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by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Live from USA hoping you get paid every day this is the dose of Bitcoin the crystal of creeped up is your boy BK and if you like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody today is Monday January 13th and we are looking at Bitcoin BTC has been red-hot

As of late running all the way from three thousand dollars about 3,800 bucks back in a March of 2019 – here it is short nine months later you know and we're about the crack that eight thousand dollars in fact we just did

That this week so what I'm gonna be looking at is the charts and three important levels that you should bear in mind as we continue to go higher and or pullback these are the three levels that if they

Hold will really predicated next momentum for Bitcoin and next price action that you can see you can expect to see in the markets and this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby

You are now rocking with the best my name is BK donuts a crypto trader I'm the boats these charts as you'll soon find out every day i graces microphone my voice is another day you get the profit as a result today is no exception

So amen to it but to do it let's go ahead and make this money so here are the three levels but before we get to them into that let me just jump into our digital communities that we have free and available for the people

Number one bitcoin group in the world this is on facebook come on in the doors are always open type in hashtag one Bitcoin answer the three questions and you will be approved in addition to that we do have the boss a Bitcoin website if

You want to receive more digital information just drop your email in up here and I will be releasing the course inside the next few months that really go to detail how to make money in the markets

I've dedicated my life to helping people you know improve their financial capability especially on the black change and that is what this website is dedicated to so we do have the number one Bitcoin group in the world linked on

There and we also have this trading new link you can click that type my name in BT Kelly 12:03 and follow me on there as I post these charts tricks and tips and tricks to help you make money in the market so here we go man these are the

Three levels that we will be looking at for this next quick cycle now keep in mind Bitcoin you know had a huge run as I mentioned from you know down here at thirty to thirty hundred thirty two hundred bucks right down there thirty

Four thirty two crazy run crazy run and now we're basically consolidating into this right I tell you all the time it's three parts to any given cycle break out break down flat bottom right and that's exactly what bitcoin just completed over

The past twelve months roughly right and so now that we're in this flat line part I really wanted to drill in on this and identify the psychological barriers that will be facilitating and support and resistance for this next quick cycle and

The way we look at those is they're literally just the three intersections between the 7 and the 77 where the entire market changed direction right 1 2 3 boom boom boom and if you draw those little boxes you can see that they're

Basically hold as and actually it would have been down as these support levels right for the entire market right and so now we're basically in this middle section this was kind of like the middle Road right between uh you know jumping

Up and breaking down which is fine but just know that if we do indeed go above this was color this line like yellow or something that way it kind of fits in if we do go above this that will be the level that Bitcoin wants to run back up

To what level is that that is ninety one hundred dollars this level that we're at right now is about eighty one hundred dollars and if we fall for whatever reason just know that we do have a strong catch basin down there at seventy

Two hundred dollars so I'll say on this to say this Bitcoin is the wealth of the future if I could tell you you can buy something right now and be pretty damn sure that over the next six months you know or actually not even six months

More like six weeks you got a chance to make 12% but if you lose you know you're only then lose ten percent guess what that's free money yup this is happening right now this is free money on the blockchain given these different levels

Now once it drops down to 72 then all bets are often I have to go in and recalibrate a redress readjust our metrics but at this point at 80 100 dollars bitcoin is a bot right I told you back in March I remember I

Said Bitcoin is about to take off when we broke like fifty to fifty eight fifty six hundred dollars somewhere in narrowing we ran up to like six thousand seventy to seventy-five hundred and in fact I'm pretty sure our toes are back

At like thirty eight hundred forty two hundred bet we were about to start running back in March you know this is this is definitely a good situation to be in again when you look at the long term levels this is right where you want

To be and I'll tell you all the time Bitcoin has a CAGR calm annual growth rate of 60 percent per year you will not make that on Wall Street what is the CIDR of Wall Street

Alright this type it is a big brother' see what they say and actually they say yeah revenue growth you getting 6% on Wall Street Warren Buffett Billy G who's that Jeff Bezos Elon Musk autumn con

Artists they are giving you a six percent spread / growth per year per annum forever you understand let's type in growth rate of Bitcoin right no no no whoa bitcoin is like 60 percent / you right they

Trying to tell you that oh it's only four and a half percent you know better go back to Wall Street don't do it don't listen to them bitcoin is like 60,000 percent over the past ten years some ridiculous right and so again

I say all that to say this this is your time to buck with very very very little risk and uncertainty to the downside there is always risk there's always uncertainty but when you can mitigate that with a solid analysis and insight

And wherewithal into the market what didn't guess what now you have incentive to balance out that equation and that's exactly what we have here these are your three levels seventy to eighty one ninety one you know in fact all of y'all

That don't know now you know that is how you chart like a pulse Oh so there you go people again Bitcoin 60% CAG our per annum if we go run this thing on out let me just throw

In a quick Fibonacci to show you we're coming up to the end of the cycle like this is you can't make this stuff up right you just take the quickest break out boom boom you got a confirmation right there on the once a cell by the

Way people this is called freestyling on a Fibonacci this will be an in-depth discussion and analysis in the crypto course that I'm releasing in a fleet months oh and by the way guess what this little box right here this is where

Everything finishes white on white right say good night that's where everything finishes and that's where we just had our puppet so that's confirmation on this whole Fibonacci scale going back to February 12 2019 that we are indeed

Officially in a new cycle and guess what bitcoin is to the up young-sam so say hello to 8,000 you know get ready to say hello to 9,000 10,000 12,000 cuz this thing go keep on running jump on the train baby

It's about to leave the station you know I'm saying boss a Bitcoin that time if you haven't done it already we do have products packages and services available for you couple people just join the profit package after the

Last video that I did on a mineiro Bitcoin cash and chain link go back and watch it if you haven't done it already top seven coins to swing trade every seven days you get the first month but 50 bucks alt season is coming you know

I'm saying scared money don't make none and if you're ready to put down two and pick up six like a boss you can get in the VIP training group this has priority updates messages alerts videos 24-hour crypto trading community available for

$200 for you so check that out if you haven't done it already also Bitcoin comm sign up drop your email up there and then follow your boy on Instagram young saying I start new account only got like 200 something

Followers but shout out to the people you know that they're rockin out with me oh my G let's see let's see let's see let's see rethinking another you haven't heard of rethinking a doubt make sure you check his YouTube site out he's

Pretty good my man is out it the trade I want to say doing some giving a lot of good information to people here we go that one right there I think that's it miss LeAnn and I don't see no other crypto people man so I'm trying to get

My prep don't wait up on Instagram on the ground trying to flex for the ground one time follow me on there if you haven't done it already and then I shout out to the big little homie my little brother Andre Benjamin

Aka tsunami aka buddy pop in as little guys really doing a lot in Northeast Ohio who change people's lives he's inspired me to get in shape and today is his birthday January 13 so happy birthday little brother you know we

Think he getting big but he always gonna be little compared to me you know his arms he he try to wear these little medium medium shirts so his arms look bigger sometimes and he always want to run around with his shirt off even

Though he's like 98 pounds you know he's like 5 or 98 pounds so it's easy to be cut up when you only fight for you know I'm saying but yeah man support this dude follow him retweet of hashtag steam and put him on the blockchain I don't

Even think he on the blockchain I told him to give Bitcoin one of those $3,000 he listened I'm sad and that's what we do we look up each other I used to whoop this dude but on his Mario Kart game you couldn't even see me up so there you go

Ice peace and love you know we doing this in 2020 boss a big coin on the gram body by been on the ground boss a big corner on the website number one Bitcoin group in the world on Facebook living is money y'all the train

Is leaving the station all aboard till we meet again stay good to go like a boss

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