Nexus 6P, one year later: Still the Android phone to beat?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

it's been well over a year since Google
teamed up with one way to bestow upon us
the Nexus 6p for the Year 2015 many of
us including myself deemed this device
the best Android phone of the year and
for very good reason it came packed with
a super-sharp 5.7 inch AMOLED display at
1440p stereo front-facing speakers a
rear fingerprint reader USB type-c and a
rather interesting looking yet
attractive premium build all for just
$4.99 now take into perspective the
competition at the time of the six piece
release we got Apple's iPhone 6s which
started at 650 and Samsung's Galaxy Note
5 which started at around $700 with a
six piece sitting at 200 plus dollars
less than the other heavy-hitting
flagships you'd expect there to be some
sort of compromise well there wasn't
little did we know however that this
would end up being the last of the Nexus
smartphone line a rather bittersweet
ending to a brand that so many of us
Android fans had come to love now before
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advantage of this offer so how well has
the 6p held up over the past year I
would say very very well sure the 6p was
missing expandable storage and water
resistance but mind you so was the note
5 it also lacked a wireless charging but
I saw this to be more of a luxury than a
necessity and plus the 6p charged very
quickly on its own anyway now one thing
that seemed to always hold Nexus phones
back was the camera over the 6p there
was absolutely nothing to worry about
there finally a Nexus phone that was
capable of capturing crisp clear images
and video
do life was very impressive as well with
a rather large 3450 million power
battery I could easily make it through a
days used with the 6p overall
performance for myself anyway was also
not much of an issue especially when you
consider pure stock Android front and
center here with no bloatware to be
found of course performance results
varied among different users and
speaking of stock Android I've got my 6p
running the very latest as of now
Android 7.1.1 nougat via the Developer
Preview this update seemed to breathe
new life into my 6p and that's not to
say that the phone was slowing down or
anything like that but it appears as if
the phone got even smoother although
this phone may not have the latest and
greatest processor or more than three
gigs of RAM it still performs extremely
well for its age and I can easily use
this as my daily driver today the
cameras on the other hand do not meet
today's standards it's a little slow and
overall there's no way it can touch the
galaxy v20 iPhone and pixel cameras but
in the right conditions you can still
get some really nice results especially
when you use HDR Plus which is a huge
help well the six piece display was very
nice it had a yellowish tint to it and
while you may not be able to tell at
first comparing it to another screen
might turn you off a bit and although
the phone is made out of mostly glass
and aluminum it wasn't the most strong
or rugged phone it's been said that the
back visor which houses the camera could
be easily shattered and just the phone
itself was surprisingly fragile while
that might have been the case for some
it wasn't for me the 6p remained my
favorite smartphone all the way up until
D note 7 was released it provided the
best Android experience out of any phone
but now the 6p represents what we've
gotten from Google for the past 6 years
great specs for a low price only now
with the pixel that approach has pretty
much been tossed out the window just a
little while ago I compared the 6p to
the Google pixel and while the pixel is
better overall for general consumers I'd
be much more comfortable recommending
the 6p over the highly priced pixel some
people will call me crazy for thinking
the 6p can still hang among the
incredibly crowded family of Android
smartphones today but if someone who's
owned and used most of 2016 s flagships
I can say with confidence that the 6
feet is still somewhat of a heavy hitter
it may not be as fast the cameras may
not be nearly as good and it may be
lacking what some of us feel our
mandatory features but when you really
take into consideration that the price
is only going to get lower you're
getting into budget smartphone territory
tack on the fact that the screen is
still gorgeous and better than
a lot of other smartphone displays in
this price range that'll run the latest
version of Android at least for a while
longer it still provides a dang near
live free experience and passable
battery performance there really should
be no question where the 6p stands the
Nexus really represented something
special and I'm happy to say that the
last one was the best one it still holds
up very well even today and while this
may be a stretch I wouldn't be surprised
if I'd be making this video next year so
what do you guys think what are your
thoughts on the 6p more than a year
after its release go ahead and let us
know by dropping a comment down below
we'd love to hear your feedback but
anyway that does it for me I'll talk to
you guys in the next one and thanks for

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