No Notch iPhone 12 & Touch ID + iPhone 9 (SE 2) LEAKS!

by birtanpublished on September 3, 2020

Hey guys everything Apple Pro here welcome back we're gonna start off 2020 with a bang we've got a huge Apple leak the new iPhone 9 which turned out to be quite a disappointment and a host of 20/20 Apple news so let's get into that I want to say I'm shifting offices I'm

Pretty excited about that so I have a new set up and I want a new office to embrace this beautiful machine oh my goodness this thing makes editing 4k 60 buttery smooth but anyways so I'm gonna be going through a transitionary period

In the next two months so I might not be posting as much just want you to know that I'm not going anywhere it's just completely revamping everything but anyways so let's get into that news first thing is the iPhone 9 has leaked

This is tentatively the iPhone se – of course it probably won't be called that but the same guy that leaked the 11pro exactly one year ago on leaks has shown us the new design and it's exactly the same so as we suspected it might be I

Thought there would be at least a few design tweaks and there may be but overall the design pretty much remains exactly the same as the iPhone 8 the only confirmed difference is that it will be thicker at 0.5 millimeters more

7.8 millimeters versus 7.3 but overall aside from the lens which may or may not be accurate has a little run up now as part of the glass not a separate little lens on top of it so on leaks renditions added in Apple

Logo in the middle and a matte back just like the iPhone 11 pro series which most likely will not be happening that's reserved for Apple's more expensive phones just want you to know that's his take on that otherwise on the front you

Still have a 4.7 inch display and a stainless borders you're seeing probably also reserved for the 11pro it probably will still be aluminum so it's going to be a very cheap device $400 but with upgraded internals and Apple probably

Won't be putting too much money into R&D expanding it and making it that much cooler as far as we know this device will have an apple a 13 with three gigabytes of RAM you'll be able to get it in 64 and 128 gigabytes storage sizes

Now the blog he collaborated with presumes that we'll see a better camera and better battery life and I'd hope so I mean the thickness must represent a slightly bigger battery to supplement that Apple a 13 processor most analysts

So far agree it'll be released in March of apples upcoming spring events one thing I'm excited about the potential that it may still fit existing cases so our newly designed rebel series for the seven and eight this is a

Prototype signor this will fit this phone and that was a very expensive phone to design for but you know I'm a payoff so we'll see and in a recent report by digit times they're claiming we may see yet another iPhone se in 2020

This one with a larger screen either five point five or six point one inches and this is a rumor we've actually heard about before from Ming Chico except he thinks it'll come in 2021 and the Hyundai group HM SEC actually reported

On it saying it would be coming in a quarter one of 2021 with a 6.1 inch display and 5g connectivity so one way or another this device is coming it'll probably be the iPhone 8 plus with the same internals and same design changes

That Apple does adjust them essentially this would be Apple's entry-level 5g iPhone at the end of 2020 or early 2021 so from what we're hearing from this source and from many others Apple is launching the most iPhones they've ever

Launched in one year in 2020 and every report has varying details on which one will have which features but we know that Apple will be launching at minimum five iPhones this year and to make that lineup even more confusing

Apparently Apple might be staggering the rollout of 5g iPhones depending on the technology you'll be getting in it this sounds very unlikely but I'll mention it anyways Sosuke Quanah analysts group is claiming that Apple will be launching

Their 5g iPhones as usual in September but then we'll be following up with a more advanced millimeter wave technology accepting iPhones in early 2021 the ones Apple will be launching in September they say will be sub 6 gigahertz 5g

Capable which is about 100 to 150 megabit download speed the millimeter wave technology can achieve over 1 gigabit download speeds and I thought it was interesting that 5g phones in general require 30% more capacitors so

It's no wonder that Apple is optimizing the internal layout of upcoming iPhones even further in 2020 with a triple-layer logic board and smaller capacitors that one of their suppliers achieved ok and this is where things get interesting

So China Times is reporting on a Swiss bank their analyst group came with a prediction for apples 2020 iPhone and they said that the flagship model in this case the 6.7 inch will have no knotch it'll feature all of Apple's

Latest technology including an under the screen camera sensor with no face ID they say it's been canceled any touch ID fingerprint sensor in the screen so apparently all of the technology of your dreams is coming in only one device this

Year I would HIGHLY highly treat this with skepticism as no one else is confirming this even Ming Chico says at the earliest we'd be seeing that Tech in 2021 their prediction is still interesting though as they backed it up

With a number of patents appleís filed for all supporting that they're working towards this future as far as we know they have for a while this latest patent actually shows an iPhone without a knotch

And presumably you'd use touch ID in the case where you don't have a true depth system for face ID and if you look in the patent notes they basically mentioned everything outside of the dotted line is unfinished and may change

With time so in no ways this evidence that Apple is removing the notch of this year and patents you know as far as they go they can happen any time 20 years from now even in that same report summarized

By let's go digital they mentioned that all 20/20 iPhones will have touch ID embedded in the screen only the largest flagship will have no knotch and an embedded camera so the rest would presumably have face ID but they say no

It's been cancelled so it's a bit confusing and you know I they have no track record so why even listen to them but it's just interesting to see what different analysts groups say here we know Apple is working on bringing touch

ID back in which fashion they'll do that we do not know and at this point it's way too early to guess like they are and from an earlier report both Ming Chico and Bloomberg do agree that when touch ID is reintroduced to the iPhone it will

Not replace face ID it will work in tandem with it giving your iPhone the most secure biometric unlock ever both fingerprint and face 3 facial scanning that's seriously cool Ming Chico did also say that Apple needs 18 months to

Work out the nagging issues so no sooner than 2021 would we see this tech and removing the knotch they don't mention anything about that if anything they'll shrink the notch but removing it I think is out of the question until 2022

23 wants that tech matures we're just getting to the point where you can hide a camera beneath an OLED panel but it's not disguised very well and we'll see that mature over the next few years and in a new report might be Alec apparently

LG is producing very similar technology for screens on 20/20 iPhones and they'll be joining Samsung in printing B touch layer directly on top of the organic LED panel and providing them to Apple for this year's release it's more efficient

It's a thinner display doesn't necessarily mean thinner iPhones for 20/20 but it's good to see the Apple will have ample supplying because this is going to be a supercycle there will be so much demand for these iPhones as

It's a complete redesign and joining LG will be Chinese company BOE for the first time ever will see Chinese displays in an iPhone and using very similar display technology by the way the iPhone 11 replacement for the 6.1

Inch presumably the iPhone 12 will not have the same display technology it'll have an organic LED display panel as far as we know but it will not feature the latest tech generation 6 and for the first time ever it's possible that

IPhones made later this year will have randomized serial codes so Apple is changing that up where you'll no longer be able to read where the iPhone was made and around what date using the serial code and this is in order to help

Prevent fraud and something that really impressed me I'm sure you've seen it that disappearing camera tech shown by one plus on their concept one phone is seriously cool made in conjunction with McLaren it reminded me of a rumor we

Heard earlier about the iPhone 11 pro that it would come with darkened lenses what's even more impressive would be flat lenses on all phones but that would compromise quality I think and the 20/20 iPad pro design has leaked via on leaks

So the design remains mostly the same dimensions mostly the same all the change happens in a camera sensor so there we're gonna be seeing that triple-n setup ripped straight from the iPhone 11 Pro Series it's awesome the

IPad pro is seriously capable machine give it the most camera power possible and what more can you ask for and in the article it was mentioned that these would be shipping with the Apple a 13 X processor which directly contradicts

Ming Chico which mentioned an a 14 X earlier I would lean more towards that one it's not the first time that Apple has skipped generations on the IP and in other exciting news digit Times reports the TSMC is gearing up to begin

Production of Apple's upcoming a14 processor which will be the first ever 5 nanometer chip in an iPhone it's a very exciting because Apple has been just killing it on their processors and of course you can expect this one to be

Faster and possibly more efficient and something the top jailbreak developer mentioned to me is that the Apple a 14 is set to include memory tag extensions not something I know too much about but essentially it'll make jailbreaking that

Much harder and upcoming iPhones and we may be getting a product red apple watch seen by watch generation so on an unspecified Apple database a listing was created for this device quickly pulled and they assumed it would be a sport

Band Apple watch product red and we may see it at the upcoming spring event and economic Daily News reports that we may be seeing a high-end gaming Mac possibly an iMac or a MacBook for about five thousand dollars this would be an

All-in-one system which if you game you probably wouldn't want to spend that much on a system you can't upgrade yourself it seems completely pointless but Apple may be wanting to get into the gaming market and a new patent showing

Off an RGB keyboard on a Mac or potentially an external keyboard could support this although a gaming Mac those are just two words they should never be together ok guys that's all the latest news for the winners of the air pods

I'll have the winners tonight on phone rebel thanks for watching stay tuned for the next song bass

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