Nicola Sturgeon on coronavirus, Alex Salmond and ‘No-Deal Brexit’ – BBC Newsnight

published on July 13, 2020

No I don't think it's an estate totrying to do things in a coordinated waythis virus doesn't respect us orboundaries and so it makes sense giventhe geography of the UK that we try tocoordinate but as we have gone throughthis crisis and has the virus has spread

And developed a slightly different pieceand different parts of the UK it's alsobeen right that we have taken decisionsand acted in a way that is tailored toour own circumstances and that's beenvery important to me here in Scotland

The reason I asked about that for anations approach is of course thatScotland as you often see is a verydifferent country we could be comparedto Denmark for example Denmark hasregistered 593 deaths as opposed to

Scotland which is two thousand fourhundred and thirty-four they locked downon the 11th of March Scotland lockeddown in the 23rd of March shouldn't wehave locked down earlier I think in thefilm mr Damon was through this crisis I

Will want to loop back everybody willwant to look back and see did we dothings at the right time did we do theright things or could we have donethings differently but I'd make twopoints I suppose right now firstly I

Took and I think all of us have tried totake the decisions we thought were rightat the right time based on the basedadvice and evidence we had but thesecond point I would make when there arecomparisons being made between different

Countries on deaths or anything else weare not through this pandemic yet somemay argue were not even halfway throughbut even Denmark is heading out of ithaving locked down it but the point iswhat I'm saying that you could argue

They are coming out with the first phaseof it none of us are through this fundemic and that the point I'm making andit's not a defensive point because Ihave been very frank all along we willall have made mistakes here and I will

Want to learn from those mistakes but Ithink it is premature for any country tobe declaring success or victory in thisor to make definitive comparisons yousay that you are doing the best with theadvice that you had but you were warned

About care homes professor Richard IIknows from the School of Biologicalscience at Edinburgh said he wrote toyour health secretary before thelockdown a recommended shielding carehomes that didn't happen he says this

Was a huge and fundmental mistake and public policy and Idon't agree with that but and I'll sayprying but equally I want to preface allof my answers to your questions herewith a couple of things I regret every

Single death from this virus and Iparticularly regret death and care homesit upsets me deeply upsets everybodythey wait forty-seven percent of alldeaths and care homes more than anyother setting okay if you don't mind if

I visit their series points and thepercentage of deaths and care homes inScotland just to meet this point isactually broadly and laying with withother countries far too high but rightfrom the outset we we took a decision

About isolation infection prevention andcontrol we put in place guidance forcare homes and and yes we tried to makesure that people where it being atdelete and hospital when we wereexpecting a tsunami a of coronavirus

Into hospitals so it wouldn't have beennecessarily safe for older people inhospitals nineteen hundred and twentyone people older people were transferredout of hospital to chaos or do youregret that well I I regret the number

Of people who've died in care homes butagain what I'm trying to see here thanthis it's an important point and I don'twant it to sound offensive because I Iget how you serve and all of thesethings literally or now but this is the

Point I'm about to make the people youare talking about shouldn't have been inhospital because they were so calleddelayed discharges it had no medicalneed to be in hospital now if we lookback with hindsight and it's easy to

Apply hindsight how do we left olderpeople in hospital we would probably befacing criticism because they would alsohave potentially been at risk of gettingthe virus in hospital so I think all ofus have to learn so much from this but

It's it's too easy for people who aren'ttaking the decisions to apply theknowledge that we have now to thedecisions we were taking back then onthe 18th of May your health sector saidthat all staff and care homes will be

Tested weekly for coronavirus you knowyou've heard about this today almost amonth has gone by only 20 percent haveso we these things do take time to putin placeI get frustrated that we can't do these

Things more quickly but we are puttingin place systems that have to be notjust robust but sustainable over aperiod of time it's so slow well I Iwanted to be quicker we are seeking toaccelerate that we are publishing data

Starting today every single week brokendown by health food that will show theprogress of that is this the hardestthing you've had to do this first minutewithout a shuttle of a date but in everysense this is the hardest thing that

I've had to deal with and I suspect forevery sailing leader or almost ft-7leader any weed in the world right nowthat would be the same conclusion but ofcourse it doesn't knock out other thingsyou have to do and let me turn to brexit

What will be the impact on Scotland ifas the Prime Minister insists is theregoing to be the case there'll be noextension and then if there is no EUtrade deal by the end of the year whatwould the impact be in Scotland a pretty

Catastrophic and I think that would bethe impact in the whole of the UK and Iwould have said that pre covered what toadd that impact on to the economicimpact of what we're dealing with withthe Vitis just seems to me to be an

Unthinkable thing to do and so even atthis late stage I would appeal to thePrime Minister not to allow that tohappen for goodness sake our economy isalready going to be struggling for sometime to come with the impact of the

Virus do not add on economic sufferingto economic suffering that would not beas aware of foreign nations approachthat is an approach where you want to besafe presumably to Boris Johnsonpersonally deal with this a different

Way I think Boris Johnson knows if hehas been listening at all over the lasta few yearsmy view on bricks at and an audio breaksthat you haven't personally sense whatJuly or something last year I ever seen

I remember the last time I saw BorisJohnson look it takes two people to makea relationship work and I've gone out ofmy way not for any reasons other than Ijust wanted to focus entirely on my jobin my responsibilities during

Coronaviruscriticizing others for the decisionsthat taking when are you actually goingto lay out a roadmap for anotherindependence referendum look I sadly forprovirus

Nothing is on hold sure well actuallyfor me everything other than coon if Ihead straight now is on hold and youknow I'm going to continue to focus oncoronavirus for as long as I need tothat is my total focus right now but of

Course you have a recent opinion pollwhich does put in you can't ignore thatsupport for independence on the rise 50%52% precisely for independence you can'tignore that as a trajectory presumablytowards us another referendum well I

Think Scott Lee will become independentI think that is rising supporters you'vejust demonstrated to me for independenceand and you know I think the way Icontinue to demonstrate that Scotlandshould be independent is to do

Everything I can to show that a Scottishgovernment is based please to take thebig decisions that matter for Scotlandsome argument that's just raging justnow is over statues and place nameslet's just deal with that briefly

Sparked by the death of George FloydScotland as you know is littered withmemorialization I mean your own officialresidence at Butte house isn't immuneit's got direct links to slavery butrather than you're just a secretary

Saying it should be the responsibilityof councils to take statures downshouldn't there be a National Reviewinstigated by the Scottish yeah it'svery much then possibly yes so I'm notat Holmes I was greatly teasing the law

And the facts of the matter but I dothink we should have a long hard lookapart not that long a Luke but a hardlook at this as a country and and thequestion I would start with is why do wewant to continue to have statues and

Celebrations in schools and and streetnames of people who profited in andtreated in abject human misery this is abig to be and long overdue to be and andyes I think there is a rule for theScottish government to lead to that

Discussion which we will certainly seekto do one other issue you're facing isthe fallout of now Alex Salmond trialthe former minister samaras wasacquitted of all charges of anappropriate behavior insertion

Misconduct he was a former close friendof mentor of yours I wonder what youfelt like when you heard the verdict theday I had the verdict I was immersed anddealing a virus and I'm notcannot dodge the question but actually I

Was most of my pretty much all of mythinking that day and in the daysleading up to that and in the D sensehave been about killin if I just lookthose there's going to be inquiriesparliamentary inquiry I swear I'll have

The opportunity to have my C and D askquestions and scrutinized and you knowI'll deal with that in the fullness oftime but just one more in there morepeople are becoming vocal allegingconspiracy around people close to you to

Bring him down so what do you say tothem there's no conspiracy is peoplenonsensebut I'll as I see in the fullness ofTitan get the opportunity to elaborateon that view so finally Boris Johnson

Says that he is proud of his record fromthe coronavirus is that something youwould see a it's not it's not words Iwould use because I don't think anybodyin any country right now we brother havebeen people dying could see I should see

That the proud of that I've tried to domy best at every turn I've got hopefullylots right I will undoubtedly have gotsome things wrong when we look back andI've I will not shy away from beingcandid about that but I I deeply regret

That we've lived through this I think weregret that so many people have died andyou know I think the the sorrow and theanguish of all of this will live withall of us for a long time to come insome of what I've been dealing with as

Far as medicine over the past few weeksI know will live with me for the rest ofmy lifefirst minister thank you thank you

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