines they had they're these huge machines they're like 50 pounds they have two huge engine on them and then they spin it's like a really scary thing there's a blade and then there's an ice pick and he put a big chunk of ice on it and then you put the ice pick down and then it spins it around the blade and it shaves off like snow like that's the best way describe it it makes snow and I was like this is so good hon I gotta buy

One of these so I looked online and they're like 3,500 bucks and I was like oh man I'm not buying that who's gonna justify $3,500 on a shave ice I'm not turning this into a business this is just for my own personal consumption but just so happen I was looking online and these websites eyes like okay let me just check Amazon Amazon's always really good you never know so I threw with the keywords like shave ice machine Amazon and I skipped down past the icy branded ones they're like 50 bucks because I knew what I wanted right it had to have this motor the picks and used real block

Ice and sure enough I found one for 200 bucks and I said that can't true this looks just like the one for $3500 so what did I do I copied and pasted the title of the product and went over to YouTube and I searched it and I found a video and it was a guy in his basement using one of these and I was like cool let's see click you know and the video was terrible is like 480p and it was shaky and it was dark and but what I could tell from the video was it did shave the ice and it looked great and look just like what I had you know experience in

Hawaii so I said alright I'm buying this I have nothing to lose at 200 bucks so I got a me on board I bought the machine and the rest is history so it came I had great shave ice and I told myself once it came I was gonna film a video to help other people because at that time in 2015 I had a samsung galaxy s4 phone that could record 1080p HD video and I had a little tripod mount so I could keep it stationary so as soon as it came guess what I did I filmed a video of it and unboxing and review to show other people in HD what it was capable of and long story short I don't know a couple

Months later that video was like thirty thousand views and I was like wow I did not know that many people were looking to this machine this is awesome maybe there's something here so you know right at that time – if I can talk about this for one second it's kind of important though my sister just started doing stuff on YouTube online and this is before everything that you experienced today with like live-streaming and you can tip and give bits and stuff on Twitch there's all these different ways you can support your creators back in 2015 there was not that many ways to do

This so we were talking one day about how do you make money online ad revenue and then what else how do you make a living doing this and I discovered this program searching with my sister called Amazon affiliates basically it's in a nutshell you each get a personalized link and if anybody clicks on that link to purchase a product any product they just buy it through that link you get a portion of the proceeds that could be 1% up to 8% depending on the item and all these other rules so I was like well hey Julie I got the best video to try this out on to see if this is even worth your

Time so I signed up for the program got approved and I put this little custom link to the shave ice machine like below the video in the description and sure enough within the first week somebody bought the machine for 200 bucks and I made $8 and I'm still working my office job in 2015 so I still a great bar and I was like this is awesome holy cow I this is lunch money today doesn't do anything I spent spent one hour on this video and now it has the rest of my life and the rest of YouTube and the internet to make money so you know fast forward the next week

It made another $8 and then another $8 sounds like wow what would have happened if I had this link on there for the first 30,000 people that watched it how many did I sell you know so fast-forward now going back up to modern day anytime got like a big item I'd buy an iPad a new TV whatever I would do an unboxing and review I didn't have enough time to review everything I got so I just tried to focus on the AEGON popular items I thought might get more eyeballs and more views that brings us back to working part-time at Amazon I'm back home in Cincinnati I have some free time

I'm trying to think about this YouTube thing again cuz now every time I got something on Amazon I would unbox and review it just to see if I could make that much more money because this all kind of goes back to Rich Dad Poor Dad where I really wanted to seek out some passive income revenue streams that I could kind of free myself up later on in life just have the flexibility the mobility to kind of do what I love as opposed to do what I have to do for work to make a living so I was getting these emails from people that I could tell were from Asia and they've kind of broke

In English you would typically think their spam and they kind of had these sketchy requests of can you buy this product leave a review and will refund you and I was like I got some free time and I need some content sure so I did one of them and I was like I had nothing to lose worst case I'll just return the item and get my money back even if they don't pay me but sure enough I did it and it came and then the people paid me money and I was like wow this is cool this is a real business I got something going on here so that one video led to another video which led to another video

Which led to another video and just kind of kept growing to what I have today so can you kind of explain what your platform is because its YouTube channel and you are reviewing products I've seen a couple of your videos and I I'm just kind of curious because this is your job so besides philia links can kind of break it down for us yeah I'd be happy to so shameless plug digital David on YouTube you can find me on Facebook Instagram Twitter WeChat my website digital David you can find me basically anywhere online in a nutshell though I unbox and review

Everyday items on my youtube channel and then it's shared on Facebook Twitter all those other places as well I do this full time I have a team of seven part-time editors that edit video for me yeah which is really exciting they're part-time though so I have a lot because I try to film a lot in one day and instead of having one guy do seven videos it just makes more sense for me to have seven people do one video so they all come back to me within four or five days as opposed to you know you know a week or two however long it takes these people to do that because they're

All typically the people that work for me have their own photo and video business and they're in college or just kind of want a side hustle but yeah I got oh I was I was thinking that you were making all of these videos yourself as well well I do I film every video but I have other people edit them gotcha okay yeah yeah it's got to the point where in my own like for my own business I have a goal have I put out one piece of content every day so I do a new video every day at 5:00 a.m. Eastern Time so wow it just kind of got to the point where there was so much demand for my

Business and if I want to keep that up I had to get people to help me so obviously I'd love to hire real employees and contractors full-time and get marketing people and all that but we're still in the growing pains of a small business I have one question yeah fire way you say Adam and where do you feel the demand coming from that's what is about yeah and then we can touch on some of the other stuff you said too if you want to bring those back up but yeah so in regards to demand what I'm realizing in this industry which we can talk about too but it's never too

Late to join and there's enough room for everybody so that's what I'm finding out online is you've never missed the boat or any of that so since I put one video out like I said a couple days later I'd randomly get an email from somebody else so then I would you know answer that email if it worked out great god do that product and through slowly doing that I now have to say 700 videos out there of product reviews so that's 700 advertisements and touch points for other people to find my videos that sell products online that want them to get promoted so now I don't even do any

Outbound advertising everything just comes to me through my inbox every morning so I work with a lot of small businesses typically out of China that sell on Amazon in the US and they need somebody to kind of be the brand ambassador they need somebody to promote the product they need somebody to troubleshoot the product or show people how to set it up and that's kind of the value I add to them as well as to the people that are searching for these products online because they want to know more about them what's in the box how do you set it up does it work so

That's the demand that I get every day I get bombarded with new requests with new people that I've never met before Wow yeah crazy yeah just through seeing my body of past work online the best way I can explain it is it a Bluetooth headset review well then a competitor them notice the video and then they want it done and then their competitor noticed the video and they want it done for their product yes cute do they send your product the product to you or you stop yes no no no they send they send the product to me so I've transitioned out of that so all

That to say to business startups I just used to do it for fun and free content or free products and then it became okay well now I'm do this for a job and then I've been able to get compensated for that too so yeah it's really uh it's really fascinating kind of just landed on it in an accident and it's just continues to grow and I'm just so blessed and thankful for the opportunity wow that's really wild yeah it really is that's really crazy is there anything that when you were starting out when you were either maybe

In high school or coming out of college or in college that you kind of wish somebody had told you likes maybe some advice or just kind of some guidance when you were just starting out and kind of unsure of what your about to do yeah well that's really good yeah I mean I still think I need that advice today too because you just so met so many unknowns and you know what direction do you go and what pivots do you make and what's the wise decision all that but I would just say for me to hear back then probably a couple of things one I always heard people like

We're able to just take their hobbies and their passions and kind of make it a living kind of like a small business owner and I was like well I don't know what I like to do my passions you know in college and a little bit of high school was like I love this buy and sell stuff on Craigslist so I kind of did that as a paid side hustle as a kid and I was just able to identify value so oh this is being sold to cheap I can resell it and then I was like but how do I make money with that for a full-time job and then I like photos and videos and I want to create and all this and I just was

Thinking like there's nothing for me I don't fit in anywhere but I didn't realize back then that I see now is I was able to take all those talents and skills and passions that I had to be able to make this job because what I didn't mention to is a lot of times I get so many items I don't have room for them I just sell them online and guess what I do I use Facebook and Craigslist to resell them so I guess to myself or if somebody's listening and you're not really sure maybe what direction to go with your life or what you want to do after

College or high school first thing is never stop learning and never be can never be complacent and content with where you're at don't just get stagnant so you're never going to get anywhere you know if you're not growing you're dying basically is kind of the mindset you got to have that that's really it's kind of black and white you got to see it that way but specifically like just take comfort in knowing that at some point down the line you'll be able to piece together your hobbies and passions and talents with the career and with a job that maybe is meaningful to you

That's kind of the best I guess the best advice I would need to hear back in high school or you know around there I'm not sure I were to listen to what I've been like well what is this guy talking about but yeah yes I would love to how can a more practical thing maybe just we'll just stick with the tagline today if you're not growing you're dying maybe a little more harsh but maybe that was you know ignite the fire under somebody to get uncomfortable and just keep trying new things and you know don't be afraid to do the work and then don't be afraid to do the work for free

So I never really understood that earlier on – people say just do an internship it's so invaluable yeah you need the money and you're worried about the money or the paycheck whatever honestly that will take care of itself so if I can do it you can do it too but you never know who you're gonna meet or what you're gonna learn that will come back one month one year ten years later you know full circle so I didn't really value back then in high school or Moody as much in college just having quality connections I was kind of worried more about you know being competent do I know

Everything am i smart enough honestly that really hasn't got me very far in life but the people that I know have helped me tremendously whether that's people online that are your subscribers and your followers or it's like my buddy Brian that got me in that gray bar there's always people in your life that you're gonna find and identify that will help you in your transition so always go out and meet new people be building relationships they're just so invaluable so I kind of pivoted there but that's really crucial – ya know I think all that is really good and important thank

You so much for sharing that yeah I got one more thing I got one more thing to add – on that note my wife and I were just talking about to see other day but when I lived in Nashville I really really really wanted to work for Dave Ramsey and I didn't know anybody there and I got pied online but you know you find line you're a resume one of a thousand or 10,000 you're never getting a looked at you know it's just uh you know an act of God in that regards but what I kicked myself was I never got to know my neighbors in my apartment complex until later on when I had

Already chose a different career and guess what my neighbor right across worked a Dave Ramsey and it was just like you look like it was right there the whole time like it was right there the whole time you could have had your in I'm not saying that's the part of the relationship but like right if I would have gotten out of my comfort zone you know I saw my neighbors all the time they're walking their dogs if I was more focused on them as opposed to my urgent schedule or needs just to build that relationship introduce myself

You never know where that stuff leads so I can think of a lot of examples like that too in my life where after the fact you meet somebody you're like oh man like why didn't I do this sooner why didn't I know you sooner why didn't I you know get uncomfortable so yeah it's just really it's really important like that focus on your connections that's the real estate guy coming out me but focus on your connections don't worry so much about your skills because most of the skills can be learned and taught you can't really learn and teach a relationship either develop it and you

Have it with somebody or don't so yeah yeah just really really nurture and branch out yeah I think that's awesome I think also too that's just a big cultural point of just being too busy and not being able to stop and say hi I'm you know so and so yeah I do this or whatever because that's true you never know I know for me on my block I live next door to my cousin and she knows everybody so through her I get all the information so I could probably take that vais advice to to get a little more uncomfortable to meet a couple more neighbors – yeah you just never know so

Again I'm I'm pointing at myself too when I'm saying this but I still don't have that master but I've been trying to be a lot more intentional in my relationships specifically with my neighbors – because you just you just never know so I always love to meet new people now I'm trying to be one of those people that connects people together and it's a little more complicated because a lot of people I interact with now are through email so there's not that personal physical connection that's just kind of missing which we can go on that tangent all day – but no just being

Friends on Facebook's not enough totally so you have to have a unique passion and a unique job not everybody at least I don't know that many people who have the same kind of job as you personally so do your friends and your family understand what you do do they support you or they confuse but still money or what are they thinking yes yes I'm glad you asked that so I'll kind of break it off in a different segments I guess I'd say my friends who know about it so I'm not even like people I'm really closest to know but if you just follow me on my personal Facebook page you'll never even

Know about digital David I'm not aware you'd ever know that I'd do that I don't share the stuff on personal like profiles it's all just for my work but for my friends in real life they would know and understand because they're Millennials as well right so they grew up with internet or with internet and YouTube and Instagram and you know all that stuff so they get it in regards to the Boomers as we well just think about this way so try to explain tik-tok to them how do you explain tick talk to somebody that wouldn't even you know nobody that that can barely use Facebook

So all that to say for my specific parents they understand completely because my sister crossed this hurdle back in 2015 so she's been doing this for a long time and and they learned and accepted and understood through her so now for me they don't even bat an eye or blink it's just yeah she paid it away for you yeah yeah my kids are just part of this YouTube dynasty stuff it's awesome so they get it my in-laws would get it as well because I had explained for years what my sister did right and then one thing I think a lot people don't understand is the fact that I'm

Really operating this as a business it's a passion and it's fun but it really is a business at the end of the day for me so I think people are kind of blown away when they come and see my studio space I work on goals and visions and I've you know seven part-time people that rally around me and help me get this thing going every day so I don't think people really realize this scale and then what I hope to do in the future with it so you know Millennials they get it they're not really sure how I make money and you kind of explain affiliate links and all that but they understand boomers

Whatever you know people 40 50 60 70 they'll understand in the sense of like if you just say are you making money oh yeah then they you know they get it but when you try to explain some of the minor details of search engine optimization you know hash tag I mean all that stuff just kind of gets overwhelming if you're not even familiar it's like a whole new language yeah definitely today at work I had told somebody who has a very high financial position how to do control ass so she I thought oh yeah okay that's what I was thinking

That she meant me oh I remember how to do this now but then she came to talk to me about something and she said oh did you study computers when you were in school no I said I mean I've got Millennials so I kind of know the basics and maybe a little bit more in certain areas why do you ask us wow that control ask trick you showed me it's been so helpful I've I've already used it so many times today Oh in her fifties maybe late 40s and I was just like wow I'm so glad I was able to pass it on because she was like the sweetest lady and it's just crazy like just the basics you know

Control F oh my gosh that's just too funny so if you can you can blow our mind with some more command key board commands if you want control V I'll teach you how to bold stuff tomorrow yeah oh my gosh that's too funny Audrey that's just but yeah so I mean it's really kind of depends on the person right so like I met a guy the other day that's a computer programmer when I told him I'm a youtuber he understood he's in his he's late 40s but again yeah you get the lady that's never had a computer till 10 years ago that's just learning you know control C control laugh

Whatever yeah it's definitely not pill battle to try to explain that but on that note I guess one more thing to touch on in case somebody's listening and kind of thinking about all this stuff we're all created uniquely are like ourselves there's nobody else like us in the world I know that's super cliche out of the seven or eight billion people whatever but there truly is nobody like you on the earth and so all that to say if you put yourself out there online there's room for you so because you're unique and different there's room to build an audience into

Following in a fan base to turn what you're passionate about guitar product unboxing and reviews automobile repair computer programming property management whatever people will gravitate towards that because they share the same interest so I know there's a lot people out there that asked me I wish I would have done that I'm like you can still do it and what I want to say to that too is you know the best time the star would have been 10 years ago but the second best time to start is today there's no in-between it was either 10 years ago

Okay everybody missed it well then start today so I saw people know that there's not like oh man I miss my chance you never missed your chance today's the best day to take that plunge and to do it so because I said none of us can go back 10 years ago and you know be one of the first people on Instagram or YouTube or whatever so today is the best day to act like what you're doing you know oh it's been great to do a podcast when the iPod came out but they weren't popular and that you know so or yeah that stinks but guess what the best day to do it was when you did it back in

The summer six months ago wherever so that was the best day and if you didn't do it then well the best day is today so you don't want to keep waiting in the future but yeah it's just excited it's exciting time to be alive there's plenty of room for everybody online and if you stick with it enough you work hard enough you'll be able to find a way to make a living doing it and if nothing else you'll meet great people along the way and figure out what you want to do so yeah I think that's really good I really like how you said that there's enough room for all of us I listen to a

Podcast it's called a happy hour by Jamie Ivey and that was kind of one of the first ones that I listened to I really liked the storytelling that's in there and the the passions that are picked up and kind of inspired me to do this but she always says in her podcast she's like when people tell me that they're starting a podcast or somebody says oh so-and-so starting a podcast and they want to see they they say oh I'm so sorry it's gonna be so hard for you now and she says no it's not hard for me I'm so glad you're starting a podcast because it's like the same thing you're

Saying it's your voice it's your uniqueness that your personality being into this and I really really liked how you highlighted that there's no bad time to start I mean there's something great if you could do it you know when it first began or whatever but if you just sit and say I wish I had done it and don't do anything then nothing's gonna happen you know Jack and that's the biggest thing I feel like I encounter with people when I tell them that or you know and then they make the comment like that it's like no one

You're unique people will gravitate towards you your voice needs to be heard you're of the utmost importance and value so share yourself with us because there's nobody else like you and there won't be anybody else like you and then – yeah it's like quit making excuses none of us were here ten years ago for that just go ahead and do it take the plunge that's the other thing just take a chance take a risk you're never to get anywhere being complacent and stuck with where you're currently at so like I said I don't have it all figured out I'll be the first person tell you that but I'll

Be the first person to when you share something like that I'll be your biggest fan right I'm not gonna say oh yeah should have started five years ago you know I'll say that's exciting what can I do how can I share it what can we do you know how do you need a somebody in your life to rally around you and cheer you on so yeah I love hearing that but yeah in a nutshell there's plenty of room at the table everybody can eat sounds like Thanksgiving yeah definitely okay so I have one final question for you as we close our time and ask on my podcast guests this and it's what's

Feeling you today what's feeling your passion so this could be anything for a new coffee drink of maybe a new review maybe some new big products that you guys are discovering what is feeling you today that's a great question when I first read that I was thinking it was like what's fueling me in my passion so I thought I was gonna answer that like well you know specific goals I have and like dreams that I'm working towards but now looking at the question a little differently now what specifically is kind of fueling me that's so funny I haven't haven't made a

Lot of time to watch like a lot of TV and honestly I've neglected this year reading so far and most of last year just because I've been so busy and engrossed with this I mean that's really bothered me a lot that I haven't made the time I think if I'd answer what's fueling me today in regards to my passion it's just the excitement of being a bigger Channel online and being ushered into new opportunity because each and every day is a new slate in regards to what opportunities there are so every day I get up and I check my inbox you never know what's gonna be in

There so they're gonna be you know this really cool brand that I work with a new product or is it yeah there's just I don't I don't know who's gonna message me to contact me to partner together you just there's so many different things that get me excited to get up in the morning that I just can't wait to get going to work because it has to get done and and I can I just I know what the future holds in the sense of there's other people that I've already set the path before me so I can find the other bigger youtubers in my industry and see where they're at and

Be like I'm gonna keep working cuz that's what I want to get to and I know what I'm gonna do differently than them and you know that's why I want to get to that point because I can take things to a whole new level maybe even help kind of set the industry in another trajectory but in regards to a specific book or podcast or a coffee drink you'll laugh at this my actual fuels I just drink water so I drink I know I got a little 25 ounce water bottle I drink that all the time so water is what fuels me or decaf coffee and I'm really basic just Folgers decaf or Dunkin Donuts

Decaf but I guess maybe I should end on what feels me a shave ice oh yeah yeah I've actually since upgraded so you can check out that video online too but yeah my goal now with that machine I was laughing at this but when we have our kid and the kids old enough I want to be the house on the street or on the block where all the kids want to come to and hang out I don't yeah I was like the shaved ice machine the shave ice machine solidifies that but I got to keep you know gathering some other things so it could be the cool place for the kids to come hang out so you know we can get the

Know our kid better and also know their friends I think the way things are going for you I think get some good partnerships yeah you know what – why you said that I've yet to get any sort of partnership for anything shave ice related even though I've reviewed those two machines I think that's partially because like I don't know I don't think there's that many brands out there I don't really know but it does kind of crack me up that of all the stuff I do it usually I can tell okay if I take a new product I've never done before like a woman's

Hair dryer I had my wife do one of those the other day it wasn't long maybe two or three days later I was getting requests for a wax warmer and other things from different people I was like why genre yeah I can pinpoint right where that came back to cuz the only way they could have found me was you know that video so but yeah what's feeling me today I guess je vais well thank you so much for being on the podcast today David yeah Audrey I really appreciate you having me and as I reflect back on my

Time at Moody like just so grateful and thankful that I knew you and that have a lot of great memories hanging out with you and Lauren at a chestnut 10:08 and I'm just just blessed and thankful for your friendship and yeah I'm just excited to see where you go in the future and what's in store for you and I'm here for you as well cheering you on and just looking forward to see how you grow and and what your life becomes because it's been a great journey with you so far thank you so much David friends I have loved our conversation

With David it has been so interesting to see David's journey of figuring out what he was interested in and what he was passionate about taking his interests and hobbies of many things such as tech not wanting to knowing he didn't want to work that nine-to-five job life and then channeling all this into creating digital David for myself as the creator of this podcast I loved hearing some bits of encouragement and wisdom for David at the end of the interview I loved when he shared the idea about never stop learning about always be interested in something and researching

Something and looking into something and I think that in the creative space and media space we can often look around and see that there are other people doing very similar things to something we might want to do such as starting a podcast and it can be very discouraging at times to see someone else doing what you'd be interested in doing and thinking oh they're already doing it better than I am but I love David's encouragement about how it's never too late to join the game and how there's enough room for everyone at the table here I hope that we were all encouraged

Today about how David created his business and job from his interest in hobbies that he was genuinely already pursuing my prayer for you is that you consider what God has for you and what he might be leading you to hey friends thanks again for you in the know rung turns Potter listen can you consider helping me out and giving us a rating a review on iTunes Google Play Spotify or YouTube basically whatever platform you are using to listen that would be super helpful and it really helps other people to be able to see the podcast when they're searching in the app thanks in

Advance as always our podcast was edited by our podcast editor Sophia Beaute social media managed by olivia Beaute and you can check out our show notes to see the music credits well that concludes our video thank you so much for watching don't forget the product link will be in our video description below please go ahead check it out and do your shopping from there any purchase made through that link help support our channel at no additional cost to you so we're really grateful and thankful for all of your support while

You're at it can you go ahead hit that like button for us and subscribe to our Channel we have new content coming out daily and we don't want you to miss anything please go ahead and give us a follow online and make it a clean sweep Facebook Twitter Instagram twitch tik-tok discord you can message us on WeChat check on our website and join our free newsletter thank you guys so much for being here don't forget new content daily and we can't wait to see you in our next video

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