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What's up gang welcome back to another episode if you guys are new here we do a giveaway at the beginning of every single episode and today's winner is chrono one-on-one thanks so much for commenting on the previous video of chrono I just sent you some crypto on

This episode I go over nifty football trading cards as a provably scarce digital collectible that was designed by legendary designer Stanley Chow and as a quick disclaimer this video is not sponsored this video is part of my

Crypto collectible series where I go over all these NF T's non fungible tokens and give away one NFT at the end of every single video in the series all the links to the giveaway will be in the description below as well as the

Instructions each of the 10 projects have provided me with the NF TS to give away to you as the viewer in exchange for being included in the series let being said this past week the women's soccer team actually won in the United

States against the Netherlands for the FIFA World Cup so it was very exciting to be able to dive into nifty trading cards and check out the different cool and sleek designs as well as the different properties so what I want to

Do on this video is go over one of their most recently transacted NF T's on the open sea platform that I partnered with for the series and then I also want to go over quickly Stanley Chows Instagram and I also want

To go over the nifty football trading cards website so you guys get to see the sleek design this is a very very cool and well-designed project and I love that they're emphasizing the fact that it was designed by Stanley chow

Often when you deal with onboarding a brand new users that I talk about on this channel all the time when we talk about adoption we talked about user design and user interface and this is an example of a very sleek and cool design

Product it's going to bring in people that are interested in design also the fact that football / soccer is one of the biggest if not the biggest sport in the entire world that actually helps quite a bit for adoption how further ado

Let's dive into the Nifty football trading cards open sea profile as well as their website and Stanley Chows Instagram so let's dive into it you guys can see the website is very slickly designed football trading

Cards collect trade and play once you click the start collecting button you actually go to the packages that you can buy very similar to like trading cards in physical form you can buy them in different packs and bundles and you can

Build out a team which i think is very cool it's almost like a fantasy football kind of concept where you can build out your your dream team and they have a lot of really great partners I was looking up a lot of these partners last night

And there's some interesting connections that they've made there but I do want to make sure that we go through the ability to check out to the different packs so we have the elite and we have the regular and you can see that the elite

One pack is point zero five eath and then the four pack goes all the way up to 0.16 for efj and you get to nationalities eight kids and eight colorways so let's see the three pack on the regular different players you can

Get our point one eath for nationalities 22 kids and 22 color ways very very cool that they've done it in packages I love that I think that there was the MLB champions was also doing packages so very clever they have rankings they have

A league an activity that you can see on there as well as your team as we can see here what I wanted to do was a quick deep dive on the different nifty football trading cards primarily ones that are actually getting some action in

Volume on the platform so what I've done here is pulled up Arry it's owned by Jeff 7 as you can see here it was actually auctioned off and there is a bounty program for this so this is something I haven't covered in the past

But effectively the bounty program means that if you use the referral link when you sign up for open sea you actually get a commission on the individual NF TS that you refer people to so for example Harry if you were to take the link here

And share it out on social media you would earn this percentage here which is point zero zero two nine eight nine or we're hurting that and that is in eath I believe so what we have is a relatively rare asset here it's owned

And purchased last what is this two days ago so it started to sale two days ago the really cool aspect of nifty football cards on here is that they have these different booths and this is like an

Additional property that they can have for their different characters so the average 88% boost intelligence 88% boosts skills 88% speed 88% and strength is 88% so that's like an additional property that can be added onto these

And as you can see the boots are standard which is one out of 2,500 colors white Navy ethnicity is England at number one is one out of 43 two percent share this trait and the kit is a fade primary one of one HEPA straight

Nationality England striker position it's one out of 439 and sponsor is CL so as you can see you know he has his unique number he has his unique country that he's playing for and his unique design as well so it's exciting to see

These types of players actually going through auctions and having volume on the platform and this ends this upcoming week so I believe that Jeff purchased it and he's going to flip it on the platform at least from what I can see

Here so let's go to the offer history and see what happened the different bids came in it looks like starting a month ago who's born and then they started the sale for bids were entered it was sold they started another sale for bids were

Entered they cancelled it and then was auctioned twice started a sale and cancelled it and then started the sale by Jeff for this upcoming week so Jeff's Evan owns it and he bought it originally it looks like 20 days ago a little bit

About about the go and he started to sale and cancelled it twice so you can really get a sense for his overall mission here he's buying and flipping these different cards on the platform putting in some pretty serious volume

And with this specific hairy nifty football trading card there are some rare attributes to it I really like the boost terms of recently sold when you go to the nifty football trading card profile they have 2,500 items on here

And you can see that they're actually selling pretty frequently they have looks like point to five point zero two point zero and three point two five a lot of these are selling or some decent chunks of change it's about a hundred

Dollars it's looking like and each one of these is running on oh this is hairy that we just looked at and it's pretty cool to see all these different players that are going for sale we can describe by lowest price let's go buy the highest

Price and see what happens there let's do highest last sale and it looks like this is the highest last one or a bundle let's click on the bundle see what we have iso 4.4 owned by y and w a fabio Bernardi is a defender for the

Attila italy playing in the single hoop short-sleeved kit yeah and he has boost as well average intelligence skills speed and strength and it looks like intelligence 91% have that boost so this is a pretty less active than the hairy

One that we were looking at before was born two months ago and an offer was made 4.2 and it was sold for 0.4 two months ago which is pretty impressive last thing I wanted to do was just go over the Stanley Chow Instagram page if

You guys are not familiar with who Stanley Chow is these are the designs that he is most famous for a lot of them having to do with soccer a gay football and sports this is him right here and it's a really really well-designed and

Cool that they partnered with Stanley Chow to do this because I'd actually heard of him before I talked to the guys at nifty football and it's just fantastic that they're bringing someone like this a legendary designer into the

Cryptocurrency space especially the end tea space because these types of playful colorful designs are what we need to bring the masses in because they see something like this as a very comfortable and playful aspect to it

They don't necessarily think immediately that it's on the etherium blockchain or that it's powered by blockchain they don't really care about that many many of the masses will not care about that they just care about cute

Cool fun very much the group of kitties so I was really just hoping that you guys could see a Stanley Chows Instagram and just let you know that he is involved in the space which is a big deal

That is it for my overview of nifty football trading cards and for the moments you guys have been waiting for the NFT that we're going to be giving away to you guys the viewers using the platform grow your base and the link to

That will be in the description below 10ft we're going to be giving away is Julian Bryant Julian Brian is a midfielder from the United States of America playing in one tone short-sleeved kit julian has 10

Different properties he has boots that are standard his color is yellow red he's from the United States one tone trim short shirt nationality United States once again addition is a midfielder and it looks like he has

Quite a few boosts on his profile as well as you guys can see average intelligence skills speed and strength I love that these have different boosts to them on the listing so if you guys click the link in the description below to the

Grow your base campaign for nifty football trading cards who get a chance to win the Julian Bryant collectible and that is it for this episode I hope you guys enjoyed it they're going to be a couple more of these crypto collectibles

In the series so if you guys are new here slap like on the video if you liked it and if you're new here don't forget to subscribe to stick around for the upcoming videos and I will see you on the next episode

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