Nintendo 2DS XL (Black & Lime Green) – Unboxing & Review [HD]

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Hello everybody this is me my unboxing Sinfonia today and today I'm going to have an unboxing of the brand new just released Nintendo 2ds excel which is the black and lime-green Milou I purchased this on Amazon for approximately 150 pounds rv4 things down

Below this item actually just came out it was just released a few weeks ago in the UK or a few days ago actually comes pre-installed with Mario Kart 7 and an old Mario Casas he's not Mario Kart 8

Dealloc so Mario Kart 8 but as Mario Kart 7 an old Mario Kart just made for the 3ds and 3ds Nintendo models but it's still an awesome game you know I've been playing this game over and over and over again and I'd never get bored of it so

It's great online mode is awesome as well so for all the books you can see it says Nintendo 2ds accel Mario Kart 7 pre-installed so obviously you're not gonna get a physical game copy you'll get probably a code or you can just

Download it or you can all you'll probably have it on the system when you turn a system 1 so you can see here it's instant Tendo 2006 0 + mario kart 7 pre-installed black + lime green ok the back of the box you just see some things

Which you get in the actual box and you can see where it says it says extra large screen so it has very large be like the free s XL it has an SD function for amiibo so if you have an amoeba around you can use the NSC function so

If you have a Wii U and me before example you can even use that which is pretty awesome and also the c-stick like the 3ds XL and the the new Nintendo 3ds which I actually stole own it comes with a new Nintendo 3ds XL

System obviously an adapter and 3ds AC adapter so thank God for that that it forced us to buy the adapter in the shops they have it in the book so pretty awesome it comes the newly turned two years XL

Styler a 4 gigabyte micro SDHC memory card and some AR cards as usual and Mario Kart 7 which is pre-installed on the sides of the books you can't really see anything just say see the same basically the same thing in much more

Detail and you can see it's an original intended product and at the bottom of the books you can just see that it comes with the serial number and the barcode i standed what spinosum in here everything okay on it constants

Little thing here and let's just see what happens when you open what we get inside the box okay so leave the box here okay so and let's see what we get so look so of course you're gonna get some standard AR cards so these are our

Standard sort of AR cause there's you can see very very nice indeed again some people either love this or hate this you know not a lot of people that I know saving these cards but these are the cars that it comes with the

Mystery box but she's finding those Super Mario games it comes with Mario it comes with link it comes with I forgot his name Kirby that's it I'll bet his name I do – I dunno anything I don't remember

I don't know these names as well anyway I come to these cards which is pretty awesome and it comes with mostly the operation operational manual on how to use the actual 24 as well okay so that's that I'm gonna touch the side if you're

Wondering what's that random noise like that creaky noise that's actually my body's making that up noise so please you know if you spare them this is the console I should look at this later just because I want to show you in detail and

Stuff so that's did it I'm gonna show that in a minute no physical game corporate culture and box and you can show you this is the AC adapter okay the AC adapter the original Nintendo AC adapter for the free DX just in there so

That's all that so let's just show you actually what because I think this is the main attraction here so let's just show you what this is Wow okay so this is the Nintendo 2ds excel very very nice indeed

So let's just say let's just see what what we get so let's look over on the console so the first thing you see is this sort of looks like a carbon fiber finish but I think it is as you can see that around the console very very nice

Language version on the sides we have plain sides here and we have a volume rocker very actually nice volume rocker very satisfying and here click when you go to the maximum podiums and at the bottom or you can see

What we get so we get the it pulls out so saw the paper finished not a very hard plastic finish but you get the game slot so it will fit your 3ds games you have your serial number information and you have a slot for your micro SD card

Which comes with answer on the box a phobia byte SDHC card micro SDHC card and that's what it comes in and it's lecture branded notes and desk or anything but plain Lexor branded no fussy but that's pretty awesome to have

It in the actual box itself and here of course we have the 3.5 millimeter head jack and it comes with a stylus which is pretty awesome this stylus unfortunately is not extendable and it feels pretty small in your hand as compared to normal

Styluses you can't really extend it or put it out the way which is pretty a bit of a downfall because you know how big if you have big hands like me it's very hard to actually get a grip on the stylus a lot of people these days don't

Really use a stylus so I wouldn't see a big fuss on that again remember bear in mind this is a budget console for the budget price and then it comes the power adapter here you have a symbol for charging

I have symbol for your Wi-Fi so if I just open this up let's remove this actually you can see this you know these lights will come on when you're powering on cetera cetera and this part here I think is your speakers see how one

Speaker here and one speaker here which is pretty awesome as well on this sort of the console you can see you have your camera lens here which is not rotatable unfortunately I think this is one thing which is also disappointing about this

Console is that this part here is actually nude and if you have this you know a say in your pocket and you had seen coins and some keys in your pocket the camera could easily get scratched so this is something I think intended

Should have thought about in terms of I you know in terms of I said it looks intentional for part you know covering that but again bearing in mind it's the budget console and these two colors as well could easy to get scratched his

Budget console I don't think Nintendo would take care of that so the price is an amazing deal no doubt about that some Nutella information around here and then you have the right and left buttons and there's ed r and as ed air

That L bosons which is pretty awesome the ACA that support and the 3d cameras now for reading 2d cameras on the back I think 3d if you connect it to something else it's pretty awesome so now opening the

Console Wow it comes with this thing which you don't need it comes with the console and you keep of course and you can see the console here which is pretty awesome and actually feels very very nice in

Your hand the squeeze excellent it looks very nice it was like an earlier panel I mean if Nutella made a panel that would be it's great to in great applause but I don't think they did it and they don't have the money to do that of

Course again but it's very big so let's just put it on and see what we get so I just push the ball but I'm here and we're gonna get a power on hopefully that's the speed thickness is very thin and that's what I think what the 2d s

Model is pretty awesome because when you have the 3d s in this realistic cell the screen you know Nintendo has to do a lot of things about the screen but this model however did I wanted order that you know they don't have to put the 3d

Screen in there or that and get the Y's mixed up and get a 3d Y and some of that that's why it's very thin and you know very nice it looks like an iPhone stuck on the top of the panel which is which is weird but okay okay so it's gonna fit

Okay I'm gonna put the volume up and send the sounds and put it up it so the child business okay yeah yeah yeah yeah okay okay okay okay okay okay you know I'm not really fussed about this yeah whatever I live in Albania do not set

Okay you're probably far husband I just want to show you guys what this is so set okay okay okay new connection and you'll set up search for access point come on internet connection okay read later okay right let's see

Opening the home menu oh my god are you serious and to open to wait for opening it okay let's put it down here and see what happens but yeah everyone very happy look again it's only you guys looks

Awesome it's a pretty awesome console to have in hand it feels awesome it looks awesome I think it's you know probably one of the nicest looking console I've ever seen I'm just gonna have a game play of mine

Across seven okay single player comple SD 50 let's pick Yoshi clear she's an awesome person to have let's do it randomly let's just do a rate I'm trying to do a review on this console as well so this

Is the unboxing and the review on the new Nintendo 2ds itself so enjoy guys okay okay Wow okay so if you see that the quality is awesome I can imagine myself playing this in my car or something I'm hopefully the constant of

Controllers are the same yeah it's the same on 3d Esther if you are Brady from the new Nintendo 3ds as well you won't be like oh my god I have to learn these new controls and stuff because it's the same you know if you're

Updating for whatever it's the same I don't know why someone would upgrade for the new descender 3d s but if you are then that's pretty cool you know damn I did that we keep that my friend

okay shit I should have kept that on my thing the red shows aren't got me in that donkey garment I mean whatever is Yoshi around is always Donkey Kong like coming in his way

Okay he is such a retard I hate donkey run yeah I loved uncle Kong tropical freeze for the switch but kill me kill me kill me bi TCH isn't it I wish he has a blue shell and I see how

His donkey face does certain win I am going and by the way guys a tip for my record at 7:00 if you have the thin to put the coins it's gonna make you go faster so if you didn't know that guy's coins although are very useless in

Mario's hearts in Mario Super Mario you're playing it apart with you giving you a little bit of a life that's she pretty useful when it comes to Mario Kart 7 and Mario caught it and it's very quite deduct if you're playing online

And stuff it's pretty awesome please not do sure not do show not a blue shell okay so as you can see guys the gameplay on this device is absolutely awesome there's no lags there's nothing like slow rate frame the rail rim is actually

Better than my 3ds you know I'm not gonna lie about that the way the frame is pretty awesome on this device you know it's like a playing on an iPhone I don't know if I can say that but it's like you're playing on an OLED panel or

Or retina display panel you know it's awesome so it took if you guys are thinking about getting 3d or 2d s or whatever then I suggest getting this because you know any issue if you're on a budget

Don't bother other free display I have a 3ds XL I have a 3ds I'd have been played by 3ds thing on the only thing what I do is when I'm bored sometimes I might test it out and say see if I can see anything

Different but it's just stupid it was to be an awesome product guys Mario Kart 8 I got first thank you I'll take first yeah I'm awesome at this game anyone any wants to challenge me let me know in the comments below you know and I'll beat

You it's just a camera and let's see how the camera is closing suspended software okay so it has to do that as well okay preparing this may take some time oh my god my body there that's funny as usual okay the camera is a bit poor of

Course but I'm not buying this for capful for taking pictures I'm buying this to play games on so I'm just going to a picture not of me because I'm not okay you see me fine but the camera again is not that great there's only

Great for games I'm playing I'm recording someone in 10 by the way in 4k which is pretty awesome as well anyway this is the new Nintendo to use excel if you want it go and get it if anyone Amazon right now it's an awesome

Platform is an awesome thing if you got if you want something which you can browse into know my even browse the internet it can handle that it can handle YouTube it can hand I think Netflix so if you correct me if I'm

Wrong it can handle all those things you know and if you want to do those things I feel free to get this is an awesome thing let's type in let's say a Nintendo Nintendo yeah Nintendo you see how accurate that was like and you can see

This is of course you know it won't be the smooth actually smooth Wow Google browsing on the TDS is incredibly smooth let's see how fast this plays it's gone this and turned it up in UK Wow see how fast is Wow

I mean okay so it would just take a bit of slow – you don't load up at all anyway this is basic browsing ok if you want bracelet browsing the tedious excel is awesome I'll be unboxing the new lavender purple model and the white

Which I think it looks a bit cooler because I prefer white consoles of the black ones that's a personal thing but again a books in a separate video so you want to see that what do you what would you prefer what color which refer is it

Worth upgrading leave your comments down below this is my box of fun guys how a nice day and I'll catch you guys all later goodbye and take it and subscribe I'm 20 by

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